My Friend’s Girlfriend

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*All parties are consenting and over 18*

I got invited to what was supposed to be a party, nothing big or fancy, and certainly nothing wild. A small bonfire in the yard of an old high school friend. The plan was to have a small miniature reunion of people, but I was the only one to end up showing for various reasons. I preferred it that way as it was just myself, my friend, and his girlfriend. This guy was a good person, a great friend, and a total unabashed man-whore. He had one hell of a high school reputation for sleeping around. He never did it in a mean way, he was up front with what he wanted, and polite when told no, but he definitely got around all the same.

We lit the fire in his back yard, with no fences or trees to hide us from the road, and we started drinking. It was nice getting to meet his girlfriend, we hadn’t really been keeping in touch. She was average height and a little heavy, but very pretty with a soft face and eyes, and short black hair. Best of all she was very friendly, so the conversation flowed easily. We caught up on work stories, and then personal fun stories, and even skirted around sexy reminiscing, the whole time with her flirting with both of us in turn.

It was three hours in when I got up to go find a tree. He approached me and stood beside me to relieve himself as well, while she waited by the fire. I knew the two of them were swingers, but I did not expect what he said next. He told me she liked me, and wanted to do a little more since it was only the three of us. Since it was a little out of the blue, he was checking to make sure I was ok with it, and to let me know it as ok with him as well, telling me to just use her however I wanted. I absolutely did not mind, a little unexpected fun is usually the best kind, so we packed it in and went back to relax. His girlfriend waved me over and pulled me into her lap, laying a hand on my thigh while wrapping her other hand around my waist.

Soon he got up, saying he was headed inside for a few minutes, and hiked it up to the house leaving the two of us alone, and she wasted no time moving the hand further up to grab my hardening cock. I looked down and then looked back at her, and she asked if my friend had explained everything and this was ok. Such nice people. We were making out immediately after I consented, while her hand was ankara ucuz escortlar enthusiastically exploring the bulge in my jeans. I had her by the hair as I held her head where I could keep my tongue dancing with hers, not sure exactly how proceed with my temporary girlfriend, but what I wanted quickly didn’t matter, as she took my hesitation to mean she was in control.

She pushed me up and stood with me, telling me to sit down so she could get on her knees for me. With me in the comfy chair, she reached for my button and fly and pulled me free to the open air. I watched her dive onto my cock, taking my whole length in one go and holding herself down savor it. Soon she was back up long enough to tell me she loved it and went back to bobbing her lips around me. I gripped her head between my hands and watched her work, alternating between long deep throating, and teasing my tip while stroking me. She was amazing, building me quickly to a head and then easing me back down by freeing me from her mouth and licking me from stem to tip. The only thing to jar me from the hypnotic sight was a passing car, reminding me as I whipped my head to the left, that we were completely exposed to the road in the darkness, being the only things moving by the fireside. This thought alone nearly sent me over the edge, as I looked around to see who could could possibly see us, and from where. She pulled my attention back by pulling her lips away and bringing them to my balls, licking and sucking to cover them in drool as she stroked me, and waited until I was looking down at her with my plump dick resting on her face to pull up and take me back inside, locking eyes as she fucked her throat with me. I lasted through a dozen pumps before I filled her stomach.

She swallowed it all, and slowly went back to work on me, never breaking eye contact as she pushed me past my orgasm and into round two. Once she was satisfied I was going to stay hard, we switched positions, with her in the chair and me on my knees in the dirt. She had pulled her panties off while giving me head, leaving her slit exposed under her skirt. As I started to tease and finger her she pulled a condom out of her bra and handed it over for me to get on.

Rock hard still, and in a hurry, I took the hint to open it immediately, sliding it on and walking forward sincan üniversiteli escortlar on my knees. I didn’t have any problems slipping into her soaked pussy, and fit all the way to the hilt on the first try despite the awkward position. I held her hips in place on the chair and slowly pistoned myself into her, enjoying the sight we could both see in the warm light, enjoying the feeling of each long stroke and the heat of her slick juices running down my shaft and onto my bare skin.

I did not want to wait too long, and she was eager for me to pick up the pace, so I soon began to move with a stronger tempo, and was slamming our hips together to the sound of her soft moaning. It was my turn to drag her orgasms out, and I did everything in my power to return the favor. I let her build like that for a while before switching to intimate grinding, ensuring our hips never fully broke contact as I kept myself buried in her. The change in pace put her off her growing pleasure as she adapted, but quickly fell back into a rhythm as she wrapped her legs around and kept me close. When I felt her muscles start to give I pulled out, and teased her with my head, just a few inches of quick twitches in and out as we locked eyes again. I did not intend to tease her long like this, but she was quick to cut it short. after a few minutes she wrapped her legs around me yet again and pulled me in close, telling me to fuck her hard and give her what she wanted. There was no way to resist the order, not with how badly we both needed to finish what we started, and I held her hips tightly and railed her into that chair. Decency and respect for being outside were long gone, as we only thought about out climbing pleasure, until finally her dam broke. With the excitement of the night I was too close to cumming again, and I did not let up, pushing myself through her shaking orgasm until I filled her with what I had left.

Both of us spent, I slipped out and hauled myself back into another chair. The condom ended up on the ground as I tucked myself back in, leaving my zipper and button undone, watching as she sat upright and slowly teased her clit with her fingers. I could see past her, as her boyfriend finally rejoined us. He kissed her and asked her if she had fun, while she continued to openly touch herself. The elvankent vip escortlar next hour or so passed easily enough, with neither of them seeming the slightest bit awkward about the whole situation, making it easy to transition to just relaxing. I never buttoned up, and she never found her panties, so I spent the time staring at her open slit when I let my eyes wander. We made it a few more beers before she got up and came to me again. She looked at my friend and told him she was going to try for more, taking to her knees again and pulling me out. This time was slow, tender, as the conversation stopped and we both watched her make love to my cock with her lips, bringing me back to life. Once I was back to full strength he suggested we move inside, out of the chilled air and dying fire.

Inside, she went right back to it, pushing me down to the bed to come to a rest between my legs. She was back to her long strokes, pulling me deep into her throat, giving me a show while her boyfriend filed in behind her. I couldn’t see him very well, but I could tell when he took his place between her legs. She moaned around my cock, and lost her rhythm, simply holding me in place between her lips as he found his. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I gently reminded her by grabbing her head and pulling her back down, setting her tempo and her throat to work on me. I did not have to worry about cumming too soon to fully enjoy this, so I did not go gently on her, keeping her lips moving and enjoying her warm throat until she finally pushed herself up.

She moved up and straddled me, pulling her top off as I lined myself up to take her boyfriends place in her dripping pussy. With her breasts free, she lowered herself down and let me start biting and sucking, enjoying the previously unexplored parts of her body, while her boyfriend lined up behind her once again. I felt him through the thin membrane between where I filled her, and the tight hole he was breaking in. I can’t remember how long it took her to fit him in, only that we soon found ourselves trying to find a three person rhythm that kept her riding through orgasm after orgasm. Eventually, I chose kept myself busy teasing, biting, kissing, and fondling her heavy breasts while the two of them worried about the pace, and just enjoyed the feeling of being enveloped by her. When I got close to my last orgasm for the night, I pulled out of her slit and they let me up to slide up the bed until I was lined up with her mouth again. With her moaning and working her tongue over my head and surrendered my last drops of cum to her waiting lips and watched them as they rode out their final strokes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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