Opening Her Eyes Ch. 01

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Per a fan’s request:

“The data on this next slide compares the ‘conservative forecast’, shown in yellow, generated by our proposed business model versus a flat, ‘worst-case’, industry growth curve as shown in black. The purple indicates our anticipated growth with the impact of the Asian markets factored in. You’ve seen the preliminary data from the European product launch and this is a conservative projection of that growth.”

The wall screen switched to the last slide in her PowerPoint presentation. Rachel paused, took a sip from her water bottle, and let the suits gathered here study the graph. She quickly and discreetly studied their body language to gauge their reaction and identify the negatives before she resumed.

“This sums up our proposal. The market studies and projections are, as I’ve pointed out, very conservative. Our market studies and projections are derived from empirical data, some of which was supplied by your group, thank you very much; the risks associated with this proposal have been identified, discussed, as well as the mitigation strategies. Are there any questions?”

Charles Broward, CEO of Broward, Minos, and Cotton (BMC), looked around the table for comments before addressing her.

“I think that you’ve answered all of BMC’s concerns and more, Ms. Driscoll. I want to thank you for your time as well as the excellent presentation this morning. I realize that it’s a recap of information that you and Gary previously presented but there were a couple of areas that we felt needed clarification.” He smiled. “Which you have provided in abundance. On behalf of BMC’s management team, I thank you for this courtesy and congratulate you for closing this deal. Broward, Minos, and Cotton will work tirelessly to assist NanoPro to achieve their vision.”

Rachel allowed her face to break into a huge smile. Inside she was doing somersaults! This was amazing news and she couldn’t wait to call Gary, her business partner. They’d been working on this investment proposal for months and now success was theirs. If he hadn’t been in Kobe working to resolve some supplier problems, he would have been here. Would have had to be here. It said a lot about their professional relationship that he trusted her enough to re-pitch the proposal for this investment group.

Broward continued: “Joel Watkins will be your account focal and assist you in the next few months as we go forward. The contracts will be ready for signatures within two days.”

“Thank you so much, we’re proud and honored to have BMC’s partnership in this venture.” She replied.

She shook hands all around and exchanged some business cards although most of them should have had hers and she theirs by now.

She was packing up her laptop when Joel Watkins asked her if she’d like to join them for lunch.

“No, thanks, I’ve already made plans to meet a friend at the Convention Center, but I would like to meet tomorrow to discuss the first phase of our project.” She finished zipping the case and turned to face him. “Will that be ok?”

“Tomorrow will be just fine. I’ll call you in the morning.”

“Yes, thank you again.”

She left the building and called Gary to discuss the meeting. He was ecstatic that she’d assuaged BMC’s qualms about investing in their project. It was a quite a turnaround from their conversation twelve hours ago when he told her that she needed to schedule an emergency meeting with BMC to perhaps close on their proposal. She’d only gotten a few hours sleep after reviewing and updating their pitch. Fortunately, most of it was on PowerPoint but it was nerve-racking even so.

“You should have pitched the proposal to them three months ago.” He joked. “They might have moved on it a lot sooner.”

“Yeah, right. You did a great job on the initial proposal, and you know it. They would never have considered the project if you hadn’t.” She replied. She was as excited as he was; this was a major step up for their business.

“Well, you came in and closed the deal, sort of like a relief pitcher! Now we can forget about presenting to Ames and Stoddard, those stuffy pricks!”

“My, my, aren’t we getting cheeky?” She teased. In truth, she was as relieved as he was to be done with this phase of the project. Getting investors was the hardest part by far.

“You damn betcha I am!” He said. “I’m going to be able to finish these negotiations with the Japanese retailers with a winning hand! I want you to take Rick to dinner tonight to celebrate! I won’t be back for another four days and you guys will have to join Rhonda and I for a real celebration!” He was pumped!

“Wouldn’t you two rather be alone your first night home?” She asked.

Gary chuckled: “Ray, we’ve been married nearly ten years now, it ain’t like she’s gonna jump my bones the minute I get back! But then a minute is about all it takes these days!” He was always joking about Rhonda’s sex drive or rather, her lack of a sex drive. sarıyer escort She was sure most of it was an act, they were about as happily married and as well adjusted as two people could be. She hoped that someday ten years from now, she and Rick could enjoy a similar relationship — with lots of sex, of course. Right now, six months into this relationship, the sex was amazing, getting better all the time.

