On Solid Ground

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Scott nervously anticipated her disappointment as he listened to the ringing in the receiver. On the sixth or seventh ring, she picked up.

“I certainly hope this isn’t who I think it is,” she answered. Though she was half-asleep, there was clearly an edge of irritation in her voice.

He hesitated, trying to think of a way to soften the news, but he knew from experience that there was no way to let her down easily. “Yes, it’s me, honey,” he replied. “The concert ran late, and the equipment truck blew a tire on the way home. It’s almost three in the morning, and I just got home.”

“So, once again, the man of my dreams will have to be the man in my dreams?” she replied coolly. He wondered how much of that coolness in her voice was feigned.

“Just for tonight, Kit. I’m much too tired to make the drive now, but I’ll make it up to you in the morning, I promise.” He smiled to himself as he thought of his plan for tomorrow, and hoped that she would still be receptive to him after tonight’s letdown.

“I hope you have some idea of what you’re passing up. I’m wearing your favorite negligee. You know, the one with the ribbon that holds it together, the one you like to untie with your teeth. Honey, the candles are still burning, and so am I!” He pictured himself running his hands over the lacy material as she spoke. “Scott, I want you!”

Relieved that she was still open to him, he was tempted (who wouldn’t be?), but stood firm. “Honey, I just can’t do it tonight. Any chance you will still be in that mood in the morning? We have all day tomorrow, you know.”

“But I want you here, now! I want to feel you wrapped around me, feel you deep inside me. Damn! Why won’t you give in, and move in with me? We wouldn’t have this problem, you know! I wouldn’t care about your weird hours, as long as I could count on you snuggling up to me, and finding new ways to awaken me and let me know you’re home. Or, aren’t you willing to give up the harem of groupies that the guys in the band throw your way?”

He couldn’t tell if she was kidding or fishing with that question. “We’ve been through all that a hundred times, Kit. You know the groupies don’t want the sound engineer. If they can’t have the lead singer or the drummer, they’ll take the ushers before the engineer. I’ve told you why I won’t move in…it’s because you don’t have a garage for my MG!”

Kit groaned, “Come on, you can do better than that. Tell me about your old-fashioned values, or not wanting to hurt your mother. Tell me you want to play the field, even, but don’t let that car upstage me! Besides, I’m more fun to take for a ride than any car, aren’t I? Get over here, and check my oil with your special dipstick, big boy!” He could hear her moaning softly and imagined her slipping her hand inside her negligee, caressing her breasts.

“Look, we can talk tomorrow. Let me get a few hours of sleep, and I’ll wake you properly in the morning, okay?” He could feel the tension easing, and knew that all would be forgotten after tomorrow.

“You leave me no choice, you know, but to take matters into my own hands. I’ll just have to open my toy box, and find something more dependable than you.”

“Don’t you dare! You save every bit of that passion for me, even if you have to take a cold shower. And leave the shower massage alone!” he chided. “Kit, honey, I have a very special day planned for us tomorrow. Please get back to sleep, and I’ll be there before you know it!”

“Hmmm…the shower massage. Might be just what the doctor ordered!” she kidded back. “All right, love, but you’d better wake me nicely in the morning. Get some rest, too. I want you at full strength tomorrow!”

He breathed a sigh of relief as he put down the receiver. He had come precariously close to blowing his whole plan by not keeping their date tonight, but he knew that the tension would make ] tomorrow even more special. God, how he wanted to be there with her right now.

It was a few minutes after four when he slipped into her house, let Sidney out, removed his shoes and crept silently up the stairs. He opened her bedroom door slowly, stopping to admire her as she slept. Kneeling beside her, he softly brushed her neck with his lips. She stirred for a few seconds, then reached out for him, pulling him close.

“Good morning, love,” he whispered into her ear.

“Mmmmmmmmm…good morning to you, too! I was just dreaming about you. Why aren’t you undressed and in this bed with me? I expected a more dramatic wake up call, you know.”

“As tempting as that sounds, there’s no time. I have something very special planned, remember? Now, you slip into the shower while I start the coffee. Hurry, and dress casual. Jeans and a very warm sweater, maybe two, okay? I already have the top down.”

