Over Under Sideways Down

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I awoke early in the morning. It was just after dawn, the sun’s early light filling the corners of the ceiling. Arthur lay beside me on his side breathing softly, uncovered. I turned to admire him, his calm face, the lines of his body, the smoothness of his skin. His penis hung limply, still coated with my juices; it was always hard to believe in its shape-changing properties. What was shriveled and limp now could become so thick, so full, so hard, so long, and satisfy me so much. Arthur, Arthur, what a piece of work you are. . .

On my back I let one hand wander between my legs. Still looking at my lover, I began caressing my pussy’s lips. You are so sweet . . . my legs drew up at the knees, I watched as my hand dipped again and again down beyond my breasts, my rounded belly. Ahhh, the tingling began as I began to moisten. Arthur, what you do to me. . . my other hand played with my nipples, the fingernails scratching slowly up to the points of my teats, my fingers closing together and pressing ever tighter. The burning sensation traveled down my chest, joined below my navel and ran to my groin. I rocked my hips in response, my cunt flowed over my fingers.

Yes, Arthur, yes, yes, yes, I panted through my partly opened mouth. I turned my head back to the ceiling, the room becoming steadily brighter. My middle and ring fingers ran on either side of my glistening clit, now exposed by the movements, and then curved into my gap. I saw him above me, his arms extending down to either side of my head where his hands pinned my wrists. He rotated slowly, deliberately between my raised thighs, his cock filling my cunt, juice running out over my perineum and dripping onto the bedsheets. I lifted my bottom up and rocked in time with his motion. Arthur, Arthur, I am helpless under you, yes, yes . . .

My head rolled uncontrollably left and right as the orgasm gained in power. As I turned to him my eyes met his.


“Don’t stop now, sweetness.” He was watching me, oh god, watching me with my hand in my pussy, my teats hard and full, my body writhing next to his. I couldn’t keep the eye contact as I spasmed, my hips snapping and thrusting forward, my hand working against the push. I grunted istanbul escort again and again, the sweat beading on my body and running over my sides as I shook with the release, oh yeah, oh yeah, Oh Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

As she finished coming her legs splayed out on the bed. I sat up to admire her sweating, flushed, prostrate body, both her hands now by her head.

“You’re so sexy in the morning, sweetness, do you start every day this way?” I dipped three fingers in her open, close-shaven cunt and scooped some of her clingy cum.

“Mmm, tastes so tangy,” I sucked the tips of my fingers. “Here, see for yourself,” and slid the digits into her still open mouth.

“Ooomm,” she muttered, her eyes half closed as I fucked her mouth briefly and then stroked the fingers over her sweaty breasts and belly. I’d been hard ever since I first cracked open an eye and watched her hands play with herself, the one in her cunt hidden by her raised leg. Now I swung over between her legs, a drop of precum falling on her mons. I reached for her wrists and nosed my cock to her gap and then pushed in slowly.

So hot! So wet! Such clingy fleshy womansex! as I ran up her and then lay on her body and kissed her softly. My hands slid under her back and buttocks, fusing my body to hers.

“I love you, princess.”

“I love you, baby.”

We kissed wth tongues swimming past one another, my hips gently pulsing my cock lightly inside her. Then I rolled us over until she was on top of me. We kissed again.

“Now, get to work, woman.”

“A woman’s work is never done, is it?” Sandy smiled, brushing her hair back as she sat up, taking my cock even deeper inside her heated body.

“Not when she can come like you do.” Sandy began a slow rocking motion, sliding the top of her slit over the bit of hair at the base of my cock until she came to a stop against the root of my stem. I watched as she lifted up, up, up, exposing my shiny pole between her shadowed thighs, her inner lips being pulled out by the friction. And then down she came, down, down, down over the rim of my head, the length of my cock, squishy noises emerging from our union.

“Unnh!” avcılar escort Sandy exclaimed, her eyes closed again, her hands gripping the hairs on my chest. As she repeated the cycle I reached for her tits and pinched her nipples.

