Locked Up (With) a Broad Pt. 02

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After all we had been through, we finally stopped talking and finished eating our entrees. We then poked through our side items and “desserts,” comparing what we each had.

“I got raspberry applesauce, fig bars and a Tootsie Roll.” Julia reported. “How about you?”

“Hmm,” I said, as I perused my stuff, “vegetable crackers, cheese spread, oatmeal cookies and Lifesavers.”

“Hey, you got an extra item!” Julia exclaimed. “How come?”

“It happens sometimes.” I said with a shrug. “Sometimes you’ll get two or even three side items, but in this case, the cheese spread is for the crackers. Tell you what, why don’t we just divide it up and enjoy it all?”

“That’s a great idea!” Julia replied enthusiastically. “I love the way you think. My last boyfriend would have taken all the extras if there had been some and eaten them himself. If I’d have gotten them though, he’d have been demanding I share.”

“Sounds like a prick.” I observed. “Is this the same douche bag that wouldn’t play with your titties when they got hard?”

“Same one.” Julia confirmed, as she laid her stuff out.

I’ve been eating MREs while roughing it at my cabin for close to two decades, but I never enjoyed them as much as I was enjoying this situation. We divvied our food up and had a much broader range of food. We even split the Tootsie Roll in half, as well as the tube of square Lifesavers. By the time we were finished, I was actually full.

“That was actually pretty good.” Julia remarked, as she reclined slightly against the wall. “I didn’t realize they were that tasty.”

“Much better than the old C-Rats in cans.” I agreed. “Although they weren’t too bad either. They just got mushy quicker. You also needed a can opener. These things will last for twenty-plus years in here, and no tools required. Whoever came up with these was a genius.”

I sat next to her and smiled.

“I really enjoyed those.” I said quietly. “They were good, but the way we shared, and having your company was really nice.”

“I thought so too.” she responded with a smile of her own. “I’m really beginning to like being in here. I know it has a lot to do with you, too.”

“We have a lot to talk about, I guess.” Julia finally said.

I nodded in agreement.

“We do, but it will dry our throats and make us want to drink a lot of water.” I replied. “We’d be better suited getting into the details on our next date.”

“Date!” she giggled. “That sounds funny, being locked up in here and all, but I guess this is technically our first date though, if we start seeing each other, that is.”

“And if we make it fun.” I added. “Which I think we can do if we put our minds together and come up with something.”

“I don’t think it’s our minds I’d like to put together.” Julia said slyly, as she reached out and gently pulled on my cock again. “Why don’t you get that thing nice and stiff for me, and slide it deep inside my cunt?”

“Mmm, that would be nice,” I replied, as she continued playing with my dick, “but why don’t you help me get it up by sucking on it instead? I’d love to feel your lips sliding up and down the shaft of my cock as you suck on it.”

“You like having your penis sucked?” she inquired, as she lowered her head.

“Yes.” I whispered. “It feels so good to have a woman sucking my penis. I love to cum in a woman’s mouth too.”

“What a coincidence.” Julia answered, as her tongue darted around the underside of my cock. “I happen to love the taste of cum myself, and I love to swallow. Would you like me to suck your penis until you cum in my warm, wet mouth and swallow it all for you, Jack?”

“Oh yes!” I exclaimed. “That would be wonderful, Julia!”

I leaned back and cradled her brunette head in my hands as she sealed her lips around my cock and expertly slid them up down my shaft. It felt wonderful, and I sighed blissfully as she continued, savoring every moment of pleasure. It wasn’t too long before I began to feel that delicious sensation building up in my loins.

“That’s it!” I whispered loudly. “Oh Julia, I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum in your mouth! Oh my god…”

My voice trailed off as I ejaculated in her mouth. Spurt after spurt of my warm semen filled her mouth, and I could feel her swallowing every last, delicious drop.

“That was wonderful!” I managed to whisper between gulps of air. “Oh Julia, thank you so much!”

I continued caressing her head as she gently squeezed my balls and milked a few last drops of cum from my cock with her thumb and forefinger. Julia raised her head and smiled at me, as she licked her lips gently.

“Mmm, I love that cum!” bursa escort she exclaimed. “It was so good! I’ll take as much as you can give me.”

