Ninety-Six Ch. 02

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All characters are 18 or older.



Happy Labor Day! It’s always nice to have a 3 day weekend, a chance to get away from the mess that is education. I’ve been able to see my parents, my little sister, and my old bed. Many memories of masturbation were shared on this bed. I can still smell my cum on it’s sheets. My name’s Katie, in case you don’t remember. How do you do?

My first couple of weeks of college have been alright. And by alright I mean holy shit am I on my way! Blew my new friend Duncan, and got to meet his roommate and suite mates. And then there were a couple of more guys before I went home. Brooklyn gave me a it of a challenge to give at least a handjob to all 96 guys in our dorm building. It’s a big challenge, one that will give me major whore status. She’ll be giving me her scholarship money for her next semester if I succeed, so stakes are a bit high I suppose. I suppose, because I already have some scholarships for my high school grades that I’m using, so if I fail, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. She told me later that it’d be a nice bonus if I could get my hands on the male RA’s in the building as well. I’m always up for a challenge, I did fuck nearly five guys at prom.

I think I really like Duncan, but I’m not sure in what sense. Was it romantic? Was it lust? I definitely felt lust, but the way he looks at me with his green eyes makes me think maybe, just maybe, we could be something more. I’d also love to have his giant cock inside of my tight pussy.

He introduced me to his roommate, Marshall. He’s really nice. Offered me a nice handshake when we met. At first glance, he seems like one of those rich preppy kids who’s using daddy’s money to get through college. However, why would he be in this shitty dorm? And he doesn’t have any dress clothes, same hoodies and jeans like the rest of us. He does keep tidy, though. His hair is sprayed and parted at the side. Short, like his height. He was about, say, 5’6″? Shorter than me, that must be embarrassing. I never mind, though. Guys come in different sizes, big deal. Marshall was a freshman, so Duncan will have to show him the ropes of college sex. He also spoke to me as if Duncan told him every thing imaginable about my pussy and cocksucking skills, kinda shaky, much like my friend Justin in high school. I glanced down more than once to see his raging hard-on in his pants. He caught my glance, I gave him a grin, and his face turned beet red. Before anything could happen, he had to get back to his homework. I know, homework during the first couple of weeks. That’s college.

Next came the suite mates. The bathroom contained a strapping young man named Cory. Holy shit. Black leather boots, curly black hair, he looked like he’d just walked in from the 60’s. Imagine a young George Harrison during the Hamburg days… that was about it, minus the sexy eyebrows. He was drawing a treble clef on his arm with a sharpy when he looked up and saw us walking in.

“When did you switch to pretty girls, Duncan?”

I just about came in my pants.

“Cory, this is my friend Katie. She’s a freshman too.”

The stirring bulge in his pants as he stepped onto the tiled floor and walked towards me. He radiated cool on a level I’ve never seen. He was like a male Brooklyn, except with no piercings or tattoos. Clean, yet dangerous. He was out of style, but he didn’t care. His nearly pure black outfit was enough for him. A bad boy, never had one of those before. He sized me up with his eyes and pointed to my shirt: Cream.

“Cream sucks, I prefer something like the Bluesbreakers.”

I pointed to his shirt: The Doors.

“The Doors suck…”

His eyebrows raised, waiting for me to say what I prefer. I wasn’t even telling the truth.

“No they don’t, they’re fucking great.”

“Damn right.”

He smiled as he bit onto the cap of the sharpie, turned the pen around, and capped it.

“Where you from, Katie?”

“Does that matter?”

“Not really.”

Then it got silent. I stared deep into his dark eyes, he stared back into my blues. Nobody said a word until Duncan finally broke the silence.

“Cory, are we done here? I’d like to show her your room. Is Jake in?”

He still gazed at me.

“Sure he is. Right this way.

I watched his ass as he led us through the bathroom and into his room. It was pretty plain, but I could tell which side was Cory’s by where the record player was. He had a box full of vinyl records sitting next to the table where the player sat. His bed was black sheets and blankets. The other bed had someone in it. Cory walked over to it.

“Jake, Duncan wants you to meet his whore.”

I gave him an offended look, though he wasn’t wrong. He just shrugged. He wasn’t serious, just sarcastic was all. The bed stirred, and a beard came out along with a chubby face. I have to fuck THAT?

“This is Katie.”

“You woke me up for this?”

“Fuck off, Jake. Go the fuck back to sleep, you lazy fuck.”

Cory picked up a bottle and threw it at Jake. Jake didn’t even react, he just rolled back over and went to sleep. kartal escort Duncan looked over to me.

