More Than Friends

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Thanks to Lady Christabel for editing the story.

We had been friends since High School. We met when she was sixteen and I was seventeen. We’ve remained best friends for six years now. We never even talked about having anything more than friendship. She is a gorgeous woman; short, about 160cm and very slim, nice firm tits, and what I like the most a nice flat stomach. Myself, I’m 197 cm and muscular. We both have brown hair and eyes. These days, we both study at the same University, approximately sixty miles from our hometown and live in the same apartment.

Everything started when I began wearing thongs occasionally. I’m not a shy man, so I walked in them around the house mornings or before we went to bed. On the other hand, she is rather shy. Sometimes, I could catch a glimpse of her wearing only underwear, usually a thong. One morning, I went to the bathroom to take a shower and shave my dick and my chest. When I came back, wearing only my thong, she was still laying in her bed. I went into her room to get her bed out of bed. She turned over and had a nice smile on her face.

“You shave your chest.” She said.

“Sure, I told you that.” I replied.

“Do you shave anything else?” She asked with a sly smile on her face.

“Yes, everything.”

“I’d like to see that,” she said and raised herself on her elbows.

She ran güvenilir bahis her hand up my leg, over my crotch and up to my nipple. I was already almost completely hard; and since she was playing with my nipple, I got harder and harder. I thought, ‘What the heck, go with it,’ so I lowered my head and kissed her lips. It began as a soft kiss, but soon became a passionate kiss. Our tongues played and fought with each other. My hand cupped her face and slowly slid to her left breast, my hand over her pyjama top. She had the nicest breasts I have ever had in my hand, not large but firm. Her hand slipped from my nipple, down to my waist. In a smooth, quick movement, she slid my thong down and my full eight-inch length sprang out.

She brushed her hand over my dick, to my freshly shaved balls and my first moan escaped. The second moan erupted when her hand glided around to my ass and she nicely massaged my hole. She broke our kiss and moved down my body. Her tongue grazed my neck, over my right nipple and down to my dick. She looked at my cock a couple of seconds then licked it. Her tongue traced down my shaft and took one of my balls in her mouth. She swirled it around, sucking and licking it. She stroked my rock-hard dick with one hand and massaged my ass with the other. I moaned aloud when her mouth left my balls and moved to my dick. In one long deep-throated türkçe bahis stroke, she took my entire length in her mouth. I thought I would cum at that very second.

I started to slide off her pyjama top; I wanted to caress her naked breasts. However, I couldn’t get it past her neck, because she was slowly sucking on my dick. Although her top wasn’t completely removed, her breasts were still naked. I massaged her breasts and nipples with my fingers, occasionally pinching a nipple and hearing her moans of pleasure. Her excitement grew and she sucked my dick more energetically and moaned a couple of times. The vibrations in her throat sent me over the edge. I started cumming in her mouth. Loudly, I shouted my pleasure as she swallowed every drop of cum. She drank it as though she would die if she missed a drop. Then, she looked at me and smiled. I wanted to taste myself in her mouth, so I bent down and kissed her, both tasting my cum in each other’s mouths. “Well, this was a surprise,” I said when we broke the kiss for a moment.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time, so fuck me.” With that, she grabbed me and pulled me on top of her. She began kissing me, but I wanted to taste her. I broke the kiss and first licked her ear, then kissed her eyes. My tongue left a path of saliva, as I tasted her skin all the way to her breasts. I took one nipple in my güvenilir bahis siteleri mouth and fondled the other with my fingers. She writhed under me, moaning. I wanted to feel her wet pussy, so I kissed down her body with my tongue. My lips grazed across her beautiful flat stomach and smooth skin, down to her waist. I pulled down her pyjama bottoms, but left the white thong she was wearing. I pulled down her pyjama bottom, my lips remained on her; so, I kissed her inner thighs and down to her ankles.

I was at her feet, looked up and saw the most beautiful view of my life. She lay naked wearing only her panties and waiting for me. My mouth went straight to the wet spot I saw on her panties. I licked her pussy through the cotton material and could taste her; her taste was like honey. I quickly pulled off her panties and licked her pussy again; I was thirsty for her juice as if I hadn’t drank anything for a month. My mouth left her for only a moment as I bent her legs; her feet almost touched her head. This gave me full access to her nice ass, so swirled my tongue around it. Then, my tongue dipped into her wet pussy and to her clit. I took her clit into my mouth and tasted her. Enjoying her moaning, I returned to her ass, licking and tonguing it.

I licked her pucker, until she became accustomed to the feeling and relaxed her sphincter. I pushed a finger into her wet cunt; and in that moment, she relaxed. My tongue drove into her ass; a second later she was screaming. She came so hard my face was covered in her cum. I moved to her lips and kissed her passionately, sharing her taste.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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