My Wife and Her Fancy Man Pt. 02

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Over the next couple of weeks we continued in the same manner; ignoring my wife’s affair when I was at home but my wife continuing her late night confessions when I was in my hotel room masturbating on the other end of the phone.

It may not work for you; but it certainly worked for us and by the second week Chloe was very much at ease in the role of ‘narrator’ answering all of my questions in intimate detail.

With her Fancy-Man’s tutelage she had become an avid cock-sucker (which I did take advantage of each Saturday night) and her descriptions of being fucked every which way by the much older man where amazing and turned us both on and would make her cum at least twice during our phone-calls and again afterwards so she could get to sleep. I on the other hand was still a ‘one shot’ man and struggled to make it last; but still loved hearing her sexy voice long after I had shot my lot.

Then, last Wednesday when I called home at tea-time Chloe seemed especially perky and asked if I was going to ‘call later’ which was odd, as it was now a regular occurrence, so when I said yes she giggled and said she had ‘something special’ to tell me, which really intrigued me.

After a few days forced abstinence because of his shifts I hoped she had something new to report when I rang at our usual time of 10pm, just late enough for the kids to be fast asleep and her to be suitably relaxed after a couple of glasses of wine.

“So?” I nervously asked, “what is this ‘something special’ you teased me about?”

My wife giggled again, “What do you keep pestering me about? And Jim too?”

I thought for a second or two then asked, “Stockings? Did you wear stockings for him?”

“Yes.” She huskily whispered.

“When did you buy them?” I enquired, as I didn’t think she had any these days.

“I didn’t, he gave me some.” Chloe inhaled, then continued excitedly, “I called in after dropping the kids off this morning and was… gagging for it, and after a quick cup of coffee we had a long ‘cuddle’ on the sofa and while I was sucking him, he told me he had a present for me… upstairs.” There was a gap while I heard her slurp some wine, ” we had never been upstairs… just in the kitchen and the living room.”

“What where you wearing?” I asked as usual to get an even more vivid mental picture of events.

“My leather jacket, denim skirt and t-shirt… and before you ask, my peach bra and knix.”

“Had he got your knickers off at that stage?” I anxiously asked.

“No silly, but he had taken t-shirt and my bra off.” Chloe chuckled, knowing the effect such detail would have on me, “so my boobs were wobbling when we went up the stairs. I wasn’t exactly nervous walking along the landing, but… but… I had no idea what Jim had planned… but… it was really exciting.

When he opened the bedroom door the first thing I saw was that he had mirrored sliding wardrobes… Hmmmmm… I thought, then I saw he had laid out some things on the bed… stockings and some suspender belts!

He told me they had been his wife’s and he had never thrown them out, and… did I want to try some on? I didn’t know what to say at first… it seemed a bit… weird… you know… they were his wife’s… and… shit… it seemed a bit… kinky. I just stood there staring at them when… he started playing with my tits from behind, and kept whispering how much he would like it if I put them on. Shit… Jamie, it felt so sexy seeing him playing with my tits in the mirror… so I said… yes.

There were six or seven pairs… some in packets, but a couple had been worn… by his… wife… and the suspender belts fit perfectly… the first pair I put on were a brown pair and a white sussy belt. It was really weird at first… but when I had them on he got me to model for him, turning around and… touching my toes… while he… stood there grinning and wanking.

After a few minutes he told me to put a black pair on… the type with seams down the back… Mmmmmm… they felt lovely… very soft… and the black sussy belt had six garter straps on it… he said that was to keep the seams straight… oohhh Jamie… my knickers looked wrong with them so I took them off… I felt so fucking sexy and horny I swear my juices were running down my legs. I was so fucking desperate for a fuck… but he wouldn’t let me… he kept making my ‘pose’ for him… bending over with my legs open… (sigh)… and playing with my tits… I could see myself in the mirror… stroking my pubes… shit I was so fucking horny… and it was ages before he let me suck his cock… oohhh (sigh) fuck… he must have took a Viagra cos it was hard as stone and tasted fucking wonderful… (oh God… sigh… pant) then he made me lie on the bed with my legs in the air so he could lick me… I was squealing as soon as his tongue touched my cunt… and when he pushed a couple of fingers in I came… straight away… all over his face… loads of goo… oh Fuck! Oh Fuck… fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Then there was silence apart from bursa escort Chloe panting and purring in the background as she wallowed in the obvious afterglow of an orgasm.

