Our Story Ch. 02

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“Ready for round two?”

Your hand slides slowly back down my spine and then lower. I start to pant in anticipation, my pussy growing wet. My thighs are still trembling from the last orgasm, and I’m not sure my heart rate’s returned to normal, but the parts of me not controlled by logic and reason are definitely ready and hungry for more.

I shift impatiently on your lap, trying to guide your hand to the center of my need, but you won’t have any of that. Your hand continues its slow glide between my ass cheeks, stopping at the base of the plug.

You can’t be serious. I look at your cock again, lying heavily against your stomach, the head smearing a mix of our juices around your belly button. I want to lick up the mess and then trace the grooves and ridges of the seriously impressive set of cut abs you have.

I swallow the saliva filling my mouth and wince at my sore throat. It feels like I shouldn’t be able to talk, like the one time I was sick with strep throat; still the discomfort isn’t enough to keep me from getting excited again. But… there’s no way I’m ready for that.

Then again, I didn’t think I could swallow it, and look how that turned out. The encouraging thought is cut short by something shifting inside me, sending a bolt of pleasure racing up my spine.

My hand reaches out to grab you, see if you feel as hard as you look, but your hands grab my hips and the world spins. Suddenly I’m straddling your cock, feeling the hard, hot length between my labia. I rock my hips once, and we both groan. I try to rock again, but your hands hold me in place.

“Please,” I whine. Part of me is surprised that I’m already begging; I should probably feel something like shame instead of this overwhelming need to feel you inside of me, any way I can get it.

You don’t respond to my begging which isn’t surprising. You’ll give me what you want, when you want. I should know that by now.

“Have you heard anything I just said to you?”

I stop trying to wriggle out of your grip and back onto your cock long enough to look up at your smiling face. “No? Care to repeat it for me?”

You shake your head, and flip me onto my back so you can hover over me, your cock so close, but not close enough to where I need it. Your lips are twisted into an amused, cocky smirk. I’m struck with the urge to kiss you again. My hands wrap around your neck and try to pull you down to me, but it’s like trying to bend steel with my bare hands.

With a frustrated sigh, I let go and flop onto my back. “Whenever you’re ready.”

You tweak a nipple and I yelp, then thrust my breasts up for more when you move your hand away. You oblige my silent demand, tweaking and twisting my nipples into hard peaks as you talk. “Since you swallowed my cock so well, I’m willing to let you choose which hole I go easy on: ass or pussy?”

The answer is obvious, but I take a second to really think it over, mentally measuring your cock against my orifices. It’s going to be a big stretch either way, but the plug in my ass is probably equal to the circumference of some of my past lovers, and I took that with relative ease. In comparison, my pussy, which has had some admirable cock -but nowhere near your size- in the past, kurtköy escort takes a lot of foreplay and lube before a cock is fully inside and fucking me. It’s the curse of being small.

My voice only wavers a little, and the look on my face is only partly pleading and mostly eager when I give you my answer. “Pussy.”

You don’t look disappointed. “You want it rough the first time in your virgin ass? Whatever the butt slut wants.”

I don’t have time to regret my decision or take it back. Your hand is already grabbing the plug, slowly but steadily pulling it out of me. My body resists, making you work for it. Maybe I am a butt slut. The plug feels just as good coming out as it did going in.

I let out a low moan. I never thought I would enjoy anal, and never met a partner that really tried to sell me on it. It wasn’t like I was saving my ass for you, but now that I’m losing this final piece of my virginity, I’m glad it’s with you. I already know it’s going to be a million times better than my other first times.

The plug pops out and my asshole feels empty, hungry. My hips roll and shift, looking for something to fill me up. My pussy gushes, just as greedy, and I feel the liquid flow down my crack and into my ass. Still, I see you grab some lube and coat four of your thick fingers with it. I stop, focus, and recount, my eyes flying from fingers to cock and down to my ass. I still don’t think I’ll be ready for your cock when the time comes, even if you managed to get your fist inside me. I don’t think my body can stretch that far, can it?

Anticipation turns to apprehension and I move to sit up, scoot away. One thumb brushes my clit and I freeze, curiosity and greed overriding my fear and the instincts warning me that this isn’t going to happen.

It is, though.

Two fingers slip inside my ass without much of a stretch, the cool lube soothing the slight burn around the ring. A moan rises from my throat without my permission. Being fingered back there is different from fingers in my pussy. The friction is more intense, even with the lube. I feel every flex and thrust of your fingers, the way you widen them every time you pull out.

The stretch burns to something a little sharper, a little closer to pain than pleasure. “That’s three of my fingers. One more and then I’m going to fuck you,” you tell me, your eyes glued to where your fingers are working. “You’re so tight. I don’t know how I’m going to fit without you choking my cock.”

Your words set off something deep inside me. Suddenly your fingers aren’t enough. There’s another hot stretch and the hot spike of pleasure that has me jerking you in deeper. “I’ve never felt so full,” I moan, moving with you. Your thumb brushes the entrance to my pussy, adding another layer of sensation. “I need more.”

Your thumb enters my pussy, the thick digit piercing and stretching sensitive flesh, an echo of the feeling in my ass. Everything lights up. My hips jerk wildly, muscles milking frantically. I can hear the sloppy sounds my body is making, and it’s only making me want more.

“That’s four,” you whisper, working your fingers with such skill I never felt the last one. All I feel is full, yet my body wants more. More stretching, malatya escort more friction. “I didn’t think you’d make it this far. Someone must really want my cock.”

