My 35th BD Party Ends with a Bang!

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The sequences of stories leading to this one are:

I Enjoy Two Threesomes in Two Days

I Take a Short Trip to Mexico

I Travel from Mexico to Las Vegas

I Celebrate Turning 35 in Las Vegas

My 35th Birthday Weekend Continues

Please enjoy my stories and thanks for your views and your votes; they are appreciated.


So, here it was, Sunday morning in Las Vegas.

It was mid-September, and the days were still warm but no longer hot.

I had turned 35 officially on Friday, but we had been here since Wednesday night, staying in a two bedroom suite just off The Strip in a hotel I was part owner of.

“We” is me and Catherine Morrison, my fiancée.

You can read about her in “I’m Ambushed by a Very Hot MILF!”

Following the death of my wife in January, through the year, I had bedded a number of women, starting with Monica (the Maid), and about 20 or so other women along the way up to and including when and after I met Catherine. Or I should say, was re-introduced to her.

Catherine was divorced, a single mom, with two girls, Marie and Natalie, and had been the room mother in my wife’s 4th grade class when her girls had my wife for a teacher.

She was a knockout, smart, sassy, and was a good partner for me. She knew when to take charge and when to lay back.

Her French Canadian accented English and beautiful smile had me in a perpetual state of arousal.

Catherine did not often wear perfume but she had one particular fragrance that she knew I loved.

She would put some between her breasts, behind her ears and down near her pussy and man, I loved it.

Out on the lake on the houseboat, she quickly had us nude and as soon as we anchored, steered me into the master bedroom where we played for a long afternoon.

It was there that she gave me her anal cherry, after months of knowing I wanted it.

She got me big, hard and dripping and then she asked me to massage her and so I gave her my Grand Canyon rub.

If you don’t know what kind of massage this is, let me tell you, as a licensed massage therapist, if I did this on a paying client, my license would be revoked and I’d probably end up in jail, unless the client was willing. Like Lisa, my first girlfriend after my wife died.

Lisa loved my hands on every inch of her body. So did Catherine.

Catherine was a more than willing client, she was my lover and she loved my massage techniques.

The Grand Canyon Massage was essentially a big long sensual rub of the ass.

Every part of it.

Nothing was spared from my probing fingers.

The rim (top of the cracks, both sides), the walls (self explanatory) and the floor (the bottom of the crack) plus the drain (the rosebud).

I used lots of lotion during this, and I started doing this particular rub because I discovered there are some real stresses located on the asses of many women.

Some women enjoy having their ass massaged.

Some don’t.

Anyway, I always end up with my clients’ ass in the air as I massage their rosebud.

I lift them up so that they are up on their knees, heads on the bed, tits hanging down; their vaginal and anal cavities wide open for anything.

I have found that massaging all around the forbidden zone, a woman’s rosebud, it a big turn on.

It’s naughty and nice at the same time.

At this point the client is so pliant, cooing, moaning, sometimes begging, I often penetrate their rosebud with my fingers, one at a time, of course, which first shocks them and then drives them nuts with new feelings in a never been touched before area.

Its forbidden territory and I have found that many women relish having their sexual boundaries pushed.

Of course, I keep things balanced: I am also massaging their pussies at the same time.

This rubbing leads straight to orgasms and pleasures that they did not know existed.

Or maybe had read about in a paperback novel that they thought maybe someday they’d like to try … it.

Many times this leads to me entering their no longer quite as tight rosebuds with my hard cock for a combined session of pain and pleasure: anal sex.

Out on the houseboat on Lake Mead, after getting my bride to be hot and bothered with this special massage, I asked her to reach back with both hands and spread her cheeks as wide as she could for me.

Catherine wanted to really enjoy her ass so she had me take her while she lay on the bed with a pillow under her tummy.

I dripped some more lubricant on her rosebud (this time it was Astroglide), rubbing it in and then I slicked my now aching cock from base to tip, and got up behind her on one knee, sighted in on her winking hole and pushed in, slowly pushed the tip so that it gently touched her slightly open hole.

Catherine flinched and then laughed.

I told her “Honey, just relax, please. It’ll go so much easier if you do.”

She said “Just do it Jack, I don’t want you to wait any longer than you already have. You’ve been overly patient with me.”

With escort ataşehir that I pushed in, slowly, firmly and deliberately.

Catherine tensed at the intrusion as I pushed my tip past her tight ring.

