My Glorious Day Out

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I was 40 plus with a boring sex life. I needed to do something about it. I had enjoyed a few sexual encounters with young men. I met most of them at the gym where I went to exercise and keep trim. One very adventurous lad told me about a sex website. I checked it out, joined and posted some naughty photos. Then in came a flurry of messages.

This was the beginning of a vibrant secret sex life for 4 years. One day a message from a man called Tim arrived. It was a different proposal than the normal.

He wanted to organise a “Gloryhole Day”. He wanted me to enjoy as much cock as I could take. We chatted online, then on the phone. We set a date in April and he rented an apartment in the city.

The day came so I told my husband I was going in town shopping and lunch with girlfriends. I hopped on the bus so excited for what lay ahead of me.

At the apartment I met Tim for the first time. An ordinary looking guy but with a talent for sex and a desire to watch and share. He had set up appointments with men to come get their cocks sucked.

Although I knew I wouldnt be seen I dressed in black stockings and suspenders and a lacy bra with killer heels to feel sexy. In the hallway he installed a blackout sheet with a hole. I knelt on a pillow and waited to receive my first cock.

Some of the men he invited had fucked me before but others were total strangers. The first lad put his fat cock through ankara escort bayan the hole. This was Marcus. He was so excited he came in my mouth in minutes. While I sucked him Tim took photos of his cock and me sucking him. I felt just like his dirty whore.

Next up was another friend Luke. He literally facefucked me with his big dick, stuffing it right into my throat making me gag and splutter. I was so turned on my crotchless panties were getting wet.

The third man was a stranger. I started to suck him and used my cockslut skills. The tip of the tongue, gentle flicks, licking and lapping, sucking hard and slow and fast. spitting and sloppy gagging and sucking his big hot balls…. I kept on and he didnt cum.

Two guys were waiting in the corridor and another two outside. Tim took charge. He said to the man Stuart to come into the apartment as we had a queue and did not want to arouse suspicion. Tim had an idea! If I did not mind being seen would I do a circle suck with these 5 men?

I was so horny I agreed. So I positioned myself on the rug centre of the room. The 4 lads came in to join with Stuart and his raging hardon. They surrounded me and out came their cocks. I sucked at my first one while wanking the two lads either side. I felt hands on my big tits, on my ass and pussy. Tim was filming capturing me in my ‘cheating married slut’ element!

The first lad David spurted in my ankara bayan escort mouth while the one in my hand got excited and spunked on my tits. I swapped my mouth onto the cock I had been wanking and took another two big dicks in my hands. I sucked hard and fast. Bobbing up

and down until Rob couldnt hold on any longer. He blew a copious load over my face as he pulled out! Now I hung out my tongue like a puppy dog and had both Stuart and Chris take turns putting their cocks in my mouth. I was sucking and licking, wanking their shafts and squeezing their balls. Chris thrust his cock deep in my throat and pumped it full of creamy jizz. As he pulled out Stuarts throbbing cock just made it into my mouth to choke me with another load.

I sat back on my heels like the cat that really had the cream. I laughed, licked my lips and looked at Tim who snapped a photo of me. Tim took out his dick and walked towards me. I held it in both hands like a trophy looked up at him and proceeded to give him my best blow job of the day! He spunked on my outstretched tongue and on my face making me his dirty slut!

The lads all thanked me as they left, complimenting me on my beauty, my sexy lingerie and my filthy skills.

Tim said lets clean you up and have a coffee! I had half an hour before the next appointment at the hole so we sat and chatted and got on famously.

The next lad pushed sincan escort bayanlar his cock through and then another and another. I was truly being a filthy cocksucker. It felt incredible. I was a dirty whore not a boring wife.

Tim wanked a few of them into my mouth. We enjoyed being behind the sheet seeing our own depravity and lust. Tim loved seeing me covered in spunk, straining and gagging on those different size and shape dicks.

Another 10 guys visited in the afternoon and I sucked and sucked like never before. The final man was a FWB of mine, John. He said hello through the curtain and I started to suck him. He blew his load quickly but I knew he would be good to go again.

I asked Tim to invite him in. Tim said to John “would you like to share this dirty cocksucking slut with me?” They laughed and took me into the bedroom. Here, I was placed on the bed. John kissing me and Tim licking out my soaking wet cunt. Then with a quick flip over Tim was deep in my cunt pounding me like a machine while John facefucked me brutally like a filthy dog.

Being spitroasted I was in sexual heaven. Both came hard pumping more cum inside my holes.

John had to go as he told his girlfriend he was working late. Tim and I had a steamy hot shower together with some more sexy naughty play. I got dressed and thanked him for the most exhilarating day of my life.

I left to catch the bus home. I couldnt stop smiling. I swear that at least 3 men on that bus could tell I was still desperate for sex. When I got home my husband said ‘Suck me off babe, I really want to cum in your mouth. I dropped to my knees and did my wifely duty! He was a happy man. I was a secret slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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