Late Night Outing

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Wayne set his paint brush down and rubbed the back of his neck, pressing fingers into his skin to work out the tightened muscles from craning his neck down for the past hour and a half. Sighing he looked at the model he was working on and satisfied he was done for this night he watered his brush and set it aside and closed the bottle of paint and set his Space Marine model back in its foam case. Turning in his chair to face his computer screen, he bumped the mouse to bring the darkened screen out of sleep mode. The screen flashed to life as he reached up and turned off his overhead lamp and smiled noticing a certain flashing IM bubble on his toolbar. Settling back in his chair he moused over the bubble and brought up the text box.

Marsha: Hey baby are you there?

He smiled and ran a hand over his short cropped go tee and replied finally, she had sent that about twenty minutes ago he saw.

Wayne: I am now hun, whats up?

Marsha: Hopefully you soon enough.

Wayne: *chuckles* Gonna give me good incentive?

Marsha: How about tonight at the movies? There is a 11pm show we can get into.

He paused a moment, and looked at his time schedule for work in the morning, it was already ten o’clock, he shrugged and smiled, already he felt his loins stir at the thought of being with her.

Wayne: Sure, hopefully get back before 2, I got to work at 10.

Marsha: Of course, wouldn’t want you in trouble.

Wayne: Ok, I will see you in about 15.

Marsha: OK!! ^.^.

Wayne signed out and stood up and moved to his dresser, passing the door hung mirror, he paused to look at himself, at six foot even, he was stocky of torso, his shoulders slightly broad from his work years ago as a stacker for a factory in the area, his belly was noticeable but not so much so under a good layer of clothing. His go tee he wore always as he was tired of break outs of acne every time he shaved, guess it was bad razor burns who knows. His hazel eyes, behind the lenses of his wire framed glasses roamed his form again as he yanked off his night pants and pulled boxers and a set of dark denim jeans out of his closet. His dick was already thickening at the thought of Marsha tonight and he touched it, rubbing it slowly and chuckled to himself and the thoughts he had. Dressing in his jeans and a long T-shirt, he tugged on his shoes and headed out the door. Hopping into his Ram 1500 sport, he revved the loud horse powered engine and pulled out of his drive and headed towards town.

Pulling into the small apartment complex he looked about in the darkened parking lot, his high beams on, fanning the drive and the grass of the conjoined yards with light, he smiled. At five foot two, Marsha was a hour glass shaped woman. Her curves given more accent by the plumpness of her size, her thighs thick, leading up to a large heart shaped butt. Her waist narrowed enough to accent her hips greatly before fanning out again to her large pillowy breasts, he plump face was grinning ear to ear as she saw him pull up to bahis firmaları the curb. That cherub soft face was framed in long crimson hair that when loose hung past her shoulders. But tonight she had tossed it up into a pair of tails. She waved and moved to the truck. She had a sweatshirt hoodie tugged over her body along with wearing a knee length pleated skirt, knee high socks and high tops sneakers, she looked good to him as he reached over and opened the door for her. She used the hand grips and hoisted her short rounded body up into the cab and immediately slid across the bench seat into his flank, snuggling into him with a near purring yelp of happiness.

He leaned into her and slid a hand up and gripped her hair by one tail and tugged her head back hard, and kissed her lips deep and slow, his mouth moving, lips parting to thrust his tongue into her warm mouth. She eagerly accepted the tongue, giving a heated groaning whimper to the hand in her hair, already she felt her nipples on her large breasts stiffen to hard pebbles. Holding the kiss a few moments Wayne tugged back and smiled, adjusting his glasses he put the truck into gear, then looping his arm about Marsha’s plump body he tore out of her apartment complex.

She looked up at him and smiled and nuzzled into him, “Hmm sure you are able to be out, you know how I hate fretting about you and work.”

“It will be fine, I’ve gone to work on less than two hours sleep before, besides, why pass up time with you?” Wayne replied glancing to her briefly before turning back to the dark road as they sped towards downtown and the Cineplex at the outlet mall.

“Well just so long as you are not tired tomorrow.” she slid a small hand along his denim clad thigh, giggling softly she slid it back up and inward, towards his groin.

“Hey now, I’m driving here!” Wayne mocked protested to her. She giggled again and slid her fingers along the seam and into the fly of his jeans and tugged down on the zipper. He was no Don Johnson in the pants but she always felt a shiver when she felt the thick shaft of his cock in her hands, as it was now as they drove. He shifted and groaned and shook his head as though unable to stop her stubborn refusal to stop. But then he liked this, more so as she pulled his six inch shaft from its confines. His length was not a concern for him his confidence was fine, his dicks thickness was wider than one would think for a slightly above average cock. She moaned and closed her thighs as she stroke his shaft into its full engorged size.

Marsha was licking her lips as she felt that silken flesh covered steel hard shaft in her palm. She loved its size and shape, her hot little pussy was very tight and she winced at the thoughts of anyone with one of those slut busting big, change the way you smile dicks that a lot of people tried to make more a fuss over than a man like Wayne. She stroked up and down slowly and felt her thighs grinding together as her shaved mound began to soak in her tight little holes juices at the thoughts playing kaçak iddaa in her head. Marsha groaned and looked about quickly, he free hand darting out. “Hmm already?” Wayne answered her knowing her mind already, they were gonna be late for the movie. He merely smiled at his horny girl and turned off the road and into a darkened outlet shop of closed offices, medical studios and a small exercise gym, shutting off his lights as he pulled in behind the buildings to the rear parking lot.

