One Fateful Night: The Aftermath Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: All individuals in this work of fiction are above the age of 18 years.

Second followup to “One Fateful Night”

This one picks up directly after “One Fateful Night: The Aftermath” so it would be helpful to read those first.

This chapter is written from Anna’s perspective, the next (and probably final) chapter will be from Julien’s pov.

Please comment if you enjoyed and even if you didn’t, but try to be constructive 🙂

Also comment if you would like to see something specific in the final chapter, I can’t promise I’ll include it for sure, but it will be considered. Thanks!

Happy reading!

The next morning, I was awoken by the warm sun on my naked body. Julien’s arm was draped over me. I held his hand to my chest and snuggled my body back against him. I smiled deviously when I felt his morning wood pressing against the curve of my butt cheek. I laid there for a few more moments before I snuck out of bed and into the bathroom. I took a shower and brushed my teeth. After getting dressed I sat down on the bed next to Julien and brushed my palm across his forehead. I saw his eyes begin to open and he smiled. He looked up at me and I stared down at him.

“Morning sweetie,” I softly greeted.

He just stretched his body and smiled.

“I’m gonna make some bacon and eggs for breakfast, you want?” I asked.

“Sounds great babe,” he replied, his voice hoarse.

“Okay, see you downstairs,” I said, then left the room.

Standing in the hallway, I made my way to Luka’s room and opened the door slightly. Poking my head in I saw my brother just begging to awake,

“Hey Luke, you want some breakfast?” I whispered.

He rolled over in his bed and saw me in his doorway,

“Sure Anna, thanks.”

I finally made my way to the kitchen and started on breakfast.

Twenty minutes later Julien came stumbling into the kitchen.

I had three plates of a rather scrumptious breakfast set out, accompanied by three glasses of OJ. Julien kissed me on the cheek and we sat down. Seconds later, Luka found his way to the kitchen, just as groggily as Julien. He sat and we ate breakfast.

“So, first day off in a while, what are you doing today?” I asked, turning to my brother.

“Hadn’t really planned anything.” Luka mused before his eyes widened, “You guys wanna do a movie day?”

I laughed a little,

“Wow, we haven’t done that since we were kids,” referring to the times that Luka, Julien and I would go to the Cineplex and spend the whole day watching movies. I looked over to Julien,

“Could be fun, lot of summer blockbusters are already out,” he reasoned.

“Okay then, I’m game if you guys are,” I agreed.

We finished breakfast and the boys cleared the table and cleaned the dishes. I browsed the internet while Julien and Luka got ready. When they returned to the living room, we headed to the drive way. We hopped into Luka’s truck and he drove to the movie theaters.

Seven hours, and four movies later we exited the theater into the parking lot. The setting sun was still bright enough to seem almost alien to us after spending such a long time in the darkness of the movie theater. It was just past six in the evening. Luka stopped off and we picked up a pizza before heading home. As we entered the house I set the pizza down in the kitchen.

“I’m gonna change and take a run, I’ll feel really bad if the only thing I did today was sit and watch movies,” I said to Luka and Julien as they helped themselves to the steaming Hawaiian pizza.

Up in my room, I stripped out of my jeans and t-shirt and slipped on my white sports bra. Shedding my black thong, I wiggled my butt into my blue spandex shorts, pulling the tight material from the crevice of my pussy. I tied my hair into a ponytail and put on my running shoes. Grabbing my ipod and arm strap I made my way downstairs, finding Julien and Luka in the living room playing Call of Duty.

“See you in a bit,” I announced as I exited through the front door.

I did some light stretching in the driveway before plugging in my earbuds and setting off on my run. When I got back it was already dark out and I was exhausted. I found Luka by himself in the living room.

“Hey, where’s Jules?” I panted.

Luka looked over to me,

“Oh he got a call from work, he’s on a skype conference call upstairs in the office,” he explained.

I nodded and went into the kitchen. After downing a bottle of water I went upstairs and into the bathroom. I peeled my sweaty workout clothes off and hung them behind the bathroom door. I stepped into the shower and turned on the water, soaking myself in its coolness. Passing my hand over my crotch, I felt the prickliness of my pubic hair growing back. I reached for my pink razor and lathered my pelvis with shaving gel. I decided to shave myself bare, doing away with my landing strip. After shaving, I lathered my body and rinsed. I got dressed in my comfy cotton shorts and an old t-shirt then wrapped my hair in a towel. I wandered over to the office and poked my kadıköy escort head in. Julien was still on his call; I smiled at him and quickly left.

