Lisa’s Beach Encounter

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Lisa had always been the shy type, the kind who would rather sit at home with a good book or video than go out on a Friday night. The kind that was never prone to being spontaneous of taking more chances than was absolutely necessary in life.

And so as she walked down the nude beach, towel in hand, minus all of her clothes, feeling very vulnerable, she wondered what on earth gave her such an idea in the first place. This was the most daring thing she had done since high school, and had only decided to visit this nude beach on her holiday after her best friend gave her a lecture on how she should do more to try an enjoy life, and take a few chances instead of sitting at home on her computer all day, or visiting her local library or sci-fi club.

However, walking down this beach filled with people wearing only their birthday suits, and noticing the glares of men who were finding it hard to keep their bodies under control after seeing her beautiful figure, she had stretched her nerves to the very limit, and she quickly made her way to the south end of the beach and past the rock cliffs, where she had been told by her friend Kelly that few people went, and that Lisa would be safe there is she was feeling too threatened.

She found a spot in the sand under the shade of a rock formation, and settled down on her beach towel with a good book after making sure every inch of her fair skin was well covered with sunscreen. The last thing she wanted was sunburn, especially on her breasts, which she thought would be quite unpleasant, and was not about to find out how it felt for herself.

She stretched out her legs and wiggled the sand out from between her toes, taking a final look around to make sure no one was near before she allowed herself to relax in her naked form.

Lisa hated to admit to herself that the sensation of wearing nothing in a public place was exciting her very much, and she couldn’t help the fact that her nipples were stiffening, and every now and again when a cool sea breeze swept over her skin she felt a tingle between her legs.

It had only been a few minutes before Lisa realized her choice of book for the day was not helping her overcome her excitement. Unfortunately she had only bought one, which was a romance whose descriptive sexual passages were causing a wetness to form between her legs.

Lisa had only ever been in one serious relationship in her life, which ended when she found out the bastard was cheating on her, and she rarely dated. She found comfort in romance novels, and the hope that one day she may find true love pendik escort and be happy like the characters in her books.

She threw down the book in frustration as she felt a trickle of moisture start to run down her thigh, and resisted the temptation to touch herself, knowing that if she did so she would probably not be able to stop herself from going further, and would not allow herself under any circumstances to masturbate in public.

Instead she turned her attention to the sea, and watched the waves rolling in, hitting the shore and smashing into the sand before being pulled back into the ocean.

It was then the she heard a voice from her right, and jumped in fright, although pleased that she didn’t allow herself to scream, which would have been far more embarrassing.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you” the voice apologized, and Lisa looked up to see a tall, muscular man standing to her right, as naked as she was, with a bronzed body and a large penis, which was now semi erect at the sight of Lisa’s hot body.

“Well you did” she frowned, feeling very self-conscious, and not knowing at all how to deal with the situation.

“I’m sorry,” he said taking a seat on the sand close by her side, too close for her comfort, but what could she do? “I saw you come back here before. Don’t you like people?”

She found this rather a rude question, but before she could say anything he continued, “Or is it your first time here?”

She blushed, “My first time here”

“Its really a nice place once you get used to the dress code” She could tell his eyes were exploring her body, even though she refused to look at him, and that unfortunately caused the wetness between her thighs to grow even more as the frustration built inside of her.

“Have you been swimming yet?” he was answered by a petite shake of her head.

It was then that the stranger casually let his hand come to rest on her right leg, and she instantly felt a tingle run up her spine. What was he doing? She didn’t even know this man, and he now had his hand on her! She had to tell him to stop. Did she want to tell him to stop? Before she could come up with an answer he spoke again in his deep voice, “You know, it’s hard to believe that someone who hasn’t been in the water yet could be so wet”

She wasn’t exactly sure what he meant by that, however she found out a moment later when his hand slid between her legs, sending yet another shiver up her spine and the feeling that she was doing something very very wrong.

