Love in Waimea Canyon

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Many people view the incredible shades of red and orange of Waimea Canyon on Kauai from viewpoints off the roadway at the top. A hike down into the canyon brings its own rewards.


We are deep in Waimea Canyon. It is hot. We have been together, hiking and talking. Sharing our thoughts with each other. We are feeling good, feeling free. Feeling close. I have gotten pleasure seeing your smile, your firm legs, your movements beneath your tight shorts. The vegetation has a sweet fragrance. I think we have found our private paradise. The stream is clear and cool. We stop. You take off your shoes and wet your toes in the stream as we sit on a rock. I do as well, and kiss you tenderly, holding your head in my hands as our tongues play. We are totally alone. I smile and begin to unbutton your blouse. Your eyes reflect the sparkle of the clear stream as you unbutton my shirt.

We kiss again. A long, lingering kiss as we listen to the music of the waters at our feet. I massage your head and neck, then continue with your shoulders. I see relaxation in your eyes. With a snap, your bra falls, revealing beautiful breasts, now free to feel the warm sun. I pick a flower from the branch above us and place it in your hair. You kiss me sweetly and hold me close to you.

You hand slips to my zipper. My cock throbs with excitement. I stand and you remove my shorts, revealing a growing bulge in my briefs. I lift you by the shoulders and pull your shorts down and off your body. It’s just us two, man and woman, alone with the nature we both love, dressed identically, small slips of cloth separating us bursa escort from nakedness. I play with your bikini panty, rolling the side straps under to form thin strings accentuating your smooth thighs and ass, minimizing their covering. My hand cups what is left and makes and indentation into your vulva. You remove my briefs. I peel off your panties. We are both naked in paradise.

You jump into the inviting pool with a laugh and swim across to a cascade opposite. You are a nymph, and you are my lover. The water glistens on your body, accentuating your beauty. I follow and we hug each other in the cascade. It’s like a jacuzzi, the streams pulsating against our skin. My balls and cook feel good in the water, free of clothing. I take in your beauty, feeling so proud that you are my lover. You bend over me, your breast hanging gently, your legs slightly spread, the whirlpool playing with your crotch. I cup your breasts in my palms. I hug you, now pressed tightly against my body. My cock grows hard again as it touches your stomach. You suddenly break away and scramble across the rocks as I give chase. You dive into another pool where you let the cascading waters caress you. As I approach, you jump away to climb back on the rocks.

You lay down contentedly on a smooth rock nearby. We both catch our breaths as I apply loving strokes to your back. I listen to your heartbeat intertwined with the music of the waters. They swirl around our rock. Time stops as my hands cover you.

I begin to give emphasis to your sweet okole, interrupting my handwork with some gentle kisses. After awhile, you reach up towards me, brushing my bursa escort bayan ass, now in the air. I ask you to roll beneath me as I suspend my body above your breasts. Your hands glide over me with tantalizingly light touches. Every hair follicle feels the excitement as your wonderful fingers explore. At times you reach up to my cock, with fingers wet from your saliva. You cause it to throb, then move away, tempting me in a wonderful state of suspended animation. Your fingers find my tender spots. My ass. The light hairs on my hard balls. The tight skin leading from them. And the entrance to my anus. Extremely sensitive to your tender and wet fingers that give momentary caresses. I could hardly stand it. I feel so good. So loving. So close to my lover.

It’s my turn as my head slips between your legs. Your pubic hair, shortly cropped, neatly parts as my tongue reaches you. I massage your pussy forever with my tongue, sending you the pleasure I want to give. We listen to the music of the waters. I back away and use my hands, palms outstretched and wet to wipe you. First with one, then the other, rhythmically my palms apply pressure to your vulva. I return with my tongue to surround your clitoris while my hands explore your body still glistening in the light. Soft shadows play across us, cast by our partner, a flowering tree. You give sweet moans and verbal encouragement as well as periodic caresses of my own sexual parts. As the excitement builds, I leave your sweet sex and kiss you on the mouth. Our tongues intertwine.

I take your place, looking up at the sky, the trees, flowers, the cascade. You stand over me escort bursa and reach down to my cock which rises in your hand. You guide it into your waiting vagina, and it parts the lips I have caressed. I am now inside you…… lover.

I look at your beauty now displayed before me. Your sparkling eyes, lighting your loving, fun filled face. No worries. No cares. You lean down to kiss me gently as I watch your breasts. You tease me with your nipples, brushing them against me as you mover from side to side to get better hold of my cock with your muscles. You then straighten and throw your hands to the sky, making giant circles, arching your back. I see your public mound, tight against me, pressing down upon my body, your breasts now uplifted and high, your loveliness framed by the lush vegetation beyond.

You raise your body from mine as I see my cock and the wonderful light coming momentarily between us. I smile and reach for your clit, massaging it with my saliva. You look at me lovingly. The moment is wonderful. You tense and arch back as I accentuate your feelings. My cock is deep inside you, not moving, numb but most alive.

I circle your center of feeling with my finger per your request. You moan so sweetly. You start to work like a piston as my finger is pressed against my stomach, then in the air as it continues its play. My cock calls. It’s about to explode. Faster you pump. My hand drops to my side, my feeling concentrated inside you. My sperm shoots up. I watch as your breasts bounce, your body squeezing pleasure from my cock, still firm inside you. Your face goes numb as your fingers find their target. You come with loud pants, then fall limp and reach toward me. Your breasts meet mine. Your face nuzzles against my neck. We hold each other tightly for an eternity, spent with pleasure. I say “I love you”, You say “I love you too”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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