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It’s been about six months since we found out Crystal was pregnant. My wife my sister and I her brother and her husband. We both want children and we don’t care that we’re brother and sister. Our love keeps us going. She looks unbelievable pregnant. He breasts have gotten so much larger and all she wants to do is fuck. And that’s pretty much all we do. After we found out she was pregnant we moved to a different city and started a new life. She and I both have new jobs and have a wonderful house. We’re getting ready for the baby. We have a room set up for him or her. We hope its twins. But we’ll be happy either way.

We had a few bumps in the road since we’ve moved. She used her strap on dildo on me. I had sex with a man. She slept with a black guy. But luckily we made it through. Some desires don’t die I guess. I suppose that we needed to get these desires out of our systems.

But soon all that changed one sunny afternoon. I came home from work and she wasn’t home. Her car was there but she wasn’t there. I found her cell phone on the nightstand. There were no notes for me anywhere, nothing to indicate where she went. I searched the house to see if she was hiding. But she was nowhere. I checked my e-mail but there was nothing from her. I really began to freak out. Where could she be? What could’ve happened to her? I get restless and drive around town.

I’m still unfamiliar with the area so I only go to places that I’m güvenilir bahis familiar with. I start by going to this gay bar that Crystal and I picked up that man who slept with me. I look around and order a coke. She’s not there. I then go to this other nearly all black bar, the one where Crystal found her black lover. I ask for her, but she’s not there. I then hit up the grocery store. She’s nowhere to be found. What could have happened? I then go to this new porn store she and I frequent, she’s not there, I even check the theater. Where the fuck could she be? I then go home.

I have a hard time at home. I take a shot of vodka with a sleeping pill. I fall asleep and I wake up throughout the night. She’s not at home! What can I do? This has gotten even worse. I go to work but get little accomplished. All I do is sit there and think about Crystal. I keep checking my phone and e-mail. She’s nowhere to be found. I can’t take it. This has finally gotten to me! I don’t want to file a missing person’s report, but I’m tempted. I decide against it. I go home that night frazzled. I watch TV but I can’t pay attention to anything. I decide to go to bed around midnight. I get into bed and I hear the front door open. I jump out of bed and run to the front door. I get there in time to see Crystal shutting the door.

“Where have you been,” I ask as she walks in.

“I…I lo…” she starts, “I lost it, our child,”

“What,” I ask türkçe bahis in disbelief, “what happened?”

“I had some pains in my abdomen,” she says, “I knew it was over right then and there. I knew I was going to lose it.”

“I’m so sorry,” I reply while I give her a hug.

“Don’t be,” she says before kissing me, “I knew in the back of my mind that we couldn’t have a child.”

“What,” I ask again.

“I knew we couldn’t,” she starts, “when I had the pains I called a cab and went to the clinic. They said my body was going to reject the child anyways. I didn’t tell them about us. So I had an abortion.”

“So what now,” I ask.

“I don’t know,” she says in a quiet voice.

She walks away after saying that last comment and walks to the bathroom. I follow her. She takes off her clothes and looks over her body. She looks different now. Her breasts are sagging and her body has stretch marks. She looks rough.

“I love you,” I say as I walk up behind her.

“I know,” she says, “look at my body. I look awful, my body looks hideous, and I’m not a M.I.L.F. I can’t believe six months of pregnancy can do this to you!”

“So what now,” I ask.

“I don’t know,” she says as she leaves the bathroom.

I stay in the bathroom to take a leak and pick up her clothes. I carry her clothes into the bedroom. I put them in the dirty clothes hamper. I see her sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Get güvenilir bahis siteleri undressed,” she asks.

I comply and walk over to her. She’s sitting there with her legs crossed; she has on her good shoes. And I look between her legs to see her purple dildo proudly attached to her.

“May I,” I ask.

“Yes,” she replies.

I begin to suck on the dildo. I give it a furious blowjob, unlike any I ever have before. I jerk it off and deepthoat it so hard I nearly gag. It’s been almost six months since we’ve played with the dildo and I definitely needed this. She face fucks me so hard a few times. She stands up and I remain on my knees and she face fucks me some more.

“I’m gonna cum,” I exclaim.

“In my mouth,” she says as she gets on her knees and I stand up. I have an intense orgasm as she gently plays with my faghole.

She directs me to the bed and I lie down. She then gets over me with the cum in her mouth and lets it slide off her tongue into my mouth. I swallow every drop of it. It tastes kind of salty but I needed to taste it again.

“Oh my god,” I say lying on the bed.

“Did you like it,” she asks.

“Yes,” I reply, “I needed that. I want more now!”

“There’ll be plenty more faggot,” she smirks as she takes the strap on dildo off.

“I can’t wait,” I reply.

“Are you ready to be my faggot,” she asks while kissing me.

“Yes ma’am,” I reply.

“Good,” she laughs as she picks up the phone.

“I love you,” I say as I begin to drift off.

“I love you too faggot,” she says as she gently strokes my head, “yes it’s me how have you…”

To be continued in ‘To Get to Her’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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