“Was that good?” I eventually whispered.

“Oh God… yes.” Chloe eventually purred.

“Is there more?” I asked, trying not to sound too desperate.

“Yes… yes… he fucked me again, really fast… with my legs wrapped around him… then he made me get on top… shit it felt so fucking big that way… the dirty bastard just lay there… letting me fuck him… but I didn’t mind… I loved it… the way he was looking at me grinning… telling me to lean forward so he could play with my tits… shaking them… ooohh… squeezing them really… ooh hard… then sucking my… nipples… but telling me to… keep fucking him… ‘BOUNCE ON IT… MAKE YOUR TITS WOBBLE! And all the time I could see myself… and him in his mirrored wardrobes… it was a bit… weird at first… then I felt like a… porn star.” Then she began giggling and took a couple of slurps of wine.

“He even made me… switch around… turn away from him? Fucking Hell J, IT WAS AMAZING… I had to lean back but his cock felt massive when it went in… even bigger… and I got to see it go in and out when he was fucking me… oh shit… it was… oh shit J… I came so quickly watching him fuck me in his mirrors I nearly feinted.”

“Wow.” was all I could say, “then what?”

“Not a lot… I rolled over and sucked him off… the randy sod hadn’t cum in the hour or so we’d been at it! There was a lot too… he said he hadn’t had a wank for a couple of days… he loves telling me about that… he is so rude at times.

Then I got dressed… but he made me leave the stockings on and gave me a couple of other pairs to take home… to wear whenever I visit him. He can be so bossy at times.”

“When will that be?” I excitedly asked.

“Next week… I guess. He’s on earlies tomorrow and Friday but has a couple of days off on Monday and Tuesday.” Her voice raised a couple of octaves during the last part of the sentence, as did my pulse rate.

I was still away from home the following night and as agreed during our tea-time chat rang her at 10, when Chloe told me that she was wearing the stockings and suspender belt at that very moment… boom… instant hard-on. We talked for well over an hour re-living some of the things she and her Fancy Man ha been getting up to in the last few weeks… making her cum twice and me nearly explode when I finally came.

We had arranged to go into town with some friends on the Saturday night and my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I realised Chloe intended wearing the brown seamed nylons under her polka dot dress, the one with the Bingo (eyes down – look in) cleavage.

Obviously she attracted a lot more attention than usual, strangely from my mates’ wives who she later told me had always wanted to wear something similar but had never dared. My mates tried desperately not to stare; but I caught them a couple of times, plus a couple of lairy lads in a bar tried chatting her up when I was at the bar.

The downside to the evening was that I did what I always did in those circumstances… drank too much and got drunk. I was really horny all night thinking about fucking my gorgeous wife in her stockings when we got home; but when we did I was already half asleep when she started caressing my dick in bed as I ran my hands up her legs. My cock didn’t get as hard as she wanted so she went down on me… big mistake. Chloe was only trying to get it hard enough to fuck, but her blow job was so damn hot… I shot off too quickly… and into her mouth, something I’d only done once before, and that had been an accident too.

My cock instantly wilted leaving her frustrated; especially as I fell asleep mid apology; although I do remember her saying something like… “if you can’t get it up I might just go around to Jim’s for a proper fuck!”

I don’t think she did, as she was still angry with me all day Sunday, especially as I had disappeared to play golf before she got up.

The following week was a Sales Conference in a hotel a couple of hundred miles away, and would last all week giving her ample time to take out her revenge on me with her Fancy Man… hopefully.

By the time I got to ring home the kids had gone to bed and Chloe wasn’t best pleased; but did ask if I still wanted to phone later… as she ‘had something to tell me.’ I asked what, but she insisted ‘later’.

After dinner and a couple of drinks with my colleagues I made my excuses and went to my room at 10.30 with a long vodka and tonic for company.

Chloe was a bit giggly and sounded a bit nervous when she answered the phone.

After a couple of pleasantries and she confirmed she had gone round to see her Fancy Man in her stockings I asked what it was ‘she had to tell me.’

“I am a bit pissed.” She joked, “and… I did something… I might… have… might have crossed a line today.” Then bursa escort bayan giggled again. “You will be shocked… and… maybe… not too happy with me.”

“Crossed a line? Wow. After what you’ve already done with our neighbour I’m not sure what you could do that that would shock me. Tell me any way… I’m desperate for a wank.”

