Me, Naked

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I’m an introvert. I like peace and quiet and my own company. I get on alright with others, even in groups, but I’m not what you call wildly popular. I do have some good friends, though, and they are real friends, not just one of a crowd.

One side effect of being an introvert means that I don’t really go in for team sports. I like a more personal style of competition. What I finished up doing was learning acrobatics. I’m quite good at it, too.

One nice thing about acrobatics is that I can practice on my own. I have an instructor, but I only have to take standard lessons from him. After I’ve learnt something new I can go off by myself and practice.

Basically, this means that I grab the gym at school when no-one else is using it. I can work out for as long or as little as I like and I know that the change rooms and showers will be all mine when I finish.

One Friday after school I headed down to the gym. There were a few routines that I wanted to run through and I knew the coach had given the team the day off. That meant I had the place to myself.

I went through my routines. Then I went through them again. And again, trying out variations. I sweated my butt off, using the parallel bars and the uneven bars, until finally I was satisfied with what I was doing and could call it quits for the day.

This point, of course, is where going solo has its down side. No-one to help me put the equipment away. So I sweated some more, cleaning up after myself, and was finally able to hit the showers.

I was standing next to my locker, stripping off when I thought I heard some noise from elsewhere in the change room, but I didn’t pay it any attention. After all, I wasn’t the only one who would take a solitary practice and then use the change rooms. Unusual to bump into someone else, but it happens.

I strolled down to the showers and as I came out from the row of lockers I saw movement off to the side, so naturally I turned and looked. Stepping out from a row of lockers further down were a couple of cheerleaders, both of them beautifully naked, holding towels, soap and such stuff. And there was me, naked.

I knew them. Hell, I doubt that there’s a guy in the school who doesn’t know every cheerleader by sight. These two, Petra and Michelle, were two of the longest serving cheerleaders. Both eighteen and in their last semester at the school.

I was a couple of months older than them, just having turned nineteen. So from the lofty arrogance of being older, male, and in the right, I spoke to them.

“Girls,” I said, nodding to them. “You do know this is the boys changing room?”

Of course, my equipment chose this moment to decide to embarrass me. I didn’t get an erection, but I did rise to half-mast. Not being erect, it didn’t stand, just sort of poked out, nice and fat and gracefully waving to the girls. I concentrated hard on not having it snap to attention.

Now in any argument between a man and a woman, the man is wrong, no matter how much in the right he is.

“What on earth are you doing in here?” snapped Michelle.

“And how dare you wave an erection at us?” demanded Petra.

“I’m having a shower and getting dressed after my practice, in the men’s changing room. The women’s is next door,” I added, pointing in that general direction. “And,” I said, addressing Petra’s comment, “if you weren’t blushing virgins you’d realise that I don’t have an erection. Half-mast at the most. May I ask why you two are in here?”

“What makes you think we’re virgins,” demanded Michelle, sounding in a bit of a huff, “and we came in here for a shower because none of the boys are having practice tonight. You’re not supposed to be here, so go away.”

“And you could at least have the decency to cover up and stop looking at us,” Petra added, blushing fiercely.

“Why would I do that,” I asked. “You don’t seem to be in a hurry to cover up. And you both seem to be looking me over.” That was a bit unfair. Their hands were full of shampoos and stuff. They didn’t have a free hand to use to cover themselves.

“I am not looking at you,” Petra lied, hastily moving her gaze. Michelle only grinned and continued to enjoy the view.

“Will you please go away so that we can have a shower?” Michelle asked, apparently hoping charm would work.

“No,” was my reply, “but don’t let me stop you. You still haven’t said why you’re using the men’s change room.”

“Too many people in our one, and this one is supposed to be empty,” said Petra. “This is sexual harassment, you know.”

“Probably,” I agreed, to her surprise. “But don’t worry. I won’t lodge a formal complaint.”

At her look of consternation I explained.

“Look at it from my point of view. I’m simply in the men’s change room having a shower when a couple of women kartal escort walk in, look me over, and start making comments about my genitalia. But do I complain? No. I rise above that. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to take my shower.”