“Really?” I inquired in surprise. “You’ll suck my dick any time?”

“Well,” she said as she sat back up, “not all the time, but I do love the taste, so let’s say you get horny at night and want to jerk off while we’re in bed or if you want to watch me taking a shower or something, just let me know so I can get my mouth open in time. I’ll gladly take any load you want to shoot in my mouth, Jack.”

“Wow.” I replied. “That’s awesome. What about cumming on your face? Can I do that too?”

“I don’t mind facials,” she responded, “but your cum is so creamy that I’d hate to miss a single drop. If you really like shooting all over my face though, just make sure you push it all into my mouth afterwards, okay?”

“Oh my god!” I burst out, throwing my arms around her. “Are you for real?”

“Yes Jack.” she answered with a smile. “I’m a secret cum whore. I like to feel it shoot off inside my cunt too, so we’ll have to work out some percentages on where and when you deposit your load inside my body.”

“I do want to fuck you too!” I admitted excitedly. “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of cumming in your mouth or cunt, or all over your gorgeous face.”

Julia smiled warmly.

“Good.” she replied. “Then let’s sit back and listen to the radio awhile, shall we? You can play with my titties some more if you’d like to, too.”

“I’d love to play with your tits again, Julia!” I exclaimed. “They’re the freakiest boobs I’ve ever seen and they’re so perky on top of it. I still can’t believe your ex was such an asshole about them.”

“Well,” Julia replied carefully, “he’s ancient history now. You’re modern events.”

I reached over and picked up the radio, and turned it on. Some horrible noise that I suppose might pass for music in some Third World cultures blared out at us, and I quickly turned the knob to some more audibly-pleasing static until we figured out what we wanted to listen to.

“What kind of music do you like?” I inquired.

“Country. You?”

“Rock.” I replied with a laugh. “Looks like we may have a difference of opinion.”

“Doesn’t matter.” Julia replied. “We can switch back and forth. I also like talk radio. What about you?”

“That’s a match!” I said enthusiastically.

I switched the little set over to AM and found the local talk station, where some guy was giving financial advice.

“That’s great.” I said ruefully. “Here we are, locked in a bank vault, and we’re getting all kinds of tips on how to invest our money.”

“Could be worse.” Julia observed. “It could have been a cooking show.”

We both started to giggle, and it quickly turned into full-blown laughter. I pulled her tightly against me, and we embraced for a few moments, before I gently turned her around. Julia followed my lead and leaned back against me, so I could reach around and cup her unnatural tits in my hands. I squeezed them firmly, savoring their perkiness as I fondled them vigorously. I also began pulling on her chunky nipples, which began to lengthen, alerting her areolas to grow as well. Within a minute, I was savoring a pair of tit torpedoes once again.

I marveled at her firm tits, as I continued kneading them in my hands. I pulled her nipples down with my thumbs and watched in fascination as they sprang upwards. I repeated this several times and Julia giggled.

“That feels weird!” she bubbled. “Weird but good. Almost like the first time you have an orgasm and can’t describe it. Don’t stop.”

With that bit of encouragement, I continued my assault on her outlandish knockers; squeezing them ever harder. Suddenly, Julia began to squirm.

“I’m… I’m g-gonna c-cum!” she burst out. “Holy fucking shit, Jack! You’re making m-me cum by playing with my tit-titties. Oh shit! Oh my fuck-king god!”

She twisted her bare feet in circles and moaned loudly. Suddenly, her feet began kicking violently, and she gasped loudly.

“I’m cumming!” she shrieked. “Oh my god! It feels so fucking good! Pull on my nipples Jack! Pull them as hard as you can! Make them squirt!”

I willingly obliged her request, and pulled her stiff nipples forcefully. Julia groaned, and her entire body shivered in a violent orgasm.

“Unghhhh!” she grunted, as he body convulsed in pure pleasure.

I felt a warm wetness dribbling into my lap, and I knew she’d cum hard. I continued tugging on her nipples as she gradually settled down.

“That’s enough.” Julia whispered. “Squeeze only, please.”

I was only too happy bursa escort bayan to honor her request. I continued fondling her bizarre tits, and she sighed deeply.

