Loving Her

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I slid the key into the lock of Joanne’s front door, twisting it and pushing gently. I knew that Keith and their daughter were on their way to her grandmother’s and that he would not be returning until late the following afternoon. The door swung open, silently, revealing the darkened hallway. All of the lights downstairs were switched off and the rooms were still and silent. Closing the door carefully, I took the few paces to the bottom of the stairs and began to climb, placing my feet carefully on the treads. On the landing a thin sliver of light shone from beneath Joanne’s bedroom door. The door opened to the gentle pressure of my fingertips and I could see her, wearing a long robe of ivory coloured silk, sprawled across her bed, reading. Her long hair fanned across her back and shoulders, catching the soft light from the bedside lamp and seeming to glow with its own light.

Joanne felt the slight breeze from the opening of the door and lifted her head, smiling as she saw me and rising onto her hands and knees. Swinging her legs around, she stood up and almost flung herself into my arms, her hands sliding around my waist as she hugged me to her. I could feel the points of her nipples pressing against my chest through her robe and my thin cotton shirt. She lifted her head and offered her mouth for me to kiss. Her moist lips opened and my tongue slid into her mouth, like a snake sliding into its lair. She pursed her lips around my tongue and sucked gently on it, drawing it into her warm sweet mouth.

I drew her closer, pressing her against my body and feeling her full breasts and rounded belly as we hugged tenderly. Joanne turned her head and rested her face against my chest, listening to the thunder of my heart. I held her for what seemed to be an eternity between heartbeats, as she caught her breath.

“I’ve missed you,” she murmured, “I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind.”

“I’ve missed you too,” I replied, “everything reminds me of you.”

Easing back, she slipped her hands between us and began to pluck my shirt buttons undone, one by one. She pushed the thin cotton aside, so that she could run her cool fingers through the dusting of hair over my chest. My breath caught in my throat as her caress ignited sparks of desire that ripped through my body to set a fire in my belly. I groaned quietly and was rewarded by the feel of her lips against my chest, curving into a smile. Her hands slid lower, until her fingers were tugging at my belt, unfastening it and opening the fly of my pants. She slid her fingers inside and over the bulge of my stiffening cock. Even through my briefs, I could feel the cool caress of her fingers as she traced the outline of my erection.

“Mmmmm,” she whispered, “is that for me?”

“Darling, I’m all yours, every bit of me.” I assured her.

“Good. ‘Cos I’m so horny.” she giggled.

I moved my hands around to the opening of her robe, sliding them inside to rest on the curve of her belly, a little rounder now it was filled with the baby we had made. She was still slender breasted, though her nipples were more sensitive and her breasts fuller than they had been only two months ago. My hands slid over her smooth skin, caressing her beneath the material of her robe and moving gradually higher, until I was cupping the swell of her bosom, her nipples trapped between my fingers. She moaned, quietly, as I pulled gently on the hard buds with the tips of my fingers, drawing them out, so that they stretched from the tender aureoles. Joanne moaned in my ear and slid her hands inside my briefs, cradling my balls and circling the head izmir escort bayan with her finger and thumb. I turned towards her and kissed her mouth, sliding my tongue between her teeth as she slowly ran her fingers along the shaft of my cock. Easing my briefs over the head of my cock and down to my ankles, she wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and slowly drew the foreskin back, using the tip of one finger to smear my pre-cum over the head. As she felt the shaved skin of my sac, she pulled away and looked down at my swollen cock.

“You’ve shaved your balls,” she giggled, “Oh god! It makes your cock look huge.”

“You shave your pussy,” I replied, “so I thought you might like me all smooth down there. And it’s you’re fault that I’m this big.”

I untied the belt of her robe and pushed the slick material over her shoulders, so that it slid down her arms to the floor. The edge caught on her hard nipples, the material sliding over her breasts like exotic oil, making her moan in the back of her throat. The robe fell to the floor and she was naked, in my arms. I pulled her closer to me, feeling the points of her nipples against my chest and the head of my cock pressing against the smooth skin of her belly.

“God,” she breathed, “I’m so fucking horny.”

“Is it al right to..” I asked.

“To fuck?” she interrupted, “Yes, I need fucking so badly. It’s your fault.”