“Well, speaking for myself and Rick, revising the proposal cut into our sex lives last night and this morning so I’m going to meet him over at the Convention Center and take him to lunch. He’s presenting his paper this morning at the International Physics Expo. I’m going to surprise him for lunch.”

“Hey, that’s awesome, but where are you planning to take him?”

“To the Radisson next door if he plays his cards right!” She laughed.

“Oh, you horny kids! Well, give him a ‘hot lunch’ and then take him to a romantic dinner on the company dime.” Gary was the senior partner but always generous with the company credit card.

“I will, thanks.”

“No, thank you for a wonderful job! Enjoy yourself till I get back, then its back to the salt mines! Bye now.” He hung up. She could expect an email with plenty of tasks and details to attend to this evening. It was ok, Gary was a great guy to work with, she was really lucky. She got to her car and stowed the laptop in the trunk. It was only 10:15 and she could walk to the Convention Center in ten minutes. It was a beautiful day and the walk would do her some good. Besides, she’d never find a parking space over there. She checked her hair and set off for the Convention Hall.

The City Center Complex featured a large, well-maintained park next to the Convention Center. She walked through it on her way to the front of the Convention Hall. She was on the lakeside walkway when she spotted Rick leaving the Convention Hall and headed in her direction. Even though he was quite a distance off, she knew that trim, muscular frame and confident stroll. That and his shaved head made him quite distinctive. He was probably the sexiest man she’d ever dated. Not many guys could pull off that look but he was good-looking, self-assured, and buff. She got hot just thinking about him and she’d been thinking about him for the past half-hour. She’d really missed their lovemaking last night and especially this morning but she had to get ready for the meeting with BMC. He understood and joked with her that at least he’d had six months to get ready for his presentation. She’d promised to make it up to him when he left this morning.

“You better believe that I’m gonna knock the bottom out of it when I get home tonight.” He growled in her ear and cupped her ass with that firm, knowing grip. She’d given him as hot a kiss as she could before he left her standing in the doorway with her kimono hanging open. She’d just stood there watching him go, thinking about how he turned her on and how she needed him. Jeez, he was the perfect guy for her: handsome, horny, and hung.

Just before she waved and called his name she noticed that he wasn’t alone. A tall brunette was walking with him. A tall, stacked, brunette with a tight ass, full lips and perfect cheekbones who had his full attention. She’d taken his arm and pulled him close as they walked toward Rachel and the park. Rachel ducked into a rest room beside the path and watched them walk past, the tall girl’s ample tit planted firmly on his arm. Way too close to her man. Too close by far!

A million thoughts were rampaging in her brain but her mind was blank. Stunned. As they rounded a bend and passed from view she tried to make sense of what she’d seen. Her man was with another woman. A beautiful woman. A statuesque, amazingly beautiful, voluptuous, AMAZON of a woman! A stunning amazon rubbing her casaba melon on his arm! The kind of woman that Rachel’s dad always joked, much to her mother’s consternation, “was built like a Ubangi Outhouse.” And, in this case, her dad would be right! She was some kind of brick house!

Who in the fuck did she think she was? Who the fuck was she? What the fuck was Rick doing with her? What The Fuck!? Maybe this was just an innocent episode? What was her tit doing to his arm? What were they talking about? What! The! Fuck!

Her curiosity was as compelling as the mindless rage boiling in her gut. It overcame her first impulse chase them down and confront him. She needed to find out what was happening here.

She followed them as they walked, talking and laughing like a couple of lovers enjoying a spring day; just keeping them in sight as they moseyed along. His right hand had found its way to her narrow waist resting just above the curve of her firm rump. Hers was across his shoulders; her left thumbnail stroking his cheek.

