Love is Not Blind Ch. 02

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This is the concluding part of the work ‘Love is Not Blind.’ While you could read this as a stand-alone story, for a better understanding and appreciation of this tale, it is recommended that you read the first part.

All characters involved in sexual activities in this story are over 21 years of age.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is just coincidental.


The story so far:

Reshmi a 26-year-old woman moves into a new apartment and meets her 27-year-old neighbour, Nayan, who has beautiful hazel green eyes, only to discover that he is blind. Nayan’s other senses are keenly honed, and with the help of modern technology, he is fairly independent and lives a near-normal life. They become good friends, fall in love, lose their virginity to each other, and manage to convince their respective families that they can marry and lead a happy life together. Now read on…


A Tale for the Grandchildren

“My feet are killing me Nayan,” I said, as we settled down in our seats and fastened our seat belts. Then I linked my arm to his and laid my head on his shoulder.

He nuzzled my neck affectionately. “I really don’t know why you had to wear these stiletto heels for the flight. You should have listened to your mom and worn something more comfortable.”

“I left these behind the last time I was home. I want to get used to walking in them.”

“You planning to walk the ramp anytime?” he asked mischievously.

“Not the ramp, stupid, the aisle, with you. We are getting married soon, remember? I am going to wear stilettos for the reception. We also need to practice some steps, for we are going to dance too.” I said as I punched his arm playfully.

He put his arm around me, pulled me closer to him, and whispered. “Just hang on till we get home. I will give you an awesome foot massage. You will feel wonderful after that. And there will be lots more as we practice.”

“I caught our reflection in the glass doors at the airport, Nayan, do you know, we really look awesome together?”

“When we get home, we will stand in front of the mirror and you must describe how we look very vividly to me. Then when you practice your walk, I will rehearse with you.”

I kissed his cheek softly as the aircraft started to taxi.

“Be careful when you step on the escalator with your high heels,” he cautioned as we exited the aircraft.

“We’ll take the stairs,” I said.

It took us another hour to reach home. We entered, wheeled our bags in, and then we were in each other’s arms, kissing. Then he stopped.

“You have 5 seconds to take off your high heels so that I can continue to kiss you,” he said.

We fell on the couch, arms in a tangle, lips glued together, and our tongues probing deep into each other’s mouth.

“Come, let’s have a quick shower together,” he said.

“Nayan, it has to be very quick, you can’t end up doing what you always do in the shower, my feet are hurting.”

“Quickie it will be, I promised you a foot massage. Remember?”

We were laughing as we soaped each other and he tried to enter me. “I told you, no fooling around, I can hardly stand on my feet.”

He picked me up, and my legs went around him automatically. “You crazy, horny bull, I knew you would do this to me,” I muttered.

We started moving to a rhythm but in a couple of minutes, we stopped. “We are having fun fooling around like this,” he laughed. “Neither of us is going to come at this rate. So let’s get on with your massage.”

We dressed. “Just wear something that comes up to your knees, the foot massage will be from the tip of your toes to your calf muscles,” he said.

He got a large bowl of hot water and kept it on the floor towards one end of the couch. Then he picked up a bottle of hydrating gel, a couple of hand towels and a large bath towel. He sat down at the end of the couch, spread out the towel on his lap, and made me lie down so that my feet rested on it.

He dipped the two small towels in hot water and wrapped my feet in them. As he applied some pressure, the heat from the water started to permeate my feet and ankles, and suddenly the pain in them started to become a mild ache. He kept doing this for a few minutes more, and as the towels cooled, he dipped the towels in the hot water again and repeated the exercise, this time wrapping my ankles and calves. Now I started to breathe deeply.

“Your breathing tells me that you are feeling good,” he said.

“Honey, you just have to look my way, even a sidelong glance and I feel good,” I said, and even as I realised what I said, we burst out laughing.

“Why do I say these stupid things?” I asked him.

“They are not stupid, they are compliments. You make me feel like I can really see,” he said, as he removed the towels and then lifted my left foot up. Supporting the heel with his left palm, he gently stroked my toes. Then he brought his lips down and started to kiss them, starting escort kartal with my little toe.

My leg flexed in a reflex action. “Nayan, you supposed to give me a massage or an orgasm?” I asked, laughing.

