My Night with an Internet Stranger

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I’ve done a lot of naughty things, very naughty and the stories I have written and the characters I have created have all been based on those experiences. I’ve had loads of feedback with people asking if they’re true and if I’ve really done the things in my stories. And I have: I had a long and sexy thing going on with my History teacher at school, a mad passionate and slightly crazy thing going on with some housemates of mine, I really did get married in secret and I really did have an ongoing saga with a woman, despite not being a lesbian. Oh, and yes, that picture REALLY is of my tits.

However, all the stories are my experiences set against a fictional backdrop. Obviously Beth and Michelle ARE me, but I have never told a story from my point of view as me before. Until now.

This really happened to me, one night in 2004, when I was 20. I haven’t even changed my name or the name of my partner for the evening here. In case you’re wondering about my screen name- that’s because my History teacher used to call me Lola- as in Lolita- and I am English …. Hence the English bit! My real name is Susannah and the young man I met on the night I am about to describe really was called Will (or at least, that’s what he told me).

It was the sexiest, most wanton experience of my life, this night when I was 20, and I still regularly masturbate thinking about this.

I hadn’t long been moved into a new house, with new housemates and I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time. This was when wi-fi had just become the norm and everybody started getting laptops that were fitted with web-cams built in.

An ardent masturbator from a young age, as soon as I had a private computer and discovered internet porn I couldn’t get enough of it. At the time of the incident I am about to describe I hadn’t had sex in a few months and was wanking a lot. Because of the lack of sex I was also starting to get creative: buying more sex toys and trying out new things alone. One of my favourite things at that time was wanking with a banana, as something about the girth and texture reminded me of a real penis and it gave me very satisfying orgasms. Soon I stumbled upon websites with webcam-chat and under the guise of sexy-suze83 started talking to men online who would ask me to frig my little cunt for them on cam. Soon my banana escapades were becoming a nightly routine, and I would put on a show for whichever man I came across in a chat room.

The show would generally work the same way each time. The guy would be hard and wanking his cock on cam, and would ask to see my breasts. I would take my top off for him and play, slowly and sensually, with my prized F-cups for him. I quickly cottoned on to how aesthetically pleasing baby-oil was when smeared on my big titties and started to incorporate it into my routine. Once I’d done this for a few moments I would lean back, reposition the laptop and give whoever was watching a close-up view of my bald pussy as I teased, rubbed, penetrated and, at times, brutally fucked it to orgasm. All the time I would be watching his cock in the split screen as the random guy jerked himself to an abrupt and sticky cum. It always felt a bit grubby when it was over, but was always insanely sexy at the time.

However, soon this just wasn’t enough. I was hungry for real sex. I needed to feel a real cock in my hand and my mouth and my cunt and with some trepidation decided to log on to Gumtree, kind of like what Craigs List is used for now, to see if I could find someone to fuck that night.

At midnight I sat down at the computer. I had done all of my preparation before hand: shaved all of my important areas and waxed my cunt smooth. Applied a face of make-up as though I were going out for the night: foundation, blusher, liquid eyeliner, bright red lipstick. I put on my best frilly red underwear, stockings and suspenders and high heeled patent black shoes. I did my hair big and curly, the red ringlets tumbling onto my pale shoulders. And then I sat in front of my webcam and took a picture of myself sat down, from the waist up, pouting at the camera. I appraised the picture and decided to take another one, this time with me smiling so I looked slightly less miserable! The second was much better, my eyes were big and sexy, my lips were full and luscious and the swell of my breasts from the balcony bra hinted at what was within. I clicked into “Casual Encounters” and “Women Seeking Men” and typed:

2oyr old large breasted, red headed female seeks male, 20-40 for fun tonight. Come to my house and give me what I’ve been craving for weeks: cock, cum and orgasms galore. Answer before 1am for fun tonight- I anticipate at around 2am. Will only consider emails with pics. Richmond area.

I entered my email and clicked send. Within minutes my inbox was exploding with emails from would-be suiters. Long ones, short ones, ones with full body pictures and ones with fethiye escort just pictures of their cocks. I was amazed. I had never expected so many responses. Overwhelmed and with 10 new emails every time I refreshed my browser, I looked at the clock and decided to have a cut off of 12.30am. I would only consider emails sent before that time.

