Kiss of Death

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Cate did not want to go to this damn party. Phil was called out of town at the last moment, and she knew no one else there. But he insisted she go, telling her that all of his friends were looking forward to meeting her.

So here she was. Dressed up in her witch costume, on her way to a halloween costume party- where she knew no one.

Phil had called her this morning on his cell phone, breaking the bad news with a quick apology followed by a suggestion to go without him. At first she declined, but by the end of the call her new boyfriend of one week had convinced her to go.

It was a good crowd, friendly and funny, and almost everyone knew who she was before she even introduced herself. Although people exchanged names, she had a hard time remembering everyone by anything else but their costume. There were traditional costumes, mummies, a few witches, the occasional vampire, and a pack of werewolves. It was while she was standing by the bar, sipping her glass of merlot that she came face to face with Death. Literally.

He slipped up behind her and kissed her on the neck. As she tried to turn around to see who in the world had kissed her, a man whispered in a low voice, “That was the kiss of Death.”

She turned then, finding a tall figure, dressed all in black, hooded and masked with every inch of his lean body hidden but his lips and his dark eyes. His black gaze pierced her own, and she trembled as she tried but failed to look away.

Again he whispered to her, his ominous tone echoing in her ears. “Tonight you are mine.”

Phil’s image came to mind and she shook her head and headed for the crowd, losing herself in the throng before Death could catch up to her.

It didn’t matter. Just as she settled beside a display of carved pumpkins on the other side of the room, Death found her and loomed over her, his sultry lips upturned in a sensuous smile. “There’s no escaping me. Whomever Death wants, Death gets.”

“I… I can’t…” It was just a costume. Just a party, she told herself. Relax! “I’m meeting my boyfriend here tonight. Sorry.” She turned away again. But he remained close on her heels. He followed her to the bar, where she got another glass of merlot, downing it in two long gulps. Third glass in hand she continued mingling, doing her best to ignore Death, who remained vigilantly on her heels.

“Look. Go AWAY. I’m not interested.”

“But I am, Cate. Very Interested.” He whispered. His gaze travelled slowly down her body, then up again, resting on her breasts before meeting her eyes again.

Ignoring him, she turned towards the door, intent on leaving. That last exchange frightened her. She felt his eyes on her body as surely as she felt his lips on her neck just over an hour ago. She felt his eyes as if they were his bahis firmaları hands, roving over her curves, between her legs, then upward, cupping her breasts. Pinching her nipples. She glanced south with that thought and sure enough, her nipples were protruding proudly through her thin cotton grey dress. She squeezed her thighs together to still the buzz that had started with Death’s attention, and kept walking.

By the time she reached the front door Cate knew she wasn’t alone. As she turned the knob his gloved hand came down on hers. “One kiss.”

She shook her head.

“Just one,” his whisper came near her left ear, his breath tickling her and turning her on at the same time. He bent his head to the soft skin of her neck, just below her ear, and sucked gently, leaving his mark.

“No.” She whispered back. Phil. It was his fault. He stood her up. He made her come here. He.. he….

Death kissed her again, this time on her earlobe, before taking the tender morsel of flesh between his teeth and nibbling it hungrily.

Cate whimpered and whispered feebly, one last time. “Please.”

Turning her around, pressing her back against the door, Death dipped his head a bit and captured Cate’s lips in an all consuming kiss. His lips and tongue separated hers, plunging deeply until she lost her breath. She grew dizzy and wrapped her arms around his shoulders to steady herself. He pressed against her body, his hardness penetrating her soft curves.

He drew one hand down her spine, massaging the small of her back before cupping her ass and molding her to him. His other hand travelled over her shoulder, his forefinger tracing a path over her collar bone, downward, until he circled her breast in feather light caresses. He squeezed and cupped the firm full mound, pinching her nipple until she cried out. It felt good and bad at the same time, but it was a pain she wasn’t prepared to receive.

He wrapped his gloved hand in her long dark hair, twisting her head backwards as he pressed her harder against the door. “I’m going to fuck the life out of you Hecate Wellington.”

The words frightened her, but she couldn’t stop him now — even though it seemed her life depended on it. His kiss seeped into her head, her lungs, her blood, her cunt.

His hands brought her body to life, even though dozens of people were all around them, listening to them, watching the two of them. She didn’t care. Her body craved him. She needed him.

Without pause he continued to kiss her senseless, leaving her breathless and trembling. “You see? You do see that I am going to have you. I want you. You want me.”

No problem, Death. She nodded, wanting him to shut up so he could kiss her again. Even Phil had never made her react like this.