“Massages do tend to have some pleasant side effects, you know. Now focus all your attention on your feet, not on the region between your legs,” he gently chided, with that sweet grin of his.

His kisses moved down the soles of my feet. I thought they will tickle, but they just seemed so sensuous and full of love. Then his lips came to my heel and then he gently bit above my Achilles tendon, then his teeth gently scraped my skin along the tendon right up to my calf. Yet the more he administered to my feet, the wetter my pussy became. I started to wriggle and squirm.

He turned his attention to my other leg. I saw that half-smile on his face and I knew that he knew what he was doing to me. My green-eyed devil was enjoying all this, so I decided to do likewise.

All too soon, his lips completed their journey from toe to calf. He placed my leg gently back on his lap and bent down to pick up the gel.

I expected him to pour the gel on my feet, but he surprised me again. He rubbed some gel on his fingers and then started to massage my toes, transferring the gel from his fingers to them and then rubbing it in. He bent my toe, straightened it, pulled it, twisted it, first this way then that and after he had finished with all five, he put his fingers through the gaps between them and moved them back and forth.

Then he gripped one foot, the flat of his palm on my soles and the fingers, between my toes and pressing down on the upper bridge. His other hand gripped my heel and tendon, and I felt that same tight squeeze. As the pressure started to increase, I felt the pain fade away, to be replaced by a different kind of ache that had its epicentre elsewhere. I couldn’t suppress a moan.

Then he was using his thumbs on the ball of my foot, pushing downwards and in a circular motion as his fingers pressed down on the top surface. They alternately stretched my muscles and compressed them, moving slowly down to the instep and then on to the heel. A kind of heat was being generated all over my body, and I knew some acupressure techniques did just this.

Soon he was firmly massaging my ankle, moving up my calf, pausing once in a while to pour out some gel on to his fingers and palm.

The cycle started all over again with my other foot, even as I realised that the foot he had just finished with felt light and mushy, the pain had vanished. Yet I ached, rather ached for him, even more.

He anchored both my feet to his lap with his left hand and extended his right hand towards me. “Grab my hand with both of yours,” he said.

He pulled me towards him. I slid forward on my buttocks, folding my knees. I knew what he wanted, so I released his hand, and flung my arms around his neck and kissed him.

Our tongues were lovers by themselves and they knew how to dance to each other’s tunes. They triggered extremely erotic sensations in wave after wave.

We had to come up for air, so we did. He wrapped my feet with the towel on his lap and slipped out of the sofa. “Now you stay right here for a moment, I will come and get you soon,” he whispered.

He came back with a pair of socks that he pulled on to my feet. “This will keep your feet hydrated for a while and not mess up the sheets,” he said. Then he felt for my knees and my shoulders, picked me up in his arms and carefully took me to the bedroom and put me on the bed. I pulled him down to me.

We lay together, nibbling each other’s ears, biting each other’s cheeks, nuzzling noses.

“I have an amazing story to tell my grandchildren, honey,” I said. “I am going to tell them that I had this amazing boyfriend who used to give me awesome foot massages.”

“You used the word ‘had,’ I am not liking the sound of that.”

“Exactly! So when they ask me what happened to him, I am going to grab you, kiss you in front of them and tell them that I married him.”

He laughed. “Imagine them telling their parents that they saw grandma kiss grandpa.”

Then he said, “Reshmi, I just remembered, we haven’t called both the families to let them know we have reached home safely.”

“Nayan darling, I texted them when we were in the lift, I also called up Vimala last evening and told her to keep our dinner ready for us today and the condoms are in the drawer on your side of the bed.”

He rolled me over to the other side. “Now they are on your side. I have worked hard today, so now you undress, then undress me, then roll the condom on and…”

I shut him up with a kiss, then proceeded to do all that he wanted. But when I came to the condom part, a wacky idea flashed in my brain. I started caressing his penis with the back of my left hand as I used my right to slip off my socks. Then I made room for myself to stretch out my legs and took his hard cock that was pointing towards the ceiling maltepe escort between my soles.

He let out a low whistle. “Looks like the massage was very effective!”

I experimented with his three degrees of freedom. “Did you feel this when our aircraft came in for a touchdown, Nayan? Did it not pitch like this? And then yawed? Then it rolled a bit, like this?” I asked him as I used my feet on his cock to simulate those motions.

