Love and Lust

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She was looking into her own eyes. Those big brown eyes. Looking into her own soul, possibly, and of all the things she could be thinking about, her school, her job, her fiancée, the only thing on her mind at this time was the warm hand beginning to wrap around her waist.

Normally she would have pushed it aside, but the person who was trying to hold her closer was someone she had dealt with in the past. Their past was clouded with confusion, hurt feelings, beautiful moments, and the unfinished business that would never be quite resolved, and the “what ifs” that fate would hopefully let them try.

She wondered what her fiancée would say about the situation she was letting herself into? Her fiancée would probably want to know why she would risk their union over this man. Knowing her fiancée’s obvious reaction she could only feel a slight guilt by this. She knew why though, this man had made her life more interesting at times, and was same man that had guided her through rough times. In a way, it was almost logical for them to return to each other even for a moment. His hand was around her waist, slightly touching her backside. She allowed it. His touch felt soothing, comforting, as if it belonged there, belonged to her. Looking into the mirror, she looked at him. How cute they looked together, and yet every time he had tried to make it work, something had always fallen apart. Yet here he was again, in the same situation that always got him into trouble.

She looked at him and smiled. His other hand was rounding her stomach moving upward. He slowed his pace to think about his extremely engaging actions. He too had someone who waited for him back home. Was he cheating? What was the definition of cheating, but he knew. To him once your heart was promised to another the thought of you in someone else’s arms was cheating. The Desire no matter how small was cheating.

He looked into her eyes. To him, she was beautiful, and at one point she had been in his possession, but that was the all in the past. He loved this girl, even though sometimes he wasn’t sure whether it was his heart or the chemistry between them, the raw energy always drew them together. He could never understand why he would risk the trouble, both having significant others to go too, but she wanted him the same way he wanted her and in their minds they even argued that they had needs only the other could fill.

He loved the feel of her body, her soft smell, the taste of her skin. His conscience had begun to nag him, but his thirst for her was stronger. His craving to feel her body again was an overwhelming desire that flooded his entire being. Again his past came back, he had left her because of his young immaturity at one time, and another time he had left her in fear that the relationship would backfire on him. Yet if maybe, just maybe if would have worked at it, it could have been a good relationship, but now in the present, here he was holding her, wanting to feel her next to his skin.

His hand was nearing her breasts now, but she moved her hand to intercept. Through the mirror she looked into his eyes. She held his hand and slowly passed it over her breasts. She wanted to feel some control in this uncontrollable situation. His hands now remembering, what it was like to feel these warm mounds that every man yearned to touch.

She closed her eyes; her breasts remembering how good it had been to have his hands caress her body, how good his touch had been that time long ago. Indeed intimate relations had been shared once a upon a time, but that was a time long past. They had shared the passion for each other, they had connected, bonded in a way that would change the way they felt about each other, making their equation of Love Vs. Lust all the more unstable, and at the time they had promised themselves to others as well.

He pulled her tighter as if it hurt not to have close; he planted small kisses on her neck. She sighed softly, enjoying the soft wetness of his lips. His hands now roaming her body, searching, wandering. The scene was set. Both had the opportunity, the desire, and the need to push the limits.

She picked up a brush from the dresser as if nothing was going on with her body. Indeed she was feeling the tingle and moisture building in her loins. She couldn’t push the feelings away, but she could try to ignore them. She moved her head slightly to give herself some room. Her straight brown hair was soft, untangled, so the brush glided smoothly through. He too was almost hoping that his conscience would tell him it was wrong, tell him it was unfair to break the trust of the loved one he had left behind waiting for him, and yet wasn’t it unfair to deny his own heart, her own needs.

She continued to brush her hair when she felt something to make her whole body come alive. He, on the other hand, had not noticed what he had done to awaken such sensations in her body. She had already started going through the motions. Her breathing labored, her eyes closed, and her hips in gentle sway, and neither of them had heard the brush drop to kartal escort the floor. As if he had awakened from a dream with no sense of feeling, the sensation of heat and moisture around his index fingers had totally and thoroughly surprised him. Another feeling was the pressure of her hand strongly pushing against his.