“Ahh!” she yelled, grimacing in a mix of pleasure and pain. “You’ll pay for that boy, no orgasm for you.”

And she leaned forward, holding my hands down while rocking faster, faster, faster, bringing on her climax while her tits jiggled before my face, the juicy noises filling the room in time with her panting. Sandy began to wail as her clit pounded my cock. “Aiiiieeee Oh-Oh Oh-Oh Oh-Oh!”

Her head fell forward, her mane of hair cascading until her face was nearly obscured. She sat like that on me for a while, panting, slumping over my body before stretching her legs and pressing against me. Our sticky bodies fused on the soaking sheets.

“Ready for Round Three?” I looked up at his face, close to mine. His hardness was still inside, still filling me.

“What now?” I smiled at him after a kiss. He rolled me off him, his prick sliding unexpectedly out of me.

“On your side away from me, woman.” I did as he ordered, looking at the sunshine on the wall. Arthur nestled up behind me, his hairy chest flat against my back, his cock poking between my wet thighs. He took my upper leg, folding and lifting it.

“Hold your knee.” One arm slid under my waist, his fingers sliding to my mound, the other pointed his cock to my now-exposed pussy. Then he thrust hard.

“OH God!” His force stunned me, but he didn’t stop there. Arthur backed out a few inches and then slammed up against me again, chest to back, belly to bottom, this time as one hand pushed my clit toward his motion, the other now twisting a nipple.

I cried, my body shuddered as he pounded me, the shockwaves rolling up from our junction, through my belly and chest, the sensation reaching the top of my head as he withdrew and then pounded my body again. No mercy, he had possessed me from behind, his hands gripping my tits, pinching my clit. I was impaled, filled with his wonderful cock. The waves of pleasure within me surged with his thrusts, şirinevler escort oh yes, yes, yes, I closed my eyes to see explosions of light as I began to spasm.

And so did he: I could feel the jets of sperm shoot from his tip spray inside my cunt. We bucked together, our cries coming together “yes yes yes Yes Yes Yes YES YES YES!”

Sandy released her knee and let her leg drop. My cock was pinned in her cunt, which continued to contract, clenching its shrinking form within her folds. We lay there a long time, my arms still holding her tight to me.

“I’m hot.” I let her go, my slippery dick emerging from her warm split. We lay on our backs before I got off the bed.

“Would you like something to drink?” Sandy looked up at me holding out my dripping wet cock.

“Oh Arthur, honestly.” But she smiled, got on her knees on the floor and started sucking my flaccid member. I caressed her hair, stroked her face as she looked up at me, the good submissive licking clean her master’s cock. She swirled and sucked, one hand holding one of my buttocks; the other, she dipped between her legs and pressed against my anus.

“Unh,” I grunted at the unexpected entry. Sandy kept sucking, inhaling, pulling at the sac of my balls, alternating looks up at my face with closed-eye concentration. To my surprise I was growing hard again and as she felt the stiffening Sandy began to swallow deeper.

“Oh, sweetness, you’re going deep, ohhh. . .” The tip went to the back of her throat, she swallowed again until her face was flush with my belly. I couldn’t help but help her, gripping the back of her head, trying to be light to give her control. But I failed and fucked her face, thrusting endlessly down her throat until I came, little spurts in glorious pleasure-and-pain release. I let go and collapsed back on the bed while she gasped for air. There was a silence in the sunny room before Sandy leaped on me, pulling my head to her pussy.

“Mmmph!” I cried as she rubbed my nose in her slit.

“Second floor, going down,” she laughed triumphantly. I lapped away while she squatted down on me, her thighs and the curve of her swelling belly shutting out the light. I got hold of her clit and sucked hard, shooting it back and forth in my mouth. Screams came from a distance and she began to buck, driving my head into the mattress. Sandy came violently, our liquids combining and flooding my mouth and face.

Then it was over; Sandy fell forward and off me.

“You animal.”

“That makes two of us.”

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