“You dodo, you will make it airsick and it will throw up all over you.”

“You want me to roll an airsickness bag over it? I have one handy.”


“No to what? The aerobatics or the bag?” I asked as I changed the tempo of the strokes.

“Resh, What has come over you?” He panted.

“You, honey! You are going to come over me, you are going to come all over my feet.”

And within minutes, he did…

I rubbed the soles of my feet together, massaging his fluids into them and into him. I cuddled him, stroking his face, running my hands through his hair, kissing him intermittently. Then I took his hands in mine. “These worked hard today, my love,” and I kissed them.

“I love you Reshmi,” he whispered and held me tightly to him.


Twice Born, Two Birthdays

He drifted off to sleep and for a while so did I. I woke up first, kissed his eyelids gently, eased myself out of his grip, sat on the living room couch, and dialled Auntie.

After the initial pleasantries, Auntie gave me an update. “Uncle and I spoke to your parents a little while ago. We are visiting them on Wednesday, that is three days from now. We thought of returning the same evening, but your mother insisted that we stay overnight, so we will be back by Thursday afternoon, we will take the same flight that you took today.”

“Auntie, Nayan’s birthday is on Friday, we will take the day off and come over, can we all spend the day together?”

“Have you spoken to Nayan on this?”

“No, Auntie, Why?”

“He doesn’t celebrate his birthday, he just keeps to himself. He doesn’t even like it if we wish him on this day. He is polite and all that but he is also cold.”

“I’ll talk to him Auntie, let me see what I can do.”

After dinner, as we lay in each other’s arms, I broached the topic.

“Sweetheart, your birthday falls this Friday and I am getting you a gift which I think you will love.”

“Why do I need a gift? I have you, you are my greatest gift.”

“The universe has gifted us to each other. But I need to gift you something. It’s your birthday Nayan.”

“There is nothing to celebrate on that day, Resh, it is just another day.”

“The accident happened on your birthday, didn’t it?”

“Yes, did someone in my family tell you this?”

“The person I love so much has not shared this with me, why should his family tell me?”

His hands went up to my face, cupped my cheeks. “You are crying. What is there to weep about?”

“When the person I adore so much, whose positivity and love for life I admire abundantly, whose exuberance I try to emulate, talks such crap, what am I supposed to do?”

He held me to him. “I lost everything that day, Reshmi.”

“It was your birthday all over again, Nayan, you were reborn that day. Have you ever thought of all that you didn’t lose? Have you thought of all that didn’t happen to you? You could have lost your life and I would have never found my Nayan. You could have been badly hurt, disfigured, maybe paralysed, turned into a paraplegic, or even worse, a quadriplegic. Think how difficult it would have been then to persuade my parents to accept you as their ‘Jamai Babu,’ sweetheart mine.”

“You would have married me even if I was bedridden or ugly?”

“You really don’t fucking know how much I fucking love you, do you?”

He held my face and ‘looked’ deep into my eyes. I stared back into those hazel green eyes, those very eyes I had fallen in love with the day I saw him.

“I know now,” he said. “I looked into your eyes and you didn’t blink.” That impish look was back on his face.

“How do you know I didn’t blink?”

“My thumbs were at the corners of your eyes, if you had moved even a single strand of your eyelashes, I would have known.” We were laughing now. Then he kissed my tears away and then kissed me deeply.

“Now tell me, what are you getting me for my birthday?”

“How about accompanying me to the Ray-Ban store? I will get you a pair of Aviator sunglasses.”

“I thought you loved to see my eyes, why do you want me to hide them now?” He chortled.

“Not hide them, protect them. When we got out of the airport today, it was so hot and bright, the glare so hurtful, that people were narrowing their eyes, squinting, or just putting on their sunglasses. You were just oblivious to this, and I knew a lot of harmful rays including ultraviolet ones were passing through your eyes. Birthday or not, I would have got one for you anyway. And one for me too, we will look terrific pendik escort bayan in coordinated eye-wear.”

“Tomorrow, after you get off from work, pick me up from my campus. We will go to the store.”

“I know you don’t have teaching assignments on Friday, so take the day off and so will I. I spoke to Auntie when you were asleep. The three are visiting Ma and Baba on Wednesday and are back by Thursday afternoon. We are going home the same evening, spending your birthday and the weekend with them and getting back on Sunday afternoon.”

