My Wife’s Friend

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She was a friend of my wife or that was what she wanted my wife to believe.

I was married at the time and my wife who had different interests than me had decided she needed to travel again. I traveled for work so traveling for me was not really what I wanted to do in my free time. One castle, church or a cute village all look the same after a while and I have seen enough of them to satisfy me for the rest of my life.

My wife had gone off for an eight day river cruise. At the time I was happy that I would have some time alone to myself at home.

My office was at home and my wife did not work so we had plenty of time together. My week alone had started off okay but I thought Saturday night it would be nice to have some friends over for dinner so I called a couple that were mutual friends of ours and asked his wife if they would like to come over to dinner on Saturday night.

We had exchanged meals before and so this was not that different as they had come over before when my wife was out traveling. Ann said that she would be happy to come over but her husband had made commitments with his children from his first wife so he would not be able to make it. That was alright with me as I preferred her company to his continual conversation that centered on what he knew and how he was going to make a fortune in the next few months.

As it got closer to Saturday night I had to figure out what to make. Ann is a very good cook and I was a bit intimidated with the thought of her trying my food. My wife was never very complimentary about my cooking but I figured if I could eat it then it must not be that bad. I decided on a chicken breast stuffed with a prosciutto ham and provolone cheese which was cooked in white wine.

I wanted to have the right music so I found some jazz that I had and put together a CD for the evening.

Ann arrived a little late as usual but that was not a problem for me. She was dressed in jeans with a red blouse with heels that gave her a posture that was to die for. The heels pushed her forward and that created the arch in the small of her back that in turned pushed her chest out in such as way to show that she was all woman. She stood tall and proud.

I was happy to be having dinner with someone and I especially enjoyed our conversations. We started with some wine and we talked about small things. There was nothing unusual about our conversation.

She liked the dinner. The prosciutto made the chicken a bit salty and she said she liked salty tastes which made my mind race a bit. As the dinner went on we moved from wine to martinis. We both love the same vodka and I had a bottle that was frozen and so we enjoyed the vodka.

The conversation moved on to our spouses and while I thought her husband was not the greatest guy I had no idea what happened behind closed doors. Actually nothing happened. For their wedding night he fell asleep and the marriage was not consummated that night.

Over the course of a couple of years he withdrew even further to the point where he would not make love to her or have sex with her. I was not aware of her situation but when I found out I thought the guy was crazy. I thought she was beautiful, sexy and intelligent and if I was given the opportunity I would not turn her down.

So the conversation turned to my relationship with my wife and I felt that I should explain my situation. My wife who I had been married to for over 20 years was never excited about sex. I on the other hand loved sex and the intimacy that is gained through making love and having sex.

I feel that sex is part of a relationship and that without it the relationship is lacking something. My wife thought sex was something that was only beneficial for me. She never told me what she wanted even when I asked what she wanted. She said I should know. How would I know what she wanted?

I tried different things to see what reaction I would get and there was always no reaction. I told her from the beginning that I like oral sex (giving and receiving) and she did not say she did not like it. She participated but never seemed to enjoy it.

I thought with time I could get her to enjoy it. (male ego thinking I was oh sooo good that she would enjoy it) After a while our standard sex went to once every 2 -3 weeks and was on Sunday morning for about 15 minutes. It was nothing to write home about.

As I am telling Ann about my experience she would interject every once in a while with comments about how she could never live like that and that she really enjoyed sex. Hearing this made me wonder how she could enjoy sex if her husband was not participating so I asked her. She said she waited two years with no sex and then she decided to accept the offer from one of her admirers.

After this admirer she tried another trabzon escort and another. She had a set of rules that she strictly adhered to. She never met with her admirers in our home town and there was never any chance of anything going any farther than sex. She preferred older men who knew what they wanted and who were in a relationship. Since we both lived in the same town and we were the same age I thought nothing would happen between us.

When it was my turn to talk again the vodka had taken its effect and I told her home much I liked oral sex, both giving and receiving and she said she gave the best blowjobs in the world.

Now we are still sitting across the table from each other feeling no pain but very cognizant of our feelings. I looked at her and thought why was I not married to her or with someone like her even though she was cheating on her husband.

At that point I was just thinking how nice it would be to be with some who wanted to be with me rather than on some trip somewhere. Ann then proceeded to tell me how much my wife and I had been together that summer (this was September) which was about 3 weeks.

I traveled for work but she was on her third or fourth vacation of the summer without me. I was surprised that Ann had kept track of my wife’s time away. She told me she did not understand why my wife did not want to spend more time with me.

She was telling me with her words that she thought I was worth being with and she enjoyed my company which is something my wife did not seem to appreciate. I was my wife’s travel agent.

After getting over the shock of her telling me she gave the world’s best blowjob I started to wonder what it would be like to get a blowjob again after not getting one for about 20 years.