“Jake doesn’t do much except go to class.”

“And eat shit all day.”

I was at a loss for words. I finally spoke.

“Well, thank you, Duncan, for showing me your friends. It was nice meeting you, Cory.”

He gave me an approving nod. Duncan led me out of their room, and out through his door. We stood at his open doorway, and he handed me a slip of paper with a set of numbers.

“These are our numbers. Text us if you need anything. If you’re too proper for that, we’ll be right here.”

“Did you tell Marshall about… us?”

“And Cory. And Jake. We talk a lot.”

I let out a sigh.

“Don’t worry, the only one who seemed even remotely interested was Marshall. Jake didn’t give a shit, and Cory gave me a raised eyebrow. The fuck does that even mean?”

“He’s a man of few words.”

“Pretty much. Hey, I’ve gotta get to class soon, I’ll see you later.”

“Bye, Duncan.”

We hugged. I felt his hard-on again. So fucking thick. Then we let go, and he went back into his room. I looked at the list of numbers in my hand, and ran back to my room to put them in my phone. Afterwards, I tried each number to see if they really worked.

Me: This is Katie, is this (insert person’s name here)

Duncan: Sure is, gorgeous.

Marshall: Yes, ma’am. It was nice meeting you.

Cory: Yep.

Jake: Yeah, don’t wake me up again.

I was happy. Now, it was time to get to work. I wanted to think about who I wanted to fuck first. Cory seemed to be the right candidate, but Marshall seemed pretty eager. Jake might end up being my last choice. I went into my bathroom to think, instead finding Stacy smoking another cigarette and staring at herself in the mirror. She looked like she was having an existential crisis. I quickly closed the door so the smoke wouldn’t get out.

“Hello, Kaitlyn.”

“How’d you know it was me?”

“It’s called peripheral vision.”

I ran the sink, rubbing my hands under the hot water. They felt dry, they could use a little moisture.

“Brooklyn tells me you’re gonna be the whore of the college.”

“Well, I’m gonna try to do something sexual with every guy in the dorm.”

“Just be sure to wear a rubber.”

I nodded my head, going back to washing my hands. She turned to me and spoke again.

“Do you think I’m pretty?”


“You heard me.”

I didn’t know what to say. She was pale, had blue in her hair, had on black lipstick and eyeliner to match.

“Sure you are.”

“I’m thinking of changing my hair.”

“Why? It looks nice with the blue.”

“Yeah, but your blonde is so much prettier. We should totally match.”

She started to scare me.

“You’re starting to scare me.”

I just said that, god dammit.

“Kaitlyn, we’re gonna be living next to one another for a while.”

She put out her cigarette before continuing.

“I feel like we should be more like one another. We both like classic rock, why not both be blonde?”

“Stacy, stop.”

Really quickly, she dropped to her knees and grabbed my legs.

“Would you fuck me, Kaitlyn?”

Tears were welling up.

“I don’t know how I feel about doing things with another girl.”

“Just forget it then.”

Stacy stormed out of the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. I was frozen in my tracks. What the fuck just happened? Before I could even think about it, my phone buzzed.

Cory: I’m bored, wanna hang?

– Cory

Cory brought his vinyl records and his player over to my room, playing Led Zeppelin IV and talking to me about blues chord progressions with the song Black Dog. I could hear him talk about rock music forever.

“The root chord is what you hear at first, then it moves into…”

It went on like that for a while. Eventually, he ran out of things to say, so I jumped in.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck to Zeppelin. Robert Plant’s vocals and my moaning could match.”

I gave him a little laugh, but he wasn’t laughing. He was giving me a look and smiling. His eyes were wide, showing me his dark brown eyes. His eyebrows raised, my head nodded, and that was it. He jumped right onto me, driving his tongue into my mouth. I really wasn’t prepared, but I was too afraid that I’d drive him out of my life if I resisted. Instead, I ran my fingers through his thick curly hair, and grabbed his tight ass through his black jeans. He thrust onto me, his hard bulge pressing against my clothed cunt. I let out a moan, and he knew all I wanted.

He picked me up so easily, and we went onto the wall. His tongue was ferocious, his hands not leaving my ass. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he invaded my mouth with his. My hands slid through the tight fit between us and down his pants, feeling his cock. So hot and throbbing, uncircumcised too. Eventually, the song switched from Black Dog to Rock and Roll. That was game over for both of us. He let out a devilish laugh, and put me down. I found myself being bostancı escort spun around, my jeans being yanked down to my ankles.

“Please be gentle.”