I began trawling through them, deleting any with no picture, or where the picture was just a grainy close-up of an erection. As 12.30 drew closer I had a short list of 7 possible men. I could feel my pussy growing wetter, and butterflies in my stomach as I considered whether or not I could really go through with this. I was excited, sexually and generally, and slightly scared. I had a bottle of JD on the side, with two glasses, and decided to have a glass to steady my nerves. I had the two glasses as I anticipated my date for the evening needing a drink too, but I couldn’t wait that long. With five minutes to go, I decided to take another picture, this time of my naked breasts, to send to the man I chose. Downing my drink and undoing my bra with unsteady hands, I gathered my large, firm breasts together, and pouting at the camera, took a snap for my as yet unknown fuck-buddy.

At 12.30 on the dot I refreshed the browser, deleted nine more cock shots and added one more possible to my shortlist, which now stood at eight. I poured another whiskey and began to look through them. I deleted two on the basis that they looked older than 40 and one because he had a weird tattoo on his belly. That left me with five to look through. Because I had to choose somehow I deleted all the blondes, as I have always tended to fancy darker-haired men. That left me with two serious contenders.

The first had written a little biography, his name was Will, he was 26 and he lived just up the road in Teddington. He said he wasn’t “a nutter” and was just up for some no-strings fun. His picture was a topless shot that showed a muscular young man with a dark, light beard and big blue eyes. The second called himself David, was a little older at 33 and said he was “close by”. His picture was a long shot, he was naked and well built with his large enough and erect penis in his hand. Whilst David looked the more sexual, I was leaning more towards Will who had a cheeky glint in his eye. I also liked that he hadn’t sent a picture that included his cock. I thought hard. I could see that David had a nice sized penis, and potentially Will could have a three inch disappointment, but my mind was made up. It was Will I wanted tonight.

I clicked reply, attached the jpeg of my naked breasts and wrote

“You’re on Will, when can you be here? Suze x”

I drummed my fingers impatiently on the desk in front of me. I refreshed the page. I refreshed it again. Nothing. Minutes passed. I refilled my glass of JD. I refreshed the page. There was a reply.

“Depends where there is. But if you’re in Richmond, 20mins max. Lovely tits btw. Will x”

I hit reply and immediately typed back:

“28 Orpington Road. Next to The Albert pub. Know it? S x”

A reply bounced back almost immediately:

“Know it well. There ASAP. W x”

I waited in eager anticipation. I was nervous and a little bit of me was scared, although I knew that I was in a house full of people, even if they were sleeping, and that one scream and they would all be awake. My bedroom was behind the kitchen, which was next to the front door. The next bedroom was close enough that a scream would wake them but, I was certain, not close enough that even noisy sex would. I stood up and checked the bowl on the desk again for condoms. Plenty. I refilled my glass and drank. My cunt was wet in anticipation and my nipples on my still naked chest were hard. I put my bra back on, pulled on my silky night-robe and stepped out into the kitchen, where I could keep an eye out. I paced the kitchen, nervously, knowing that he would be here any moment. I had never been so sexually excited or exhilarated in my whole life. My heels clattered on the tiled floor and I looked at the clock. Ten minutes had passed. I went back into my room and put on a CD. Some light R n B to set the mood.

As I stepped back out into the hall, I saw a shadowy tall figure in the frosted glass of the door. My heart leapt into my throat. I stepped forward and opened the latch. Before me stood a tall, dark man who looked exactly as his photograph. He was broad and wearing a leather jacket, teeshirt and jeans. He looked me up and down.

“Suze I presume?” He asked. His voice was quite posh and gravelly. I nodded.

“Will?” He didn’t answer, instead stepped in and closed the door, pushing me against the wall and kissing me hard and deeply, whilst reaching down between my legs. I loved the lack of preamble and kissed him back, groping at his arse. I broke away from the kiss. “Come to my room.” I breathed, walking up the dimly escort fethiye lit hall.

As we entered the small room, I closed the door behind us and locked it with the small, sliding bolt lock. I pulled off my robe and laid down on the bed, where Will wasted no time in throwing off his jacket and laying down next to me. He pulled my left breast from its cup and sucked the nipple. I groaned and unhooked my bra, freeing my breasts. He continued sucking and groped the other tit roughly.