“Damn you, Scott! Is this your idea of torture?” Looking at the business-like expression on his face, she knew he wasn’t to be distracted from his mystery plan. He hesitated long enough to watch her slip from under the covers, and stagger toward the bathroom, still half asleep. He admired her firm buns peeking out from under the flimsy anadolu yakası escort material, fighting the urge to delay his plans, and pull her back into bed, but he couldn’t ruin it now.

He had let Sidney back in and just finished his first cup of coffee when she bounced into the kitchen. He looked up, and caught his breath. She possessed a natural beauty; one that makeup would never enhance. Her jeans fit her like a glove, but the bulky sweater concealed the firm orbs on which he had lavished so much attention over the past year. She returned his smile as they embraced. Gently he backed away and she looked at him quizzically, but his only response was to fill two travel mugs with coffee.

He opened the passenger door of the MG for her, and she slid into the seat. He took his place behind the wheel, then reached into a wicker basket behind them. Removing a single rose, he handed it to her and kissed her on the cheek. She responded with a smile and wrapped her arms around him, kissing him passionately on the lips.

They were silent as he guided the sports car through the streets and toward the Golden Gate, but then she began probing him about his plans for the day. She was amazingly good-natured, considering she had been awake only a short time, and he had stood her up last night. She guessed that they were going to Sausalito for the day, but he didn’t take that exit after crossing the bridge. As the intrigue built, her eyes began to light up – the playful look of a little girl trying to guess what’s inside a wrapped present. Her hand rested on his thigh, the gentle stroking eliciting a very noticeable response.

“You’re making it very ‘hard’, you know,” pretending to refer to the distraction from his driving. He lay his right hand on her thigh, mimicking the stroking that was beginning to drive him wild. He slipped his hand under her sweater, feeling the softness of her bare tummy. Gradually his fingers inched higher, stroking the undersides of her breasts, and then gently pinching her nipples. He heard her catch her breath, then she responded by gently squeezing him through his jeans, and then playing with his zipper. They both knew that access was impossible in the cramped little car, but the intent had him raging.

As they sped along north on Highway 101, the sky lightened over the hills, and they were able to see the silhouettes of houses and barns. Nearing Petaluma, he steered the car east onto Highway 12. Kit immediately guessed they were spending a day in the Napa Valley vineyards, but he assured her she was wrong, again. Just outside of Sonoma, Scott slowed the car and began searching for something in the distance off to the right. He finally spotted a large pickup truck and trailer in a field, its headlights illuminating several figures moving briskly in the morning shadows. He slowed further, turned onto a dirt road and continued toward them.

Stopping a hundred feet short of the truck and trailer, he happily announced “We’re here!” Taking in the scene, Kit was still mystified.

As Scott leapt from the car, one of the men waved and yelled “You’re just in time, and it’s a fine, fine day for it, too!” Scott sprinted around the car, opened Kit’s door and held out his hand, helping her from the car. Grabbing the picnic basket in the other hand, he led her toward the men.

“Oh, Scott! We’re going on a balloon ride!” she shouted excitedly as they got close enough to read “Napa Balloon Adventures” painted in bright colors on the side of the trailer. “We are, aren’t we?”

“Yes, darling, but that’s only one of the surprises I have in store for you today!”

They watched as the men scrambled to stretch out the envelope of fabric on the ground and attach the gondola to the lines. They used a large fan to fill the balloon with air, then moved the open bottom over the propane burner inside the basket. Kit startled at the first dragon-like whoosh of the burner as it began heating the air inside. The balloon continued to expand and rise, and was soon tugging at its tether, as if it was as eager to get going as Scott and Kit. The captain approached them, introduced himself only as Cap’n Bill, and asked if they were ready.

Scott handed one of the men his car keys, so that he could follow them in the MG. Taking Kit’s hand, Scott led her toward the basket, helped her into it, and quickly followed. “Nervous?” he asked. “Only a little, but mostly very, very excited! I’ve wanted to do this all my life. Thank you, darling!”

Cap’n Bill busied himself at the controls, and directed the crew until, finally, he commanded “Cast off!”

The craft rose slowly but steadily, until the morning breeze caught it, and they began drifting eastward. The roar of the burner was nearly deafening at first, in sharp contrast to the cool peacefulness of the early morning. Scott wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close. He wondered if her shivers were due to the cold or the excitement. As they gained altitude, Cap’n Bill fired the burner less often, and they were finally able to talk.

