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A beautiful early summer morning, the sun shining warmly through the shutters, I lie and absorb the peace and tranquility, feeling my body slowly awakening.

I open my eyes and see you lying by my side. Your back is towards me and your long auburn hair cascades over the pillow. The sheet is pushed down to your waist and I gaze at the contours of your body.

I raise myself up onto one elbow, and gently pull the hair back from your face. Your eyes are closed, your features relaxed, a gentle smile on your lips.

I rest my hand on your shoulder and you stir gently and sigh. I let my hand drift down to gently cup your breast. I hold it there, not moving, but subtly changing the pressure in my fingers, playing a most delicate tune.

Your nipple, as yet untouched, starts to swell and the smile on you lips broadens. I bend over you and kiss you on the neck, then move up to take your ear lobe gently into my mouth, slowly sucking and nibbling.

You roll towards me and my arms enfold you. We kiss, the long, slow, patient kiss of those who have plenty of time and much to enjoy.

Your eyes open for the first time, and I gaze into their emerald depths. I see in them the last güvenilir bahis wisps of sleep being chased away by the sparks of freshly kindled desire.

I push the sheet away, then lower my head tracing a line of kisses over your warm flesh, moving down your neck to your breast. My tongue dances across your soft skin moving up to the tip. I tease your nipple with my tongue, gently flicking against it and then I take it into my mouth, sucking powerfully, feeling it swell and harden between my lips. My hand takes the other between finger and thumb and squeezes firmly. You gasp with pleasure and your hands pull my head tightly against you.

With a quick movement you push me sideways and roll over on to me. You look into my eyes, and with a sudden intense passion kiss me hard and deep. Our lips crushed together, your tongue thrusting deep into my mouth. We cling together suddenly aware of the intensity of our desire. You can feel my body responding, my cock, trapped between our bodies, starting to swell. Keeping your eyes on mine you move down the bed, kissing me on the chest and stomach, moving further down

Your hand reaches down to grasp my erection. Your fingers wrap around me and hold türkçe bahis me tight. Your hand seems to be still, but you too know how to use pressure to build desire. Your fingers tighten and relax sending waves of stimulation through me and I can feel myself hardening in you grip. You lower your mouth and your tongue reaches out to taste the juice from my glistening head. Your tongue runs over and around my hardness, and dips into the my slit to draw out my offering. As you mouth moves away a shining silver thread continues to connect us. Your hand squeezes the base of my cock and I feel myself grow larger still.

I reach out and pull you up towards me, then roll you over on to your back. I gently spread you legs and gaze at you beautifully smooth pussy, already wet and glistening. I lower my head and nibble at the inside of you thigh, close to your pussy but not touching. Teasing you, so close, but not close enough. You writhe on the bed trying to push yourself onto my mouth, but I hold you steady. I move to the other thigh and now you are sobbing with frustration. Then I taste you, running my tongue along your slit. Your body bucks at the contact. My tongue moves back and fore, slipping in between güvenilir bahis siteleri your lips, seeking out your swollen clit. As I find it and lap my tongue over it you gasp and your body tenses.

You grab me and pull me away, desperate but wanting something more. You push me onto my back and quickly straddle me. You hold my hard cock against your pussy entrance and you pause. Our eyes meet, and it is a delicious moment of agony as we fight for that moment of tranquility. Then with infinite gentleness you lower yourself down. I feel your pussy opening and flowing round me. You are watching me intently, seeing in my eyes the intensity of the pleasure. My head engulfed, you slide down my shaft, every moment a new explosion of sensation. After an eternity, there is no further to go, I am deep inside you, and our bodies are both at the limit.

You lower your head, and our lips meet. At the very instant of contact your orgasm explodes, your body pulsing with pleasure, your pussy tightening around my cock. But it is the kiss itself which takes me over the edge, for in the frenzy of orgasm it is the softest most yielding of kisses. Our lips are moulded as one, given entirely to each other. From deep inside me I feel the wave begin. I thrust against you and in huge spasms fill you, wave after wave, as your pussy milks me.

We lie together, connected, one, in that special moment of recovery. What a beautiful morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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