She uttered a word so quietly that he should not have heard it, but it was as if his ears had heightened in their abilities to hear, and as if they had been waiting for it. She said “More.” Already was the train in motion, but they still had time before they passed the point of no return. He turned her around, neither one of them exchanging words, yet their eyes seemed to be doing all the talking. “Should we? We can’t, can we? What about your man? What about your girl?” Then it all stopped. No sound except for the air blowing from the near by air conditioner.

The distance between them diminished bit by bit. Their lips answered all and their doubts ceased to exist. Without a second thought, without a moment’s whisper, they sealed their sin with a kiss. Fluids swirling, memories were being revived, past becoming present, and two tongues getting reacquainted.

This kiss was nearly full of raw lust, but yet in there somewhere was that little bit of real love. Slowly their bodies started to drop in altitude. His kisses dropped to her neck. Gentle sucking down her neck going lower and lower, nearly reaching the cleavage line of her large breasts. Yes indeed this moment was bittersweet.

Keeping his eyes always in her, creating a stream of silent communication streaming back and forth. His conscience yet again nagged at him. Was following his primal urges the right thing to do? Was trying to relive an unfinished love so wrong? Yet he did not hesitate to lean her back on those soft sheets covering the bed.

Crossing her arms she lifted her snug V-shirt exposing her constrained breasts, which had been straining to get out of the confinement of the cute soft nylon bra. Beautiful, simply beautiful they were; rounded and lightly tanned, big and dark nipples hiding beneath that her bra, giving a glimpse of the prize, but still not close enough to touch. They begged to be freed from their imprisonment, and yes he was holding all the keys.

She watched him, seeing if he would go through with it. She needed this as badly as he did, but she too thought the same thoughts that he was thinking, but it was far past right or wrong.

He traced delicate lines on her upper chest, lightly tickling her. As her chest began to tingle, her whole body joined in like a singing chorus. As if her body wasn’t already alive with sensations, her vaginal muscles were dilating and contracting at will. She was lightly spreading then closing her thighs trying to control the involuntary actions of her body but to no avail.

He had by now uncovered her right breast and had been passing his tongue slowly along the tip of her already erect nipple. Wrapping his tongue around it, lightly nibbling on it, and then gently sucking on her nipple to amuse him and excite her even more. He repeated the same delicate procedure on her other happily awaiting breast.

She was getting anxious. Her breathing, fast, her body jumping at the slightest touch, she was ready for anything. Her white V-Neck shirt on the floor and her black nylon skirt inching toward her waist, revealing an old friend who was just a piece of fabric away.

She was now producing the nectar that would drive men to the brink of insanity and yet it was she buckling to the raging sensations running wild within her.

He rose up to her lips. Shush, he said quietly, then kissing her, cooling her down so to speak. He hooked his fingers around her cotton briefs. Slowly pulling them down, he could smell the delicious aroma that always made up the female equation. He bent over and kissed her inner thigh. She sighed heavily. He got closer inward between her legs. There he was, staring at the entrance and exit of human creation.

He moved in closely, blowing softly on her pouting lips, she sighed in sensuous pleasure. She grabbed a handful of bed sheets and began to pull them off the bed. Her lips had become very sensitive and he had begun to look for the button that would be the release for this juicy core, and then it happened, her body shook, and his face dripped with the creamy secretions, and in her mind she believed that her head had been floating about the pillow, which was now snuggled softly in the feathery center.

She sat up and looked at him, watching him as he wiped the excessive female lubricant off his face, but now the mood had changed. She was craving. She began walking the bed like a cat. Sizing up her prey. A wicked little smile on her face, a smile filled with playfulness and taunting and teasing enigma. What was she thinking?

She crept closer to him until she was face to face. She slowly let her tongue glide out of her mouth. The smile still there. All he could do was sit there, intrigued by the events that were currently maltepe escort bayan taking place. The smile still remained.

She licked his face, moving her tongue up and down, curling her tongue as she did. All he could do was sit there. She got to his lips and licked them one by one. Any time he would try to kiss her, she would back away, and come back for another try. It was her turn to run the show.