He led her outside kaçak iddaa then, not saying a word. They walked in silence down the road a way, she following blindly, as though in a trance. Then, as if the cold air had finally permeated her dulled senses, Cate realized where he had led her.

The cemetery.

“What are you doing!?” She tried to pull her hand away from his grip but he held her fast, saying nothing.

Was he really going to kill her?

“Let me go!” She hollered to him, struggling to break free from his grip with no luck.

“You’re mine. You agreed.” His whisper was so soft she barely heard him speak. “Don’t fight me, Hecate. Just feel.”

The moon was full. The tombstones looked silver in the unearthly glow. The trees were naked, and their branches beckoned them to enter deeper into this world of the dead. She couldn’t fight him. Her body betrayed her sense of judgement.

They came to a clearing, where Death took off his cape and laid it flat on the grass. He knelt, looking up into Cate’s face, tugging her hands so that she knelt beside him. He leaned forward, kissing her gently as his hands worked their magic over her body. Slowly, slowly he unbuttoned the black buttons that held together the front of her dress. He slipped his hands inside of her dress with a soft groan as his gloved hands found her breasts once again. She arched her back beneath his touch, the velvet of the gloves feeling so good on her skin. He slipped a hand beneath the black lace of her bra, finding her nipples and pinching hard enough to make her cry out. He silenced her with a brutal kiss.

Gently he pushed her backwards, until she lay on his cape looking up at him. Straightening away from her, fumbling for a moment with something, he lifted her hands up over her head. Cate heard a tinkling sound and then felt cool metal clamp around her wrists. She jerked on her arms and found that she was chained to a pole or tree . Fear mixed with desire as she watched Death stand up, unbuckle his belt, and unzip his jeans.

For a dead person, he had really nice legs, she thought. He wore no underwear, so immediately, as he pulled his black jeans away from his groin, his cock sprang to life, arching toward her it seemed. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a switchblade. Cate whimpered again. as he reached under her grey dress, near her cunt.

“Please don’t hurt me.” She began crying now, wondering why she had come to the party, cursing Phil, but especially herself, for her stupidity.

The knife clicked open and within moments Cate felt the cool blade cut through the black fishnet panty hose she wore- right near the center of her cunt, just hovering over her clit, her lips. Its point felt dangerously close to the heart of her pussy.

“Don’t squirm,” kaçak bahis he whispered as he cut away her panties next. She felt the cool blade rest against the heated flesh of her pussy and nearly fainted.

The cool night air wafted beneath the skirt of her dress and Death closed the knife and laid it aside. Hecate wondered why she felt no pain, why she didn’t feel the ooze of blood between her thighs.

Before she could protest again he laid his body over the length of hers, covering her completely. His cock nudged apart her thighs, demanding entrance into her most private part of her body. Slowly he eased his way between her lips, pushing slowly but surely into the depths of her cunt.

He rode her slowly, inching his way in, then slipping slowly out of her, one inch at a time. With each deliberate push she drew closer and closer to coming. She groaned and pulled at her cuffed hands, but Death shook his head no, still pushing deeper and deeper until she finally felt him stop-just when it felt as though his thick cock was going to split her apart.

“You like?”

“Mmmmmmmmm,” was all Cate could respond. She was grinding her hips against him in answer.

That was enough. He bent his head and caught her breast between his teeth, sucking and biting until she was moving beneath him, ready to explode. His fingers slipped between her thighs, caressing and pinching her lips, massaging her the tender nub of her clit. He slipped one finger, two fingers inside her cunt, pumping her, knuckling her while his thumb pressed upward against her clit. Just as he felt her muscles tighten and contract he straightened out, moving his hips in position above her, impaling her with his long, thick hard cock.

He fucked her hard, beneath the moon, among the tombstones, under the naked trees. She came first, pussy juices flowing like honey over his pulsing cock as he pumped her relentlessly. He covered her mouth with his in a deep, all consuming kiss, muffling her cries. Her muscles tightened around his cock, fucking him back as he too came, shooting his hot load into her cunt. He kissed her with a hard, bruising kiss once more, but she was too spent to respond. He had indeed fucked the life from her.

She lay there, eyes closed, for a moment or two, trying to come to terms with what she had done. She had fucked a complete and total stranger. She had cheated on Phil- before she had even had a chance to make love with him. She had cheated on her new boyfriend with one of his friends no less! So much for that relationship.

She felt him move then, lifting up and she opened her eyes, watching him remove his mask.


“Happy Halloween.” He smiled at her and bent his head, claiming her lips in a kiss in his last chance to make amends for the prank he’d pulled.

“Happy Halloween, my ass,” She muttered between kisses.

“Your wish is my command,” he said, gently kissing her once more. “No screaming this time, you’re liable to wake the dead.”


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