Patty Burns’ Surprise

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I’d been seeing Patty Burns off and on for a couple of months. My aging parents lived a few blocks away and I’d been lending them a hand with projects around the house whenever I could.

I maintained an apartment in the city and continued to work there though my trips to the suburb I’d grown up in, were becoming far more frequent.

Patty proved to be a unique partner in many respects, our conversations were thought provoking, she cooked exceptional meals, and in the bedroom she’d proven to be unparalleled in her skills, tastes, and fantasies.

She actually enjoyed, got off on, wearing her extensive wardrobe of sexy lingerie and costumes, as well as dressing provocatively every day. Even in slacks and a blouse I knew she’d donned a pretty bra and panty set. “You never know when you might want to get fucked,” she’d told me.

We’d agreed that we were not an exclusive couple, in fact, we encouraged one another to enjoy any sexual forays that might come along. We would tease each other with the cum soaked details.

I stood on the front porch, a bouquet of mixed flowers in my hand, awaiting my fantasy girl to open the door.

To say I was shocked when a lovely blonde young woman with big, baby blue eyes, opened the door is an understatement. “Blake? I’m Amy. I’m an old friend of Patty’s. In fact, like you, I’ve known her most of my life.”

Shaking her outstretched hand I responded, “Obviously you know a lot about me. Tell me a little more about you.”

Amy wore a smooth, silky, multi-colored, sleeveless dress, with a plunging neckline. On her right arm were numerous bangles that clinked and jingled lightly as she pulled back her hand. A series of chains hung from her neck with a white, tear drop pendant hanging just above her visible cleavage.

Her dress fell above her knees showing off her slender, shapely legs, and her feet rested in a pair of beige pumps.

Her blonde locks were curled and hung to below her shoulders and as she turned to lead the way into Patty’s house I glimpsed her rounded ass moving beneath the smooth, clinging material.

She was small, but packaged very nicely with medium sized breasts that perfectly matched her size.

The pretty, belted dress swished subtly as Amy moved through the familiar living room to the entryway of the dining room and kitchen beyond.

“He’s here Aunt Patty.”

Aunt Patty? So Amy was quite familiar with Patty.

“Hi Blake, I’m so glad you made it here ok.” Patty looked amazing as always. She wore a retro looking red house dress with an apron around her slim waist.

The smooth material accented her voluptuous breasts and she sported black stockings and matching red shoes. A simple strand of pearls circled her neck and as always, her tasteful make up accentuated her features. A red hairband held back her curled, brunette locks.

Embracing her, we kissed. Patty took my hand and led me to the kitchen.

“Surprised? I know I am. Amy called last night inquiring whether we could get together? I couldn’t say no so she came out a little earlier. Pretty isn’t she?”

Coming closer Patty whispered,” If you like her, I want you to fuck her. Then I want you to tell me all about it, all the sordid details, while you fuck me!”

My quizzicle look encouraged Patty to continue. “Her Mom and I go back a ways. Friends of a feather, kind of thing. You know my ‘Ladies Lunch League’ I’ve mentioned? Well, she’s part of it. I’ve mentioned you, us, at a couple of our get-togethers and I guess Amy is here to check you out. I did tease them about how wonderful a lover you are, and of course how big you are.’ Her hand went to my crotch and rubbed me through my pants.

I hugged Patty, kissed her red lips passionately then said, “If this is what you want- let’s see what happens.”

Dinner was delectable. Patty’s cooking was on par with her sexual acumen and we dined on salad and lamb chops, sipped a fine vintage of Pinot Noir, laughed and joked and shared stories from our younger days when Patty took care of us both.

Amy’s smile was spectacular and her face lit up when she laughed. She really was an adorable woman and I decided during dinner I’d be a fool not to have sex with her, to fuck her, if that’s what she wanted.

Retiring to the living halkalı escort room I sat between these two lovely ladies on the leather couch. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of their combined attributes. Both women displayed plunging neck lines and their dresses naturally hiked up to expose more thigh than before.

Patty wore lace top stockings that peeked out from her hemline and both women wore high heeled pumps. I found myself stimulated by their look and the edict Patty had ushered earlier. Their proximity, their perfume, the look in their eyes spoke volumes of sexual innuendo.

Before long Patty excused herself but not before bending over to peck me on the lips and exposing the black lace of her pretty bra from beneath her dress. “You’ll Keep Amy entertained?” Her wink said it all as she retreated to the back of the house.

“That’s my cue to seduce you Blake.”

Turning to her, Amy put her left hand on my cheek and brought her lips to mine. They were soft, moist, and supple, and she parted them to allow my tongue access.

We French kissed, exploring each other’s mouths with darting tongues. I moved my left arm sensuously around her shoulders and traced her chin and neck with my right.

Parting briefly she remarked, “Ummm, you’re a good kisser Blake. Shades of what’s to come?”

I kissed her lightly then whispered, “Guess we’ll find out.”

Our tongues continued to lash one another as she guided my hand to her breast. It fit nicely in my hand and I lightly caressed her through her dress and bra.

