Let the Game Begin

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The evening had been a tease from “Hello”.

I had agonised over the planning of this night for the past week. Vince had been my lover for some months now and every encounter was a new adventure.

I thought he was too good to be true when we first talked over the phone. He knew all the right things to say, was witty and oh, so charming. After a few calls we decided to meet. I felt a little trepidation, but what the hell, you only live once.

It was one of those blind dates you go on with an open mind, but your legs crossed. The evening turned out great though. I felt comfortable with him and boy, did he make me laugh. I felt I wanted to know this guy inside out.

He wasn’t the type of man I had dated in the past. Well- meaning friends were forever trying to set me up with guys that were either so dull, I was working overtime to get a conversation going or just wanted me for dessert. This man was a whole new bag of tricks.

Vince is an American, completing a Post Grad Diploma in Architecture at UQ. I might mention here he has the most gorgeous smile, a smile that makes his eyes sparkle. Arms that hold me and just make snuggle closer. I guess I fell head over heels. All instincts told me… Don’t go there, girl. Just fall in lust.

I tried to treat him as a Friend with benefits, a Fuck buddy. I didn’t want a partner, I just wanted someone to have fun with, then say goodnight. No emotion fucking with my brain. I’d managed to duck Cupids’ little arrows in the past. This time he aimed better.

Anyway, the affair was a hot one from the minute I first dropped my panties. I found a raging sexuality inside me I didn’t know existed. Seems I just needed the right man to open the door to the sensual me.

So here I am, greeting my lover with a little challenge in mind, for later in the evening.

I’d booked a table for dinner at an intimate little restaurant. It’s perfect. Secluded tables, candlelight, soft music, very discreet staff.

We sit opposite each other. He can’t take his eyes off me. I’m wearing a dress that drapes seductively over my body. I’m wearing a lace bra. The fabric shows just a hint of my large nipples through it. My cleavage is showing just enough to make him want to see more.

We don’t eat much, our appetites aren’t for food. The wine gives me a delicious glow. I feel my inhibitions slinking away. I slip off one of my stillettos and glide my toes along his calves. My gaze remains steady. I see the look of surprise in his eyes when he feels my toes between his thighs.

The waiter approaches our table to refill our glasses at the precise moment my toes reach the hard bulge in Vince’s pants. I’m enjoying this, he’s finding it extremely difficult to maintain his composure. The waiter takes what seems like forever to pour our wine, while I start to massage my lover’s hard manhood with my toes.

I lick my lower lip and bite down just a little. I’m feeling very naughty tonight.

Once alone, I tell him my rules for the evening. It’s a fantasy he’s told me about. A little challenge. Of course he agrees, he thinks he’ll win. He reaches under the table and runs his fingers across the silky nylon, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri drawing little circles behind my knee. He knows what this does to me. My sharp intake of breath confirms it.

I signal the waiter for the check…yes, it’s my night remember, and order a cab for the short ride back to my apartment.

Before I turn the key in the lock, I feel his breath on my neck. His kisses trail down then up the length of my soft skin. I turn to him and melt into him for his kiss. Our lips part, our tongues play, our eager hands wander.

I push him away with a seductive, knowing look. Thirty seconds more and I would have surrendered to him. Once we step inside, he can’t touch me, and I can’t touch him. Which of us will surrender first?

The game begins. I reach into my purse and hand him a penny. I get to call the toss. Heads I win, tails he gets to call the shots. Of course I win, he doesn’t notice it’s a two headed penny. I didn’t say I’d play fair.

I point to the easy chair that sits facing my bed. It’s about six feet from the foot of my king size bed.

He removes his jacket and sits. I put on a CD, slow sensual sax. Scented candles scattered about the room are lit.

Our eyes lock. My hands caress my body. I begin to sway to the music, enjoying the feel of my own touch. His feet are bare now, next to go is his tie. Shirt buttons, one a minute.

I turn my back to him and reach behind me and slide down my zipper. I know he’s watching every move I make. My hips move seductively to the music, I love to strip for him. I let my dress fall to the floor and kick it aside.

I run my hands over the slinky fabric of my ivory slip, raising it just a little with my upward movements to give him a glimpse of my lace topped nylons and suspender. I feel my excitement build, I want him to surrender now, make the first move.

Slowly I turn to face him, swaying my hips, my hands moving to my breasts. I feel the rise and fall of my firm mounds. I want him to feel them too. He knows it.

I hear the familiar tinkle of metal that always turns me on. He has his shirt open to the waist. I watch him undo his belt, pull it all the way out and place it across his thighs. I raise an eyebrow. Hmm interesting. He opens the remaining buttons and opens his shirt. His chest is masculine and lightly tanned. He slides his hand over his abs, upward to his nipples.

I watch him gently draw little circles on each one. My tongue should be doing that. I bite down on my lip when I see them harden. He smiles at me, he knows I’m weakening. I’m sure he’s imagining me kneeling between his legs. But I won’t give in…yet.

I slip the straps of my slip over my shoulders but I only let it fall to my waist. He licks his lips at the sight of me now. My lace bra is strapless and sheer. He can see my hard nipples through the lace. Dark rose areolas, surrounding nipples longing to be licked and sucked.

I watch his hand slide down to his waistband. I hold my breath, while I see the button undone. I imagine every tooth of the zipper clicking in relief as the pressure from within is released. The tingles in my pussy go güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri berserk when I see his hand reach inside his pants. My hand automatically reaches down. The slinky fabric feels so damn good over my hot mound. My eyes close for a few seconds, my thoughts focusing on the growing damp sensation between my legs.

