Lust Long Denied Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Andre’s Story


Raven sat at her computer bored and lonely.

She wanted to talk to someone. No, that wasn’t it. Not really. She wanted to touch someone. And, she wanted someone to touch her. She sighed, frustrated . . . again.

It’d been so very long since she’d had a lover. There had been offers–there always were–but nothing she found attractive. Boring men. Nasty, but not the fun kind of nasty. Short-haired men with no imagination beyond knowing they wanted to fuck her. She had no shortage of admirers as a fiery redhead with a Marilyn Monroe figure (complete with curvaceous hips, an hourglass waist, and full breasts with very attentive nipples).

No, she wanted someone who made her blood boil. She wanted someone who had muscular arms. Someone dark and intense. A tattooed someone who could make her feel vulnerable and protected all at once. Too bad she didn’t know anyone like that. She sighed again and flipped on her IM.

“Hmmm . . . ” She thought, “no one good on.” Damn, she’d have liked to talk to her old friend Andre, but he wasn’t on.

Funny, thinking of Andre. He’d been her boyfriend’s best friend when they’d all hung out after high school. They did wild, crazy things–playing with their lives as though they were nothing but penny ante at a family poker game. Climbing a train trestle two-hundred feet in the air on a whim, with no gear. They always did crazy stuff like that. Andre had been attractive back then–tall, with longish black hair, olive complected and lean. But he’d also been Steban’s best friend. As time went on, she stopped seeing him as anything but Stefan’s best bud–a brother. He flirted with her a bit, but nothing compared to what most guys did around her back then.

“Heh,” she grinned, remembering. Most guys couldn’t manage to meet her eyes when talking to her (many still had the same problem, but back then she was more prone to skimpy outfits and careless flirtations). When she and Steban broke it off, she lost touch with Andre, too. It was just too weird, spending time with her former lover’s lifelong best friend.

Five years passed before she saw Andre again, and when she did, it was just unbelievable chance that brought them together. She’d been driving home late at night and was stopped by a construction worker holding a Stop/Slow sign. When she stopped for him, he called out her name.

“Raven? Raven, is that you?” Surprised, she said it was and was delighted when she realized it was Andre. They talked briefly and he gave her his number. She thought about calling, several times, but never did (she’d had a boyfriend at the time and didn’t want to be unfaithful). What a fool she’d been. Her faithfulness was never the issue. His, on the other hand, had been nonexistent. She should have called.

Now, here it was ten years after that last brief encounter and he’d found her again. She’d put up a webpage on a popular network in order to keep in touch with distant family and friends–never taking much interest in it beyond that. Then, one day, she’d gotten an odd email.

“I know you,” it said, simply, and nothing more. The picture attached to the email was that of a well built, tattooed back. güvenilir bahis

“Very nice,” she had thought, “but who the hell are you?” The name on the profile was Andrew.

“Andrew? I don’t know any one named Andrew. Probably another freak.” She’d gotten plenty of those “I want u” or “I want 2 fuck u” emails from complete strangers. But she had that niggling little hint in the back of her mind, so instead of deleting it, she replied.

“Congratulations, good for you.” A nasty little tease, she knew, but if he really did know her, he’d respond.

The next day, his response was in her email box. “Yes, Little One, it is me.” Little One? There was only one man who had ever called her that. It was Andre. She was surprised by the little thrill that ran through her reading those words. It ran through her from the nape of her creamy neck, to the hardened tips of her nipples, to the throb of her wet place, all the way down to the curl of her toes. Why would the thought of Andre do that to her?

That was a few days ago. Now, staring at the screen, she realized she so badly wished he was there. She typed into the empty IM box.

“You have no idea how much I wish you were there. I need…I don’t know.” and hit enter.

“Fool,” she chided herself. He was going to think her daft.

Then, as if by magic, a response popped up. “I am here. What can I do for you?”

That thrill again, rushing from head to toe, brushing all her intimate places.

“I just need to talk to someone. Lonely, I guess…” she typed.

“Well, I’m here for you.”

She realized she had nothing to say. She didn’t want to talk, she wanted to touch, to be touched, but how could she tell him that? She couldn’t, she thought with a blush.

So, she flirted instead and was surprised when he typed back: “Oh, sure, flirt with me now.”

She asked him what he meant and was genuinely shocked when he told her that he’d wanted her so badly all those years ago. She typed an apology, explaining that she didn’t know and she was sorry she’d stirred up those old feelings again.

He responded and told her that he didn’t mind, it was more attention than she had ever shown him before. She couldn’t help but smile, and tried to explain that even if she’d known, she couldn’t have done anything about it–he was Stefan’s best friend and clearly off limits!

He brought up the time he gave her his phone number ten years earlier and she had no response for that. What was she going to tell him? That she hadn’t called him because she had yet another loser boyfriend?

So she apologized again, feeling like an ass.

She told him that she was just feeling the need for company, hoping he’d take the hint. He said that he’d love to come over, but had been drinking and wasn’t sure he should drive, but might anyway.

Torn between getting out of her warm bed to get dressed and staying there, chatting with Andre, she typed: “So should I get dressed? Are you coming over?”

“Staying undressed would get me there faster.” A blush overtook her when she read his response.

“Oh, my!” she thought as she felt herself become wet. She felt she would scream in frustration if he didn’t come türkçe bahis over, but feared what she would do if he did. It’d been soooo damn long since any man had touched her…

“I’m on my way,” popped up on her screen and she was breathless with excitement!

