Magical Music Man

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It was a chilly Wednesday afternoon, late in April. Ellie had just completed a long day of boring business meetings. Between defending her points as a future business partner and standing up for herself against the constant onslaught of advances from the men in the firm, she had had enough. She blew out of the office about 30 minutes before she was supposed to.

No one told her while she was in college that regardless of her graduating cum laude with a master’s degree in business, no one would take her seriously.

Being the only woman working in a 25 man office, she was too attractive for her own good. Although she attempted to play down her appearance by wearing loosely fitting suits, it was hard to hide the fact that she was a slim 5′ 8″ with 36 DD breasts, long legs and a tight little ass. Her dark hair accentuated her sparkling blue eyes and starlet white smile.

Ellie heard from a friend that the legendary Johnny Colon and his orchestra was to be playing at Le Poisson Rouge tonight as a benefit to his brain child the East Harlem Music School fund. Also if she wasn’t able to get a ticket at the door, John and Molly Get Along, the brother and sister comedy team would be having a show in the other room.

She was counting on getting into the Johnny Colon show as she found his Latin music exciting. Ellie loved to dance and Latino music provided the correct formula to release the negative energy from the day.

She made her way down to street level in the elevator, crossed the lobby after the doors opened and then followed the stream of people out onto crowded West 51st Street.

It was teeming with tourists and theater goers as the Wicked matinee showing had just let out, a short time ago. Hailing a cab would prove futile about now. Unexpectedly, a livery taxi pulls to the curb, not considering the idea that it wasn’t meant for her, she jumps on it, only to see a well dressed gentleman, entering from the other side.

He quickly sizes her up and says, “I am sorry miss I called ahead for the car but, you are welcome to join me.”

At first her defenses raise up but, then she takes in his warm smile and sparkling eyes, replying, “Which way are you going? Maybe we can share the ride?”

He responds, “I am heading downtown, to the village actually.”

“Okay then, if it really isn’t a bother for you, I am heading to Bleeker Street.”,

she says smiling.

“No bother at all.” He replies smiling back.

Closing the door, as she positions herself on the seat she takes notice for the first time of the large black instrument case he is carrying, “Oh, you’re a musician?”

The car pulls away from the curb, mingling with the other hundreds of vehicles making their way up to 8th Avenue to 52nd and inevitably onto 7th Avenue almost all the way to Bleeker Street.

He starts to laugh at her surprised look questioning canlı bahis her, “Is that a problem for you?”

“Oh! Sorry, no, no.” stammering over herself for possibly embarrassing him. “I love musicians, I mean I love music. As a matter of fact, I am on my way to see one of the greatest musicians of all time.”

“Is that a fact?” he questions her a bit more finding her tongue tied-ness genuinely amusing.

“It is.” Ellie shoots back,not used to feeling awkward.

“I am on my way to Le Poison Rouge. Perhaps you noticed that I play the trombone?”

He says with a snarky smile.

Ellie can’t help but stare at him. They are going to the same destination. What are the chances of that? He is smiling with his eyes, drawing her in, in a way that she is not accustomed to.

She is not a bitchy girl. She just never feels a connection with anyone. So in order to be fair, she doesn’t give most men the time of day. There is no sense in leading someone on if there is no chemistry. Some of her friends will go on a date just for the dinner, and then never call them again.

Ellie is not that kind of girl. She is looking for a man who gives a damn. A man who will respect her as a woman and as a person. Who wants to be friends with her and keep her company. It is such a rare occurrence in New York City. She has learned from her past experiences, most men just want to have a good fuck and move on. She has been waiting for the man who will prove her wrong.

Curiously as she is staring at this music man, she is wondering why she wants to know more about him.

Suddenly she realizes that he is speaking to her, and she hasn’t heard a word of it.

“I am so sorry. I was temporarily distracted by my own thoughts.” She says embarrassed by her seemed rudeness.

Luckily he finds this humorous. His laughter is contagious and they are laughing together and she finds herself relaxing with this stranger.

Catching his breath, he says “I was trying to introduce myself. My name is Miguel.

My friends call me Mic.”

“Hi Mic, I’m Ellie.” shaking hands across the space between them on the leather seat.

The car pulls up to the curb as they arrive at their destination.

Ellie attempts to pay for her portion of the fare but, he won’t allow it.

“No sweetheart, I’ve got this.” paying the driver and then opening the door and getting out of the taxi.

He holds the door for her and they step into the dimly lit pub. They head directly to the bar and he orders a beer for himself “and you would like a?”, waiting for her reply.

“McCallans on the rocks, 18 year if they have it, please.” Her voice raised to be heard over the music.

After finding a table they toast to a promising evening with Johnny.

A few minutes later Johnny and his band are introduced to the stage and the music starts to surround them. Ellie is bahis siteleri overtaken by the smooth notes of the trombone. She is lost in the music, she seems to have fallen under some sort of a trance. She can hear the music, she doesn’t feel unconscious but, she can’t seem to respond to anything accept the music.

