Museum Play

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It’s a Tuesday shortly after lunch and I decide to hit the MIA. I just finished a meeting and have time to kill before a dinner reservation in the evening and think it would be a good time to hit the museum. Kids are in school, people should be at work and I should have the place to myself. I am checking my coat when I first see you. Tall, statuesque and beautiful dressed stylishly in a skirt and white blouse, a camera in your hand. I watch your bottom sway as you head into the museum.

Not thinking too much more about it I enter the museum myself and begin to wander the halls. The pace is empty and it is wonderful to be able to stand and contemplate at my own speed without distraction. I decide to start at the top and visit the modern works first. I may not always understand them but I try to appreciate them nonetheless. In my own little world a sound draws me out. First it is the click of high heels on the floor and then it is the click and wind of an old school camera. Intrigued I look up and there you are again. I can’t help but be struck by your grace as you move through the gallery. My eyes admire you as you move through to the next room. I take my time and move on myself somewhat delighted to watch you as you take pictures of what catches your fancy.

We are in the American gallery when a landscape draws your attention. Whimsically I decide to take a chance and walk forward to stand next to you in contemplation. The first thing I notice is that with your heels we are almost eye to eye, next is your shapely ass and finally the way your breasts strain against the buttons of ataşehir escort bayan your blouse. “Striking” I say. You turn towards me with a small amount of surprise on your face that someone would talk to you in the museum today. “Isn’t it gorgeous?” you reply gracing me with a smile. “Oh, you’re talking about the painting. I was talking about you.” I say with a mischievous glint in my eye.

“That’s terrible, has that ever worked before?”

“This is the first time I’ve seen someone so gorgeous as to make me bold enough to attempt it.”

“Wow, that’s even worse. Ok, I’ll play along” you laugh “what are you propositioning?”

“Propositioning? That’s a strong word.” In my mind I ask myself what do I have to loose and decide to go for it. “I would like to take you someplace quiet and ravish you, to make you writhe in desire” Holy shit! I just said that out loud! “Barring that maybe a cup of coffee?”

Your mouth forms a beautiful o in surprise as what I said hits you. Taken a back you laugh and walk away shaking your head throwing a little sexy sway in your step knowing I am watching you.

You can’t believe that just happened. The balls on that guy…he did look good though. Tall and handsome, his gray suit a good fit. Your mind wanders to what if and you find yourself getting a little turned on. The thought of stolen passion surrounded by brilliant works of art is hot. You begin to wander the museum again taking more pictures but the idea stays with you and you realize if you were wearing panties they would be wet right now.

About escort kadıöy a half hour latter you make it down to the 2nd floor and there I am. Sitting in an empty gallery looking up at a statue of Buddha. You think to yourself “what the hell? It’s my turn to be bold!” You walk straight towards me and stand in front of me filling my view. I look up at you and smile wondering just what is going on. “So, how would you ravish me?” You ask, breathless at your bravery.

Going all in I tell you “First I would taste you.”

“You want to taste me? Now?”

“Yes. Here, now. I want you to reach into your skirt and touch yourself, I want to taste you on your fingers.” What you do next surprises me. Instead of reaching through the waistband of your skirt you grab the hem and slowly begin to raise it. As it rises up your luscious thing I see the nylon of your sticking until it exposes the creamy tops of your thighs. Soon I am staring directly at your beautiful pussy. I can see it glisten with the moisture of desire. Looking me in the eye you slide a finger deep inside of yourself then withdraw it. You move it to my face and run it first across my lips and then on to my tongue.

I stand up and roughly pull you towards me. Our lips meet in a fierce kiss. Your tongue darts into my mouth and you can taste yourself there. You give yourself up, all decorum is gone as you grind yourself against me. My hand finds your wet mound and I begin to massage your clit, your hands paw against the front of my slacks finding my full hard cock straining through the fabric. Hearing voices maltepe escort we break off not wanting to be caught but not wanting to stop. I grab your hand and pull you through anther gallery thinking I might know of a secluded spot. Once there I push you up towards the wall and drop to my knees, I lift your right leg over my shoulder and begin to feast on you. My mouth sucking at you, my tongue licking you, lapping you drawing circles around you clit. . Your hand finds my hair and you tangle your fingers in it pushing my mouth against you as you grind your pussy into my face. You get closer and closer, you feel your orgasm begin to build. You pull my hair and take my face away from eating you. You look me direct in the eye and say “Fuck me. I want you to fuck me now!”

Without waiting for my reply you turn towards the wall and hike your skirt back up around your waist. I free my pulsating cock from my pants and step up behind you. You are so wet that my hard cock slides right in, filling you, stretching you. “Hard, I want it hard” you gasp and I oblige. I thrust deep into you, hard and fast. My hands on your hips I pull you on to my cock over and over. Our bodies slam together, you feel me battering your insides and you can’t get enough. Your body begins to shake as your orgasm hits and you nearly collapse on me as rocks you with wave after wave of pleasure. Feeling your pussy throb and tighten around my cock brings me to the edge. “I’m going to come” I say. You drop to your knees and begin to stroke me, pistoning you move you hand up and down my shaft as your mouth envelopes the head of my cock just as I began to come. I shoot jets of come deep into your throat filling your mouth as you struggle to swallow it all. Spent I nearly sag to the ground as you stand up licking your lips. I place my hand on the back of your neck and bring you in for a deep kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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