Who the fuck was she? That question kept coming up about every second along with the other million esenyurt escort and a half she was wrestling with. She could be someone he’d just met, Rick did have that effect on women. All it took was that smile and a twinkle in his eyes for most women to spread their legs for him. He was that sexy. Hell, he finger fucked Rachel on their first date! Actually,

he fingered her cunt the first time they met. She’d stopped at a club down the street from her place for a late drink. She’d been kickin’ it with her girls, had a great time, and really was on her way home when a handsome guy with a sexy grin said hello and bought her a drink. She was flattered to be approached by such a nice looking guy. Rachel was, in her humble opinion, rather average, cute, but not a head turner. She was ok with that. Beauty couldn’t guarantee happiness, but it did get you first pick of the guys. Rick talked to her for a few minutes, then asked her to dance. All thoughts of a quick drink before going home were gone. This guy was a dream, besides, she wasn’t working the next day. Who knew where this might go? He was a great dancer, smooth moves, not flashy, and she liked that. The next dance was a ballad and she moved in to check out his buff arms and chest. He held her with a confidence, an assurance that was just this side of cocky. She let him pull her close and fold her in a tender, muscular embrace. This was good and getting better to be this near to him. He was really floating her boat. A wave of desire gently rolled into her harbor. She let it lap on her shore. His lips touched her ear. She was riding that wave now and letting it take her out to sea when she ran into a massive undertow in the form of a big, freakin’ cock.

The first time she felt it brush her leg as they slow danced she couldn’t believe it, she thought that she was mistaken. So she moved in close and bumped him again. He couldn’t help but notice that she’d just cock-bumped him, she thought she was being subtle, but his smirk told her that she wasn’t fooling him. He pulled her closer so that their groins touched as they swayed to the music. He locked eyeballs with her, lost his smile, and ground his cock into her. A wave of pure heat pulsed out of her brain when her clit and nips sent the ‘hot, hot, hot’ signals. A wind, stiff as his cock, was filling her sails as she let him take her into uncharted waters. She trembled with desire as she realized that he could sink her boat with that damned torpedo!

She’d never felt this vulnerable, this aware of her needs. There was no hesitation or reluctance as she let him kiss her. Her lips parted in submission and his tongue tasted hers. She was going to be his and soon. He asked her if she wanted some air so they went outside past the patio down into the garden where his hands and lips worked some magic.

She didn’t go ‘all the way’ with him that first night but would have if he’d pushed the issue. She was more than ready but when she said that she didn’t want to fuck someone she’d just met (a lie), he said ok and let it go. They said goodbye and she was really glad she’d seen him put her number in his phone with the promise to call her. She spent the rest of that night and the next day fingering herself to orgasm every few hours to the memory of his hands, voice, eyes, and that thick, damned choad of his! She couldn’t stop thinking about how he’d made her come on his middle finger while she put a monkey grip on his cock! And how he’d sniffed and tasted that finger when he said good night. How sweet and salty his kisses were. She fantasized, masturbated and agonized until he called her the next day. She was in a state of heat and wet when he arrived a few hours later to pick her up.

Rick really took control and put her through her paces on that first date! What a night that was! The memory still took her breath away. She’d never let herself go like that before. Of course she’d never had a cock like that or a lover as skilled and passionate as Rick. Never had a man who’d driven her farther from that safe harbor than she’d ever been. Never, ever. She’d didn’t know whether it was his skill, his passion, or his cock the made the difference because the combination was superb. That was six months ago and their relationship was more adventurous and steamy every day; something that had never happened with anyone else. At twenty-nine, she may as well have been a virgin before he took charge of her. She looked forward to the undiscovered delights awaited while under his spell. Rick’s gentle domination had awakened any number of fantasies in her, watching him in action with another woman was a particularly powerful one; the thought of seeing another woman being used by him made her hot and moist. She’d gotten fairly aroused seeing him dancing with her friends. It made her hot to fantasize about Rick using them like he used her, making them holla again and again.

Shit! She’d lost them! Where’d avrupa yakası escort they go? She’d been following Rich and the amazon and then they just disappeared! She’d been too wrapped up in her fantasies to notice where they’d left the pathway. She searched the thick brush to the right till she saw some movement. He’d led the girl into the densest part of the woods. She remembered that Rick had worked a couple summers during high school for the parks department and knew this place quite well. He’d taken Rachel to a few secluded spots for some sultry trysts, usually at night. She saw something moving off the path and made her way quietly along the smaller path to a good vantage deeper in the woods.