“Mine?” I asked, with one eyebrow tilted.

“Yes, I’ve been this horny since you got me pregnant. I can’t help thinking about us together.” she replied.

Joanne lowered herself to the edge of her bed, sliding her hands onto my waist, so that she was sitting in front of me, my cock pointing straight at her face. Looking up, she smiled wickedly and took the base of my cock in her hand, curling her slender, elegant fingers around the shaft, just behind the swollen head. She pursed her lips and blew gently on the glistening, purple glans, then leaned forward and sighing, slipped the plum-coloured flesh between her moist lips. Her mouth was hot and wet as she slid my cock over her tongue and closed her lips behind the head, trapping me inside. Slowly, Joanne wound her tongue around the shaft and over the head of my cock, lapping away the droplets of pre-cum that oozed from the eye. I could see her rocking back and forth, sliding my cock in and out as she sucked me to the back of her tongue and still sucking slid her mouth back along to the head of my cock. Her hands circled the base of my cock and cradled my shaven sac, massaging my heavy balls. She sighed contentedly, the low hum muffled by the head of my cock, as she worked me in and out of her mouth. She sucked noisily on my cock, then slipped it out of her mouth, so that she could plant a row of fiery kisses along the length.

I groaned quietly, as she slid her mouth over my balls, taking each into her mouth and sucking it gently, massaging it with her tongue. My cock was hot and throbbed as she ran her hand back and forth along the shaft, pulling the foreskin back over the swollen head and capturing the sensitive tip in her fingers. She opened her mouth again and slipped my cock inside, moving her mouth slowly along my length, taking me deeper into her mouth. I could feel her breath on the skin around the base of my cock as she snorted through her nose. I watched her head moving slowly on my cock as she sucked me further into her mouth until I could tell that she had the tip of my cock right at the back of her tongue. I felt a ripple in her mouth as she swallowed and, with a loud gulp, she took the head of my cock right into her escort izmir throat. I could feel her breath on my balls as she snorted through her nose, getting used to the feel of my cock in the back of her throat. She swallowed again and again, making her throat ripple against the head of my cock, caressing it with every gulp.

Joanne slid her mouth along my cock, keeping her lips firmly sealed around the shaft until the head slipped out with a loud plop. A thin string of spittle trailed back to her lips as she laid back, pulling me closer so that I stood between her spread thighs. Kneeling at the bedside I ran my fingers along the smooth skin on the inside of her thighs, feeling the muscles trembling beneath my exploring fingertips, like a thousand trapped butterflies. Joanne lifted her feet onto the edge of the bed, spreading her thighs and I kissed the skin along the inside, feeling the tremor of her nerves beneath the skin. The tendons at the top of her thighs were taut and she whimpered as I kissed them, my tongue flickering against the taut skin. I moved my mouth closer and closer to her pussy, teasing her with thousands of tiny butterfly kisses. I caught the light citrus smell of her perfume and a musky tang from her damp pussy.

Joanne reached down and threaded her fingers into my hair, pulling my face closer to the tender lips of her pussy. I could see that they were damp with pearls of her sweet-tasting nectar glistening like pearls along the length of them. I touched her smooth pussy with the tips of my fingers and very slowly opened the soft petals of her labia. I could feel the slickness of her juices, oozing from her opening to moisten my fingers. I leaned further forward and touched the tip of my tongue to her tender pussy, running it along the edge of her lips to the tiny hood that sheltered her erect clit. Joanne cried out, a cross between a gasp and a stifled scream, and a flood of sweet liquid gushed from her pussy.

She pressed her hands against the back of my head, drawing me closer, until the tip of my tongue flicked across the hard nub of her erect clit. Her scream, this time, was full throated and her body convulsed against the bed. As she bucked, she pressed my mouth harder against the sloppy wetness of her pussy, trying to force her clit between my lips. It was hard and swollen, like a tiny red pearl and, pursing my lips, I sucked gently, drawing it into my mouth. Joanne stiffened, as though an electric current had shot through her body and she arched off the bed, all of her muscles locking as she strained to contain the sensations that ripped through her. With an explosive gasp, she collapsed onto the bed, her legs collapsing as she moaned wordlessly in the back of her throat. She thrust her hips weakly upwards as I suckled on the sensitive gem of her clit feeling it, still hard, between my lips. Slippery juices flowed from between her lips and coated her thighs and her buttocks with a film of glistening nectar.