If any other man said that to me, I would send him packing right now, blue balls and all. But I don’t protest, mostly because it’s true, and because your fingers are so far inside me you could probably pick me up and carry me around like a bowling ball.

“More. Fuck me, I need more! Fuck me now!”

Your hand stops and I whine, still writhing, reaching for that magical peak. “Don’t you wanna come first?”

You’re so sweet. But right now, I want dirty. “I want to come on your cock as it defiles my last virgin hole.”

It’s your turn to groan. “On the ground, all fours. Face down, ass up. I’ll be able to fuck you deeper this way. I want to make sure I take your virgin hole as thoroughly as possible.”

Your fingers slide out of me with a wet squelch, my body protesting the loss immediately. Too on edge to actually get up, I roll off the couch and land mostly how you want.

The squelch of more lube being squeezed from the tube has nerves settling in my stomach. Now that your hands are off me, I have a second to think, the doubts creep in. Maybe I can’t do this.

I jerk forward and suck in a breath when I feel the icy slide of your lubed up cock touch my asshole.

“Easy,” you soothe, your hand rubbing my hip. “The head’s the widest part. It’ll get much better after the first couple strokes.”

I look over my shoulder at you for reassurance. “What the fuck?” The words come out more as a high pitched whine than indignant -how indignant can one be with a cock pressing into their ass- demand.

You’re holding your phone in one hand, presumably taping this event, but I’m too distracted by the burning in my ass to do anything. I can’t even breathe.

“Something to remember this,” you answer my unspoken demand. “I’ll send it to you later.”

“No one else will see it?”

To my knowledge, you haven’t shared any other pictures but I can’t be too careful.

“I’m not about to risk my career with a scandal. It’s for our eyes only,” you grunt. It feels like you slip in deeper with each word. My ass is on fire, and not in a good way. There’s nothing pleasurable about this. I try to focus on your response and gather my wits enough to decide it’s good enough. Then, I let go and just feel.

The pressure is incredible and keeps growing with every centimeter you conquer. My eyes water and I suck in a noisy breath, jaw trying to find the word stop.

Then, there’s a sudden pop, release of pressure, and then you’re in deep, the force driving you in inches. I let out a small breath, feeling like I can breathe again.

“Your ass is choking my cock. I can barely move.”

You pull out, and the sensation drags a low moan out of me. I try to follow you with my hips, not wanting to lose the incredible feeling. You thrust a second and third time, driving deeper every time.

Something shifts, the pain lessens. It could be a vital internal organ or two being forced oit of the way, or maybe everything got better, like you promised, stretching as you fuck me. I find myself thrusting against you, needing kayseri escort to feel more of your cock filling me, defiling me.

It’s way better than your fingers.

“More,” I grunt. The now familiar sensation of an orgasm building demands more friction and force. “Harder!”

It’s like you flipped a switch. Between one thrust and the next you go from careful to uncontrollable, my only warning coming from a tightened, bruising grip on both my hips. You must have set your phone down.

My muscles still grip you tight, but at the speed you withdraw from me, it feels like you’re trying to turn me inside out and then shove me back together with every deep thrust. You’re hitting so deep, it feels like if I were to open my mouth, you could see the head of your cock in the back of my throat.

The impact of your hips against my ass is the most intense erotic spanking I’ve ever received, and rocks me forward with every thrust. I’m going to be covered in bruises and rug burn tomorrow, souvenirs of our time together.

My orgasm goes off like a bomb, and just as unexpected, limbs shaking as you fuck me through it, prolonging the pleasure until I’m not sure if I’m setting a new record for world’s longest orgasm or most consecutive orgasms. My arms give out and I lose count, just content to lie here and take everything you give me.

I tell you this and you grunt, a big hand stroking my side from hip to shoulder and back again. “Give me one more. I’m gonna come.”

I shake my head tiredly, feeling the damp, sweaty hair slide across overheated skin. “I can’t. I don’t have any more.”

The sharp sting of your hand against my ass startles my nearly numb body back into sensation. You shift me back a little, changing the angle, hitting something wonderful inside, over and over again.

I keen, feeling myself clench harder around you, trying to keep you inside me forever. Stars burst behind my eyelids as pleasure burns white hot through every nerve ending, making me overly sensitive. I want you to never leave and stop touching me, all at once.

And then you come, letting ourt the sexiest noise I’ve ever heard in my life, your upper body collapsing on top of mine while your hips twist and jerk, shooting your come as deep as you can, scalding and marking my insides.

We stay locked like that until our hips, heart rate and breathing slows to normal. My arms are tremblingand ready to collapse, but I lock my elbows. I’ve never felt closer to another human being as I do right now, wrapped up in you and savor every second.

It doesn’t take long for you to come back to yourself, pulling half your cock out as you sit back on your heels. “This might hurt,” you warn, and then there’s a searing pop, followed by a wet gush as you free yourself.

I stay where I am, vaguely aware of you moving and reaching for something. When I hear the click of the camera, I figure it out. You only take a couple shots of my gaping asshole and the come trickling out of it before getting to your feet.

“I’m going to shower. Take as much time as you need and then clean yourself up.”

I lay there, still catatonic. When the water kicks on, I get to my unsteady feet, feeling the sting in my ass with each step and the trickle of come down my legs as I head to the shower to join you.

That tortured groan you gave when you came is the sexiest sound ever and it just became my goal to hear it as much as possible while I can.

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