Shutting off the truck he reached down and unbuckled his jeans as Marsha hurriedly yanked up her skirt over her waist, baring her thick soft thighs and smooth hairless crotch to her lovers eyes. Shifting on the large bench seat she lifted her small feet up, one on the backrest of the seat, the other on his dashboard. She gave a loud groan and held out her hands to him. Wayne tugged his jeans to his knees and slid up onto the seat and yanked out a condom from his glove box and tearing the packet he rolled the tight latex onto his thick tipped dick, to the base. Dropping the packet he crawled over her, hands gripping the seat he shifted atop her as he leaned his head down and kissed her deeply, her tongue meeting his as she snaked a hand down and guided his hard cock into the hot velvet tightness of her dripping cunt.

“Awww fuckkkkk!” She blurted out into the kiss, waiting all weekend to get her lover in her, she lifted her large rounded ass off the seat as she guided him in, she was answered by his hips rocking forward sharply and he groaned as his cock stabbed into her tight little pussy, his crotch smacking into hers.

Marsha’s short thick legs snapped out then down, hooking over Wayne’s hips, the heels of her sneakers digging into his ass as his hips started to pump up and down, thrusting his harden spike of man flesh into her juicy burning cunt.

“YESSSSSS fucckkkkkk pleaseeeee fuckk meee!” She grunted out to him, her hands gripping his shirt, trying to rake her nails on the skin under it.

“Ahhh yeahhh baby fuck you been waiting.” Wayne panted to her as he lifted himself up on his arms to watch her face in the barely lit cab, his hips jerking back and forth, feeling her tightness milking his fuck meat as it rammed into her again and again. She hadn’t bothered with her top or her sweatshirt, but even with his thrusts he could see her massive tits bouncing under her sweatshirt with each hard fuck of his cock into her.

The truck rocked on its high shocks as the pair inside started to fuck with more urgency, his ass flexed and relaxed again and again as he slammed his bloated tipped cock in and out of her, the lewd tempo of smacks of crotch meeting crotch filled the cab of the rocking vehicle. Marsha’s head lolled to the side as she yelped and panted out with hot high pitched moans. “Pleaseeeee pleasseeeee fuck mee Wayynnee gooddddddd yesssssss you hot fucking bastard!”

If anyone had pulled up they would see that red ram truck jerking back and forth, the back of a person with a pair of pale thick legs kaçak bahis in knee high socks wildly gripping onto that bucking bare ass rising and falling in the cab. “Fucking hell you hot little slut grip that dick bitch!” He growled back though his teeth, he knew her tastes and the language was one both loved to hear from the other. His pace grew faster, his heavy sac filled with those large filling testicles bounced against her wide upturned ass cheeks, the sac soaking in her hot juices that now ran down into the cleft of her ass.

“Uhhggg uhggg pleasepleasepleaseplease OHHHH FUCCKKK!” She squealed to him. He grunted like a beast, his hard cock ramming into her slopping wet cunt he felt his heavy sac starting to tighten into his shaft, he didn’t fight the feeling, that hot aching swelling in his rock hard cunt bathed cock. “DO IT MY SLUT NOW! CUM NOWWW!” he nearly roared at her as he felt his cock head flare and that tip of his condom fill rapidly, his cock flexing madly within her as he came.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYESSSSSSSSSSS!” She screamed with a squeak as her cunt erupted on command, her walls clamping his wildly pumping cock sucking it into her sweet pussy more and more. She felt the rush of juices over his grinding shaft and down onto the seat below her bucking ass cheeks.

Wayne had stopped his thrusts as his orgasm washed over him, even in the condom the tightness of her sweet pussy was still enough to make his flared tip grew to ultra sensitive in his hot pleasure. Licking his lips he looked down on his lover and smiled seeing she still had her eyes closed, panting and yelping in her throat softly as her climax assaulted her. He shifted and her feet gripped to his rump hard to stop him from pulling out again. She moaned and spoke softly.

“Why?” Wayne knew what she meant with that and looked down to her and shrugged slowly as he inhaled deeply to steady his breathing. “Force of habit, besides are you really sure you want me to go bare back?” He asked softly to her, knowing her biggest turn on was to fuck him with out a layer of latex between them. Wayne leaned up and disentangled himself from her legs and sat back and pulling off the condom and its thick contents he tossed the used protective sheath out to the ground. “Yes baby I told you I am fine with that. I WANT it baby” Marsha said not moving yet, her hands rubbing the mounds of her still shirt covered tits.

Wayne smiled slowly. “Ok love, next time, I wont.” He sat up and pulling his jeans up and buckling them. She smiled softly, not in triumph but in love of him knowing, this was a big choice despite their willingness for their lust to felt in full flesh to flesh need. She sat up and pushed her skirt down as he started up the truck, and pulled out of the complex and back onto the road, heading to the theater. Just in time as Wayne laughed, looking in his rear view seeing a police cruiser pull in the far end of the parking lot. Making a few good turns he knew the cop wouldn’t follow them.

She smiled and glowed, knowing tonight wasn’t over with them and knew she was in for more. But she could understand things, why he was hesitant to fuck her with out protection on, and in the wild heat that she knew he had for her, he was married after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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