Muscular Introduction Pt. 02

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As the door slammed shut behind Amanda, I walked over, locked it and rested my head against the cold wooden frame breathing out heavily.

What had just happened there? Had I just agreed to go and cheat on my boyfriend with his mother? I could still taste her kiss on my lips, my fingers still tingling from where I had traced the outlines of her hard muscles. The site of her bare muscular breasts straining and stretching in front of me, their hardness bouncing before my eyes.

Turning round, my back pressed against the door, I ungracefully slid down it, my head bowed.

What was my boyfriend’s mum, Amanda doing? More importantly, what was I doing?

Opening my eyes as I sat in a heap by the front door, I could see my nipples hard against my t-shirt. I could feel them tight in my bra, I felt damp between my legs.

Whatever I was doing, I was Sarah, living with John and aroused by his mother.


As Amanda jumped into her car before she drove home, she grabbed a sports bra from the front seat to cover her breasts. Slapping the thick material over her hard pecs, she wound the windows down on the car, hung a muscular arm out and drove off at speed.

The car was silent apart from the roar of the engine as she drove aggressively through the town centre, past the bar when Sarah and John both worked, and took the main road back to her house.

The house had been given to her as part of her divorce settlement from John’s father, James. Every time she pulled onto the drive, and entered the empty house she cursed him. The cheating no good bastard, who had waited for John to leave home, before disappearing with his much younger slut of a girlfriend.

Her face was set hard as she walked into the dark and empty house. Walking past her living room, dining room and kitchen, she opened a side door and entered her empty gym. Pulling off her bra and tracksuit bottoms she stood naked in front of a full length mirror. The spot lights from the ceiling angled to show the bulges and ripples of her powerful body.

Amanda lifted her huge fifty year old arms and flexed them hard. Her small breasts tightened as her immense pec muscles constricted her chest. Hard six pack muscles looked back at her as she tensed her entire body. Lowering one arm she ran it over her prominent labia and clit that poked through her dense pubic hair, before slapping herself brutally.

The slap, even though it connected with her wild pubic hair, was like a gunshot in the empty room.

“Yes”, she said to herself roughly, as she slapped herself again, her mind turning to Sarah.

Turning on her heel slightly to look closer at her naked body, her thighs exploded, the muscles at the top of her legs opening her labia wider.

She slapped herself a third time, shouting at herself, “Yes, Sarah, yes”, and roughly inserted three fingers into herself.

Pushing her fingers deeper, she furiously worked her clit with her thumb. Watching her reflection in the mirror her muscular body tensing and relaxing as she thought of Sarah’s young busty body. She thought of those large breasts on Sarah’s skinny frame, imagined biting down on Sarah’s nipples and making the younger woman worship her.

Without changing the pace of her furious self love, Amanda reached orgasm in less than a minute. Her juices squirting over her hand and coating her thick mound of pubic hair. Panting she wiped her sticky hand across six pack abs, and then stopped .

With a loud groan, Amanda lowered her still flexed arm, relaxed her muscles and her face contorted in pain. The shooting pains across her back were getting worse, the years of over training finally catching up with her. She limped across the gym and took four different pain killers, swallowing them like sweets, wishing the pain away.


I don’t know how long I sat by the front door, but as the early evening turned into night, I realised it was time for bed. marmaris escort Not that I thought I would be able to sleep, with everything running through my head.

Standing, I walked upstairs, removing my t-shirt and throwing it on the stairs, before taking my bra off eagerly. My large breasts were aching after those two long hours training in the gym earlier.

Walking into the bathroom, I pulled my shorts and knickers down and sat on the toilet. Opposite me in the bathroom mirror, I noticed my nipples had hardened again. I gently touched one, ouch she was hard and sore. Pissing in silence I slid my hand down my stomach and just rested my fingers on the small trimmed tuft of hair above my pussy.

Oh my god that feels good.

I shook my head, ewww, I am not going to get myself off on the toilet. Standing up I walked into the shower, and started to wash. The water was warm on my skin and I turned to face the shower head, the water bouncing off my breasts and running down my stomach.

Again I felt this urge to… No, I cannot get myself off in the shower.


Removing the shower head I brought it down and pushed it hard against my pussy, the water aimed at my clit. Using my free hand I slowly used a fingernail to move my labia and… legs buckled and I almost fell. My pussy felt like it was on fire and all I could think of was the need to release. Greedily I rubbed my clit, hunched over, water spraying everywhere and as I orgasmed, I just wanted to do it again and again.

