Mom , Daughter Night Ch. 2

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I was still catching my breath lying between her spread legs with my cock going soft inside of her pussy. She still had her legs wrapped around me and I could feel her pussy still twitching around my cock.

“You came, right?” I inquired. I didn’t really know because of the intensity of my orgasm.

She took my right hand from under her shoulder and put it down under her ass. The sheets were soaking. “What do you think?” she asked. I laid down on top of her. I could feel my stomach rubbing in the cum that had dripped onto her belly.

“I’m sorry I came so fast this first time, I’ll get hard in a minute.”

“Mmmm, don’t worry, I needed to cum too.” She said. “And don’t worry about your erection right now, you’ll be hard all night if I have anything to do with it.”

I laid my head down over her left shoulder. “It’s such a turn on to fuck an older women and cum in her” I whispered in her ear. She whispered back. “That mother-son thing really turned me on too.” With that she turned her mouth to mine and we got in to a pretty sloppy French kiss. I started to lick her neck and said, “Can you still taste your pussy on my mouth? Can you taste how good it is?”

“Did you taste your own dick? Could you taste all the cum I swallowed from your young cock?”

She was starting to stroke my cock with her vagina and I was getting a little hard again in her pussy. While she went on. “I want to you tell me how to get you off tonight. I meant what I said when you came in me. I WANT to be your slut tonight. Tell me the dirtiest things that you’ve ever wanted to do and I’ll do it.”

“You’ve got a big drop of my cum in your hair.” I said as I scooped it out of her hair with two fingers and dripped it over her mouth. She sucked both fingers in her mouth and starting giving my fingers a blowjob. “I’ll lick your cum from anywhere you want” she said as she gobbled. Tell me what you want?”

“Keep talking dirty to me. Keep telling me how much you want to be a slut.” I was starting to get pretty erect inside her and she could feel it. Her hips where starting to move up and down slowly. “Will you lick the cum off my dick right now? Will you lick it after it’s all covered with your pussy juice?”

She quickly wrapped her legs tight around my back and rolled me over so she was on top. My dick never slid out of her cum filled pussy. Her nipples where hard again and her tits have a wonderful firm curvature to them. Looking up at her and knowing that I was buried to the hilt still in her pussy was really turning me on. I reached up with both hands and began pulling on her nipples with the skin between my thumb and forefinger and holding both firm breasts in my hands. They where still wet from our sweat and other body juices from earlier. I could feel something running down my balls

“Do you want me to suck your cock right now? As she moved her ass back and forth a bit. “Do you want me to lick all of your cum off your young cock right now and make it nice and clean so you can pump another load into my pussy” I wrapped my hands around her ass and slid my right hand under her pussy. I used my pointer finger and my fuck finger to wrap around my cock and spread her pussy apart. “Stick your fingers in your pussy right now and lick them” I said.

With that she reached down with her left hand and pulled my arm out from under her and started moving my pussy-coated hand up to her mouth. At the same time she slid the two fingers from her right hand right over her pussy and pushed them straight down over the base of the shaft of my cock. She slid up and down a couple times as I watched her lick my fingers that had just been on her pussy. She had that look in her eyes again. “You like watching me suck don’t you? You like to see me sucking.”

“I wanna watch the spit running out of your mouth. I wanna see you be a big slut who just wants cock everywhere. I WANT you to just want cock in all of your holes. I want you to pendik escort be the biggest dirtiest slut that you’ve ever been.”

With that she shoved two fingers into her pussy. The feeling was incredible as her knuckles rubbed on my dick. “Good,” she said “fuck some cum out of me so I can lick if off of your dick. Do you want me to lick your cum? Do you want me to suck your cock clean of cum. All the cum from my pussy? Is that what you want?” “yesss” was all I could hiss.

With that she lifted her hips off of my cock with her fingers still inside her pussy. There where long strands of cum and pussy juice running from her pussy to the head of my dick. I could see that my dick was coated in our cum. She used her fingers to spread her pussy wide open and I could see she was squeezing her pussy muscles. She looked down at me with those same wanton eyes and said “I wanna taste more of your cum off of your dick right now. I’m going to drip it out of my pussy and lick it off. Is that what you want to see? Do you want to see a woman old enough to be your mother be a big slut for your cock?”

“Suck me now.” I said. She quickly moved to the side and put her mouth down over my cock. Then she began stroking with her hands and mouth. Up and down. “Oh, god, you suck good” I said. She wasn’t even trying to keep the juices in her mouth. “mmmm, licking your cum” she mouthed out. She was rubbing my cock all over her face and muttering, “licking your young cock clean” and then back in to suck more.