“We did not comment on your, ah, that is, we didn’t mention your, um, genitalia,” said Petra, blushing.

“Yes, you did. You accused me of having an erection. Don’t let it worry you. Like I said, I just put that down to your innocence.”

“It looks like a fucking erection to me,” I heard Michelle mutter.

“Obviously you haven’t seen a proper erection,” I chided. “When you do you’ll recognise the difference between an erection and a half-mast. An erection stands tall and is ready for action. A half-mast has just swollen a little while it contemplates if there is any reason to get excited. Don’t worry. It’ll die down fairly soon.”

For some reason both girls were now glaring at me.

“What?” I said.

“Oh, nothing you need to worry about,” snapped Michelle. “We’ll just take our unattractive selves to one of the other showers.”

I reviewed what I’d said. I suppose it could be interpreted to mean that they weren’t worth my getting a boner.

“Ah. I didn’t actually mean that you were unattractive. More a case of I can’t see any benefit in getting excited about a pair of unsophisticated virgins. Petra would have a heart attack if she thought she might be in danger of sex.”

My helpful explanation went down like a lead balloon, both girls glaring at me even harder.

“What?” I said, spreading my hands and looking baffled.

“Why are you so insistent that we’re unsophisticated virgins?” demanded Petra, while Michelle’s glare seemed to agree.

“Aren’t you?” I asked. “I was just assuming it was so from the way you reacted to seeing a naked man.”

The girls looked at each other and didn’t seem to know how to answer that. I decided to help them out.

“So, if I’m wrong, which one aren’t you? Virgin or unsophisticated?”

Michelle looked me right in the eye and spoke firmly.

“Why don’t you just go and fuck yourself?” she asked me.

I laughed and headed towards the shower. They could do what they liked. There was some urgent whispering and then silence. When I reached the shower and turned around I wasn’t too surprised to see the girls approaching the showers, but now looking a little dismayed.

“What’s the problem now? You can just ignore me while I shower and I’ll be out of your way.”

“We have cubicles in our showers,” muttered Petra. “You just have a long strip with half a dozen showers.”

“I’d forgotten about that,” grumbled Michelle.

I raised an eyebrow. “You’ve snuck in here for a shower before?”

She shrugged. “Why not? No crowding and plenty of hot water.”

“Just the occasional man left lying around,” I murmured, and she blushed.

“This is the first time. I only pick nights when none of the men’s teams have a practice. You’re not supposed to be here.”

“Special dispensation,” I informed her. “We’ve got a competition coming up and I have to keep in form. If you’re going to have a shower, hop in. I’ll even scrub your back for you.”

Michelle shrugged and stepped into the shower next to me. Not what you would call a bashful girl. Petra on the other hand seemed to be getting nervous again.

“Ah, ‘Chelle,” she said, jerking her head toward me. “‘Chelle,” she repeated, speaking louder when Michelle seemed to be ignoring her.”

Michelle looked at Petra and Petra jerked her head towards me again. Michelle glanced at me and then back at Petra, frowning.


“That is not a bloody half-mast,” Petra whispered, but not so low that I didn’t hear it.

Michelle and I both glanced down and it was plain that the girls would in future know the difference between an erection and a half-mast.

“I’ll tell you what,” I said. “The pair of you swear to me that you’re virgins and I’ll make sure our little friend leaves you strictly alone.”

“And if we’re not?” asked Michelle.

“Then you take your chances.”

“There won’t be any chances. If you intend to ask me for sex the answer will be no,” snapped Petra.

“I assume that means Petra is a non-virgin, which surprises me,” I murmured quietly to Michelle. “And you?”

“You’ve seen my boyfriend. What do you think?”

I had indeed seen her boyfriend. He was the type of guy that could get a girl pregnant by shaking hands with her. The chances that Michelle had kept her virtue around him were slender and none.

“Then I guess you both have to take your chances, don’t you?”