“It feels so nice.” she murmured. “I’m so glad you like my ugly titties.”

“They really turn me on.” I said quietly, continuing to knead them thoroughly. “This is a match made in Heaven.”

“I didn’t know I could cum from having them played with.” Julia admitted. “That’s never happened before.”

“Well, it’ll happen as often as you’d like.” I assured her. “I love squeezing them. I just have to figure out how to squeeze them while I cum in your mouth.”

“That’s easy.” Julia said. “Reach out and squeeze them while they’re hanging down, while I’m sucking your penis.”

“I can’t wait.” I replied. “You are so perfect for me. You are my dream girl.”

“Speaking of dreams, I’m getting tired.” she stated. “What time is it?”

I looked at my watch and was surprised at the time.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “It’s ten after nine already!”

“Time flies when you’re having fun.” Julia said with a smile.

She suddenly sat bolt upright and looked around.

“Oh shit, Jack! I’ve gotta pee! We don’t have a toilet!”

I could hear panic in her voice, and I touched her gently.

“It’s okay, Sweetie.” I said soothingly. “There’s a wastebasket in the corner, and plenty of paper towels on the coffee cart. We’ll be okay.”

“What if we have to go Number Two?” she wailed. “Oh my god! I’m starting to not like this situation again, Jack!”

“We’ll be fine.” I chuckled. “Like I said before, it’ll be a little uncomfortable, but we’ll get through it. Look how well we’re doing so far.”

“I guess you’re right.” she acknowledged.

She paused for a moment and smiled broadly.

“I sure have liked what we’ve done together so far!”

“Me too.” I agreed. “We have all night to recuperate, so let’s plan on fucking in the morning. I want to fuck you and cum in your cunt sooo bad, Julia!”

“Can’t wait.” she replied, as she got up to relieve herself in the trashcan. “Get the blanket ready. I’ll pee and turn off the light. Then, we can get some sleep.”

A few minutes later, the lights went out and plunged us into total darkness. Julia felt her way along the wall, and I guided her onto the mattress alongside me. We both lay on our backs as I drew the thin blanket over us, and we snuggled together. Julia sighed deeply, and I could almost feel her looking at me in the inky blackness that surrounded us.

“This is almost fun.” she whispered. “Good night, Jack.”

“Good night, Julia.” I whispered back, as though someone might be listening. “Sweet dreams.”

I rolled over and Julia snuggled up against me, spooning me affectionately. I drifted off to sleep and sure enough, I dreamed of nothing but her and having sex with her, although I was uncertain as to why we were having sex in a crowded shopping mall, but then again, dreams never make much sense now, do they?

Sometime later, I awoke with a full bladder. To my amusement, Julia’s left hand was wrapped around my penis; gripping it lovingly. I glanced at the luminous dial on my watch and saw it was 3:57 AM.

“I need to get up.” I whispered.

Julia stirred, and her grip tightened around my penis, stimulating it slightly. At that point, I was so ready to go fully hard and fuck her right then and there, but my bladder said otherwise.

“Don’t go.” she mumbled sleepily. “Stay here with me.”

“I have to pee.” I explained. “I need to get up to do that, unless you want me to do it here.”

“No!” she responded, as she let go of my dick. “Maybe on our next date; in the shower maybe. Go take a leak, but hurry back, okay?”

“Okay.” I chuckled. “I need to turn the light on though, so I can see what I’m doing.”

I pulled the blanket back, and was surprised at how cold it was on the floor. The concrete really held a chill! I stood up and felt my way along the wall, until I found the light switch and flicked it on. I then headed for the wastebasket and released the pressure in my bladder. As I returned to the switch, I noticed Julia looking at me intently. She was shivering noticeably, and I was a little concerned.

“Are you okay?” I inquired in a worried tone.

Julia looked crestfallen and lowered her head before replying.

“I’m cold.” she stated quietly, like a little girl about to cry. “I’m cold, my whole body hurts from laying on the floor, my feet are freezing, and I wanna go home. I wanna go home, Jack!”

With that, she burst into tears and I quickly rushed to her side. I held her tightly as she sobbed escort bursa on my shoulder and did my best to console her.

“Shh.” I said gently. “It’s okay. I’m here. I’m here, Sweetheart.”

