My Angel Ch. 1

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It’s a beautiful day outside, the sun is shinning, it’s warm and there is a definite feel of spring or early summer in the air.

I awaken early and when I open my eyes it is to catch sight of one of God’s most intoxicating creations. A woman. Not just any woman, it would be blasphemous to believe that, this is a creation that far exceeds the average miracle. This woman, on top of her exquisite beauty, has a fabulous body that screams out that she is younger than her age. Her breasts are a combination of her determination, pride and willingness to overcome obstacles. Her legs and feet can make most men and a high number of women I’m sure want to fall to their knees just to kiss and caress this walking Goddess. But to stop the description of her there would be to perpetrate a human flaw, the half truth. You see she also has an unbelievable wit, intellect, drive, charm and above all else she can make you feel like you are the special one in the room when any clear thinking person would realize that they are in the presence of a supreme rarity. To capsize: She is Goddess.

She opens her eyes to my movements, she is not a morning person and you can readily escort ataşehir see that as she puts her hands to her face to bring herself to bear. The edge of her mouth is moist from the iota of drool that adds to her mystic.

She yearns to have me place my mouth over hers and thrust my tongue deep into her mouth to taste her morningness. She moves to be kissed but I painfully abstain, she has a big day ahead of her and I want her primed with desire for erotic, sensual even primal love.

She knows none of these plans and I can see the pain in her eyes as I ignore her desires and I remove myself from our togetherness in bed.

She knows how I want her to dress in every situation and today, our second day at the conference, after she gets out of the shower she dons a button down the front dress, crotchless panties and a designer bra. I can’t help but to feel myself grow with my desire for her and I can feel that she knows it. Oh did I leave that part out of my description? The part that addresses our unspoken communication, the love that I feel for her that intensifies each time I see or think of her. The fact that she can read my mind kadıköy escort and desires and of her needs to please me. Did I leave that part out? I’m so sorry.

I can count on her teasing me now. She knows I want her as bad as she wants to be taken and drug to a state where her animalistic, uncontrollable, medieval, humiliating primal lust filled urges control her.

I hold the door open for her as we go down to breakfast and as we walk into the dinning room and are escorted to our table and take our seats I can see the slight blushing of her cheeks, she is not use to going crotchless in public. I find her so charming, knowing that she is excited by being potentially embarrassed if anyone where to catch sight of her clean shaven crotch. This of course leads to wetness from sexual excitement and she is worried about a wet spot on her dress when she stands.

I give her my first demand of the day, “stay seated and slide your dress from under your ass and let your dress drape around you.” The slight blushing is now a burning red as she realizes she has no choice as she hardly wants to disobey me in front of others after the last time. maltepe escort bayan You did not hear of that? Last time I told her to do that she balked, I excused ourselves and told the waiter we would be right back. I led her outside and bent her over the hood of the nearest car, lifted her skirt and spanked her until she was crying hysterically. Pulled her dress back down, walked inside amidst a room full of men and women that all could not have missed what went on, her eyes were red but this time she sat like I had instructed. I was sure she did not want a repeat of that as the last time I told her she was very lucky that I don’t have her get down and lick her juices from the seat as she always gets excited by being spanked on her bare ass with my bare hand like a little girl is punished by her daddy.

She began to inch the dress up in hopes that no one would notice. My beautiful, intoxicating foolish Angel of a Pet, she does not seem to understand that wherever she goes her grace, style and exquisite body is followed by desirous eyes of men and women alike.

“Isn’t that better Angel?” I ask. “Yes sir” she responds. Okay, I say, enough of that, it is time that we act like professionals. After we have had our breakfast it is off to the conference for her and to the exhibits for me until the first break at 10am when we will begin our day of debauchery.

To be continued…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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