From the looks the girls gave me they weren’t rating my chances very high. However they did relax and start having their showers. Pretty pendik escort soon they were clowning around and Michelle bumped into me. I gave her a friendly pat on the bum, and things started to get a bit mixed up at that point.

To put it simply, we were horse-playing in the showers. There was nothing sexual about it. It was just good clean fun, but we happened to be nude. Our showers were effectively over and we were due to turn them off and get dry when the accident happened.

While I said that the fun wasn’t sexual, there was that underlying knowledge that we were male and female, and my erection had not gone down. At various stages both Michelle and Petra had bumped up against it, but none of us had said anything, but there had definitely been enough interaction to keep me fully aroused.

Then Michelle dropped her shampoo. So she picked it up. She wasn’t facing me at the moment and all she had to do was bob down, grab the shampoo and stand again. Did she? Not on your life. She bent over, legs firmly placed to give her support, just arching forward and down, leaving her mound on full display.

Not only on display but obviously aroused, her lips puffy, her inner lips swollen and protruding and slightly parted. All this mere inches from my groin. What could I do? One hand lightly on her back to help steady her and my cock was having its way with her in no time flat. I just pushed, felt her pushing back, and then I was firmly sheathed inside of her.

Michelle had given a squeal as I took her, but I’d stake anything you like that it wasn’t a squeal of protest. Unfortunately, Petra didn’t see it that way. She grabbed Michelle’s arm and jerked her away from me, unfortunately accomplishing her mission because neither Michelle nor I were expecting it.

“Animal,” she shrieked. “How could you? You know the school rules and you have to ask if you want sex. You can’t just grab a girl like that. What on earth is poor Michelle feeling right now?”

From the look on her face a mixture of frustrated lust and laughter. Probably the same look that was on mine, but I might have had a touch more frustration with a little bit of irritation thrown in. Those school rules about asking every step of the way if you could go further were insane. A nightmare dreamed up by rabid women’s libbers, overdosed on political correctness. Fortunately, there was a loophole.

I grabbed Petra and dragged her up against me, my hands closing firmly over her bottom.

“Ask? Quite right,” I said softly. “And the answer to your request is a firm yes.”

With that I lifted Petra, letting her feel my cock dragging against her mound. When she was high enough I pressed her against the shower wall, sliding my hands down to grasp and part her thighs. Then my cock was pressing against her pussy, slowly easing past her entrance and starting to explore. Despite any protest she might make she was hot and wet, and not just from the shower.

“What are you doing?” she squealed. “I haven’t said you could do this. You have to ask. It’s in the rules.”

“I know. The politically correct rules. They don’t state that the man has to ask the woman. They state that the partner who wants to initiate sex has to ask the other person. All very PC, catering for normal and homosexual relationships. Now as far as I’m concerned, your coming into the men’s change room, stripping and hopping under the shower with me, and copping a number of feels along the way, are just your way of asking. And I’m accepting.”

I pressed a bit harder, sliding a little deeper.

“Oh my god. You’re doing it. You’re trying to fuck me. I wasn’t asking. You’re supposed to ask.” A moments silence. Then in a very small voice she added, “I wasn’t copping a feel, as you so crudely put it.”

I just grinned at her. She had been and we both knew it. She was blushing, then squealing again as I pushed further in.

“Oh, oh my god, what are you doing,” she gasped, looking shocked.

“What does it feel like,” I returned, amused. I knew she wasn’t a virgin. We were already past that point. Like I said, she was hot and wet so I thought, what the hell, and gave a determined push, taking myself all the way into her. Then I just stayed like that, holding her nailed to the wall.

Petra’s eyes were big and round and she was staring at me with an astonished expression.

I eased her legs up so that they were wrapped around me. This also had the effect of pushing me just a little deeper, drawing a gasp from Petra.

“Arms on my shoulders and move with me,” I said softly.

Her arms promptly wrapped around me and she was looking at me, seeming to want to watch my face, apparently getting reassurance from me. I smiled at her and started to move.

Her eyes opened even wider and she gasped. kurtköy escort I was only moving gently, small movements, helping her to adjust to me inside her, but she wasn’t reacting, just clutching me and letting it happen.