Mic is whispering in her ear. She feels his hand on her thigh. It isn’t what she is expecting but she doesn’t have to urge to swat his hand away. Ordinarily this would have had her shaking her head at herself!

Somehow the thought that she is having this revelation melts away and she starts “knowing” that she wished that he would move his fingers higher up her leg. They have only just met but she is so unbelievably comfortable with him, that it just feels right. She closes her eyes.

What is he saying? It seems so far off and yet he is right in her ear.

Her body feels heavy, yet she feels so calm and relaxed. Is it the music or is it what he is whispering? His words are so comforting. She is drifting off on a cloud, while at the same time a fire is beginning to burn deep with in her.

She feels herself being surrounded in a bubble, a cocoon of light if you will. A glowing that feels as though it is coming from with in yet enclosing her at the same time. She could probably stop it if she wished but nothing has ever felt so good, so right. So she gives herself over to the beautiful feeling.

Ellie is laying back in the booth. They are seated in a dark corner and although both of his hands are on the table in front of them, she can feel his hands touching her every where. The heat of his hands causing her to moan as the sensations become the only thing she can focus on.

She hears something about “The light that is surrounding you, what is the color?”

She responds from somewhere far away, “A pale green.”

The next indeterminate amount of time is passed in this new quantum of time. Ellie feels so calm and yet so incredibly aroused. She feels his hands touching her every where. The heat of his hands is so stimulating that her juices are flowing rampantly and collecting in a pool between her lips in her panties.

Quietly moaning, forgetting every one and everything else in her surroundings. His hand is caressing her cheek. Slowly moving down her neck, pushing her long hair back over her shoulder and then collecting it in one hand. He begins to kiss her neck. His breath giving her the chills as she feels him breathing her in.

Her heart is racing. Her breath becomes jagged as the sensations are overwhelming her body.

His lips travel lower. Slowly making their way to her collar bone, licking with the very tip of his tongue. She catches her breath with a sudden gasp. She is dissolving into the depths of this magic music mans “touch”.

Her eyes are open and she watches everyone around her as though it bahis şirketleri is tv with the mute on & a (slow motion ) button pressed. Ellie is so comfortable, so relaxed, so absorbed in his words. Yet Her body is on fire for him.

He continues to arouse her. Enjoying every moment that she is under his “spell”. Such a beautiful woman. And such an easy mark. Soon he will take her so close to orgasm but she won’t achieve it. She will need him to ever have one.

He can hear her raspy breathing, over the pumping Latin music. His lips inches from her ear. He quickly learns her vulnerable spots. What makes her knees weak & pussy moist. Making mental recordings of each gasp & groan.

“mmmm Ellie are you wet for only me?” He asks her.

Her voice comes from far away, “yes”

“Look into my eyes and see how much I want you” he whispers.

Her eye lids weigh 20 pounds but she manages to lift them. Staring directly into his eyes, she feels the overwhelming need come over her. From the moment she sees his eyes she needs to give her whole self to him. She wants him she wants to make love, no… She wants him to Fuck her. She wants him now.

Mic has all that he wants for now. He continues in her ear, “Ellie, you are so beautiful, I look forward to our weekends together.”

He continues in the same comforting tone, ” “Weekend or weekends” When I say these words you will instantly remember how you are feeling right now..the warm tingling sensations all over you. The pulsing of your clitoris, the throbbing of your vaginal walls. The dripping wetness between your thighs. Do you understand?”

Ellie nods her head.

He continues, “Ellie, I need to hear your answer. Do you understand?”

Ellie finds her voice to respond with a simple “yes”.

Mic states the words, “Green light” adding, ” after counting back from 10, when I say “green light” you will awaken. You will remember all that has occurred as though it was a pleasant dream. In fact you can’t wait to have another dream”, he concludes, “do you understand?”

A smile of knowing appears on her face as she replies softly, “yes.”

Mic leans in closer. Breathing her in. She smells fresh and clean. Her hair has a tropical coco-nutty scent. “delicious” he thinks to himself.

“Ellie, I am so happy to have met you. ” 10.” “I really am looking forward to our first “weekend” together.”

A warm smile washes over her again. He continues to bring her senses back to Le poison Rouge.

” 9 ”

“you hear Johnny Colon playing, your body moving with the rhythm”



“We are becoming the closest of friends. No matter what happens between us, we are friends, yeah?”

Ellie answers “yes.”

Mic inches away from her, speaking a bit louder over the music.

“6, 5, 4.”

“You are going to awake now, revived and happy. 3, 2, 1 . Green light”

At the words, her eyes open, she is swaying in her seat, smiling happily at her new friend.

She picks up her glass & says to Mic ” to our new friendship” they toast and take a swig.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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