She circled around again, once more coming face to face, and looking him in the eye, and the smile had never wavered. She licked his lips again. He didn’t move. Slowly, back and forward across his quivering lips she licked. She kissed him. He still hadn’t budged. It was taking all the will power he could muster to hold himself back. A declaration of war, she thought. Her smile widened. Fine, she thought. Let’s see him resist it all.

Slowly moving her skirt down her shapely hips. Teasing him as she removed her underwear. Down ever so slowly. It was an eternity for him. There she was, nude, her body calling to him. She climbed up into his lap wrapping her legs around his waist, her breasts resting comfortably on his shirt. She tilted her head, resting it on his shoulder. His whole body tingled as her lips grazed his neck. Kisses that left spots of heat and moisture that he could still feel even after her lips had left his skin. His craving was growing.

His wanting for her was reaching new levels. She was now going to the do the unexpected. She locked eyes with him. Making a direct connection. Invading his mind, making sure that the only thing on his mind was her. Making sure that the only place he was is here. She had opened his pants. Moving her hand down, she gave him a firm squeeze. She wanted them off and who was he to resist. He took off his pants leaving him in his Joe Boxers with rubber ducky prints. She laughed slightly.

She removed his famous boxers and launched them across the room. She moved in close skin to skin. Wanting to make sure he felt was she felt. She ran one finger down her chest. Letting him watch it. Follow its movement. Soon past her waist, the finger was joined by another. No, he thought.

Slowing she began to touch herself. With hardly any distance between them, he could feel every movement at the base of his erect member. Her fingers stroking herself along with his balls. Up slowly, down slowly, small circles, long strokes. He could feel her lubrication coating is hanging sack. She was denying him access to her cove, but still letting him enjoy the game.

These sensations she was letting him feel were beginning to drive him wild. He felt his muscles grow tense. His cock was beginning to make jumps against her hand. It was torture of the worst degree.

Their first experiences with lust had been nothing like this. It had been more like a cheap porno movie, but this time he was doing things of greater caliber. Slower considering he had not had much experience back then, but that was then, this is now. No, now he had been trained. He had practice. He had learned that a woman’s body was temple, a temple to be worshiped. It was a sanctuary. He had to be totally devoted to sacrificing his wants or needs for the sake of her. He no longer existed. He was a tool, a tool with only one purpose, to please her, to satisfy her. Satisfying her in ways she was supposed to be satisfied. Now that he had remembered this law, the law of loving making, he could be calmed. He had now remembered that he was not supposed to want, he was only supposed to give for now. He could focus his sexual frustration, his energy all into her. This newfound place inside of his would levitate him to a place where she would be his center. His Moon, his Star, his Sun.

There she was lightly moaning at the feeling of her own doing. Her eyes were closed, and her hips in gently in motion. The intensity of her acts had increased. She was too close, but no it would not happen this way. He would not be defeated this way at all. He grabbed her hand. A look on her face, almost resembling rage and fury had overcome her most beautiful features. He placed her hand to his lips. Her fingers, each coated with the juices of the beginning of life, disappeared one at a time into his awaiting mouth. Licking them, licking the sweet nectar off, cleaning her fingers.

She would not intimidate him. He would fulfill his holy crusade to please her. He would give her body all that it could handle and then maybe even more. She could only smile. She wasn’t done yet. She pulled his shirt apart. He removed what was left.

She pushed him down with one hand. She began again, wetting her fingers deep from within, and what began as he thought as another round with herself turned into something more. She started stroking his standing pole, coating it with her bittersweet nectar. The feeling of the lukewarm wetness on his stiff rod was simply entrancing.

A chill was running up his spine, electricity running through his body. It was indeed exciting all his senses. Yet it still would have not prepared him for what she escort pendik would do next. Sliding down his body, her mouth inches away from his cock. A warm breeze wrapping itself around his scrotum, covering it like a blanket.