She ran downstairs, outside to prepare a spot for them to sit and talk and then out to the porch to await his arrival. She tormented herself with thoughts of him changing his mind, but it was just a few short minutes before the headlights of what could only be his car danced across her porch.

As he stepped from his car, she could not help but gasp in astonishment. Andre had always been a good looking guy, but now he was absolutely amazing. He now stood an impressive 6′ 4″ tall and his well-muscled body weighed in at about 235 pounds. She could clearly see his gorgeous face now with its breathtaking square jaw and his long, wavy dark hair pulled back tightly in a ponytail.

She felt her body respond to the mere sight of him. Her nipples hardened almost painfully and her pussy became soaking wet as she ran to him, raising her arms to stretch and reach around his neck. His powerful arms closed about her, pulling her tight into his massive chest, pushing her full breasts and hard nipples against him, as his lips found hers. It all happened so fast, so naturally, that she couldn’t have stopped it if she wanted to. And she most definitely did not want to. When their lips finally parted, he grinned that grin she knew so well.

“Well, now, that’s one hell of a greeting,” he said. She blushed madly, grateful for the dark that hid her face from him as she led him to her quiet backyard.

She had spread a blanket out for them to sit on, since she lacked any lawn furniture, and now she was very glad for that deficit. She sat on the blanket, pulling him down with her and he came easily, willingly, sliding down next to her, on top of her. His weight was considerably greater than her own, and she loved it.. She loved feeling the pressure of him on top of her, feeling his manhood grind into her leg as his lips again claimed hers. She gently touched his face as their tongues intermingled, tasting, licking and teasing each other’s mouths. As her hand slipped around the back of his neck, she freed his luxurious hair from its tie and grabbed a handful, pulling him in closer, tighter, encouraging him to treat her with equal passion and ferocity.

He complied, a tiger released, and pushed her down flat on her back as his hands roamed her body, exploring and caressing, then pinching and pulling, teasing and tormenting. He ran his hand over the soft flesh of her stomach, massaging first one of her breasts, then the other. He teased her aching nipples, then pinching hard, eliciting a gasp from her unwilling lips. He pulled her up, removing her shirt, exposing her breasts to anyone who happened to walk by, but she didn’t care. All she could think about was the taste of his skin, the touch of his hands on her, and his rigid cock pressing into her leg.

He pushed her back down and kissed her deeply again, then took his mouth from hers and playfully bit her chin, then traced his tongue down her arched throat. He kissed her chest, and güvenilir bahis siteleri when she was ready to come from just his mouth on her throat, she felt his hot mouth cover her nipple. His tongue teased her hard nipple, then he suckled harder, driving her mad! She felt her pussy gush with her own juices and moaned in anticipation.

She tangled her hands in his long hair and pulled him in tighter, running her hands down his back, driving herself wild by touching his body. She felt his hand slide under the waistband of her shorts and arched her back to offer her throbbing cunt to his strong hand. He easily found her clit and began vigorously teasing her, driving her wild with passion. Her creamy white thighs parted easily as his hand slipped down and suddenly plunged forcefully into her waiting pussy.

Unable to control it, and far beyond caring, she cried out his name. Her hands found the snap of his jeans and ripped it open, her body begging for his thick, hard cock. He obliged her by sliding down his pants as she removed her now soaked shorts. She was awed by his member. It was one of the most fantastic cocks she’d ever seen–a good 8 inches long and incredibly thick. She slipped her hand over the head, sliding it down to the base of the shaft, squeezing as she brought her hand back up. He groaned in pleasure and pushed her back down to the ground, forcing her thighs apart as his thick, masculine body slid between them, hesitating just a second before inserting the head of his impressive cock into her hot, wet hole.

Despite it having been so long since she’d been with a man, she eagerly offered herself up to his plunging cock, aching to feel his thick cock slamming into her tight pussy, filling her with all of him. He required no further encouragement and slammed into her, burying his rigid cock to the hilt, slapping his balls off of her ass. He waited just a heartbeat before pulling back out and pistoning in and out, quickly bringing her to a climax, as she moaned in his ear, begging him to never stop. Eager to please, he rode her tight, wet pussy through several more climaxes, slowing only when he felt his balls tighten ready to come.

When he could take it no longer, he pulled out from her, stood and pulled her to her knees. He grabbed a thick handful of her hair, forcing her head back and pressed his wet, hard cock against her full lips, which she eagerly parted and she took him into her waiting mouth. She heard him moan in pleasure as she sucked the head of his cock, teasing the underside with her tongue and sucking their juices from the shaft. Exuberantly she licked, teased, and sucked on his cock until she tasted the first few drops of precum on her tongue. She lapped them up, teasing the hole with her tongue, encouraging more cum for her to savor.

It wasn’t long before he obliged her, shooting his voluminous load into her eager mouth, filling it even as she swallowed every luscious drop, anxious to satisfy him like she’d never satisfied any man. After she sucked the last few drops from his still pumping cock, she happily lapped every last drop of their mixed cum from his manhood and balls, purring like a sated kitten.

When she finally finished, he collapsed by her side, wrapping her in his incredible arms and kissing her deeply, tasting the both of them on her tongue. She snuggled into him, sated, but ready for anything else he had for her, caressing his skin and lonely no more.

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