“Unzip me and loosen my bra,” her command urged me to obey.

Sliding her dress and beige bra off her shoulders, her pert breasts and nipples demanded attention. I licked and nibbled her erect nipples and kissed her lips between moving from one breast to the other.

Her hand cradled the back of my head as her breathing increased and she sighed and whispered her pleasure.

I snuck my hand between her legs and lightly touched her panty covered mound as her dress crept toward her hips. Moving her thong to the side my fingers played with her moist pussy lips and I gently slid my middle finger inside.

While slowly finger fucking her I sucked her breasts relishing her sexy comments. “Oh Blake, oh that feels good, you are turning me on so much…”

Amy’s pelvis pushed against my hand rhythmically, her vagina wet and lubed for action. I kissed her parted lips once more then lowered my head to her smooth cunt. Spreading her legs as I moved to my knees in front of the couch, I enveloped her soaked pussy with my mouth, m y tongue probing her puffy, pink slit.

Amy pulled her legs up then hooked her heels on the coffee table. She was extremely wet and I ran my tongue up and down her slit even pausing to flick her anus.

She reached for my hands and held them as I continued going down on her.

Our sexual heat climbed exponentially until she pulled my face to hers. Kissing away her juices from my lips she said hoarsely, “Now it’s my turn. I’ve got to see your big cock Patty has told me so much about.”

I’m a pleaser so I stood and watched this vixen undo my pants and pull my raging hard on out.

Encircling my length with both hands she lightly jerked my manhood while staring, then licking me.

“Oh Blake, you have a gorgeous cock!”

Amy proceeded to lick me, put her mouth around me, play with my balls and generally give me satisfying head. Finally she stood, kissed me again then said, “I am definitely going to fuck you but first I’m going to go to the back room and change. I hear you like lingerie? I brought a sexy little outfit just in case. I intend to turn you on even more so you fuck me like a maniac!”

“I’m already really turned on,” I said, as evidenced by my extended manhood. “And yes, I want to fuck you too baby!”

Waiting for her signal I slowly stroked myself, attempting to balance on the edge of just enough stimulation versus too much. My thoughts were confused having been more than satisfied by Patty Burns and our evolving relationship, but with her blessing my big cock throbbed in my hand and I was about to fuck a beautiful young woman.

Closing my eyes I continued touching my member.

“Blake, olgun escort come take a look.”

I moved quickly to the guest room.

Amy stood against a bedpost, the subdued lighting adding to the heated atmosphere. She wore a black lace trimmed, royal blue chemise with black stockings and black platform pumps. A black ribbon with a small silver pendant encircled her throat. She’ swept her hair up with a silver clip and her previously understated makeup had been touched up with a nod to sluttiness.

We embraced with a passionate kiss. Amy’s hand stroked me again. It was almost like starting over but we were both stimulated and we resumed playing with each other’s erogenous areas.

Lowering one of her thin black shoulder straps I took a luscious tit in my mouth as she ran both hands up and down my shaft.

Lifting her to the bed she lay back and I again went down on her. Lifting her hips, I removed her black lace g-string and munched happily on her smooth shaved vagina.

“Uuugh. God that’s good. Oh Blake, I want it all but you’ve got to fuck me now! Fuck me with that big cock of yours.”

Who am I to argue? I climbed between her stocking covered legs and with her help I eased the head of my love shaft between her lips. Slowly I pushed the head in then retreated, a little more head, more retreat.

“Oh, oh, Uh.” Amy seemed to appreciate my slow approach.

Patty told me always take my time. Women get off on being taken slowly.

Each penetration took me deeper into this pretty woman’s pudenza, her juices lubing the way for my hard as steel dick.

Amy moved against me and with eyes closed we developed an ever increasing rhythm. Our heavy breathing and little, sexy comments to each other urged the other to new heights of pleasure.

“Amy, your pussy’s so tight around me.”

“God Blake your cock feels huge in me. Turn me over. Fuck me doggy!”

I did as directed. Shoving myself deep into her body I began pounding her pert, pink pussy. Letting up, I slowly continued fucking her and added my thumb to her anal opening. Barely inserting the tip of my digit I alternated pushing my dick in her moist pussy and my thumb into her ass.

“Blake, you really know how to fuck a girl.”

“I try.”

“I want to ride you. I want to look into your eyes as you pleasure me.”

Situating herself above me she ground her pelvis down on me gyrating in varied motions, bringing me ever closer to what was sure to be a massive climax.

Taking my hands she guided them to her breasts. As we fucked I gently squeezed and kneaded her tits, tweaking her hard nipples with my fingers.

The sight of her rising up and down on me, her satin night slip pulled down beneath her breasts, the bottom lace hem held above her sexy lace top stockings, just added to my already sex blurred mind.

“Amy, baby, I want to cum for you. Should I cum in your pussy?”

“No Blake, I want to taste you. I want you to cum in my mouth.” She bent forward, put her tits in my face, kissed me, then moved to put my erection back in her mouth. Teasingly she ran her tongue around my tender head as she jerked me.