As the conversation continued my pants were getting tighter and more uncomfortable. I just wanted relief but because I am not that confident with women I sat there and listened as she told me about her sex life and how much she enjoyed sex. I wanted more but I kept remembering I was married and this woman was my wife’s good friend so there was no way I was going to try anything. I thought this was just going to be another frustrating evening in my life. I was wanting my past but putting up with present situation.

All of sudden Ann got up out of her chair without saying anything and started walking around the table. I thought she was going to the bathroom so I relaxed and did not pay attention as she got near my seat. As she passed me she leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips.

I was surprised but I did not push her away. I kissed her back. She tasted so good that I was lost for a minute.

We kept kissing with her leaning over me while I sat in the chair which must not have been very comfortable for her. She broke the kiss and pulled her shirt and bra up all in one motion. With me sitting and her standing I was looking straight at her breast.

It had not been so long that I did not know what to do so I started to kiss and suck on the most fantastic breast that I have seen in a long time. I did not want her to stop me so I was being gentle and using my tongue to caress her nipple. This went on for a few minutes. Unfortunately for me my conscience started to overcome the alcohol and I was thinking I am married and I should not being doing this when as if on cue Ann tells me to use my teeth on her nipple.

At this point I lost it. I wasn’t married any longer. I was just a man who was with a beautiful woman who knew what she wanted and was not afraid to ask for it. I dove in with my mouth open and started to use my teeth on her nipple.

Starting out gentle I was alternating between my teeth and tongue to see how much intensity she could handle. As I bit down harder and harder with my teeth she became more vocal so I knew I was doing the right thing. As I continued with my teeth my hand started to explore her jeans.

I started to rub her crotch through her jeans and her hips responded to my movements. From there it was pretty simple to unbutton her jeans and get the zipper down. Once the jeans were loose I slid them down off her hips. While I had seen her in shorts before I had never seen her in a bikini so this was new for me and I was presented with the most beautiful sight I had seen in a long time.

Her fair skin was soft and smooth. She had on a black thong which I found out later was her typical underwater. The contrast between her fair skin and the black was fantastic and they highlighted each other.

My wife wore what I refer to as my grandmother’s underwater which lacked any sex appeal. While I love a woman in lingerie I could not wait to get past the thong and see (and taste) what was waiting there for me.

I put my fingers under her thong and found that she trabzon escort bayan was very wet. When I put my finger inside her and she moved with me again. I then moved my thumb to her clit and rubbed which only increased her movement. I did this for a moment but I still wanted the thong off and my tongue inside her.

My wife was not into this as she thought it was dirty and I was banned from being anywhere near her face after going down on her. I then removed her thong and was provided with a view with a neatly trimmed triangle of dark hair that led down to the object of my desire.

All this time Ann was standing over me and I was sitting in the chair. When I started to move her thong down her legs she suggested that we move to somewhere more comfortable this ended up being the couch as it was only 5 feet away.

Once we were on the couch Ann decided that it was time to remove my clothes since she now had nothing on and I was still dressed. She started with my pants which were Levi button up jeans. For me there is nothing sexier than when a woman unbuttons my jeans for me. It shows me she wants in there and that she is going to do what is needed to get there.

Once the jeans were unbuttoned Ann then proceeded to pull my underwater down my legs. I wear small briefs so there was not much hidden before she took them off. As she took them down my legs my cock jumped out from the elastic. This was such a relief. It had been hard and crammed in those damn briefs ever since we started talking about her sex life or lack of sex life. Of course the briefs had a small amount of pre cum on them and I was proud of that because I showed how I excited was to be with her.

She then proceeded to use her hand to stroke my cock. She did not do it to make it hard as it really could not get any harder but she did it to see what I would do. I did what any breathing male would do. I squirmed under her grip and enjoyed the feeling of having a beautiful woman looking in me in the eyes while her hand is wrapped around my cock. She did this for a moment and then she started to tease me.

She knew I had not had a blowjob in a very long time and she thought she gave the best head in the world so she put the tip of my cock in her mouth. She used her tongue on the tip and underneath where all of us men are so very sensitive. At this point I was glad that I had a bit to drink because it kept me from immediately coming. She continued teasing me and then without any warning she put all of me in her mouth and back down her throat. Oh god I was in heaven. Then she looked up at me so that we were looking into each other’s eyes. Then she moved her head around a little bit which moved my cock against the inside of her throat. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

This was the best head I had ever had. Maybe she was right, she did give the best blowjobs in the world. Who was I to argue? I was just enjoying it. After a few minutes of being sucked and swallowed, she let me have a break which was what I wanted anyways. She had sent me to heaven and I wanted to return the favor as best I could. Unfortunately having been with my wife who did not give me any positive feedback left me feeling pretty inadequate in the bedroom so I was not sure I could give as good as I got.