There it was. A pressure, right on his shaft. It was accompanied by a warm feeling. Yes that was it. Her tongue making its way down, licking its way down. It was incredible. It was like a skillfully driven vehicle. Following the contours, staying to the chosen road. What had even excited him more was the fact that she was tasting the same taste he would soon be partaking of.

Her tongue moving down, tracing out the shape of his hanging pair. Her full lips acting as a sort of pillow, his balls nested in between her lips, her tongue shaping itself to his testicles, slow moments producing generous amounts of warm saliva while her tongue massaged his awaiting and ever ready pair of offspring creators. He could feel a suction effect now being created. Taking them in softly into her mouth, his skin could feel the heat being radiated from her body. Her tongue in movement working its way around his balls, massaging them, yes he was indeed in another place now.

She began to retire from this testicle licking action much to this man’s disappointment. No she was not done yet. Her bottom lip trailed as she drifted up his swollen ramrod. Her lips now at the mushroom top forming the “O” that would be the only letter he could care about at this point. He watched as the bowl of his cock disappeared slowly into her mouth.

The rush of overwhelming sensations and even stronger desires were now enveloping his body. Coursing through him at speeds unimaginable to even himself. Her hand at the base of his penis in moving in semi-circular motions while her tongue, an instrument of lustful recreation, swirling around the top of his dick and licking the tip.

His mind now in another zone. Another state of consciousness. In the state of ultimate diversion. Yes, yes Indeed. He was close now. An eruption would soon occur with added motion. His growing climax building to the point where his mind had shifted to focus on one focal point. He could only see her. There was no bed, no room, and no apartment, just her. In his mind the planets hand now aligned, the universe now in perfect harmony.

His explosion was violent, filling her mouth with the hot and creamy fluid that she continued to take in. She was sucking it all out of him; his tank was almost on empty. She gave on last pull and shot her head back. Her hair wild, and a look on her face he could not quite explain. He watched her tongue as to slowly cleaned off her luscious lips.

She was holding his mind captive. His hunger, his desire for her was almost uncontrollable. Time now had no meaning what so ever. Her eyes so beautiful, he knew there had to be evil in there somewhere. No matter. He would go to hell in a hand basket just as long as she was holding it.

Her mouth had now found his. She kissed him passionately. Raw emotion now coursed through them. Making sure that no part of their body was still dormant. She stood. He looked up to see the marvels of the feminine body. The folds of skin perfectly tucked and rounded, shaped by what must have been the delicate hands of a master sculptor.

Odd, they were slowly getting closer. Of course, it was now his turn to pay homage to the goddess. Her hands were already resting on his head. Pulling him in even before he could begin. He would waste no time. He was not in the position to tease. The power now rested in between her legs. The growing aroma was dragging him in. It was an intoxicating air that was making him light headed. He could not resist it. The strongest man could not resist it.

He began caressing her outer folds with his tongue. Lightly coating her skin with his wetness. Ok maybe he could tease a little bit. Tracing the contours of on of her intimate body parts. Yes, his tongue was specially designed for this. His tongue splitting her cunt lips in half. Slowly spreading them out, allowing her sweet juices to run into his mouth.

The taste of this natural concoction was indeed giving his taste buds a run for his money. His goal was to find the hidden bud hiding under the protection of a hood. He would locate and conquer it, thus conquering her. Yes there it was. His lips like a catcher’s mitt, lightly grabbing at her clit. His tongue pushing the hood aside, teasing her love button as well.

Little licks and light sucking was all he needed to bring her to that spot; the place of mind-blowing stimulus. He had to hold her in position best for him or she would likely kill him without noticing. She continued to pull him in, to him it was like she wanted his head in there. There. He felt it. Her vaginal muscles contracting, followed by a river.

Was it an orgasm? No, but she had come, and she had enjoyed it. His cock was pulsing. Her Vagina, hungry for something more filling. She slid down his body leaving a trail of seduction as she went. Her scent had filled the room. There would be no prolonging what was to come next. No teasing, no stalling, everything had been building up to this moment. All their regrets, their sorrow from losing each other once before had made it to this point. For this instance in time all would be wiped clean.

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