I lifted my head and kissed the bald mound of her shaven pussy, letting my lips roam freely over the damp skin. Joanne moaned incoherently, her tone pleading me to stop the torment, as I teased her gently and she thrashed her head against the bed, her hair whipping from side to side. Gradually, I moved my mouth higher and higher, swirling my tongue into the moist pit of her navel and planting rows of kisses across her belly. Inch by inch, I kissed trails over her belly to the gentle swell of her taut breasts. I could see her swollen nipples, plump and juicy as fresh summer berried, standing proudly erect. Her chest heaved as she panted for air izmir escort between her whimpers of frustrated need and the points of her nipples quivered and grew bigger and harder with each kiss. I lifted myself onto my arms and slowly lowered my lips to her nipple, taking it gently between my lips and then pressing down and catching it, very gently, between my teeth. The lash of my tongue against her tender nipple made her stiffen as though my tongue were electric and she arched her body beneath mine, pressing her belly against me as she clutched the back of my head and tried to force her nipple deeper into my mouth. I sucked harder, feeling her nipple filling my mouth and lashing the tip with my tongue. I opened my mouth and released the hard, pink, bud, Joanne rewarding me with a sob as I moved my mouth to her other nipple and sucked hard upon it. Her whole body bucked against me and the room was filled with the scent of her hot sweaty pussy as I sucked gently, at first, then harder, until her nipple was purple and swollen with excitement.

“Oh God!” Joanne whimpered, “Darling, fuck me, I need you to fuck me.”

“Are your ready to be fucked, Jo?” I teased.

“Oh God! Yes, I want you to fuck me, I need your cock in my cunt.” she begged.

I moved to cover her body with mine and guided my cock between the lips of her pussy. The tip of my cock slid between the tender lips as though I was sliding it into oiled silk. I could feel the heat and bubbling juices surrounding my cock as I sank easily into her pussy. Gently, as slowly as I could, I pressed my cock into her pussy but, as soon as she felt the head settle inside her passage, Joanne bucked upwards, engulfing my cock in her dripping pussy. She was incredibly tight, but so wet and ready that my cock stretched her easily and I filled her pussy with my cock in a single stroke.

She scissored her legs around my waist and pulled me as deep inside her as she could. I felt our skin sticking together as I pressed against her mound and I groaned softly in her ear. We kissed passionately, tongues thrust in and out of each other’s mouths, as I began to move inside her. The rustle of bedclothes mingled with wet sloppy sounds as I drove my cock into her pussy. She thrust her hips upwards and dragged her nails along my bag, urging me to thrust hard and deep. She grunted into my ear with every thrust.

“God yess!” she hissed, “Take me, fuck me hard.”

I could tell that slow gentle love-making was for later, the morning perhaps. Now Joanne wanted me to fuck her, to possess her, and make her cum hard and loud. I thrust faster and faster, stabbing my cock deep into her pussy until our bellies slapped together. I could not hold back and as I felt the cum bubbling long the length of my shaft, she flung herself against me. My cock jerked inside her, starting to pump cum along my cock as her pussy tightened and gripped me in a rippling embrace. She screamed and bit into the muscle of my shoulder as her pussy went into uncontrollable spasms, her whole body tightening and my cock began to spray thick sperm against the opening of her womb. Cum gushed over my cock and ran in a sticky stream between her legs to make a gelid pool beneath her ass. I could feel her pulling me deeper and milking my cock with her pussy until my balls were emptied inside her and my sac hung limp and empty.

Slowly we cooled down, or breathless pants became sighs of pleasure as we lay together, my half-hard cock still lodged in her pussy. Gently I slipped out of her and took her into my arms, wrapping her in my embrace. Pulling the covers over us, not caring whether we were along or across the bed, we embraced and kissed. Sleepily, Joanne looked into my eyes.

“Go to sleep, darling,” I coaxed, “I’ll be here when you wake, and I love you.”

“Good,” she whispered, “I love you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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