Lovers in a Dangerous Time

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We decide to stay home for New Year’s, and that suits both of us just fine. We haven’t been alone much in the last few weeks…. The holidays have been too busy.

So you’re surprised when the envelope arrives with a bouquet of wild flowers, both now sitting on your desk. You open it…. An invitation, by the look of it…..Beginning with lyrics to a Cockburn song.

“These fragile bodies of touch and taste This fragrant skin, this hair like lace Spirits open to the thrust of grace Never a breath you can afford to waste….

“When you’re lovers in a dangerous time….”

The Westin tonight, seven, room 1009.

A card to access the room is enclosed.

The package is not signed, but you understand the sentiment. You suspect that I’ve been hungering for your body, for you. And you know that the feeling is mutual.

The invitation gives you time to go home after work, to wash away the strains of a rough week, and get ready for the night ahead… You’re actually nervous when you park near the hotel… It seems like forever since we’ve been together, since we last touched, kissed, loved…

The doorman holds the door open for you, and you thank him. I’m not there, nor do you find me in the lobby… You thought I would be. So you decide to go right up, hesitating only a second before running the card through the lock…. You notice the room before you notice me. It’s huge, with a living area and a bedroom off to the side.

I’m waiting for you in a thick, white terry cloth robe, and we fall together. I’m kissing you all over your mouth, face, neck, ears, so eager to sample every part of you. You can feel my cock, hard as a rock, pressing against you, but I take your hand away when you reach for it. Instead, I pull you into the bedroom, and I undress you… My eyes devouring your body, so warm and fragrant… I tell you how much I’ve missed you.

I have a robe for you, and you put it on, and then I lead you to the bed. We share a glass of Champagne, and the bubbles go right to your head. We talk a little. And kiss deeply. The anticipation is almost unbearable.

The bed is large, a brass four-poster, and the view of the city from the bedroom window is lovely. After we’ve drained our glasses, I move very deliberately. To your ear. “You trust me, don’t you Samantha…” My voice is ragged, edgy… Thick with passion.

“Yes, of course….” I don’t let you finish, silencing you by putting a finger to your lips. I take your robe off, and lay you down on the bed, and proceed to tie your left arm to the bed post, with a karate belt. You don’t even know where belt came from…. It must have been under the pillow. And then I do the same with your right arm, still another karate belt. I know how to do this. You can’t move, the ropes are holding your arms firmly, but they don’t hurt.

And then, I tie your feet together with a blue belt, wrapping it around your ankles several times. You can bend your knees, move around a bit for a moment…. But not when I kneel astride your chest. I don’t place any weight against you, but now it’s almost impossible for you to move an inch.

Your completely open, exposed ataşehir escort to me. Your arms are above your head, your large breasts soft and round before me. It feels both exciting and dangerous. I haven’t said a word, and that concerns you… Until I whisper in your ear that I love you. Yes, this is the man you know so well… The man who adores you.

I start by kissing you hungrily, covering your mouth with mine, my tongue probing. And your lips, I lick your lips, and bite at your ears, before kissing and licking your neck and shoulders repeatedly.

Then I take my cock in my hands. I move up your chest, above you, and slide my cock over your lips, back and forth, and you soon open them for me so that I can penetrate your mouth. I let you suck me for a minute, but not too long… And then I’m tracing your body with my cock…. Your face, neck and shoulders, breasts and huge nipples that excite me so. When I slide off of you, it’s to rub my cock through your pussy, which is moistening nicely… Mmmmm, a nice prelude….. We both moan softly.

My hands soon find your pussy, exploring your outer and inner lips, now slick…. And I rub your scent over my chest and neck. Then I’m at you again, only this time, once my hands are wet with you, I slide them over your breasts, and then into your mouth. I feel your tongue licking your taste from me, and it turns me on. I can detect your scent everywhere, surrounding me, and I’m intoxicated.

And then my mouth. Caressing your mouth, kissing, probing, exploring… Down to your nipples, sucking, tongue circling, licking… And your nipples swell even more, becoming harder and even more sensitive. I’m teasing you now, pulling my mouth away often… And you try to raise your nipples to my mouth, to get more attention – Ohhhh, your nipples and glorious aureolas long to be sucked – but you can’t manage it. I’m in control, and I won’t let you.

But you see a pattern. When my mouth moves to your pussy, I do so many things that you like. I kiss you softly, all over your mound and lips, and I start probing you with my tongue. And then I lift your hips, placing two pillows under your ass. When I spread your legs widely, it’s to place my tongue against your ass, and start licking upwards, slowly, so slowly… Taking all the time in the world. At first, I just explore your wet folds… But after several agonizing minutes, your clit is begging to be kissed, licked, sucked…. I start brushing my tongue against it, ever so gently… Then I’m pulling your soft lips with my mouth, sliding my tongue along them….. And then a little more action for your clit, and that sweet, wet opening…. Ohhhhh, you taste so delicious! Now I’m thrusting deeply inside your delicious pussy every time I pass your hot, wet opening.

Before long, I can feel you struggling beneath me, trying to move, writhe… But you can’t. The ropes and my hands are holding you in place. Before long, your moans are coming fast and furious…. Mmmmmmmm, a wonderful orgasm is approaching, your pussy warm, tingling, ready…. Delicious waves are building, flowing from your clit to every part of your body….. I’m taking kadıköy escort bayan you there so slowly, you feel an equal measure of frustration and gratitude…

“Ohhhh, a little more, baby…” you gasp. “I’m just about there, Ohhhh…. Feels so good, it feels so good…”

But I stop. You can’t believe I stopped, and moan with disappointment. Then I’m at you again with my hands, exploring your pussy, and rubbing your perfume on me and you… You feel the tension subside momentarily…. But soon I rekindle your sexual heat with deft touches to your pussy, and your clit… I know it feels good, Samantha… I can tell by the way your body struggles against the belts…..