I stopped and waited.

I was now about a quarter of the way in and she took a breath and said “Keep going Jack.”

With that clearance, I pushed in further until I was buried about half way in.

Catherine’s left hand grabbed my ankle and she said “Wait.”

I did as she asked and my left hand went down and rubbed her butt.

Something interesting happened.

I could feel Catherine starting to fuck me back.

Small, slight movements, but she was slowly, oh so slowly, fucking my cock as it lay wedged in her ass.

I asked her “Do you like my cock in your ass?”

Catherine whispered back “Yes, I like it. I like your cock in my ass. I only want your cock in my ass.”

With that I pushed forward again, slowly, but I stayed on course and in about two minutes I was fully buried between her cheeks, my balls up against her wet pussy.

And, slowly, oh so slowly, oh so gently, we started fucking.

After a few minutes of this I pulled out and had Catherine roll over on her back.

She lay back on the bed and pulled her legs up and apart so I could retarget her back passage.

She played with her very hard clit and wet pussy as I pumped.

Catherine wanted to watch my face as I came deep into her slick, hot cavern.

I was ecstasy, my cock buried deep between those firm cheeks, encased in the tightest of caverns.

We soon came together and I collapsed on top of her.


Lying there in the hotel bed, the next morning in the hotel, I figured out that little 18 year old Lourdes had learned some new massage tricks.

Before we left Mexico Catherine had enrolled Lourdes in a quick three day massage class and I could feel the difference as she worked my neck, shoulders, arms and back.

There was new strength and professionalism in her hands and fingers which I appreciated.

Next to me, Catherine was being massaged by a nude Susan.

If you read back the story “I Travel from Mexico to Las Vegas” you will recall that just a few days prior, Catherine had a “Come to Jesus” conversation with Susan and what ended up happening was that Catherine basically told Susan “If you want to stay in Jack’s good graces, you’re giving him your virgin ass as a birthday present.”

Which she did. It was great fucking and coming into Susan’s ass, and I followed that by fucking Kayla in the ass. You can read about my first encounter with Kayla in my story “I’m Rewarded for a Job Well Done.”

Despite my telling Catherine to back off punishing Susan, I could see she still wanted to keep her in her place and I let her do it. There was no need to start a disagreement.

So, when Susan had finished massaging Catherine’s neck, shoulders, back, butt, legs and feet, when Catherine rolled over, she told Susan, “Make love to me Susan.”

In other words, lick my pussy Susan.

Susan blushed, hoping that Lourdes wouldn’t notice, but Lourdes spouted a shit eating grin, knowing that Susan wasn’t all that high and mighty anymore, at least not with around Catherine and by default, me.

Susan whispered “Of course Mistress” and started by spreading my soon to be bride’s tanned and toned thighs.

I rolled over on my back spouting a redwood and Lourdes got between my thighs, looked over at Catherine who nodded her approval for Lourdes to orally please me.

Lourdes must have spent some time with Monica and the Canadian Consul in Puerto Vallarta because her oral skills had also improved in the few days since she last blew me. Maybe Monica had tutored her in the fine art of sword swallowing.

Kayla stuck her head in the door, getting back from her morning run and said “Mistress, how can I help?”

Catherine smiled and replied “Good morning sunshine, please go grab the big butt plug and prepare Susan for Jack. Can you do that honey?”

With a smile that couldn’t be dynamited off her face, Kayla soon reappeared with Astroglide in one hand and the plug in the other.

Kayla and Susan had a love hate relationship. They liked each other but never missed the opportunity to one up the other in terms of getting into Catherine’s good graces.

“Mistress, how much lube should I use?” Kayla asked with a gleam in her eye.

“Oh, just enough to do the job” replied Catherine “but actually a little less because Jack needs more friction this morning.”

Susan groaned in protest at this news and Catherine patted her head and said “It’s all about pleasing Jack this weekend Susan, remember?”

And with that, Kayla quickly and very lightly lubed Susan’s rosebud and pushed, against Susan’s clenching and moaning, the large plastic plug until it was fully encased in Susan’s still very tight but no longer virgin ass.

“Thank you Kayla. Maybe you can help Lourdes out now. I think she needs her pussy rubbed kadıköy escort this morning.”

“Yes Mistress.”

