My Anal Queen

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I couldn’t believe my luck. After years of searching I finally found the perfect woman. You are probably wondering what would make a woman perfect in my eyes. Well first off I don’t go for the perfect Barbie doll type. I like my women natural in the truest sense of the word. She must be attractive and somewhat in shape. She doesn’t have to be athletic, but she must be presentable.

With all that said I do have one kink and through the many girlfriends I have had I have never been able to find a girl that meets my expectations in the bedroom that is until I found Cindy. I like my women to be a total slut in the bedroom and though I have found a few of them none till Cindy would take my cock in their ass with the unbridled passion Cindy does. She has even told me she prefers my hard throbbing member in her ass. She told me she has the best orgasms when she feels my cock exploding a massive load up her backdoor.

Let me tell you about the first night I met this anal queen. I had just broken up with my last fuck friend and was feeling a little randy so I decided to check out a local sex chat room to see if there were any takers for some fun. I posted my pic and started chatting up a few of the ladies when I got a private message from Sinfully Cindy. She told me she was single and looking for a lover that could possibly turn out to be more. Not one to mince words I wanted to see what she liked to do in the bedroom. When she responded I got an instant boner and knew I had kurtköy escort to hook up with this chick. Here is what her response read….

Well I like a lot of things….I like to feel a nice hard cock deep down my throat (yes I swallow)…I love being fucked hard from behind when I am on my knees….but what I love more than anything else is to feel a nice big throbbing cock deep in my ass as it fills my bowels full of warm sticky cum….

I swear I almost shot in my pants. It didn’t take me a second to respond to her and I gave her my number immediately. Even though I was excited I wouldn’t have been surprised if Cindy was just someone trying to play a joke but I was pleasantly surprised when my phone rang shortly after. We chatted it up for a bit and she asked what I was doing that night and asked if she could come over and get “acquainted”.

I gave her my address and quickly cleaned up my place than took a shower. I put on some sexy music and lit some candles and got the wine ready for her arrival. My heart was beating in overdrive as I waited for her. The only thing harder than the thumps in my chest was the cock in my pants as it throbbed in anticipation.

I heard a car door close and knew she had made it. When I opened the door I was more than pleased. There in the door stood a queen. Long red hair passed her shoulders, just hanging over a set of enormous tits. She had some weight to her but it was in all the right places. Her ample ass was her malatya escort best asset, with a perfect apple shape and lots of it. When she came in the room I made sure to stand behind her and get a real good look.

Cindy wasn’t one of these all talk and no action girls either. When we got into the living room she turned around and reached out and grabbed my crotch. She rubbed up and down on my hard shaft that was almost bursting through my jeans. Without a word she dropped to her knees and pulled my cock free swallowing all seven inches to the base. Her mouth was so hot as she engulfed my throbbing cock I was afraid I would blow at any second. I tried to pull out of her mouth but she grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper into her throat. Quickening her pace she feasted on my cock and I could feel my cum starting to shoot.

“Oh shit….I’mmmmmm cummmmmmiiinnngggg!” I cried. She didn’t even try to back away but hungrily swallowed my whole load.

“Now that is out of the way why don’t we get down to some real fun?” She said then took all of her clothes off. I instantly went to her tits and sucked a nipple in my mouth. After a few minutes I lowered my head to her freshly shaven pussy and drank in her sex. I was licking her folds then dove my tongue deep into her tasty treat when I heard a moan escape her throat. Then I felt her hands grip the back of my head and guide my slick tongue all over her wet pussy. Soon she was cumming all over my face and I licked up all her kayseri escort juices. Then she brought my head up and looked into my eyes and told me to get her ass nice and wet. I obliged her and began licking out her tight asshole. I couldn’t believe this girl could even take a cock there as my tongue could barely fit inside the tight confines.

She was soon crying out in her second orgasm as I lubricated her tight passage with my spit. That is when she pushed me away and got up on her hands and knees. “Come on stud fuck my tight ass with that hard cock….I want it now!”

I positioned myself behind her and drove my cock deep in her pussy for a few strokes when she went absolutely nasty on me. Her talk would have made a sailor blush. “Oh you fucker…I want that fuck stick up my ass….mmmmmm it does feel good in my pussy….Ohhh ya keep fucking me….” Not one to disappoint I pulled my cock out of her soaked pussy and slammed it up her back entrance. I heard my new found slut as the air went out of her lungs from my intrusion.

“OHHHHH FUCKKK YESSSS….PLUG MY ASSSSS YOU FUCK. FUCK MY ASSSS HARD!!! RIP ME APART YOU STUD!” She screamed as I drove my cock harder and harder in her. She started shaking and shivering and I was sweating up a storm and could feel my balls starting to tingle. A few more strokes and I busted my nut deep into her bowels.

“Ohhh fuck yes….I can feel your cum up my ass…..OHHH YESSSSS I AMMMM CUMMMMING TOOOO!” She cried.

That was our first meeting and ever since then we have been fucking regularly. She has even hinted on finding another guy to join us so she can get double fucked….hell I am all for it. I will let you know how that turns out…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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