But it’s not enough. I want the real thing. But with who?


I woke up at 9:00AM as the alarm went off, John turned over and looked at me, half asleep. I smiled and killed the alarm, moving to sit up in bed as quietly as I could. I had heard him come back home after working late, he would be exhausted. So I gradually leant forward to swing my legs out of bed and…

“Fuck”, I roared. My stomach and legs screamed in pain. I tried to grab the sheet and my arms almost exploded in agony.

“Fucking fuck”, I screamed louder and John opened his eyes.

“What”, he said in a dazed voice.

“My arms, legs, shit…” my voice trailed off as I grimaced.

John smiled propping himself up on an elbow. “Oh honey, you trained so hard yesterday, it’s just your body trying to get used to it.

“Shit”, I grumbled, looking down at him, “I feel like I’m ninety years old.”

He laughed as he reached out with a large hand, grabbing my breasts and pulling me towards him. I loved how we could move me as if I weighed nothing. “A long soak in the bath, that’s what you need babe”.

I grimaced as I turned to face him, my back killing me. I reached down and felt this hard dick pressing into my leg.

“Jeez John, you are always hard in bed.” I said, rubbing it slowly.

“I just woke up honey”, he moaned, holding me tighter, “and I really need a piss”.

“Well if you’re too tired for a fuck, you can carry me to the bathroom and run me a bath, whilst you take a piss.”, I whispered and playfully ran my fingernails over his solid abs.

“OK”, he said, sitting up and bending me over his strong arm, lifting me like a feather. I moaned as my aching back pulled before he put a strong hand on my arse. God I love him when he treats me like this, his own little toy he can lift and carry at will. John took me effortlessly into the bath and sat me down at one end. I smiled as he leant over me to turn the water on, his hard dick slapping my breasts.

Giggling I grabbed it, and stroked it a couple of times. “Maybe I could exercise my arms, for a minute.”

He looked down at me and smiled, “sorry babe, I really need to piss.” and half turned to move to the toilet.

“Aww baby”, I said my voice low, “seems a shame to waste your early morning surprise”. I pressed his hard dick against his abs, the tip of his penis next to his belly button.

He looked down at me as I held his marmaris escort bayan dick, leaning forward with a groan, I ran my tongue down the length.

“Babe”, he murmured, a large hand resting on my shoulder.

I leant forward and started to slap my face with his rock hard morning wood. I loved the feel of his powerful dick against my face.

“Babe”, he repeated, “seriously, I just woke up and I really need to piss.”

I held his dick down trailing the end of it across my face. “You’ve done dirtier things to me baby.”

He looked down and saw I was serious. Closing his eyes, I could see him concentrate, his perfect abs contracted and a steady golden stream hit my face. I moaned and pointed his dick back at him, feeling it soften as he urinated.

As his piss hit his rock hard body I rubbed it over his chest and then opened my mouth, letting it pour over my tongue before spitting it back into the bath water. As the stream became a trickle, I pushed his semi erect dick into my mouth, closed my lips around it and sucked.

John moaned and I could feel him start to harden again immediately

As I removed his dick from my mouth, I slapped it against my cheeks. God, he was rock hard already.

“Babe,” I said as I slowly stroked him, “I won’t be home tonight.”

“Uh huh”, as he closed his eyes, his hands on my shoulders.

“I’m off to see my best friend Carrie, not sure when I’ll be back.”

“No worries”, he moaned, “I’m not working, so I’ll just stay in or hit the gym”. His hands were now under my arms and lifting me quickly out of the pissy bath water. I wrapped my legs round his chest and sliding down his body, he angled his hips and pushed his dick towards my pussy.

I guided his dick in and grunted softly, god he filled me well.

“OK babe”, I whispered, “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

He held me in one arm, fucking me and put an hand on my face. “Perfect”.

I looked away from him, hating to lie and concentrated as he held me,on riding him..


Much later in the evening and getting out of my taxi, I looked over my shoulder nervously. My stomach was in knots again as I walked down the drive to Amanda’s house. I could see a light on in one of the upstairs rooms, which illuminated the drive as I walked to her front door.

I had only been here once before with John, and as I looked at the house, downstairs all in darkness, I actually felt intimidated. What the hell was I doing?

Standing outside the front door, I noticed it was slightly ajar with a small handwritten note stuck on it.


I looked at the note and pushed the door open slightly, walking into the gloom of the house. Putting my handbag down, I looked at the stairs and slowly went up them. I couldn’t hear a thing as I rounded the curve of the stairs and in a hesitant voice said “hello”.