Now I was talking “Oh, yea baby, suck all of the cum off. Lick your pussy juices up. Be a big slut for me. I know you sucked cock before I was even born. You’re making me really hard watching you. I’m thinking about how many times your pussy has had cock in it. How many times you’ve been fucked and pumped full of cum. I want to fuck your cum filled pussy more.”

Then she pulled it out again with her mouth in the shape of an “o” and big long strands of saliva and cum running from the head of my dick to her mouth she rubbing it in her hair. “I want to you smell the cum in my hair when you’re sliding your cock in my wet hole. When you’re fucking my used pussy.”

I grabbed the sides of her hips and pulled her pussy to my face so that we where in a 69. I looked up at her big open pussy gash. Her lips where nice and puffy and covered in juices. They were also still wide open and ready to get fucked more. She must have really gotten hot while she was sucking me because there was juice running down her thighs. I reached around with both hands and pulled her hairy pussy apart. It still smelled like her pussy but I could smell my cum too. I took two fingers from each hand and pushed them into her hole and slid them back out. I used my thumbs to rub her clit, which was huge. Then I started to rub all the juices over her ass and thighs. Then it seemed that she couldn’t take it any more because she shoved her whole cunt back onto my face and I shoved my tongue in her wet pussy and started licking. There was so much juice flowing onto my face I was drinking from her pussy. She kept sliding her open cunt up and down on my mouth and rubbing her clit on my chin. She was fucking my face and then her thigh where clamped around my head. I could still feel her sucking my dick but it was more like she was just holding onto my balls and cock with one hand and her mouth was just wrapped around it. I wanted to eat her and make her cum. I started sucking on her clit and rolling it between my teeth. Then sticking my tongue back in her cunt. I used my fingers to spread her pussy wide apart. My fingers where getting so wet I finally felt her asshole and slid a finger in. I had my mouth on her clit at the time and she shoved back into my face so hard I thought I would never breathe again. I started to open her ass with both hands like I had done with her pussy and slowly playing with one finger around the rim. She was on fire. She started bucking and then she was tuzla escort cumming. She tightened her thighs around my head, shoved her cunt down on my face with my tongue buried in between her pussy lips and came. And came. My face was covered in her juice.

She lifted her hips off of my face and swung them around so she was once again sitting on me. My cock was fully erect and wanting to be inside something. She sat down on it with her wet pussy and rubbed back and forth but not so that it would slide inside.

“You really want to fuck me now don’t you?” she asked as she rubbed back and forth. “Yes, I REALLY wanna fuck you right now!” I said. She continued to rub back and forth. “You really got me off when you sucked my cunt. It’s all sloppy and wet and ready to get fucked some more. You want to fuck my sloppy wet cunt don’t you? It’s been fucked a lot. My cunts had lots of cum in it. You want to cum in it again don’t you? You wanna fuck me deep? Huh? Do you? You sucked on my used pussy that you filled with cum. You ate my fucked pussy. You made me cum on your face.” And she kept rubbing back and forth faster and faster but not letting me in. “What else do you want to do to me? Where else do you want to fuck me?” It was turning into a pretty neat little game here but I really needed to feel the inside of her pussy again.

“Stick my young cock in your used pussy so I can fuck it while I tell you what I want” She immediately grabed my dick and lined it up perfectly into her pussy. “Now you’re in my fuck hole again. Tell me what you want. Tell me the crudest things you’ve ever wanted.”

“I want to cum in your ass” I want to bend you over and fuck your ass and hear you begging me to pump your ass full of cum like I did to your pussy.” She started to slide back and forth faster. I reached around and started to feel her ass. I had both hands around her hot ass cheeks as she slid back and forth. “Are you going to stick your fingers in my ass now? Is that what you’re going to do? Are you gonna loosen me up so you can fuck me there? Are you going to finger my ass while you fuck my pussy?” Does my fucked cunt hole feel good wrapped around your young cock?

Ooohh, you’re hairy fucked cunt feels great fucking my cock. Stick your fingers in your hole again and lick them. Lick the cum off of them” Then she shoved her fingers into her pussy and then into her mouth. “I can still taste your cum. I can still taste it. Suck on my tits while you fuck me. C’mon, suck on them.” With that she shoved a sticky saliva covered nipple in my mouth.

The nipple was like the tip of a missile. The Areolas also had all kinds of little bumps on around the nipples. “Suck on my boobs baby, suck on them while I fuck your cock with my hairy pussy. Did you see any gray hair in my cunt when I had it shoved in your mouth baby? I know my age makes you harder. Did you like eating my cunt after you fucked it? My cum filled older pussy? Do you like fucking it and sucking on my tits? Do you like that it’s been fucked a lot by a lot of guys. Does that turn you on? I’ve had lots of cock.”

