Me , My American Girl

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I was about a day and a half away from officially declaring myself to be in a drought – it had been a solid 2 months since my last shag, and I was feeling it. As you all know, your right hand can only do so much! But on Friday night the sex gods were smiling on me, in fact their gift was right before my eyes during the previous three days.

There was this international conference we were hosting at work that I had to attend last week, which finished up with a “networking” dinner on Friday night. I had met this American woman, Lucy, who pretty much had my exact job but in the U.S., so I’d been mostly speaking with her during the conference. Anyway, Lucy seemed pretty up tight at the meetings and had laid on more than a hint of that infamous American arrogance. So I was surprised when she asked me if I was going to the dinner on Friday.

“Nah, don’t think so” I said “I’m kinda worn out after this week”

Lucy seemed genuinely disappointed, “that sure is a shame,” she said in a tone I hadn’t heard over the previous days.

I started to explain that I was sure no-one was going to miss me and that she’d get on fine alone when she broke in and really began to nail me about. She started offering to pick me up from my place in her cab, buy me drinks and drop me home.

“I’ll make it worth your while” is what she said that finally convinced me to go along.

All of a sudden Lucy had changed her boring tone and had turned on quite a charm, even that annoying arrogance had been transformed into a particularly sexy kind of confidence that was really starting to appeal to me.

So we went our separate ways after the meeting on Friday and I headed home to shower and change. I had a slight inkling that I might be getting lucky that night so I made sure I was well groomed, cleanly shaven balls and all. As you can imagine, two months with no loving had made me quite a horny little man and the mere act of rubbing shaving cream around my dick and over my balls had resulted in me sporting a sizeable hard on. Never one to resist my natural urges I paid due attention to my erection, rubbing body-wash thickly over the shaft and around the head of my cock. After I was well lubed I began to pull myself off with smooth, long strokes while imagining Lucy’s warm, wet mouth sliding up and down my cock. I was cumming in a couple of minutes and thoroughly enjoyed the short and sharp orgasm that followed.

After drying and carefully disheveling my hair, I dressed in my charcoal suit and stepped outside to the sound of Lucy’s cab’s horn. Once in the cab I had a quick chance to give pendik escort bayan Lucy a once over. Somewhat surprised, I noticed she was quite striking, wearing a perfectly tailored skirt and jacket on top of a low cut cherry coloured top that showed off her ample cleavage very nicely indeed. Only a small amount of makeup and a laid back flowing hairstyle completed the picture.

“Evening Lucy” I greeted her, “you’ve made extremely good use of the hour we had to get ready!”

“Thanks!” she said, playfully nudging me with her elbow as I slid in beside her. Completely different woman! I thought to myself.

The dinner dragged on just as these sorts of things do – there was average food, boring speakers and everyone was talking about work. It was about 10 o’clock and 5 cocktails into the night when Lucy proposed that this was shit and that we should go back to the hotel bar where we can drink to our hearts’ content and don’t have to talk about work. I readily agreed.

It wasn’t long before we had charmed each other enough for me to suggest we head up to her room.

“And I thought you weren’t going to ask” was her reply.

Once we were in the elevator we kissed for the first time. It was hard and passionate, our tongues reaching deep into each other’s mouths. She was a great kisser and I was glad that she wasn’t afraid to tell me what she wanted.

“I was hoping our week would finish like this,” she said as the door opened and we walked to her room.

After the door clicked behind me I reached to turn the lights on, “wait!” she said reaching for my hand, “I like them off”

I was a bit disappointed, I much prefer them on, but wasn’t about to argue with a woman who was undoing my belt. My pants fell to the floor and Lucy was stroking my cock as we still stood in the doorway. I moaned into her mouth as her lips closed over mine. She continued to pull me off as I struggled to get her clothes off, it seemed I’d lost some of my touch after my dry spell.

Finally her bra was off and her beautiful tits dropped into my eager hands. I massaged them firmly and sucked them lightly as Lucy wriggled out of her skirt and pushed her panty-covered pussy against my rock-hard cock. I’d forgotten how much I loved that feeling and pressed myself harder against her as she moved her hips rhythmically back against my shaft.

“Oh shit I want you” I breathed into her ear.

She moaned back at me as I slid my hands down her body and over the fabric of her panties, hooking my finger under the hem. Pulling the lacey material to the side I ran my ataşehir escort finger through the patch of hair that remained above her slit. I slid her panties off her hips and gradually made my way toward her wetness, I could feel the heat radiating from her and was dying to taste her juices.