“Look, ataşehir escort darling – the sunrise!” Kit turned and put her hands on the edge of the basket, watching as the sun peeked over the still distant hillside. Scott snuggled up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and resting his chin lightly on her shoulder. He nuzzled her neck, and she could tell from the bulge pressing against her that he was still just as excited as he had been in the car.

The spreading sunlight slowly illuminated the countryside, already parched to a golden brown by the August sun; it was a sharp contrast to the deep green of the vineyards on the nearing hillside. As the sun warmed them, Scott could feel Kit stop shivering and relax.

“Oh, Scott… I can’t believe it! It’s better than I ever imagined!” she said excitedly, as she put her arms on top of his and squeezed. He was so glad that things were going as planned – even better than he had expected. He was getting more and more nervous, though, as the heart of the plan was yet to be revealed, and he had no idea how she would respond to it.

“Honey, I’m sorry about last night…”

“Scott, it’s okay. I’m used to it by now, unfortunately. And I’ve finally stopped doubting you – I know that you’re not fooling around while you’re on the road. I just don’t understand why you won’t give in and move in with me, so we could be together, no matter when you get home from your trips.”

He turned her to face him, holding her hands and looked directly into her eyes. “Kit, moving in together is a major step, one that requires a commitment that I just haven’t been ready to make…until now.”

She caught her breath and her eyes lit as she looked at him with hopeful anticipation. “Does this mean…”

This time he cut her off. “Sweetheart, I wanted to wait until we were on solid ground for this…” he reached into the picnic basket and retrieved something small in his hand.

“Kit, honey…I’m ready to take that step, make that commitment…if you are! In fact, I’ll move in tomorrow if you still want me…but I need a commitment from you in return. Let me explain. I lied to you last night, for the first and last time. There was no concert. I spent the day moving my things into the manager’s office at the recording studio, and then went home to get ready for today. My road trips are over, and I’ll be in town every night, from now on! There’s only one thing that will keep me from moving in with you now.”

Her eyes searched his, wondering what on earth he might be asking for. She let him continue.

“Katherine Harris, I want to move in with you. I want to spend every possible moment with you. From this day on. And I want you to wear this…” as he raised the small box in his hand, opened it, and removed the ring it contained. Raising her left hand, he held the ring at the tip of her finger, then hesitated. “I want you to be my wife! Will you be?”

Katherine looked deeply into his eyes, smiled and pushed her finger toward the ring. “Does that answer your question, darling? YESSS! I want to be your wife!” throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him passionately.

“Congratulations, you two!” Cap’n Bill nearly shouted over the roar of the burner, then extended his hand. “It’s a tradition to offer a toast upon landing the balloon, but I think there’s no time like the present.” He reached into a cooler, and handed them each a wine glass, setting one for himself next to the cooler. He reached back into the cooler and retrieved a bottle of champagne, which he opened and proceeded to fill the three glasses. Raising his own, he thought for a second, then proclaimed “Here’s to soaring to new heights!” As their glasses clinked together, Scott and Kit turned to look at each other, lifted their glasses, and drank to each other and their confirmed love.

The basket swayed in the wind as they continued their lazy sojourn. Kit turned to look over the edge of the basket, at the panorama beneath them. Scott once again snuggled close behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. She teasingly wriggled her buns against his hardness, wishing they were alone and naked in the balloon at that moment. He responded by slipping his hand under her sweater, caressing the soft skin of her stomach. As she leaned even harder back against him, his hands inched higher, stroking her breasts. She caught her breath, as he began squeezing her engorged nipples. Behind them, Cap’n Bill smiled as he acted busy flying the craft. Observing the erotic responses of his passengers was one of his favorite fringe benefits. (Another was observing nude sunbathers, and occasionally lovers, as the balloon drifted silently and undetected above them. In his ornery moods, he had deflated more than one erection by firing the ship’s burner while floating directly overhead.)

They continued to sail across the open land, with the lovers sipping champagne and snuggling and caressing playfully. Gradually, the balloon began to descend, and Cap’n Bill pointed questioningly to a hilltop they were approaching. Scott nodded, ümraniye escort and the captain used his radio to give the crew directions on how to reach the landing site. About five minutes later, the colorful craft settled calmly as the crew pulled it to earth by the tether.