After hearing that good news, Lourdes got up on her knees spreading her legs all the while she was licking, sucking and kissing my proud cock and tight balls. She was also rimming my starfish.

Catherine had Susan’s head focused on what I knew was a wet and steamy pussy, and Susan was in the process of eating a few creampies I had deposited the night before.

Catherine sensed that Susan wasn’t doing her best and said her in a voice everyone could hear “You can pick up the pace young lady or I can have Lourdes fuck you with the strap on in both holes.”

That took two seconds to register in Susan’s brain: the ultimate indignation, to be fucked by a younger woman, of lower class (!) in the pussy and the ass while others watched!

It was like Susan went into hyper drive right out of Star Wars. The pace, intensity and focus of Susan improved about one thousand percent.

Ten seconds after the threat, Catherine was groaning under the new, powerful and unrelenting assault Susan’s tongue and fingers were waging to bring Catherine to an extraordinary climax.

Catherine ran her fingers through Susan’s blonde hair and said “If you keep this up young lady, you’ll be fucking Lourdes. And you can whip Lourdes too.”

Susan moaned into Catherine’s pussy as this very good news, this great incentive fully registered.

Lourdes, meanwhile, was doing her best to satisfy me but was now being finger fucked by Kayla.

When Lourdes mouth wasn’t on my cock she was moaning as she started to thrash on Kayla’s probing fingers.

Kayla knew when to tease and when to please.

When Catherine saw what was happening she said to Kayla “Lick her sweetie” and Kayla replied with a huge grin “Thank you Mistress.”

I don’t know how she did it but Kayla was able to get her hands on Lourdes tits and her mouth on that trimmed yet hairy pussy at the same time.

There was a three way race going on, quite unintentionally.

Lourdes was trying her best to satisfy me and she wanted me to cum before Susan made Catherine cum simply because Lourdes wanted to watch Susan eating Catherine. This was an indignation Lourdes wanted to enjoy.

The ultimate prize, of course, was for Lourdes to fuck Susan in the ass and the pussy with the strap on while we watched Susan be humiliated.

Susan wanted to lick Catherine to a screaming, pleasing orgasm and thus win the honor of being allowed to fuck Lourdes in two holes and whip Lourdes too.

And Kayla, well I am not sure what she was in a race for, but I think she knew she’d get some kind of reward just because she was a good sport. A participation trophy of some sort, although I thought the idea quite stupid for youth sports.

What happened is that Catherine and I came simultaneously.

It was heavenly coming into Lourdes mouth and she did her best to deep throat me which I appreciated.

She didn’t lose a drop of my load.

Catherine gushed into Susan’s mouth; her discharge was unexpected but Susan was a trooper and handled it all quite well.

Kayla got Lourdes to come right after Catherine and I were satisfied.

So, taking stock, because we needed to get downstairs for a brunch with everyone, I decreed that:

Kayla had to eat Susan and Lourdes had to eat Kayla and all would have come that morning.

The butt plug was to remain in Susan and I’d tap her ass later.

Catherine and I got out of bed, into the shower and were out the door in 30 minutes.

We didn’t see the girls until 11am when the adult pool opened.

As a co-owner of the hotel I got a waiver for Lourdes to be with us at the pool but she had to keep all of her suit on and she had to stay in the Cabana with us.

Of course, not being 21, she also couldn’t drink alcohol.

In the meantime, the rest of the CYNSUITs crew (Susan, Kayla, Sonia, Kathy, Carmen, Dana, Diana, Julie, Marie, Lorraine, Sandy, Michelle) were running around topless.

Gloria from my story “I’m Ambushed by Very Hot MILF!” and Cynthia from my story “The CFO Gets Her Assets Worked Over” was there too. Both were topless.

Missing was Eva. We never did get those two weekends in Las Vegas following our Beverly Hills romp in the story “The Second Time is Twice as Nice.”

Eva had gone dark on me; I think they call it “ghosting” now.

Catherine and Kim were not topless, and neither was my friend’s wives (Pam, Stephanie and Lauren) but all of them, like Lourdes, were in revealing swimwear.

My buddies had a great time. They really loved the show and wanted to know when we could do it again, only this time without the wives being present.

We enjoyed the last day of my birthday weekend celebration and as it got towards 3pm, my buddies and their wives peeled off to head home for the workweek. They had planes to catch or a distance to drive.


At 3pm the pool went nude for the ladies (only) and the alcohol service maltepe escort bayan stopped too.