The stranger started to stroke her thigh, and escort pendik the next thing she knew he was touching her in a very private place, coating his palm with her juices as he stroked her brush and moved closer to her, moving his lips to her neck and gently kissing her. She felt the burning between her legs, and her heart was pumping uncontrollably. She didn’t know what to do, she didn’t even know what she felt, or if she wanted him to touch her like he was or not.

Her breathing was heavy and very noticeable, and as the mans’ second hand took position to rub her left side, he moved his lips to her right ear and whispered, “Just relax”, before licking her ear and increasing the intensity between her legs.

Her legs involuntarily parted for him, and she felt herself give in to his will as he fell onto her and she was pushed backwards onto her back, his now very erect penis pressing against her leg as he continued to stroke her, applying a little more pressure between her legs.

She felt a tingling in her thighs, her stomach, in fact her entire body, and a second later she lost control of her body and her orgasm swept over her. She let out a little scream, which he quickly silenced by planting his lips firmly on hers and kissing her deeply. She found herself responding, and before she even knew what she was getting into she wrapped her small arms around him and returned his passion, her legs parting ever further to give him access to her.

The next thing she knew he was completely on top of her, and a moment later she felt the wet tip of his hard cock pressing against the lips of her entrance. “No” she gasped breathless, “Please, I don’t think we should…”

“Shhhhhh” he said gently, “Just let it happen” With that he slowly pushed, and inch-by-inch Lisa could feel herself taking him into her.

She held onto him tight as he entered her body, slowly, yet still with some pain, which quickly subsided and gave way to a feeling she had long forgotten, and was in much need of. She bit into his shoulder as he sunk his cock into her, and he stopped there for a moment, letting her get accustomed to his length and thickness before he began to stroke, which made her cry out.

“God you’re tight,” he moaned as he pumped into her, kissing her neck and shoulders, causing wonders between her legs.

She could feel his entire length moving within her, his mighty cock head probing her very depths, exploring her wet insides, and she dug her nails into his back as he went a little faster, forcing every inch of his cock into her with every passionate pendik escort bayan thrust.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this, letting him do this to her, but it felt amazing, sensations filled that had been long forgotten, the feel of his skin on her, the feel of his hard penis inside her body, the feel of his touch, the sounds of their lovemaking, every part of this amazed her, and she couldn’t imagined how she had lived without it.

It wasn’t long before she knew another orgasm was inevitable, and they were both puffing and panting as he increased his speed into her, and she locked her legs around his back, forcing him deeper into her, as deep as was humanly possible, her juices dripping over his testicles with each of his powerful thrust.

He started grunting and groaning, and she knew he couldn’t hold out much longer, and neither could she, as a moment later she again gave into this strangers pleasures, and let her body take over, reaching the most spectacular orgasm of her life.

He lasted another thirty seconds, a thirty seconds which was spent pounding into her so hard and fast she thought she would split in two, before he too could hold out no longer, and exploded within her body, Lisa digging her nails further into his back and even drawing blood as she felt his warm cum spill deep into her boy, and felt his cock pulsate with every ejaculation, every squirt of precious seamen that he deposited into her young body.

He pushed himself into her with every pulse of his cock, and she in turn squeezed her legs tighter around him, and clamped her stomach muscles down.

Their pure lust lasted for longer than she ever remembered an orgasm lasting before, and when it was finally over they lay in each others arms for a time, and Lisa fell into a deep, content sleep before he withdrew, wiped his cock off on her towel and left.

For a few days after Lisa was feeling sick, mainly in the mornings, and found herself throwing up and just not feeling right. On returning from her holiday she went to the doctor, and to her horror she found she was pregnant.

She knew who it was, for the stranger on the beach was the only man she had been with in years, and she was disgusted at herself for being pregnant to a total stranger, and for sleeping with one without any thought of consequences in the first place.

She later returned to that beach, and for a month or two she visited it every day, searching for the stranger who had fathered her child. She never saw him again, and finally, after giving birth to her baby girl, she gave up hope of ever finding the man, and moved on with her life. However baby Veronica was a constant reminder of what she had done, and that stranger who she had taking into her body on the beach that day, without even knowing his name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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