Petrov Ch. 04

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It had been two months since Alex had seen Petrov. Their last encounter in his office at the end of the spring semester had been a passionate climax in their sporadic affair. Afterwards, Alex had decided to give herself some time to pull her senses together and decide just how she should proceed with this strange relationship. She liked him very much, yes, and the sex—oh the sex—was truly the most satisfying she had ever experienced. However, as she finally began to come to terms with her needs and her willingness to submit to Petrov, it appeared to be too late. Petrov was gone.

Two long weeks after she had left Petrov’s office, Alex returned to visit her unpredictable lover. The door was locked but a note on the outside directed visitors to see the department secretary. It was there she learned that Petrov had left for his trip to Russia. He would be gone for the summer.

Disappointed and somewhat distressed that Petrov had not contacted her first to say good-bye, Alex returned to the boring routine that was her life. Summer classes began and Alex threw herself into her coursework in a pathetic attempt to avoid all thoughts of Petrov.

It rarely worked.

Yet for the first time, Alex also allowed herself some time off from school. Instead, she limited her schedule to one easy class and filled the rest of her free time with painting her apartment and working more hours at the used bookstore.

It was an easy job and Alex spent most of her days reading or searching for the few requests for hard-to-find first editions. She enjoyed the hours there, but often her daydreams became mini-reels of the wicked acts she had engaged in with Petrov. It was a tortuous obsession.

A full month had passed since the rendezvous with her lover when a post card found its way into her mailbox. Alex pulled the bruised message from a pile of bills and looked at the picture: a view of Red Square and the Kremlin. She flipped it over. It read:

I have a position to discuss with you when I return. Petrov.

There was nothing friendly, nothing warm in the few words Petrov had scrawled upon the back of the card and Alex smiled wryly. A position to discuss indeed.

He had thought to send her a card, and Alex tried not to enjoy that thought too deeply. She was glad that he still wanted her as his student assistant, although she worried that their personal involvement might become an issue. She decided that it would be best if she refrained from taking any courses that he might teach even though she knew she would probably enjoy them.

April had moved into a rainy May, and June brought an angry sun to the usually cold corner of Alex’s world. In fact, the heat was stifling. Alex dressed as lightly as possible, but the bookstore was old and there wasn’t any air conditioning. The storage room in the back brought some relief, but it was minimal.

A bright Friday in June found Alex flipping idly through the pages of a well-worn copy of Atlas Shrugged. She had only read about three hundred of the pages before she put the book to rest. It was too much. Alex missed pleasure reading. Actually, Alex missed pleasure period.

She closed her eyes and conjured up a quick image of Petrov. She pictured his sharp features, his flaring nostrils and his wide mouth with soft, thick lips. She imagined his silver-blue eyes staring possessively into hers. Alex leaned back in her chair as her fingers on her right hand involuntarily flexed. The short curls at the nape of Petrov’s neck were soft. What she would do to have his arms around her right at that moment.

So engrossed in her thoughts, Alex didn’t notice the man who approached the counter with a dog-eared copy of Let’s Go Italy in his hand. She missed the knowing smile and the twinkle in a pair of dark brown eyes as he watched the petite redhead behind the counter relive a fond memory. ‘She’s thinking of a lover,’ he mused to himself. He stood there quietly watching the slow and somewhat shy smile that turned up the corners of her mouth.

“Ahem,” the man cleared his throat.

Alex’s eyes flew open and she jumped to her feet. “I’m sorry—I didn’t see you there—may I help you?” she blurted out all at once as her face colored red.

The customer grinned at the blushing girl and chuckled. Yes, she had been thinking of something pleasurable—he appreciated the two hard nipples that pressed out from behind the slip of a dress she wore. Upon further inspection, he noticed the bright blue material brought out the girl’s brilliant blue eyes.

Alex busied herself by reaching for the gentleman’s book, then pulled her hand back when she realized that he had not placed it upon the counter. She shifted from her right foot to her left, and then back before looking up into his handsome face.

“Would you like to purchase the book?” she asked nervously.

“Yes,” the stranger laughed, “but only on one condition.”

“Yes?” Alex responded, her brows lifting slightly as she waited for his request.

The eryaman escort resimleri man leaned in. “I will buy this book if you tell me what you were thinking about when I interrupted you just now.” He laid the book on the counter, his hand resting on the cover.

Alex looked down at the battered book. Without thinking, she answered, “This copy is from 1999. Its information is most likely outdated. You should purchase the most current travel guide for Italy.”

The man laughed again. Was she dense? he thought. No, just preoccupied. How adorable.

“This book will do just fine. Now, do we have a deal?” he finished.

Alex tilted her head to the side and felt the slight frown slip across her face. Who was this man? Why did she attract the nuts? Why would anyone want to know what she was thinking? Oh dear-sweet-mother-of-Pete, was she making a silly face and that’s where this line of questioning came from?

“Um, I really wasn’t thinking about anyone special,” Alex answered too quickly. Did she say anyone, or anything? Damn. I hope I didn’t say anyone, she thought as she grimaced.

“Well, whoever this not-anyone-special is, he definitely put a delightful little smile on your lips.” The dark-haired man rested his elbow on the counter and he gave Alex another good-natured grin. Alex shook her head ‘no’, but found herself returning the smile.

“No one special, just… different. I mean, I wasn’t thinking about anyone in particular, just different ‘things’,” Alex’s voice trailed off and she gave up. She held her palms up in surrender. “Are you still going to buy the book even though I have nothing exciting to share with you?”