“I’ll try.”

He was so quick. Right after his reply, *shulk*! His cock was so good. It wasn’t as long as Duncan’s but it was about as thick. His hands were authoritative as he gripped my hips firmly and fucked me hard. His thrusts were so powerful. He seemed like the guy who’s fucked lots of size queens and goth girls who loved to be fucked hard. I’d never EVER been fucked like this before. High school boys just fumble a lot and go slow so they don’t cum, but this guy just went all out.

SHIT! THE CONDOM! I looked over my shoulder.

“Wait! The condom!”

“Don’t worry, I’m infertile.”



He fucked me harder. Every pound was like another orgasm shooting through my pussy. He had a curve to him that allowed him to hit my g-spot at every stroke. It was so good. My ass collided with his pelvis and shook with the force of his thrusting. This wall seemed unsanitary, but I drooled over it anyways. My face was planted against it and my tongue hung out like a dog. My eyes remained closed the whole time so I could just savor the awesome fucking I was receiving. He knew how to use his cock well. It felt so amazing inside of me. Eventually, his moans got louder.

“Ah fuck! I’m gonna cum!”

“Wait, wait! Not inside!”

Too late. With one more chord by Zeppelin and another loud groan by Cory, he popped his load deep in my pussy. His cock shuddered and pulsed with the explosions of cum shooting into me. My legs started shaking, only my toes touching the floor. His pelvis started lifting me up from the floor, he was so strong. Finally, he slid out of my pussy as I slid to the floor, laying in a slowly forming puddle of his cum. I looked up at this authority above me. 7 inches. I thought he’d be bigger. Oh well, still pretty thick.

I came to my senses and ran into the bathroom, running water in the sink, and splashing it against my draining pussy. I had to get this boy’s cum out of me. My birth control had recently run out, and I’ve been too lazy to get a refill. I should’ve just gotten the refill. Battle of Evermore started playing as Cory sat down next to the player, his cock sitting between his outstretched legs, laughing at me.

“Stop laughing! I’m not on my birth control!”

“Honey, I’m infertile!”

Water ran down my legs as I walked back into the room.

“What the fuck does that even mean?”

“It means I’m unable to reproduce.”

My anger suddenly turned into pity and confusion.

“Wait, and you’re just okay with that?”

The sweating and panting man before me shrugged. I walked over and sat down next to him, laying my head on his shoulder in pity.

“Oh, don’t give me that, Katie. I don’t mind.”

“Sorry, I’m just like this. Don’t you want kids?”

“Sure I do. Adoption’s a thing, sperm donors are a thing…”

He put his arm around my shoulder. He was so gentle, even after the hard fucking he just give me.

“I’ll be fine, Katie. Don’t worry.”

He smiled at me for a moment before getting up and pulling back on his pants. He started to put away the Zeppelin when I spoke again.

“That was really good.”

“Sorry if it was too rough, it’s what I’m used to.”

“Sorry if I wasn’t too dirty, that was my first.”

The look of disbelief on his face was amazing. I gave him a laugh.

“No, my first in college. Not a bad fuck, I was wondering how a college boy would fuck.”

“Well that’s the thing. I’m not a boy.”

He opened my door, and started walking towards his room when he turned around.

“I’m a man.”

He took his records back to his room along with his player, and I remained on the floor with my pants missing. What a man indeed.

– Jake

I know, I know. How the hell did this even happen? Well, let me explain. It was kind of out of pity.

I saw Jake in the food court, eating my himself. He looks kind of like a bigger version of one of the ZZ Top guys, except black. I’m not into hairy guys at all, but I decided to sit down with him. I’m surprised he let me stay. He spoke first, which was surprising as well.

“You’re Katie, right?”

“Yeah. And you’re Jake?”

“That’s me. Listen, I’m sorry for being rude before. I just enjoy my sleep.”

“Oh, I understand. Me too. It’s no worries.”

“Cool, I didn’t think you wanted to be my friend after that.”

“I can’t keep a grudge. I end up forgiving people eventually.”

“Me too. I know I look scary, but I’ve had girls tell me I’m just a big teddy bear.”

That was a laugh we both shared. I’m glad we were growing onto each other so quickly.

“So, you’ve had girls?”

“Well, not in the sense you think of.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m a… virgin?”

“Aww, that’s okay. There’s no shame in that. You’ll get your fix in college eventually.”

“Well, I personally think there’s a bit of shame in being a virgin during my senior maltepe escort year of college.”

That caught me off guard. A senior? What the fuck?

“What are you doing in a freshman dorm?”