I was in the guestroom with my laptop and caught myself yawning. It was getting late; I decided to call it a night. I shut my laptop down and placed it on the bedside table, then crawled beneath the soft warm comforts of the covers.

I fell asleep before Julien came to bed but awoke the next morning to his warm body besides mine. I looked at the clock and saw it was 8am. I turned myself to face Julien and looked at him while he slept. He looked so sweet and serene. I smiled cunningly to myself as I stealthily removed the covers off of Julien and I. I sneaked my way down the bed and slid my hand through the fly of Julien’s boxers. As I grasped his morning stiffy, I looked up to see if there was any reaction. Julien was still asleep, calm as ever. I pulled his cock through his boxers and stared at his beautiful manhood. I pressed him against the side of my face and felt his warmth. Unable to stop from smiling, I slid his entire cock into my mouth and began sucking him. Julien’s cock went from slightly erect to fully hard within seconds, it was quite the feeling, experiencing the change in my mouth. I was sliding Julien in and out of my mouth, my eyes trying to stay focused on his face looking for any reaction. When popped his cock out of my mouth and began to swirl my tongue around his bulbous head, I head a soft groan. I slid Julien’s erection back into my mouth a directed my eyes to his face. His eyes were slowly opening as Julien roused from his sleep. As I bobbed my head up and down with fevered pace, I felt Julien’s hand on my head. I slowed my sucking so I could look up at him. I managed to smile with his cock buried in my mouth as he stared down to me. I promptly resumed my wakeup blowjob, lowering my mouth all the way down so my lips pressed against Julien’s dark curls. I could only manage this for a few seconds as I felt myself begin to gag, at which point I swiftly withdrew. I repeated this for a while then concentrated on slowly stroking Julien’s shaft with my hands while I sucked on the tip of his penis. Eventually, Julien’s body jerked and his cock began to spill his cum into my waiting mouth. When I felt Julien’s manhood stop twitching in my mouth, I slid him out and swallowed his semen.

Julien watched as I licked my fingertips then curl up beside him,

“Morning baby,” I innocently said, laying my head on his chest.

He chuckled causing both our bodies to shake,

“Morning Anna, that was quite the wake up,” he complemented.

I smiled then turned to him, pecked him on the lips and left for the bathroom,

“Gonna take a shower,” I informed.

I took a quick shower and got dressed. Julien was just getting out of bed when I left for the kitchen.

“Morning Luka!” I greeted as I strolled into the kitchen. I grabbed a bowl and joined my brother on the table for some cereal.

“Morning Anna,” he replied.

“So what time are mom and dad coming in?”

“Flight comes in at ten, I’m gonna get ready to leave in a bit,” Luka responded.

I looked over to Luka as I ate a spoonful of frosted flakes,

“Do you mind if Jules and I go pick them up? I feel it would be a good opportunity to just tell them and get it over with,” I asked.

“Sure sis, no problem,” Luka replied, before putting his arm around me,

“Don’t worry Anna, it’ll be okay,” he comforted, sensing my nervousness about the situation.

“Thanks Luka.”

Julien joined us and poured a bowl of cereal for himself.

I told him that we were picking up my parents in a bit; he seemed to be okay with it.

Julien and I seemed to share each other’s nervousness as we drove to the airport. I think we must have held hands all the way there. The worrying seemed all for nothing though, because once we greeted my mom and dad at the airport and told them about our relationship on the walk back to the car, they were as calm and understanding as Luka had been.

Now, the four of us were on the way back as my mom told us about their trip to my aunt’s.

“So Julien, how are your folks?” my dad asked.

“They’re doing okay, excited about the new place,” Julien replied, both hands gripping the steering wheel as he cruised along the freeway.

“And how long have you two been sneaking around?”

Julien looked over to me in the passenger seat and we blushed.

We chuckled, both knowing my dad’s frank sense of humor,

“Umm, I guess almost six months sir,” Jules replied.

“Well whatever you two are doing, you better keep it up, because I can honestly say Annabelle has never seemed happier,” my mom chirped in.

I looked to Julien and held his hand over this gear shift; I could feel my face getting redder and redder. His smile seemed to calm me.

Thankfully, it wasn’t too long before we were pulling into the driveway. Julien helped my dad with the üsküdar escort luggage and mom and I went inside.