He’d laid her down in the shade on a carpet of short grass. She was stroking his bare scalp as they shared a deep kiss. His hand traced her fine curves to grip her ass and pull her into him. They sure as hell weren’t wasting any time! Rachel understood implicitly how tantalizing he could be when he focused his attention on her. She knew that it must be the same for another woman, tasting his lips and face while those hands worked some magic everywhere else. Those hands had exposed the girl’s ass and legs as they explored those lush contours.

Wind filled Rachel’s sails as she watched him finger the girl’s ass and pussy. She slid her panties aside and touched the wet, shaved lips of her cunt. The amazon was groaning in response to Rick’s skillful probing of her ass and pussy. It was all that Rachel could do not to moan herself. She slid a finger into her cunt and worked the nub. She pinched her nipple with her other hand. She couldn’t take her eyes off those two. The girl had expertly unbuckled his belt, unzipped the fly and freed his thickening cock. She gripped it around the base squeezing as hard as she could.

She was sucking on his tongue now and making more noises.

In her mind Rachel’s safe harbor was behind her now, adventure lay ahead with the wind in her hair, sunlight playing on the surface of the sea. She leaned against a tree trunk for support as she came. Rick and the amazon girl were rolling in the grass, pulling each other’s clothes off while maintaining as much contact as possible. His prick was fully erect now and bowed like a banana. The amazon quit sucking Rick’s tongue and headed south to admire his dick. She gave the swollen treat a cool appraisal for a moment and then planted those full lips on the head, sucking away. She removed his finger from her cunt and slid down his leg to hump his foot. She gasped as he pushed his big toe into her. Her hips began to move. Her face was lit with a wanton expression as she worshiped him. He leaned back and let her suck him while she fucked his toe.

He sniffed and tasted his finger, savoring the musk.

Rachel couldn’t believe the scene she was witnessing. This was as nasty and wild as any fantasy she ever had! This amazon bitch was off da hook! She worked her middle finger up his ass as she put some hot mojo on his thick bone. With her eyes rolled back, her lips went down the shaft fast and then slow, slow-sucked on the way up. She had a dreamy expression on her face while she did him. He was grunting and panting in time to her efforts. Rachel was fascinated by the technique. She was getting ready to come again watching those two going at it. Her clit was throbbing. This was so amazing!

“Oh, yeah!” Rich groaned. “Suck it hard you nasty bitch!” His expression was strained. His breathing was harsh and increasing in tempo. He kneaded the amazon’s fine round nipples as he cupped her breasts. She was moaning around his thick cock as she writhed on his toe faster and harder. Rachel let go on her finger again, coming hard and strong. When she opened her eyes she could see Rick’s lips were skinned back and his teeth were clenched. He was getting close. So was the amazon — she was flat out fucking his toe and sucking that thick cock with abandon as she came. Rick jammed his cock down her throat as he wildly face-fucked the amazon, coming like a racehorse. She sensuously sucked and swallowed every gob of his goo. When her hips stopped bucking they lay together, panting and spent on the short grass.

Rachel was as hot as she’d ever been. She closed her eyes again to stroke her pulsing clit to orgasm one more time. She opened them when she heard the girl giggling and Rich snicker. The girl was pulling on her stockings. Rick was reaching around for his stuff. She reluctantly removed her finger and made her way back to the main path as quietly as she could on shaky legs. She turned in the direction of the parking garage, opposite of the hotel. She wanted to get herself together, maybe go home, before she saw Rick. She had a lot to think about now. At least she’d satisfied her curiosity even if she didn’t know who the fuck that wild, buxom amazon was. That was as nasty and crazy a scene as she could imagine!

She had a lot to discuss with Rick, like if he was going to mind boning someone, hopefully that brunette, in front of her. That little episode had only whetted her appetite for more. When she got to the car she fingered herself to a quick, furious orgasm as she replayed the whole incident. Damn, she was horny!

Rachel and Rick’s adventures will continue in Chapter 2…

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