“Well,” She paused… teased actually, “If you are sure… “

“I am… and my cock is already throbbing.”

“When I walked home after dropping the kids at school I saw Jim’s back door was open… but he wasn’t at the window. I was a bit confused as I knew he was going into town first thing and wanted me to come around after lunch.

Anyway… I was feeling horny… and a bit naughty… and still pissed off with you for Saturday… so I thought I would surprise him. So; when I got home I put the stockings and sussies on from Saturday and… well… nothing else.” She left it there for the words to sink in.

“Fucking hell.” I gasped “Nothing?”

“Just some perfume and red lippy.” She teased. “And my cream mac… it comes to my knees and I needed something to cover my modesty. (giggle)… then went back down the street. I was so excited knowing that I was hardly wearing anything under my coat I thought I might cum before I got there.

The back door was open so I just strolled in… then got the shock of my life when I went into the kitchen… I nearly shit myself!”

“What? Why? What was the matter?” I sort of panicked.

“It wasn’t Jim sitting at the table!” She laughed then sounded like she took a big swig of wine. “It turned out to be his nephew Dale… but I didn’t know that at the time. Jeez I got a shock.”

“Had you took your coat off by then?” I needed to know.

“No… thankfully. I just stood there mortified, but he sat there drinking his tea and eating his toast. I asked who he was and where was Jim… that’s when he introduced himself… his girlfriend had kicked him out after catching him fucking her friend!

He asked who I was… and I just said… a neighbour, but he laughed and shook his head. Then asked if I wanted a cup of tea or coffee.

I should have run… but my legs wouldn’t move… so I just nodded. My jaw nearly hit the floor when he stood up… he was only wearing a pair of tight white boxers and… it must be a family thing… cos his cock filled the front.”

“How old is he?” I asked.

“Mid twenties I guess… a biker, covered in tattoos with a great big bushy beard and a shaved head… quite fit too, a bit muscly. While he was waiting for the kettle to boil he just stood facing me, leaning on the kitchen cupboard… arrogant bastard kept grinning and looking me up and down.

‘So you’re a neighbour’ he kept saying… ‘dressed like that?’ And I kept nodding… not knowing what to say really… then when he made the coffee he laughed and said ‘neighbour with benefits when your husband is at work?’ I think I blushed.

Then he said something like ‘Are you going to take your coat off’ Shit! I just shook my head… but he asked again… then said something like… do you want me to take it off for you? Then he pointed at my coffee and I don’t know why but I walked across to get it and when I got there he took hold of my wrist… and started unbuttoning my coat… and I didn’t stop him.

‘Just a neighbour my arse!’ he laughed at me when my coat fell open, ‘you are Jim’s latest young filly… the horny old bastard… he never changes, does he.’ Then he dropped my coat on the floor and… kissed me… my knees went weak when he pushed his tongue in… all coffee and cigarettes… then pressed his cock against me when he played with my tits… rubbing my nipple between his thumb and finger… it hurt when he pulled it… but I just let him carry on… then he began fingering me… ooohhhh… mmmmm… so hard he lifted me up onto my tippy toes… then… I couldn’t stop myself… I started rubbing his cock through his pants… and I swear it grew another inch… then Dale pulled his pants down and told me to bend over the table… just like that… get bent over the table… slut!”

“Did you? I asked an obviously repetitive question.

“Of course.” My wife giggled, “and spread my legs without being asked.” Her giggling and panting continued. “Then he took hold of my hips and poked his cock between my legs… it only took a little bit of wiggling for it to find my hole and… shit… he was like a rat up a drainpipe… oh… oh… mmmm… the table was shaking and a couple of things fell off, but I had a tight grip… I fucking had too… he was wild, then he slowed down a bit and while I was getting my breath back he started… oh God Jamie… he started… he put his fingers in the butter and smeared it between my arse cheeks, slyly poking my hole with his finger.”

I butted in, “How did you feel about that?”

“Hmmmmm, I wasn’t sure at first, then he started fucking me faster again… with his finger in my bum… it was a bit… kinky… and… I escort bursa got to like it.

But I wasn’t prepared for what he did next… he pulled his cock and finger out and… oh God J… He pushed his cock up my bum.”

“Oh fuck!” I sighed, “what was that like?”