“These are fucking huge.” He said, mauling at them. He pulled off his teeshirt and I fumbled with the button fly of his jeans. He was hard through the thick fabric and I could tell already that I hadn’t made a mistake in choosing him as my stud for the evening. He wasn’t wearing boxers underneath his jeans and so as soon as I got to grips with the fly his hard cock sprang out, a thick and substantial 7 or 8 inches that I quickly popped into my mouth. He groaned, grabbing at my big hair and I bobbed my head up and down on his meat, wet suction sounds filling my ears as I did so. I groped for his balls under my chin and tugged on them. “You hot little whore.” He moaned in his cut-glass accent. I continued with my exertions for a few moments before he pulled away from my mouth and pulled me up by my shoulders. Wordlessly he pushed me against and then up onto my desk, where he pulled off my shoes and then ordered me to remove my knickers. He knelt between my legs and gently parted the bald flesh. I moaned softly. He slowly pushed a thick finger into me, and then another.

“Fuck yeah.” I groaned.

“You’re a tight little bitch.” He growled. His thumb found my clit and rubbed it. Sparks flew through my tight little snatch. He flicked out his tongue and licked from the bottom of my slit to my hot little bud. I cried out and held his head in my hands, leaning against the wall. He began licking and sucking at my cunt in earnest, as I writhed against his face. He used his fingers to penetrate me and soon I was careering head-first towards my first orgasm of the evening. I came, crying out and grabbing fist fulls of his abundant, dark hair in my hands.

“You fucking cunt.” I cried. “Fucking lick my fucking pussy.” He didn’t stop and fucked his fingers in and out of my snatch faster. “I’m going to cum!” I moaned. “Fucking cum all over your face!” And then I did, covering his chin and tongue with my thin, creamy juice. I collapsed back on the desk, but there was no time for rest. Will stood up and spying the condoms on the desk reached for one and opened the packet.

“Put this on me.” He demanded. I took the sheath from him and knelt down. Placing the still rolled up condom in my mouth, I expertly used my tongue and lips to roll it down his thick shaft. He groaned and pumped his cock in and out of my mouth a couple of times for good measure. “Now get on the desk on your back.” I stood and laid down, arranging myself, legs spread wide. He grabbed my ankles and pulled them apart, as far as they would go. I watched as he lined his rubber-sheathed member up to my wet and willing hole, and then gasped as he pushed forward, filling me with his meat.

I watched, in lust-crazed abandon as this strangers muscles flexed and relaxed, flexed and relaxed as he thrusted in and out of me. His eyes were fixated on my breasts as they bounced, full and perky on my chest, in rhythm with his movements.

“Your cock is so big!” I squealed, as my pussy pulled tigher and tighter around him, every moment drawing my closer to orgasm.

“So are your fucking tits.” He groaned, upping his pace. I frigged at my clit with my right hand and he pulled my legs even further apart. “You’re a fucking slut.” He spat, his eyes never leaving my tits. “You fuck like a whore.” My hand was a blur on my clit. “You should charge, you fucking slut, I know I’d fucking pay.” With that I came again, my muscles spasming in my cunt and my clit exploding underneath my hand. I cried out.

As I finished cumming he pulled his cock out and I stood up, drunk with lust and high from the orgasm. He pulled me towards him and kissed me again, rougher than in the hall, biting my lower lip as he withdrew. I fisted his cock and he pushed me towards the wall where there was a full length mirror.

“Put your hands flat against that.” He said. I turned to face and the mirror and did, opening my legs and sticking my arse out. He stood behind me and kissed and nipped at my shoulders with his teeth. “Watch yourself in the mirror, slut.” He moaned into my flesh. “Fucking watch your tits bounce and your cunt gape.” He pulled my hair and gathered it into a pony tail which he used as reigns to keep me in place. He pushed his cock back into me and I moaned with pleasure. I did as he had told me and watched my tits bouncing in the glass. “You fucking love this, don’t you, slut?” He moaned into my ear. “I bet you do this all the time, getting fethiye escort bayan strangers to come in here and use your pussy.” I groaned, neither a yes or a no. “I bet they come here and they do you every fucking which way.” He pounded me harder and I yelled, close to cumming again. “Do you take it up the arse, whore?” I nodded, pulling against his grip on my hair. He laughed. “Of course you do.” He rubbed my clit with his free hand. “You take it up the arse, and in the cunt and down your pretty little throat.” I knew I would cum any second now. “And you cum like a fucking train because you know what a little slut you are.” I focused on the image before me, my face twisted in lust and pleasure, this stranger behind and inside me, nothing between us but the thin latex of the condom. I screamed and he slapped his hand over my mouth. “Cum for me, bitch.” He whispered.