The next week flew by so quickly. Julien and I were almost inseparable the last five days and we stole every opportunity to be together, yet here we were, again standing in an airport terminal, ready to say goodbye. I could feel my eyes begin to well up as Julien hugged my tightly. He kissed me on the forehead while I continued holding him in my arms; I didn’t want to let go. We must have hugged for at least five minutes before I finally gave in and unclasped my arms from around Julien’s waist. We kissed on the lips then pulled apart. Julien raised his hand to my face, wiping a single streaming tear.

“Three months baby, I promise, it’ll fly by. I’m buying my ticket as soon as I reach Miami,” he comforted.

I took a deep breath and smiled at him,

“Okay babe, I’ll see you in three months, I can’t wait to have you on campus,” I replied.

After a few more moments of holding hands, Julien finally began to walk away towards his gate.


“You cut your hair!” Julien exclaimed as he wrapped his arms around me. He ran his hand through my now short pixie hairdo and I pressed my lips against his. We hadn’t actually seen each other for about a week. Between me studying for midterms and him getting work done before his weekend trip, Julien and I couldn’t find the time for skype.

“You look adorable,” he complimented as I blushed.

Julien grabbed his bags and we left the airport terminal and walked to the car.

“So, all done with midterms?” Julien asked from the passenger seat while I maneuvered the car through the airport parking lot.

“Yup, all papers turned in and exams done,” I replied.

Twenty minutes later, I pulled into my apartment complex, just off campus.

Julien followed me up the stairs to my second floor apartment, trudging his bags along,

“So. . .the roomate’s gone for the weekend?” Julien tentatively asked.

“Yup,” I simply replied, turning around and smiling at him before explaining, “She and a couple friends went on a camping trip for the weekend, I kinda insinuated that I’d be forever in her debt if she made herself scarce this weekend.”

Julien returned my sly smile, “My naughty angel, were you planning on getting up to some mischief this weekend?” he asked rhetorically as I opened the apartment door and let him in. Closing the door behind us, I watched as Julien set his bags down on the floor and I went to him immediately.

Turning him around, I let my hands roam across his chest, quickly undoing the buttons on his casual white shortsleeve shirt.

“I was planning on getting up to some mischief right now,” I stated as I slid his shirt of his body, then leaned in and began kissing him.

Julien’s hands found their way to the base of my light pink tank top and we pulled away briefly so he could lift it off me. We resumed kissing and Julien began to massage my breasts over my white lace bra. I whimpered as Julien moved us to the edge of the living room, pinning me against the wall. I lowered my hands to his jeans and unbuckled his belt. He helped, lowering his jeans and boxers to his ankles, then kicked them aside. I grasped onto his throbbing cock, slowly stroking him as his tongue plunged into my mouth. Julien turned me around and I placed my palms against the wall. I felt his hands on my waist, peeling my grey sweats down my legs. I moaned when he placed his hands on my bare calves and slid them all the way up my things and over my ass. He gripped my black cotton thong and pulled it down to join my sweats in a pool around my ankles. I felt Julien’s warm breath on my neck as he stood up behind me. I arched my body, sticking my butt out till I felt Julien pressing his hard cock between the cheeks of my ass. It didn’t take him long to slide his penis between the lips of my pussy and into me. We both seemed to just desperately want to fuck, paying no mind to any romantic foreplay. I pushed my ass back against Julien and his cock filled me.

“Ahhhhh goddd,” I moaned.

Julien began thrusting hard into me,

“Ahh fuck, harder baby, mhmmm, harder!” I encouraged, and he was more than happy to oblige.

The slaps of Julien’s pelvis against my ass filled the room as his turgid manhood stretched the lips of my cunt, slamming into me over and over again. My hands moved from being firmly planted against the wall to roughly squeezing my tits, as I now pressed my face against the wall for support.

“Ohh fuck baby! I’m cumming!” I cried as I felt my pussy begin to convulse.

Julien grip on my hips tightened as he continued his steady rhythm.

I cried louder and louder as I felt my cunt getting wetter. Then I felt Julien thrust hard a final time before he let out an echoing groan and I felt his cock pulse inside me.

“Gahhhh, ahh fuck!” he moaned as I felt his warm cum filling me.

We both stood there for a moment, our bodies covered in sweat, tuzla escort his cock still in me till he began to soften, at which point he gently eased himself out.