“Looks like the conspiracy has been well hatched.”

“You bet. If you had decided that this time too, you would isolate yourself from everyone, I would have just left you alone, locked myself up in my apartment, hugged a pillow, cried my heart out and then the next day everything would have been normal as always.”

“I screwed up badly, didn’t I, Resh? Everyone wants me so much and I kept everyone away. Thank you for showing me the mirror.”

I giggled. “Now you are talking my language, Nayan.” We held each other tight as we drifted off into the land of our dreams.

The Ray-Ban salesman was smart. He took one look at us and knew that we were a couple head over heels in love. So he started showing us all the expensive stuff that he had, painstakingly extolling the virtues of each model. But I had made up my mind. It had to be ‘Aviators’, the original design that Ray-ban had started out with, and I was willing to buy the best in that range, the ones with Polarised lenses that cut out almost all harmful radiation.

I fussed over the size, we tried out many options, and finally, we settled on identical styles for both of us. Then I wrangled a huge discount out of him because that is just how we women shop.

Farhan was jubilant when he picked us up on Thursday evening. “Sir and Madam told me when I was driving them home from the airport that they had gone to Hyderabad to fix up your wedding,” he said. “Choti Madam, he addressed me, using the Hindi word for ‘Little.’ Since you came here, ‘Chote’ Sir, has been very happy. If your wedding is in Hyderabad, I will come there to attend. I am not going to miss the celebrations.”

“Don’t worry, Farhan, we will take you with us,” I said to him.

Uncle and Auntie briefed us on what was discussed at Hyderabad. “Your mother’s sister Aparna, her husband Sumit, and your cousin Partha were also there.”

“I expected them to be around Auntie. Ma and Aparna Mashi are very close, Baba and Sumit Mesho are great friends and Partha is my favourite cousin. We are like siblings, he and I are the only children of our respective parents. Actually, he called me this afternoon to tell me that he had seen you all off at the airport and that your flight was expected to take-off on time.”

“He resembles you quite a bit, Reshmi, and he is so sweet, such a perfect gentleman. He showed us around the city last evening. He took us to the Hussain Sagar Lake and the Birla Mandir. But the traffic was rather a pain so we couldn’t go around much.”

“We have planned something like this, Reshmi,” Uncle explained. “your parents insist that they will host the wedding, as traditionally, weddings are held at the bride’s place. Since Tamil weddings take place in the day time and Bengali weddings in the evenings, we thought we will have a short Tamil ceremony during the day, followed by a wedding lunch, and then a Bengali function later in the evening followed by a Bengali wedding feast. While we will keep the rituals to a minimum and make it more of a cultural than a religious wedding, it may be a little strenuous on you guys. Do you want to give it a shot?”

“I am going to love this, I am going to have fun,” said Nayan. I think I blushed, for Su hugged me and cried,

“Look at her Dad, Mom, she is so shy and coy, she has started looking like a bride already.”

I hugged her and whispered in her ear, “Talk to me after dinner, I need to discuss something with you.”

She looked bewildered. I winked and blew her a kiss.

After dinner, Nayan was generally hanging around pretty restlessly. I took him to our room and tucked him in bed. He held on to my arm.

“Now you be a good boy and stay in bed till I get back. Su and I are having some girlie chat for a while.”

“Hey, it is my birthday in a few hours,” he exclaimed.

“I know honey, I promise you, this birthday of yours will dawn with you in my arms.”

I went back to Su. “Now tell me about Hyderabad, I know it was a short trip, but did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, it was so much fun. Your Ma and Baba, Mashi and Mesho were so loving and affectionate, they were only talking about how beautiful Nayan’s and my eyes are.”

“Well, there was someone else out there who was enamoured by your eyes. He spoke to me for 10 minutes today, and 7 of which were about you.”

“You mean Partha? He is nice, but he hardly spoke to me, he is so shy.”

“He says you are the shy one. You are blushing Su.”

“No! I am not.”

“Actually Partha is a nerdy guy, he takes time to open up with people, especially girls around his age. But he seems to be interested in you.”

“I am not too sure about all this Reshmi. I am just happy that you are in Nayan’s life, you make him very happy.”

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