And then I let your excitement ebb…. You can feel it, it’s so close…. So real, so near, an overwhelming orgasm… You feel that one lick of your clit would do it…. Or maybe if you could just squeeze your legs tightly together…. Yes! That would be enough to bring on the release you crave…. If only I would I just use my fingers, or my mouth, or – best of all – my hard cock to get you off. NOW!

But no… NO…. I’m kissing you again… “Please baby, please…. Make me come… I need to get off, Richard… Please!…” Your words between kisses. The orgasm, so close, starts to dissolve

“Soon Samantha, soon…” I promise. But it can’t come soon enough for you.

I kiss all over you body, letting my mouth linger on your neck, breasts, nipples…. I let you suck my cock for a minute…. Before lightly kissing your pussy… And underneath me you’re struggling at the ropes, so tense and horny, your pussy crying out for a cock, my cock…. You NEED my long, hard cock in you NOW!

But I tease you, unbearably for 30 more minutes….

Until… I whisper in you ear, but quickly, heatedly this time.

“Now Samantha, I’m going to do it now, baby… I’m going to make you come with my hard cock.”

You’re so wet that my long cock slides into you easily, and you feel my weight against your pussy. My hips, strong and flexible, are driving my cock into your pussy hard and fast… Ohhh, after so long, such a build up, this feels so good, and you pull at the belts, trying to free your hands so that you can pull me in, tighter, make me pump you faster… You want to feel every inch of my long, hard cock…. Ohhhh it feels so huge as it dives into your hot cunt again and again, mercilessly. And then you realize that your orgasm didn’t dissolve….. It’s there, waiting…. A delicious warm sensation, flowing through your body. Then…..

“Oh God, harder Richard… Deeper…. Baby, ohhh… Please…. Make me cum.” Shrieks, the only way to let off the tension coursing through your veins. And I feel your pussy, so wet and wonderful, so silky and warm…. Squeezing me, milking me.

And you cum, so hard that your body feels liquid…. The pleasure is overwhelming, wave after wave…. Deep, powerful, profound

But I don’t stop. Now that you’ve had one orgasm, I want to see more. When we first started, I seemed bent on having sex with you… The belts, the bondage… But now you see that’s not what I’m doing. I’m focused escort maltepe on you, on making love to YOU. On pleasing you. With every part of my body. More, you want more. You are so turned you on, so ready to cum once again…..

You look down to see our coupling. My strong abdominal muscles are flexed and working hard, my cock thrusting into your sopping pussy…. And then I slow down…. With my arms, I lift my body off of yours, and with each stroke, I leave your pussy until you can see all but the very tip of my long, hard cock, slick with your lovely juices… And then the down stroke begins, until my cock is buried deeply inside of you, and your pussy holds me tightly.

Again and again, each time slower than the last, but each time, my moans grow louder and louder. And you’re there with me, poised on the edge… Another orgasm making you tremble….. Until I thrust myself inside of you, and rub your clit with my pubic bone, coming with a strangled yell of pure sexual bliss. And you feel my rod erupting, filling your pussy with my hot, slippery cum….. And you join me….This one is even better for you. So deep, so incredible, so delicious… Every nerve in your body firing, and you cum so hard, so hard….. Thinking you might pass out….. It goes on and on, and you ride the wave forever….. Until you feel a wonderful release, so complete and satisfying.

You want nothing more than to get free of your bonds, but as your orgasm subsides, you once again feel pressure between your legs, on your pussy…. Ohhh, God, in your pussy, sliding along your lips, massaging your clit. A tongue, a ravenous tongue…

You’re caught completely by surprise… You thought your body was finished…. But the excitement begins where your last orgasm ended, and builds… The thought of me licking OUR cum thrills you…. Wonderful spurts of pleasure course throughout your body, and you pull hard against the belts with everything you have…. Wanting, needing to do something, anything… But mostly needing to cum, to get off…… Ohhh, then you feel it…. Two fingers, sliding into your pussy repeatedly, and then disappearing into your ass…. My fingers thrusting in and out of your ass, while my thumb penetrates your pussy, and my mouth surrounds your clit… Sucking your swollen pearl into my mouth, tongue fluttering against it….

And you find heaven, overcome with orgasms so intense and so deep that you feel like pure, liquid energy, and you shriek loudly, your body lifting off the bed, humping me, praying that my tongue will never leave your clit…

The next thing you know is that your arms and legs are free, and that I have you in the tightest embrace… And we kiss, deeply… And I think we’re done, until you break our embrace long enough to find my long, hard cock with your mouth…. Your tongue sliding all over the thick head while your hand milks the shaft. You suck me hard…. Wanting to taste me…. And soon I’m moaning, as my shaft disappears down your throat…. And your head bobs over me…. Your fingers quickly find your clit, and you masturbate while sucking me….. And soon I’m shaking with pleasure…. We’re both so close, our bodies in a wonderful sexual cadence…. You pull your mouth away, so I can see my cum spurt into the air, landing on your hand, my cock….. Hot and white…. Before it, too, disappears slowly, as your tongue finds every last drop and your orgasm fades slowly….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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