Julia continued crying for a minute or so, before letting go of me and wiping her eyes.

“I know you are.” she whispered. “I’m so thankful you’re here with me. I don’t know what I would do if I were locked in here by myself. I’d surely go mad.”

“You’d be okay,” I said gently, “but I am very glad I’m here with you. Let me go turn off the lights and I’ll come back to bed and warm you up, okay?”

Julia nodded.

“Okay Jack.” she sniffled.

I returned to the light switch, but not before I grabbed a couple of paper towels from the coffee cart for her to blow her nose. I turned the lights back off and angled my watch in front of me. In the total darkness, the glowing face illuminated enough of my surroundings, that I could see where I was going. I rejoined Julia on the air mattress and pulled the blanket back over the top of us. I held her tightly, and could still feel her shivering violently.

The funny thing is that I wasn’t the least bit cold. In fact, walking over to the trashcan and back had made me rather warm. This was all due to my metabolism, and the fact that my body temperature is almost 2.5 degrees cooler than most people’s are.

“You’re so warm!” Julia marveled. “I’m so cold, yet you’re so warm! How is that?”

“It’s complicated.” I said mysteriously. “My ex wife used to call me the human radiator; I’d throw off so much body heat. Sometimes, I can actually feel the heat bouncing off of my sheets and it’s uncomfortable; like hot sunlight. It almost burns.”

“Well, you’re weird.” Julia mumbled, as she warmed up and became drowsy once again. “But so are my tits. I’m glad we both like weird things.”

“Me too.” I agreed, as I reached over and squeezed those weird tits of hers.

I could feel my cock growing as I continued massaging her fantastic tits, and I rolled over on top of her. Julia’s leg’s parted, and I slid my stiff cock effortlessly into her warm, wet cunt.

“Fuck me, Jack.” she whispered. “Fuck me to sleep.”

I needed no further encouragement, and I began pumping her cunt rhythmically; sliding my dick in and out of that wonderfully wet warmth. I’ll admit; I’m used to masturbating, not having sex, so it took a little longer than normal to cum, but it was worth it! I began slamming my cock in, then slowly pulling it back, to intensify the sensation.

Slowly but surely, that wonderful feeling began creeping into my prostate, as I continued fucking her. Bit by bit, it built up until I hit the point of no return. My orgasm crested, and spurt after spurt of my warm semen filled Julia’s wonderful cunt. When it was over, I pulled out and lay next to her, panting heavily.

“I loved fucking you!” I whispered hoarsely. “It was everything I imagined it would be. Even more.”

“It was good.” Julia agreed. “Maybe next time, we’ll have the lights on, and we can look into each others’ eyes. I’d like that, I think.”

“Me too.” I said with a smile that she couldn’t see.

We kissed awkwardly in the dark and fell back to sleep. The following morning we awoke and spent much of the day learning about one another. It passed much faster than we thought possible, and the morning after that, we were rescued when the vault was opened.

We had lost track of time and were busy doing it, when all of a sudden the time lock clicked and the door swung open; two cops and the regional manager catching Julia riding me as I squeezed those deliciously freaky tits of hers. I was close to cumming and didn’t bother to let up as I continued thrusting my cock deep inside her hairy cunt. I exploded in her just as the news crew stepped in with their cameras rolling.

It was a little embarrassing, but we managed to get through it okay. We both dressed after our clothes were returned, and gave our statements. Finally we were free to go, and I pulled Julia close to me.

“Why don’t you come back to my place?” I suggested. “We can take that shower we talked about, and I can fix you a decent breakfast.”

“That sounds wonderful!” Julia exclaimed. “Scrambled eggs and ham?”

“And French toast.” I added. “I’ll take you out for prime rib for dinner, too, if you’d like.”

And so concluded our first date. A little odd, I’ll admit, but most definitely the best first date I’d ever had. Also the last, as I proposed to her just two weeks later. Good thing too, as I’d apparently knocked her up during one of our fuck sessions in the vault. We found out eight weeks later that she was pregnant and I was overjoyed, as one of my biggest fetishes happens to be pregnant women. We would explore many new sexual adventures together as her belly swelled, but that is another story…

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