I was a raging hard on now and humping up to her pussy. I continued to really suck on her nipples. “Mmmmm. C’mon Suck on them. See if you can get any milk out baby. Pull on the other one” and then she pulled one nipple out and stuck the other one in my mouth. “Squeeze them honey. Squeeze them and suck on them.”

I took both hands form her boobs and wrapped them around her ass again. “Ooohhh, bite me a little. Bite my tits while I fuck you. Oooh, you’re sticking your fingers in my ass.” As she was sliding back and forth on my cock I had shoved two fingers in her ass. I could feel my cock on the other side. Each time she slid back onto my cock she also slid onto my fingers. “I’m fucking you now baby. I’m fucking your young cock with my pussy and I’m gonna let you stick it in my ass too. I’m gonna fuck you with my ass. mmmm tell me what else you wanna do, c’mon, tell kartal escort me. Tell me something really dirty. Tell me now while I fuck your cock.”

“Do you really want me to tell you everything I’ve always wanted to do? Do you really wanna hear? Right now while I’m pumping your cum filled cunt and finger fuckin your ass”

” yessss baby, yes,”

“I wanna fuck your cunt and your daughters. Just when I ‘m about to cum in her pussy I wanna pull out and cum in yours.”

“Is that what you’ve always wanted? Is that it? You wanna fuck a mother and a daughter?” She asked between strokes. I nodded. “Well you’ll just have to fuck me now. I’m the mother. I’m the mother riding your young cock.” I shoved another finger in her ass.

“Oohh, you mother fucker.” She gasped

“I want your cock in my ass. Right now. I want it now.” With that got up off of me stood beside the bed, and said “follow me” I started to get out of the bed and was mesmerized by how hot she looked. Her body was mature, and made me hard just looking at her. She had ever the slightest paunch in her thin belly I imagined holding her belly while I fucked her ass. I followed her into the bathroom where she already had a bottle of baby oil. She was rubbing it on her hands and it was dripping on the floor. She grabbed my cock and started stroking it with the baby oil. “You’ll need this.” She handed me the bottle and turned around to face the mirror. Her body was bent over slightly with her round ass facing me. “Rub some oil in my ass. I’ll help you get in. Keep rubbing the oil around my ass when we start fucking. I want to watch your face in the mirror when you cum in my ass.”

I poured some oil on her ass as she reached back and grabbed my cock and lead it to her asshole. “Are you ready fuck my ass? Are you ready to fuck me with your young cock in my ass? C’mon and stick the head in now” she hissed. I got the head of my cock in and slowly began working the rest of the way in. It was slow going. She was very tight. Finally after I was about halfway in I laid my chest on her back and put my hands under to her cunt. I spread her pussy and rubbed her clit. “oooh, that feels good. Shove in now.” With that it was as if her ass opened up and sucked me all the way in. “I saw the expression of her face in the mirror. It was kind of like a sigh of pleasure when my balls slapped into her pussy. She looked at me in the mirror. “Now fuck me slow. Nice and slow. How does it feel?” I could barely speak. It was so tight. “It feels great” as I slid out a bit. “Can you see it going in and out?’ she asked. I stood more upright again and looked down as my shorts strokes where going in and out of her hot ass. “Does my ass look good getting fucked?” she asked.

I poured some more oil on her ass and on her back. It ran down around her waist and I started to smear her body with the baby oil. I rubbed it on her tits and pulled on her nipples. I swear to god I was getting harder and harder by all this touching. We weren’t fucking like crazy, just nice strokes. Slow, deep, in, out.

“Are you gonna cum soon?” she panted. “Yea can’t last long. This feels so fucking good”

“uuummmmnnnn, are you gonna cum in my ass. Is that what you wanted?

“Yea, I’m gonna pump your ass full of my cum.”

“I wanna feel it. I wanna feel it. Oh, Valerie said I needed to get fucked in the ass. I wanna drain your cock of cum in my ass. I’m ready baby. Cum in me again. Cum deep in my ass”

I was so deep in her I just kinda stayed there and tried to get deeper. I had four fingers in her pussy and she was looking at me in the mirror.

“Yes, yes, now cum in me. Cum in me now. I’m cumming I’m cumming again.” With that her eyes rolled into her head and she shoved back onto my cock and fingers. “I’m gonna cum in your ass Suzanne. I’m gonna cum!” She reached between her legs and began squeezing my balls. “Cum deep. Cum deep. Ooooh, I can feel you. I can feel you. Ooohh, there’s so much. Ooohh empty your balls in me.”

I could barely breathe I was so lighted headed. She had sucked so much cum out of me. This was the second best orgasm I had ever had. The first was just an hour earlier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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