As my finger entered her slit and slid over her clit I relished the feeling of her hand squeezing my cock tightly. I turned her around so her back was to me, her arse crack pressing against my cock. I slid my middle finger down her slit, rubbing her clit hard and entering her pussy with just the tip of my finger. Lucy was moaning heavily as she reached desperately for her handbag, pulling out a condom.

“Fuck me quickly” she gasped as I pushed my finger deeper into her.

I shuffled us the short few steps to the couch and sat her down. I quickly slipped on the condom and knelt in front of her as she lent back and thrust her pussy toward me. With one hand I put my thumb on her clit, rubbing circles around her hard nub, and with the other I lined the tip of my cock up with her wet opening. Pushing forward, I realised she’d had endured as much of a drought as me as I felt my cock stretching her tight walls.

“Fuuuck!” Lucy gasped

“Ok?” I stopped and asked

“It’s great, keep going,” she breathed, “I love a thick cock”

Now that really got me going! I pushed all the way in until my thumb was squeezed between her clit and my pelvis. Lucy gasped as she took my full eight inches and grabbed my arse as I thrust all the way in again and again, all the while making her squirm with my thumb. I continued to pound her in the dark but I knew I couldn’t keep this pace up forever. Lucy, however, thought otherwise. As I tried to slow down she would just grab my hips and force me to fuck her faster.

“Fuck, Lucy” I pleaded, “I’m gonna cum if we keep this up!”

“Do it!” she replied, “I’m gonna be fucking you all night!”

I could make out a broad smile through the dark room and needed no more encouraging. My final thrusts were deep and hard, Lucy screamed and threw her arms to her side and braced herself as I plunged my cock even deeper into her.

“Holy shit!” I screamed through clenched teeth as my cock erupted into the condom deep inside Lucy’s pussy.

As I came down from my orgasm and pulled out Lucy leaned forward and grabbed my face, kissing me hard.

“You’re fuckin’ sexy” I said when she released me from her grip.

Lucy just giggled and leant back against the couch. I leant forward and buried my head in her tits, kissing kadıköy escort and sucking while I rubbed my semi hard cock against her still wet pussy. I was already beginning to get aroused again and slid further down her body till my mouth reached her little patch of pubic hair. I felt Lucy’s hands run through my hair as I slid down further into her pussy. Running my tongue over her wetness I tasted the combined flavours of her juices and the condom, which fortunately for me was flavoured. I was getting very keen to make her cum the way she had made me – nothing turns me on more than giving a woman head.

I gently inserted my tongue at the top of her slit and slid it right down to the other end, I heard a gasp from above as I passed over Lucy’s clit and pressed down on her sensitive nub. My hand softly wandered up the inside of her thigh and stroked the area between her two holes ever so lightly, before pressing gently onto her anus and running my finger up her arse crack

I concentrated my tongue on her hard clit and circled and sucked on it until I felt her thighs squeezing my head. I inserted a finger into her opening and curled it backward to rub the inside wall of her pussy. I felt more of her juices flow as I sucked harder on her clit and worked her with my finger. As I heard a high-pitched squeal escape Lucy’s mouth I knew she was having the time of her life and she promptly came hard into my eager face.

After Lucy’s waves of pleasure had subsided and I had finished lapping at her pussy, I stood up, my cock once again a raging hard on after tasting that incredible pussy.

“Well aren’t you resilient!” she said, surprised at seeing my cock standing proudly at attention.

“Nothing like making a woman cum to get me hard!” I replied

Lucy suggested we move to the bedroom so I helped her up out of the couch. Once in the room she sat on the edge of the bed in front of me and abruptly took my cock in her mouth. Swirling her tongue around my head and bobbing her face deep onto my shaft she continued to blow me until I was ready to cum, which really didn’t take too long. She pulled me out of her mouth just as I burst, directing my cum onto her firm tits and rubbing my cockhead over her nipples. She took me up back into her mouth again after I was emptied and slurped up the remaining cum.

Lucy continued to suck on me until I was hard again, at which time she threw me onto the bed beside her and swung herself onto my lap. She slid easily onto my cock, her tits still covered in my cum. She rode me for ages like that until we both came again.

Later we did it in the kitchen and then we did it doggy with her leaning over the railing on the balcony. After this it was about 3am and we were well and truly exhausted – we slept well into the afternoon the next day before starting again.

I like Americans much more now 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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