“Come on, sweetheart,” I whispered. “Move with me. Push against me when I do this.”

This was a slightly harder thrust and Petra seemed to start, a small shudder running through her. Then she was moving, inexpertly pushing against me, not quite picking up the rhythm. I kept it slow and Petra adapted.

Pretty soon she was rocking with me, making little squeaking sounds as we went. Then I started to up the stakes a little, pulling further out and returning harder, starting to really take her.

Petra started making little whimpering sounds, clinging desperately to me, her hips working overtime as she thrust herself against me. She was gasping, her nails were biting into my shoulders and her legs were clamped tightly around me as she rode me. I was beginning to suspect I was being raped.

Whatever was happening, my cock and I certainly enjoyed it. I pounded into Petra, driving in hard and feeling her respond. Then she was squealing, her cries getting louder, and I promptly covered her mouth with mine to swallow the cries.

She climaxed. Way before I expected her to and, from the shocked expression on her face, something she hadn’t expected. I could feel her clamping around me, but I had nothing for her yet. Then she just seemed to sag against me, supported by me and the wall behind her.

I gave Michelle a startled look. She was looking both amused and thoughtful.

“I take it she’s climaxed and you haven’t?” she asked, and I nodded.

“Normally I would insist that it’s my turn, but I think it would be better if you just continued with Petra. I think she’s had a rough time, sex-wise, from an inept boyfriend. She’d get awfully nervous about the subject, saying she just didn’t like it. See how she goes when you keep taking her.”

How nice. I now had a part time job as a sex therapist. Ah, well. There are worse hobbies.

After a few moments Petra began to stir. She looked surprised to see me for a moment, and then the fact that I was still inside her registered. She gasped and pushed at me. Possibly to push me away and off, but if that was so she went about it the wrong way. Her pushing against my shoulders meant that our hips came closer together, sort of a fulcrum effect. This meant that my cock pushed more firmly into her, with her pussy making no resistance.

She blushed and opened her mouth. Suspecting that she was going to tell me to get off I covered her mouth with my own and resumed my interrupted labours. Petra gave a passive resistance for a good ten seconds and then her hips were moving again. First tentatively, then with more assurance as the familiar feelings started stirring in her again.

As far as I was concerned, Petra had had her climax. Now it was my turn. I pumped into her, my groin coming hard up against hers with a wet slap, driving myself into her deep and hard. She took it, rushing to meet me, relaxing when I withdrew and then pushing forward to welcome me back as I slapped home again.

She was back to making her whimpering, squeaking sounds again, gasping and clinging while her hips came at me, demanding more of me. I gave her more, coming at her harder and faster, well on the way to my own climax this time.

Then I was drilling in, gasping as I sprayed her, feeling her clamping down on me again, frantically seeking her mouth to stop the screams that were starting up, feeling her shaking and trembling against me.

I disengaged, stepping back a little so that the shower could continue washing me down. Michelle stepped forward, supporting Petra, easing her under the next shower and helping to wipe her down.

I’d turned off my shower and was drying myself off when Petra finally snapped out of her daze. She straightened up and looked first at me and then at Michelle.

“Wow,” was all she said.

Michelle laughed. “Wow, is right,” she agreed. “And may I point out it was supposed to be my wow.”

“Oh. Sorry,” Petra apologised, not sounding the least bit sorry.

The two girls then turned and looked at me, their faces seeming to say without words that my absence would be preferred over my presence.

“Um, listen, I’ll just push off and get dressed,” I said, “and leave you to do the same.”

Petra was drying herself and I took the moment to have a quiet word with Michelle.

“I like to finish things I start and you’re now down as unfinished business. I just thought I should tell you.”

She gave me a superior smirk.

“Best of luck,” she said. “You’ll have to work at it.”

I smiled back. I’d be around hunting her and she knew it. She might give me a bit of a run-around, but I’d eventually catch her, and I suspect she knew it.

As I walked away I could hear Petra chattering excitedly, too softly for me to hear what she was saying. She sounded happy though, so that was OK.

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