“Fucking painful!” She sighed, “he must be 7 inches long and it all went in… I was screaming like a cat on heat… the neighbours must have heard… but he just pulled my hair and forced his cock in even deeper, then he pushed two fingers into my mouth… telling me to lick them… suck them… like a cock.”

“Did you?”

“Oh yes… It felt so dirty… and he kept calling me a dirty slut and stuff like that… oh God… my arse was really aching… not stinging so much… but so full… it felt so full and stretched… then Dale started huffing and puffing as he got faster… fucking my arsehole so hard then he came… so hot… and it made his cock glide in and out so smoothly now… then when he pulled it out… I… I… let out a big fart and his cum ran down my stockings… loads of it.

When I stood up my arse was on fire and my back was aching; then when I turned around he was wiping his cock with a tea towel!

He said something like ‘I needed that… he’d not had a fuck since Wednesday and his balls had been aching… Jamie, it’s only Monday today!

Then, he waggled his cock and told me to get on my knees and suck it… I never gave a thought to where it had just been but folded my coat and knelt in front of him and began chewing on his ball sack while I tugged his sticky cock… then let him ease it into my mouth… telling me to breathe slowly through my nose… and it went to the back of my mouth… and he pulled it back and gently pushed again… until it was in my throat, with slaver running out of the sides of my mouth as he told me he loved ‘fucking my throat as much as my arse.’

Then, with his cock filling my mouth I heard a noise… footsteps… then Jim’s voice… “What the fuck is going on here?”

Dale grabbed the back of my head keeping his cock in my mouth… ‘Just met your girlfriend and she was gagging for it… so I thought I would warm her up for you.” Jim just laughed and put the kettle on saying, Don’t let me stop you. So I started sucking on Dale’s long cock with Jim watching… I felt so slutty… sucking hard on it… making it grow hard in my mouth… then Dale told me to show Jim what he had just done to me… so, still sucking his cock I pulled… my arse cheeks apart and Jim saw my red raw arse hole and Dales spunk still oozing out, which made him laugh and say something I didn’t hear.

Dale then asked his Uncle if he fancied a go… up there, and Jim said… it would be rude not too! The cheeky bugger.

We went into the living room and Dale bent me over the sofa arm and pushed my feet apart exposing my swollen holes, he knelt in front and fed his cock into my mouth again… playing with my tits.”

“Where was Jim?” I excitedly asked.

“He had gone to find some Vaseline. (chuckle) I felt even more slutty with my arse in the air sucking on Dale’s cock… waiting for another man… to fuck my arse.

He gave it to his nephew then told him he needed a blow job to get his cock kick started.

My heart was nearly exploding when I felt Dale smear the greasy Vaseline over my hole… it actually stopped the stinging for a minute or so. Then Jim pulled his pants down for me to suck his cock… mmmmmmm… I got so carried away I didn’t notice Dale push his cock against my fanny… until he rammed it up! Shit Jamie… it was fucking amazing sucking Jim’s cock while Dale fucked me… I’ve never really thought of that before but… Shit… it was so good having a cock in both ends.

It only took a couple of minutes for Jim to get a proper hard-on, not as hard as when he took a Viagra, but hard enough. They… ooohhhh… mmmmm… sigh… ‘changed ends’ and I was soon slurping on Dale’s delicious cock… I love sucking a cock that has just been in my cunt… ooohhhh… mmmmmmm… then I felt Jim press his cock against my arse hole and I suddenly remembered how fat his knob was… but it went in quite easily… making me gag on Dale’s long cock… oh shit… I tried to scream again… but Dale had a handful of hair forcing his cock into my throat again… ooohhh… mmmmm… sigh… it took every bit of concentration to keep breathing with Jim fucking my arse and spanking me and Dale fucking my mouth and slapping my tits… I was in fucking Heaven J… FUCKING HEAVEN!”

There was now a few seconds silence as my wife was presumably playing with her clit and I wiped the cum from my chest and the dressing table.

“How long did they fuck you like that?” I asked.

“I don’t know… ten fifteen minutes? It was ages… and… oh God I came three times, once without even touching my clit. It lasted until Dale came again… all over my face and tits… them Jim wanked onto my face too… then as he came I took it in my mouth… so fucking sluttish… oh God… what have I turned into?”

It had taken well over an hour to tell the story and i then spent the next couple of minutes telling her how much I loved her and how sexy she was… and how much this all turned me on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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