“It has the best places to hide weed.”

“That makes sense.”


Silence. I finally spoke again.

“Can I ask why you’re still a virgin?”

“I’m kind of… scary.”

“You don’t scare me.”

“I wasn’t talking about my face.”

He looked down, the back up to me. Slowly, I looked under the table, then came back up with incredibly wide eyes.

“You’re fucking hung.”

“Like a blue whale.”

“How big is-“

“16 inches.”

“Jesus Christ, Jake.”

“I always wear sweat pants and I have to strap it to my leg. It’s… embarrassing.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. It just would’ve been nice to have someone at least give me an orgasm before my time at college ended.”

I bit my lip, and looked down at my thumbs, then back up to him. His mouth hung open.


“But it’s your last year.”

“I would obliterate you.”

“I’m not gonna fuck it, I’m just gonna make you cum.”

“Katie, you really don’t have to.”



“I’m gonna suck your dick.”

With that, I slid under the table and grabbed his erection. His leg had to be extended all the way for it to go down his leg. It was incredibly thick, like a branch from a tree. I slowly pulled his sweats from under his ass and down his legs.


His cock smacked into the table above us. Holy crap was this thing big. I knew black guys were statistically larger than white guys, but damn. This was making Jonah Falcon look small, and that man’s hung as well. But damn. It’s official, this as the largest penis I’ve ever seen. Even with two hands, I couldn’t get my hands around this cock. It was circumcised too! Holy shit! I licked up and down and all over the head as he tried to keep his moans quiet. He’d never had this done to him, so he’s just reacting like any other male. I don’t lame him. I’m a master with my tongue. I stroked this tree limb of a cock, trying to get it to cum. His balls looked heavy too, like two baseballs in a dark sack below this gargantuan penis that stood before me. Soon, I felt his cock throb before me, and I saw Jake’s legs start to kick as white cum shot out in thick globs before me. I think I went blind as my face was coated in this man’s cum. It didn’t stop for a while either. He must’ve shot eight or nine spurts of cum onto my poor face.

“Can I get a napkin? Or five?”

“Sure. Sorry, Katie.”

– Marshall

With the others out of the way, it was time that I eventually get to Marshall. The problem was he was a bit of a tough cookie. I could tell that he liked me because of the bulge he’d get in his pants whenever he’d see me, but whenever I tried to do anything with him, he’d always have an excuse. It annoyed me a lot. It shouldn’t be this hard to get into a naive boy’s pants. Yes, boy. This person was far from a man. He had some growing up to do. Obvious virgin, but not the kind that Jake was. Jake had a reason, Marshall doesn’t have shit. It’s all excuses and other bullshit like that.

I finally had enough and decided to knock on his door. Duncan answered, naturally, and told me that he was at the building where all the music stuff is, practicing a solo for band. A band geek. Now it all makes sense. I’m only kidding, band geeks are notorious nymphomaniacs. I ran over to the band hall and found him in a side practice room. This time I guess he had an excuse for not hanging out. Practicing for something you wanna do is pretty important. But I was horny now. No waiting any more.

I knocked on the door, and startled him. There went the boner in his pants again. I just gave him a smile, and asked him to lock the door. He did so, I came in, and locked the door again. Thank god there was a second chair in the room to sit in while I talked with him.

“This really isn’t a good time, Katie. I’m trying to-“

“Save it.”

Did that seem rude? I feel like it was rude. Whatever, he can get over it. He set his trombone down beside him.

“What exactly do you want?”

“You, Marshall.”

There was an uncomfortably long pause before he just let out an “Oh.” My eyes rolled in time with my sigh before I moved his music stand over to the window, blocking it, then getting on my knees in front of him. I started to unzip his jeans when he stopped me.

“Go slow, it’s my first time.”

“No shit, I know a virgin when I see one.”

I started to keep going, then stopped. I looked up at his beet red face and his hazel eyes.

“I’m sorry, I just really wanna do this. I’ll stop being rude if you promise not to cum too early.”

“I can’t really promise that.”

“Good enough.”

I pulled his cock out. It wasn’t tiny, but I don’t think it was average. A good five inches maybe. It worked for me, though. I stuck it in my mouth and started sucking. He ate pineapple and shit for sure, this cock tasted wonderful. Holy shit. It was circumcised too, which wasn’t that big of a surprise. I don’t exactly have a preference in terms of circumcised or uncircumcised. If it’s a cock, I’ll probably suck it. However, five inches is probably my boundary into small territory. But I’m not gonna shame him for it. Size matters, yes, but not as much as people think it does.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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