I turned around and faced Julien. Leaning my back against the wall, I felt as if I could collapse at any moment. I pulled Julien close and kissed him. I could feel his semen and my juices trickling down my thigh. When I felt I had the strength, I lead Julien to the bathroom where we took a shower.

After our shower, Julien and I lounged about the apartment for a while. Later that night I took Julien to a sushi bar a couple blocks over and we had dinner. After a stroll through the campus we returned to the apartment. We ended up watching a movie on the couch. We must have been pretty exhausted because we fell asleep right there in the living room.

I awoke the next morning to the feel of Julien’s hardon pressing into my butt. I saw that he had moved us to my bedroom sometime during the night. I turned around to face Julien and found him awake staring back at me.

“Morning,” he said.

“I think I like waking up to you poking me in the butt,” I replied with a smile.

“Is that right?” he mused before nuzzling his head into my shoulder, planting kisses on my neck.

I laughed hysterically at his tickling before I rolled out of bed,

“Come on, let’s get some breakfast,” I said, pulling him out of bed.

I made French toast while Julien checked his email. Sitting at my tiny kitchen table near the window, we ate breakfast.

“So. . .how did telling your folks you’re spending Christmas in Miami go over?”

“They were surprisingly okay with it, plus I’ll be seeing them in a couple weeks for thanksgiving and I’ll be there for New Year’s.” I replied. “I can’t wait. . . a whole week in Miami, just you and me,” I admitted.

“Me too babe,” Julien replied.

After breakfast Julien and I pottered around the apartment for the morning then decided to take a walk in the park.

We were sat beneath the generous shade of an oak tree watching kids play and people walk their dogs when my phone rang. It was my friend Sadie, asking if we wanted to join her and her boyfriend, Lewis, for a quick bite to eat. I asked Julien and then told her we would love to.

We sat down in the corner of the familiar sandwich shop that Sadie and I frequented a lot and I introduced Julien to her and Lewis.

“So you’re the wonderful Julien that Anna has been swooning about,” Sadie stated, causing me to blush.

“I hope so,” Julien charmingly replied, placing his arm around my shoulder.

As we ate lunch I was speaking to Lewis about a class we were taking together while Julien and Sadie got to know each other.

“So you’ve really known Anna all her life?” I overhead Sadie asking Julien to which he replied,

“Uhh yeah, I’ve been friends with her brother since we were toddlers, so yeah, I’ve known her for a really long time.”

After lunch, each couple paid their bill and we said our goodbyes.

I took Julien to the campus art exhibition where I loved taking walks and showed him the different statues and art pieces that had gone up in the last couple months.

We picked up some burgers for dinner on the way home and settled on the couch for a movie. When the movie was over I looked outside; it had just begun to get dark. I was laying in Julien’s arms and looked up to him; he had fallen asleep. I smiled and kissed him on the lips, rousing him from his slumber,

“Hey, you know how your birthday was a couple weeks ago?” I asked.

Julien nodded.

“Well I forgot to tell you that I had a present for you, but I couldn’t give it to you till now.”

I smile snaked across Julien’s lips.

“I’m going to take a shower and get ready, I’ll call you when I’m ready,” I said, trying to sound mysterious.

I hurried into my bathroom and had a quick shower. After drying myself, I retrieved the pink Victoria’s Secret bag I had at the back of my closet and laid out the outfit I purchased.

I placed my desk chair in the middle of the room then started to get dressed. Watching myself in the mirror, I slid the black lace thong up my legs, fitting them snugly on my body, then playfully adjusted the pink bows on the sides. I wrapped the matching lace garter belt around my waist and clipped it in place. Next was the black pair of silk stockings. I opened the package and slid the thigh highs on, then clipped the four metal clasps of the garter to them. The final piece was the black lace and mesh skin tight teddy which ended right above the brim of my panties. I adjusted my petite breasts in the underwire cups of the teddy; I had to admit, the garment did a wonderful job of enhancing my cleavage.

I looked at myself in the mirror and styled my pixie haircut as best I could with my hands. I returned to my closet and got the numerous red and white candles I also bought and spread them around the room, lighting each one. I felt incredibly sexy moving around the room dressed in the lingerie, the feel of lace and mesh against my skin was very much arousing. I switched off my bedroom lights once the room was sufficiently lit by candles, then turned on my laptop. I opened up the pop music playlist I made and hit play. I took a last glance around the room making sure everything was set. I sprayed some perfume on my body, slipped on my red bedroom robe then called to Julien.

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