Scott climbed out and helped Kit follow. Still holding hands, Scott turned to her and informed her, “It’s not over, by any means, love.”

Cap’n Bill talked to the crew, and then handed Scott the basket, informing him that he was going to continue by air, rather than take the time to pack away the balloon here. The burner firing once again, the balloon pulled at the tether until the captain nodded, and the crew released it. As Cap’n Bill waved farewell, the young fellow who had been driving the MG reluctantly handed Scott the keys and climbed into the pickup with the rest of the crew to continue the pursuit.

Kit and Scott stood, arms encircling each other, and watched as the great nylon ship floated off the edge of the hill, soaring above the village nestled in the valley beyond. They were awed by the beauty of the vessel as they watched it sail away; exuberant colors forming a repeating geometric pattern around a silky background of yellow, deepening to shades of orange near the top. As it faded from sight, they turned and embraced, sharing a leisurely but passionate kiss.

The kiss finally broken, Scott turned and walked toward the car, still holding Kit’s hand. As they neared the car, she let go of his hand, and started to walk around to get in. He laughed, “Not so fast! We’re not going anywhere for awhile,” and reached behind the seats to grab the blanket, the one they had shared dozens of times for their picnics in Golden Gate Park. Taking her hand again, he led her back to the very top of the hill, where he had left the picnic basket, and carefully spread the blanket. Opening the basket, together they removed the contents: a baguette, a round of brie, fresh strawberries, a bottle of Chardonnay, and a knife, napkins and wine glasses.

The feast spread, Kit looked at it, looked at Scott, and said, simply, “Later!” as she pushed him back onto the blanket and stretched out on top of him, face to face. “First, you have some making up to do for last night, mister,” pinning his hands playfully over his head and lowering her mouth to his. She could feel him growing hard beneath her, again, as her tongue parted his lips and probed his mouth. She ground against him, delighted, as always, to have him respond so noticeably.

Scott freed himself of her grip on his hands, and reached down to her waist, slowly lifting the bottom of her sweater and letting his fingers brush her naked skin beneath. Kit sat up, grinding her bottom against him and raised her arms so that he could remove her sweater completely. He lowered his hands slowly, his open palms grazing her shoulders, then her naked breasts ever so lightly. She responded by sliding his rugby shirt up his torso, and he lifted himself slightly to help her remove it. She leaned forward, swinging her nipples just above his lips, teasing him until he finally lifted his head quickly and sucked one firmly between his lips. His hands slipped down her bare back, fingers slipping under the waistband of her jeans, and following it around to the front, where he deftly unsnapped them.

Realizing he couldn’t remove her jeans while they were in this position, he rolled her onto her back, not releasing her nipple. One hand kneaded her other breast, while he reached down and unzipped her jeans. He moved his attention to her other breast, swirling his tongue around the dark aureole in ever-smaller circles, then captured the hard nub between his teeth and nipped playfully. Kit’s moans were gradually growing louder, and her head was beginning to roll from side to side. She stroked his back, then moved lower and cupped his still jean-clad cheeks, pulling him harder against her. She tried to reach between them and undo his jeans, but couldn’t.

Laughing softly at her frustration, he asked, “And just what do you want?

“As if you didn’t know! You’re driving me insane you know!”

Scott’s only response was to begin kissing the fullness of her breasts, then her stomach, and without lifting his mouth, he tugged at her jeans and began wriggling lower, his lips trailing behind to kiss each inch of flesh as he exposed it. He thought, for an instant that she wasn’t wearing panties, but finally the waistband of her skimpiest pair appeared. He suddenly stood, removed his own pants and briefs, then knelt and removed Kit’s jeans and then her underwear as she lifted her hips to help. He leaned forward and kissed her toes, then her feet, then her calves as his hands stroked ahead of his lips. Her legs were so smooth, still clean-shaven from her preparations for their aborted rendezvous the evening before.

He gently positioned her legs so that he could lick the backs of her knees, which she always loved, while his fingertips brushed the even softer skin of her thighs above him. He began kissing his way higher, alternating up the insides of her thighs, while his fingers stroked the hair of her bush. Moving still higher, he began lightly pulling on her hair, while positioning his mouth directly over her mound and blowing his warm breath softly on her swelling lips. Her writhing increased, and she caught her breath with each new release of warm air, which he timed teasingly.

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