Catherine had made it clear among her princesses who was going to be nude or wearing more.

In my story “I Take My MILF Lisa to Mexico” I talked about the three tops we created for women to wear around the pool.

They were named Skin, Window and Strips.

Strips were one I designed specifically for the “nude” part of the day at the adult pool.

I had Sonia in mind when I designed it. I assumed she would be bottomless, and the top was a soft color (light green in her case) of strips from her neck to just below her breasts. Each strip was about one inch wide, with a one inch gap between, allowing plenty of “peek a boo” space for prying, hungry eyes. The back was open with only a small strip across the bare back, sort of like a thin bra strap.

On those Sundays when I was in Las Vegas and the pools went nude optional at 3pm, I had all the ladies wear this revealing blouse (they got to choose the color they wanted) as they went bottomless.

Back in the spring and summer, I did this to sell more suits but not this weekend.

This was all about having fun.

Susan was the first one in our Cabana to get naked, per Catherine’s instructions the previous Thursday.

She was followed by Kayla and Diana.

Julie, Marie, Lorraine (!), Sandy, and Michelle took off their tops and put on new bottoms that were actually smaller than the ones they had on previously. It was clear to me and anyone else who took a look that they were all shaved.

Sonia had grown her pussy hair out a bit, stepped out of her thong and put on one the Strips tops, along with Dana. But Dana kept her bottoms on.

Even standing next to Catherine, the most beautiful woman on the planet, it was fucking hard to keep my eyes inside my head because the eye candy was so delightful to watch and there was so much of it.

Thank God I had on very dark sunglasses so my eyes were hidden and Catherine couldn’t see who I was watching.

Kim took it all in with a huge smile on her face.

At 4pm, Catherine directed Lourdes, Susan and Sonia to head back up to the suite and to shave each other bare, then return to the pool.

These three weren’t the only ones bare but they were the hottest nude girls there in my opinion.

They were very popular that afternoon.

Catherine stood by my side and whispered to me “That’s one outstanding harem you have Jack. Is everyone accounted for?”

I smiled back and said “I haven’t thought about it …” and then I did a mental headcount and said “I think I am missing a couple.”

Catherine replied “I know about Monica, anyone else?”

I nodded and said “Gloria and Cynthia made it but I never heard back from Eva.”

Catherine didn’t reply, she turned to me, put her arms around me and kissed me.

“Happy Birthday Jack. I love you more than you could ever know. You’re my world.”


Sunday evening, Las Vegas, Nevada, at the hotel

Catherine and I had been in Las Vegas since Wednesday night and it had been a fun-filled, nonstop and memorable long birthday weekend.

I had a lot of ass.

More asses then I expected.

More ass than I deserved.

But it was great ass, so why should I be complaining?

I wasn’t.

But you know how you always wonder about the one that got away?


As I rode up the elevator to the suite I thought of Eva at the steakhouse.

Eva and Kayla with me in the hotel suite.

With her at The Montage in Beverly Hills.

Coming in her three holes, clamping her nipples, eating her very bushy pussy, shaving her bare, licking her freshly shaved pussy, fucking her in the middle of the night, sending her to take care of room service nude, taking her ass.

Complimenting Eva on her weight gain in all the right places.

Loving the heft of her larger breasts and her bigger ass.

Asking her to gain more weight to have bigger breasts for me and a bigger ass to pound and her smiling in agreement.

Rubbing one out for me on her iphone and emailing it to me as a memento of our night together.


My, my, that was one fine piece of ass.

I missed her.


I turned 35.

My wife had been killed in an automobile accident in January and I still missed her; grieved for her, but Catherine did her best to comfort me and I swear she was sent directly from heaven to be my second wife.

Catherine had taken care of all the details for the celebration and made all the arrangements for everything.

Hotel rooms, flight reservations, ground transportation, shows, meals, gambling money, massages, spa appointments, bathing suit fittings.

She invited my business friends and their spouses, and all the CYNSUITs swimsuit models (though some declined due to distance and other reasons) and she arranged for me to have a nice long break from work and from being a soon to be stepparent and a son in law.

Catherine didn’t do it alone, Dana did a lot of the legwork and took care of the logistics but it was Catherine’s idea and well, to be one hundred percent honest, I never had any kind of party like this one thrown for me.

The adult pool at the hotel closes at 7pm on Sundays.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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