Nothing. Looking down the corridor I could see the bedroom at the far end had lights on, so I slowly walked towards it. Standing outside, I didn’t know whether to knock and enter or run away. My heart was almost beating out of my chest as I slowly opened the door and walked into Amanda’s bedroom.

I gasped as I saw her.

She was naked with her back to me. In her hands were the largest pair of dumbbells I had ever seen that she was slowly and painfully lifting above her head and then lowering them. Her muscular back was covered in sweat which glistened under the bright lights in her bedroom.

I noticed with a shock her bedroom windows were wide open and had I have looked up properly when I walked to the house I would have seen her training naked.

“Hello Sarah”, she said quietly as her large arms struggled once more to slowly lift the enormous weights in her hands.

I stared at her muscular back as her shoulders slowly tightened and then loosened with each movement of her arm. “Hi Amanda”, I said simply.

Slowly Amanda leant escort marmaris forward and placed the weights on the ground. She kept her hands on the dumbbells and as she stretched forward, the muscles in her legs contracted and I saw her ass tighten. Guiltily I thought about when I had touched her muscular ass in the shower yesterday.

I stepped forward, my hands instinctively reaching out to touch that muscular ass.

She must have sensed me move as she purred. “Get on the bed”.

I stopped and sat on the end of the large king sized bed, looking at her bent over. What was she wanting to do to me? I had long given up any hope of being in control of this situation.


This was clearly not a request from Amanda, just a command. So I pulled my jacket off and lifted my tshirt over my head. As I reached round to unhook my bra, she stood and looked at me smiling. Amanda slowly moved round and stood in front of me, her chest rising and falling heavily from her exercise. I looked at the large wall of muscles of her abs, each block of power defined and so tempting.

I breathed in, to inhale the powerful woman’s scent. My eyes closed and I leant forward to plant a kiss on her stomach. As I did I felt two powerful hands grab my breasts, thumbs pressed hard against the nipples through my now unhooked bra. Moaning loudly at her touch, I placed both hands flat on her muscular arse, trying in vain to pull her closer.

Kissing her abs again, my tongue probing her belly button, her hands holding my breasts tighter and I tighter, I felt enveloped by this powerful woman.

“Amanda..”, I started, opening my eyes and looking up at her. My hands could feel her arse cheeks, tensing and untensing as I held them, the muscle rippling in my fingers.

“Tell me what you want”, Amanda said more softly this time, but her grip on my breasts was getting harder, her thumbs now pushing my nipples.

Before I could respond, I gave a small shriek in pain at her rough grip. Amanda immediately released my breasts and looking down as my bra slipped down my arms, I could see the marks her strong hands had left on the soft flesh. Without speaking she pushed me back on the bed, a hand holding me down flat across my stomach. Her other hand unbuttoned the fly on my jeans and tugged them down to my knees, my small white knickers exposed.

As I moved to slide my panties down she shook her head. “No, keep them on”.

She walked across the room, as I lay perfectly still not daring to move, and Amanda dragged a weights bar across and then lifted it in both hands. I couldn’t tell the weight on it, but it far eclipsed what I had struggled to lift the other day.

Amanda held the weight with ease and jumped on the bed over me. Her powerful thighs either side of my body, kneeling over me she gripped my tightly with her thighsand lifted the weight.

As her eyes looked down at me coldly, I instinctively knew what to do. Lifting my small hands , I place them on her powerful breasts, my thumbs pressing against her erect nipples. In trying to copy what she had done, I understood. My breasts were soft, hers were simply hard muscle.

As she lowered the weight, we shared a glance and both understood our respective places in this hierarchy. Her on top, me underneath. Struggling under Amanda, I could feel her legs tense, squeezing me harder as she moved the weight up and down. Her hairy pussy on my breasts, sweating, as she strained herself again and again with the heavy weight.

After five minutes she stretched with the weight and put it on the bed above my head, sliding her legs down my body she stretched out on me, two powerful arms round me. I could feel her heart beating against my right breast.

“So Sarah”, as she held me a little tighter.


“Tell me what you want?”

I looked at her, did she want me to say what I wanted. Did I need to spell out the obvious, was this woman somehow looking for permission, or did she just need to hear me say the words. Gazing up at her, I breathed “You Amanda, I want you.”

Amanda smiled for the first time, and looked down at me. “OK Sarah, let’s begin.”

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