We switched positions with her on her back and me on top. I started by kissing her on the lips and then gently working my way down from cheek along her slim and finely distinguished nape over her shoulders. All the time I was using my lips and tongue to be soft but firm enough to let her know that I was there.

Once I reached her breasts I remembered her comment from a few minutes earlier about using my teeth. I took each nipple into my mouth and bit down with increasing pressure all the time listening for changes in her breathing and voice. As her breathing sped up and the change in her voice asked for more I obliged by continuing for a few more minutes. I then continued my journey down her flat stomach to the triangle that pointed in the direction of my destination.

Once I arrived at the bottom of the triangle I started to use my tongue to probe the different layers. The smell was incredible. A woman has a special smell when she is excited and I am sure it is not by accident that it has an effect on a man that only can be called positive.

I was getting more excited than when my cock was completely buried in her throat. I moved down a little bit at a time.

I was enjoying every part of her and she seemed to enjoy it also. I moved my fingers where I could spread the folds and get my tongue into her a little further. I then used my fingers to rub her clit. Between my fingers and my tongue I felt she was enjoying it.

What a change this was from my married life. Ann continued escort trabzon to react to me in ways that I had not had in a very long time. She made noises that gave me directions to her body. I continued to follow the directions by burying my face between her incredible legs. Rather than spread her legs to give me more access she wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me into her bringing me further into her. I kept this up until she relaxed a bit and then I slowly made my way towards her head.

I went by her incredibly sexy stomach. Her stomach was flat but had a softness to it that made me want to just lick and taste her skin. From there I went back to her breasts. Those beautiful mounds where all this started. I licked them to bring out her light pink nipples. Once her nipples were standing upright I then used my teeth as she had instructed me earlier in the evening. I nibbled gently at first and then I increased the intensity until she was holding me with both her arms and legs. What I did not know at the time was that Ann could have an orgasm from having her nipples licked and chewed and that what was going on. She was coming from me chewing on her nipples.

After some time I moved back up through her neck where I licked my way up to her ears where I found that she was sensitive from the back of her ears to the upper part of her shoulders. She reacted to my touch in ways that gave me confidence and a strong desire to make her happy.

I then moved back to her mouth where she kissed with a passion that provided a feeling that she wanted me with all her mind and body. Her kisses were gentle but strong. Her lips were soft but there was an intensity that showed she was all woman and she wanted me to know that she was mine for the night.

Her tongue would slip through her lips and gently touch my lips seeking out my tongue. When our tongues met we did not wrestle to see who was the strongest but we touched in such a way that let the rest of my body that know that we were connected.

I had her fragrance on me on my face and she told me that she was curious what she tasted like and since my face was dry I moved my finger down between her legs where I found her warm and wet. I put my finger inside of her to bring her essence back to her mouth. I brought my finger to her mouth where she could taste herself.

A woman who is not afraid of herself has always excited me and this was no exception. I was now on top of her and I proceeded to slip my cock inside her. There was no effort required as she was wet from our earlier activities. I started to gently move in and out of her. She reacted as expected and I gained speed and force. I continued this for a while.

Since this was our first time together she had no idea how long I would last or what I signs I would give before I came. She told me not to come inside of her as we were not using any protection. I told her I would not come inside her but I did ask her where she would like me to come and she said anywhere but inside her pussy.

I continued to move in and out of her for a long time which she appreciated. Later she told me really liked bicyclists because of the physical stamina.

After a while I needed to come and I asked her if I could come in her mouth. It had been 20 years plus since a woman had let me do this and I was not sure that she would let me do this. She said I could come in her mouth and I thought I could come right then.

We changed positions with me on my back and her on top of me with her mouth wrapped tightly around my cock. She sucked and licked my cock for a very long time and while I really wanted to come I was thinking that all the alcohol was taking its toll and not letting me let go so I took hold of my cock and started to jack myself off with her face only inches away. My wife would have never allowed this as first she would not have put her face in my crotch and second I could never touch myself.

As Ann watched me jerk myself I relaxed and enjoyed the show I was giving to Ann. After a couple of minutes I was just about to come and I told Ann. She put me back in her mouth and I was able to come in her mouth. She looked into my eyes as I was coming in her mouth and all I could think about was that this was how it was supposed to be.

After I came she got and got a drink of water as we had been enjoying each other for a while and we were both thirsty. Watching her walk away with her long black hair and fair skin and one gorgeous ass was something I could have watched for a long time. She came back with some water which we shared. We talked for a few minutes and then she said she had to go home. Home was where her husband slept in another bed and she was alone.

For me I was to be left alone in my house with my wife coming home from her 4th trip of the summer in a few days.

Ann made me remember that there is more to a relationship than buying plane tickets for someone so they can go see the world without giving anything back. Ann called me the next day to check on me but that is another story for another time.

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