Warning her of my impending explosion she took me in her mouth and milked my ejaculate from my member. I spurted time after time with a river of cum. Some jism escaped her mouth and ran down my dick.

Sitting back she swallowed most of my load while capturing some of the overflow from her chin. Kissing my lips she remarked, “Patty was right, you are a wonderful lover Blake. I’d fuck you anytime!”

“That was pretty amazing Amy but I’m kind of spoken for…”

“Oh, we’ll see about that but right now there’s a very sexy woman waiting for you upstairs. Go to her Blake, go and fuck her like you just fucked me!”

I entered the master bedroom naked and still partially erect.

Patty lay propped up on her pillows her brown hair splayed out around her head. The covers were tossed back and she wore an ankle length, dark gray, satin nightgown with a long, black lace trimmed slit up one side to her hip. The spaghetti strapped top barely held her luscious tits and she massaged her breasts lightly as I saw her şişli escort in the pale light emanating from the bathroom.

As always, Patty had an inner effect on me that brought me back to attention.

Moving to her side of the bed I availed myself to her moist, pink painted lips. Lovingly, Patty took me in her mouth and began one of her patented blow jobs.

Seeing her lying there, in wait for me after instructing me to have sex with a blonde bombshell, hurdled me to exceptional heights of arousal.

I began fucking her mouth. I pulled down her nightgown and teased her massive breasts. Her big nipples hardened.

I eased her gown up her legs and put my hand between her legs feeling her warm, moist vulva. I slid one, then two fingers into her womanly goodness.

Finally I climbed between her legs and after moving her gown aside I plunged my now raging hard on into her waiting pussy. I fucked her with passion and intensity and continued climbing to new sexual heights.

“Uugh, ummm. Oh Blake, god you’re hard. You feel so good in me.”

“I love fucking you Patty, I love fucking, just like I fucked lovely, little Amy. I sucked on her tits, I tasted her pussy, I fucked her silly with my big cock, and I came in her mouth.” I continued pushing in and out of Patty as she pushed against me.

“Oh, oh, oh. Did you enjoy fucking her Blake? Would you do it again, in front of me? Perhaps, in front of my friends? Oh, don’t stop baby, keep fucking me- hard, yes like that!”

“I never thought about having an audience. What’s the deal? Aren’t I enough for you?”

I slowed my pounding rhythm and sucked on her magnificent breasts.

“Oh Blake, you’re more than enough.” She pushed against me taking me deep within her vagina. “Some friends in the Lunch League, they’re beautiful, rich, and unsatisfied sexually. When they heard my stories about you, well, they’re a little jealous of my luck. One of them wondered if you’d want to sideline as the group stud?’

“Go on,” my cock was rigid and rock hard.

“That’s where Amy comes in. Her mom, my long- time friend, is a retired, successful porn star. She’s taught Amy about men, what they like, and how to entice them.

“We talked about you and decided as a group, if Amy liked you, the rest would surely want you too.

“We thought if you were willing to fuck Amy in front of them, they’d see you in action and could decide, if you’re willing of course, whether they’d like to fulfill their fantasies with you.”

“How many women are we talking?” My mind reeled at the implications.

“There’s usually five or six.” Patty rolled me over while keeping me inside her. She continued as her tits hung down begging for more attention.

“They’re all very attractive women. They just don’t receive the sexual attention that they still desire. Their husbands are successful businessmen and probably all have bimbos on the side. As a result we talk, even fool around with each other, but it’s not the same as having a virile, younger stud with a big cock, fucking you to a seismic orgasm. Oh, oh, oh—” Patty thrashed around on my cock and closed her eyes. I sucked her big nipples and squeezed her big, luscious tits.

She continued after a shudder ran through her body. “There’s Marie for instance. She’s a big, beautiful woman who’s never experienced anal sex. She wants to- and that’s where you come in.”

“You’re going to watch me fuck another woman’s ass?”

“Well, sort of. We decided we’d set up a bedroom, a lavish, sensual environment with cameras, so we can watch, and record the proceedings. You just have to want to make these women’s sexy dreams cum true. And yes, I’d watch you with other women, play with myself as you take them, knowing you’ll be mine soon enough. I think it will drive me to try and be even sexier for you, and for me.”

Having made her speech, Patty rose off of me and ran her well lubed hands up and down my elongated shaft. She licked my enlarged head and lightly tongued my balls. “Cum for me Blake. Cum in my mouth and on my face baby. Cum for me like you did with Amy!”

Taking my cock in hand I jerked myself off warning her as my orgasm neared. “Oh my god, here I cum Patty…” I shot my load on her face and into her open mouth. “Ahhgh. Oh, oh.” My cock spasmed lovingly.

She hovered over me, a dollop of cum beneath one eye. She let the thick jizz drip from her mouth and down my cock. She engulfed my member in her mouth, retrieving much of my load.

Moving to me we kissed sloppily, my ejaculate traded back and forth.

Finally, she kissed me lightly and grinned down at me. “So, what do you think Blake?”

“How can I say no?”

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