I open my eyes. Oh my god. I see his beautiful manhood, rock hard and already glistening wet in the candlelight. He strokes himself slowly, watching me, knowing I want it. Three steps away, I could fall to my knees and take him, taste him, I don’t have to win…oh but I do.

I let my slip fall to my feet, I kick it away to join my dress. My hands slide over the tops of my breasts, along the contours of my little waist, my hips. I glide my fingers over the soft crease at the top of my thighs. My body shivers with delight. I love to touch there, be touched. My eyes never leave him, his hard cock, his hand, stroking a little harder now, His eyes are half closed, he’s so close to his happy place. It’s time to up the ante.

I turn my back to him, running my hands down my hips and across my cheeks. I reach behind and unclasp my bra. It joins my growing pile of clothing. I glide my fingers back up the sides of my body imagining his fingers there. I cup my breasts and lightly squeeze my nipples. I let out a soft moan, I want him to come to me now, I want him with a passion.

He knows my moans, he knows how much I want him to take me. I hear his breathing quicken, he’s torturing me and if I turned around I know he’d be smiling. But I won’t turn. I undo the little ties on each side of my thong and pull it slowly through my legs. I throw it behind me to him. I hear his deep breath as he savours my womanly scent.

I climb onto my bed. He has a ringside view of my vulva, glistening wet and swollen. I move up the bed on hands and knees like a cat. Like a cat on heat. I roll onto my back, my fingers making straight for my needy clit. I watch him, still stroking, slower now, he’s enjoying the show. I close my eyes, I can feel myself being carried on that awesome wave.

I’m so lost in my own pleasure, his next move takes my breath away. Vince has taken me by the ankles. He slides me back down to the foot of the bed, my legs are thrown over his broad shoulders. He takes my hands and throws my arms outward. Oh, when I feel his kisses on my tummy, his lips inching down, down…I know I’m seconds away from that delicious warm wave sweeping over me, through me.

But his kisses take a left turn, down one hip, down my inner thigh. He lifts my leg and licks that sensitive spot behind my knee. My fingers claw at the sheet. My nipples ache, my hips rise of their own accord. I call to him “Pleeeease, Vince!”

Then he’s upon me. Oh, his tongue, his tongue licks the length of my wet swollen lips. Then I feel it, the most exquisite sensation imaginable. I feel my clit sucked between his lips, his tongue flicking quickly over it, circling it. His hands reach up and find my nipples. His fingers squeeze my sensitive little buds. I squeeze the life out of the sheets. I cry out, call his name, I can hardly breathe.

I güvenilir bahis şirketleri feel the heat begin to radiate. It starts in my inner thighs just above my knees. I feel my skin glow, up my thighs, higher and higher until the pulsing starts. Every muscle in my body spasms, anticipating that one big contraction. Then I feel it. That delicious sensation of indescribable beauty. My breathing stops with a gasp. My orgasm washes over me. The intensity of it takes my breath away.

I lie there panting, my head swimming. I feel at that moment , I’m floating in an ocean of euphoria . He kisses me gently until I regain my breath. I can only manage a lust drunk smile.

I notice he’s let his slacks and boxers drop. My eyes have only seconds to feast on him, before he flips me onto my tummy. He grabs my hips and draws me up, kissing each cheek.

He pulls the elastic of my suspenders and lets it snap back onto my bare bum. The little sting sends a million volts straight to my supersensitive pussy. He unclasps my nylons, dragging each one down, gliding his hands down my smooth legs.

His hand grasps one ankle, takes it out a little wider. I feel his kisses on the back of my thigh. His fingers kneed the other. One solitary lick the length of my wet lips makes my juices start flowing in anticipation.

He stands and unhooks my suspender belt. I feel him between my legs, hot and hard. I push back to him, I want him inside me. He’s still playing the game. He rubs his smooth purple head along my lips, back and forth. It feels so wet and slippery. He holds me tight, not letting me take more. It’s time to up the ante again.

I reach down and dip two fingers into my hot sex. I gasp at my own touch. My fingers circle my clit..”oh yes, yes” Suddenly my hand is wrenched away, Vince has both my wrists pinned down above my head. Then I feel it.

He enters me, not slowly, no teasing, but all of him. His free hand is underneath me pulling me onto him, driving his beautiful hard cock all the way home. After two strokes he doesn’t pull me back, he doesn’t have to. I match his thrusts with my own.

We’re not making love any more, we’re fucking. He pulls out a little now between thrusts, grazing against my gspot. His moans and mine take each other closer and closer. Each stroke against my sensitive spot is pure ecstasy. His fingers grip into my flesh. My hot hungry sex grips him tight.

He lets my wrist loose, he has both my hips now. He steadies me against the relentless crashing of his hips to my butt. My fingers make a beeline for my clit.

My senses are at full height now. I know my orgasm’s imminent. I tune in to Vince’s breathing, he’s almost there. My fingers torture my clit. I hold back. I wait for the exact moment. Then I say the magic words “now baby, now!”

I let my fingers work their magic, I feel his beautiful hard cock grow just a little bigger. Our mutual orgasm hits. Our cries and moans fill the air. I feel his body shudder against mine. He’s buried so deep inside me, I grip tighter. I want him to feel me, feel what he does to me. We ride this wave together.

Vince rests his head on my back. His breathing is as ragged as mine. We stay resting till we regain a little strength and wait for that little “plop”.

Vince kisses my spine, my neck, behind my ears. He lifts me effortlessly back up the bed. We lie close together, spooning in the soft candlelight. He breaths in my perfume, I delight in his warmth.

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