After that we fucked in every conceivable position for another half an hour, his staying power was incredible. I straddled him on the floor, kissing him deeply as he groped my breasts and then I turned around riding him reverse-cowgirl as I frigged my own clit and he used a vibrating cock ring that I kept under the bed on my arsehole. He bent me over the desk and fucked me against it, and I sat on his cock as he sat on my office chair.

After more orgasms than I could count, and as the clock approached 3am, I groped under the bed for the lube that I kept in the box with my sex toys.

“I want you in my arse.” I gasped, breathless and covered in sweat. I peeled off the condom and sucked his cock into my hungry throat, unwrapping another one as I did so. This one was ribbed and I knew it would feel better in my tight little arsehole. I primed myself with lube and he smeared sticky KY on his rubber-clad cock. I laid on my back and pulled my knees back so that they were around my ears. My arse gaped, open wide for him. “I want to see you while you do it.” I said. He leaned forwards and carefully, inch by uncomfortable inch he fed his throbbing penis into my hungry hole. I moaned and groaned, in pain as well as pleasure, as he performed the always seemingly impossible trick of getting a whole cock into my tight, resisting little bottom. When I felt his balls hit the cheeks of my bum, I knew he was all the way in. I moaned with lust. He groaned too, and I knew that it was so tight in there that he was on the verge of losing his load immediately. Slowly he began to saw in and out of me, the ribs of the condom making me squeal in slutty delight. As he upped his pace and began to fuck my arse, I used my fingers and the vibrating cock ring from earlier to stimulate my worn out vagina. Will rocked and bucked in and out of me and I fingered and rubbed my cunt as he did so. Soon he was fucking me hard and fast and I knew he would cum sooner rather than later. I stimulated my clit and concentrated on the sensations in my anus as they built to create an intensity that I knew would result in the biggest orgasm of the night. I squealed and moaned and Will called me filthy names and groped my breasts as I did so. As he told me again how fucking tight my arse was and how fucking hot I looked covered in sweat and pre-cum, my pussy and arse exploded and I had the hugest orgasm of my life. My holes spasmed and my legs trembled as the orgasm took me over. I screamed and shook and as I came down from the heavenly feelings in my cunt and arse I felt Will’s cock expand inside the latex, inside my anus. He pulled his penis out of me and roughly pulled me forwards. In one swift movement he pulled my head forward and whipped the condom from his member. A jet of molten cock-cream hit my nose and then another stream of cum hit my scarlet lips. He wanked the base of his cock and plastered my face in the contents of his sack. After five or six wanks of his tool my face was covered in creamy jizz, and still it kept coming, plastering my hair and neck, dripping down onto my sweaty tits.

Laying in the dim light of the room, both breathless. We laughed. Me, covered in the cum of a stranger and he collapsed next to me. It was just beginning to get light and the birds were beginning to sing. I wiped the cum from my face with a pillow case next to my head and smiled. Will sat up.

“Well Suze,” he began, “it was lovely meeting you, but I’m rather afraid I have to be up for work in two hours.” He stood and began putting his clothes back on. “Not quite sure how I’m going to get through the day.” I smiled.

“Red Bull?” He laughed, buttoning his jeans and pulling on his teeshirt. I pulled on my robe and sat on the edge of the bed. He bent down and kissed the top of my head.

“That was amazing.” He whispered, kindly, and then cupping my chin and pulling my face up to look at his he kissed my lips gently and sensually. “Let’s do it again, some time.” And with that he picked up his jacket and left.

I watched the door shut and then, soon afterwards, the front door closed softly behind him. I laid back on the bed, dazed. I didn’t know his surname and only had a hotmail address as a contact. That had truly been the maddest, sexiest night of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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