Long Awaited

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It was mid-October when Tim met the girl of his dreams in person; she was a gorgeous brunette with a tight ass, perky breasts and a wonderful personality. Her name was Jen.

They had met over the Internet in mid-September and had discussed making love so many times, he couldn’t believe that the time had actually come when he would be able to do all of the things they had dreamed up. Suddenly his mind went blank as he saw her. She was walking towards him in a white tank top and a flower patterned wrap-around skirt. He stood up slowly fearing his legs wouldn’t hold out as he examined her perfect curves. She ran up to him and hugged him tight, her breasts pressing against his chest, the shock was unbearable, she was SO gorgeous. Once the initial awe had subsided he rubbed her back as he held her close and looked into her eyes. He leaned down and kissed her long and deep with all of the lust he had felt for so long. “Lets go to my place.” he said. She got a look of passion in her eyes and kissed him again as they walked to his car, his arm tightly around her waist.

Kicking the door of his apartment open Tim pulled her inside. They couldn’t control themselves as they hungrily kissed each other, exploring. He sat her on a small couch, much like one a therapist would use with patients, this would allow him to sit behind her and press his body into hers. As he sat down behind her, both of them straddling the couch, she bursa escort trembled. Amazed that this beautiful girl wanted him he slowly ran his hands up her back and breathed out lightly on the side of her neck before slowly kissing the soft skin of her shoulder. She shuddered and turned to look into his eyes…he leaned towards her and kissed her lips with a passion she had never felt in her life.

He reached his hands around her and squeezed her breasts slowly, then moved down past her waist and massaged her inner thighs as he easily slid his tongue between her lips, she moaned into his mouth as he kissed her deeper and harder. His chest was pressed up against her slender back and she felt him shift his hips to press his crotch into her. She leaned into him as he began to kiss and suck her neck. Not being able to take it anymore he turned her around to face him and pulled her tank top over her head. Jen had the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen and he began sucking and licking her erect nipples softly. She ran her hands up underneath his shirt, all the way up his back before pulling it off, she then grasped his cock through the fabric of his shorts before she moved to unbutton them. They both stood up and he slid his shorts and boxers off and moved to undo her skirt. He let it fall to the floor as he admired her tight thighs and gorgeous shaved pussy.

Pulling her body roughly against his, he pressed his bursa escort bayan hard cock against her, and greedily kissed her before lying her down on the floor. She spread her legs wide for him thinking he would immediately enter her awaiting body. Instead he ran his tongue all the way down her body from her neck to her toes, kissing and nibbling all the way, yet avoiding her hottest spot. She moaned loud with pleasure and frustration as he licked up and down her inner thighs getting oh so close to her soft pink lips. His cock was rock hard and aching to be inside her but he wanted to please her in every way he could, torture her. He finally couldn’t hold back and he slid his tongue between her lips releasing the sweet juice, he proceeded to spread it all over her hot pussy with his skilled mouth.

He slid his tongue into her hole and pressed it into her g-spot roughly, making her raise her hips to get him deeper. He then pulled back quickly to tease her, moving up to suck and nibble her clit. His ring finger traced a line from her asshole to her pussy before he slid two fingers into her dripping hole. She screamed with pleasure as he sucked her clit harder and began ramming his fingers deep into her cunt. Lifting her hips she ran her fingers through his hair, pulling his head hard against her. She began to tremble and shake, screaming and raising her body in rhythm to his fingers and tongue. ” I’m cumming!!!” escort bursa she managed to burst out amidst her moans and screams. She was thrusting her body towards his hungry mouth before she slowly began to settle down and stop moving. Tim ran his lips up her body spreading her own juices onto her. Kissing her deeply he slid his soaked hands up her sides and onto her breasts. He massaged her sweet cum into her nipples and then licked them clean. His cock was so unbearably hard now he thought he would burst then and there. Jen pulled his body closer and whispered to him “fuck me, fuck me now.” He pressed the head of his cock against her drenched pussy lips, she held it in her hand and rubbed it up and down her, pressing it onto her clit and then on her ass, then she moved it back to her hole and looked at him with desire. He thrust hard into her, letting out a loud, passionate moan deep in his throat. She grinded her hips into him taking his entire 7 ½ inches into her cunt.

She moaned and her eyes rolled back in her head in pleasure, she was thrusting into him in perfect time as he rammed his cock deep into her body. He grabbed the sides of her hips to help pull her even further onto him, his balls slapping against her tight ass. “IM CUMMING” they were both screaming, it burst. Tim’s cock pulsed hard and shot cum deep into her pussy as they both climaxed with a final hard thrust. He collapsed onto her heaving body, pressing his face against her neck. “God that was amazing” he gasped, completely out of breath. He rolled off of her body and pulled her exhausted figure against him, kissing her passionately, “I love you.” They fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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