“Sweetheart, I’m sure you have many an exciting tale which you could share with a voyeur such as myself, but I won’t press you today. And yes, I’ll take the book.”

Alex hurriedly rang in the purchase and placed the old book into a small paper bag. “Are you going to Italy?” she asked him.

“Yup. In about a month. Ever been?”

“No, not to Italy.”

“Anywhere in Europe?”

“Spain, London, Ireland,” she told him.

“How was Spain?”


The man nodded before holding out his hand. “Nick,” he introduced himself.

Alex put her hand in his and felt his firm grasp wrap around hers. “Alex,” she said softly.

“Nice to meet you, Alex,” Nick said pleasantly as he released her hand. “I suppose I’ll let you get back to your ‘work’ now.” Nick winked at Alex, once again giving her the opportunity to blush.

“Thank you,” she answered as Nick made his way to the door, pausing at the exit to turn and wave goodbye before he disappeared out into the sweltering heat.

Alex sat back down heavily in her chair. Men.


Several days later, as Alex shoved heavy boxes around in the back room, she heard the bell announcing a customer. She walked out to the counter and there stood Nick, iced cappuccino in hand.

“The heat is unbearable,” he said as he greeted her.

Alex smiled. “It doesn’t seem like it’s going to end any time soon,” she agreed. Nick held out the cool drink.

“I thought perhaps you might like something to help cool you down.”

“Thank you,” Alex answered, a bit taken back. “How thoughtful.”

“We really didn’t get to talk long the other day, and I decided to stop back in,” Nick paused, “maybe even invite you out for dinner?”

Alex sipped the frosty liquid and carefully eyed the stranger in front of her. “Maybe,” she responded a moment later.

“A maybe is better than a ‘no’,” he laughed, showing a perfect set of white teeth. “I’m a patient man.”

“Would you like to have a seat?” Alex motioned to an extra stool. He was pleasant, and Alex was grateful for the diversion. Nick sat and the two began to chat. He explained that he was visiting his brother for a few weeks and then would be returning home to Boston. Alex listened to his chatter, content to watch his broad smile as he told her about the renovation at his brother’s house and the work that he had flown in to help complete.

Alex didn’t notice the tall man with the icy gaze who had been standing to the side, browsing along the shelves set into the farthest wall. She didn’t feel the hard stare that pressed into the side of her face as she rested her chin in her palm, smiling and nodding to Nick’s conversation.

Nick, however, became aware of the customer standing with book in hand, waiting quietly for a break in the exchange.

“You’ve got a customer,” Nick suddenly said, motioning to the silent man to Alex’s right. She turned, surprised.

It wasn’t just ‘a customer’.


Alex froze, her mouth popping open in shock.

“Good afternoon, Ms. Caine,” he said evenly.

Alex cleared her throat several times before she managed to squeak out a response. “Dr. Petrov,” she stammered. “You’re back.”

“Yes, I am.” Petrov laid the book upon the counter and glared into the flustered woman’s face.

“When?” Alex felt the sweat beading etimesgut escort bayan at the top of her chest. Her mouth was suddenly very dry.

“Yesterday evening. I cut my visit short.” Petrov tapped a long finger on the cover. “On second thought, I’m not interested in purchasing this right now.” With that, Petrov abruptly turned and Alex watched helplessly as he left the store. A small, strangled gasp sounded from the back of her throat and she gripped the counter. Nick watched her reaction and the emotions that played across the young woman’s face.

“Alex?” he asked gently. “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine,” she automatically answered, her face pale and pinched. “Um, I think maybe I should get back to work now.” Alex stared at the empty doorway.

Nick sighed. “Was that a friend of yours?” he asked, noticing that the man had left Alex visibly shaken.

“No,” she answered quietly. “Just a professor I know.”

“I see.” Nick understood. What he didn’t know, he could guess. “Well, listen, Alex, here’s my card. My brother’s number is written on the back of it. I’ll be here for a few more days, if you’d like to have that dinner.” He handed her the card.

Alex took it and nodded. “Thanks, I’ll think about it.”

“Well, again, it was nice meeting you, Alex.” Nick gave her a soft smile and held out his hand. He knew that she wouldn’t call.

“You too,” she said, her hand warmed by his gentle touch. She forced a small, polite smile. Nick released her and turned. This time he didn’t wave when he left the store.

Alex dropped his business card into the wastebasket under the counter.


Temptation. Was it Mae West who once said she could resist anything but temptation? Cheeky woman, that one. Alex rolled over and threw off the seemingly heavy sheet from her sticky body. It was sweltering at two in the morning. How could it be this hot without the sun? she asked herself miserably. Her sheets stuck to her body like papier-mâché wrapped on a piñata. She wished she could sleep suspended. With the humid air so thick, she probably could.

Petrov’s visit earlier at the bookstore left her uneasy. She had seen the expression on his face. Part of her was defiant, and rightfully so. What did it matter that she sat flirting with another man? Why shouldn’t she be allowed to have dinner with whomever she pleased? She wasn’t Petrov’s, by no means. There were no promises made, no commitment. Why should she feel as though she did something wrong?

The look that had rolled across Petrov’s face was unfair. She had done nothing wrong. Yet Alex tossed and turned fretfully as she dreaded her next encounter with the moody professor. Then again, what did she know? She might not have the opportunity to even speak to him again.

At three a.m. Alex flung her sticky body out of bed. It was no use. The night air had become unbearable. Alex walked heavily to the bathroom and turned on the shower. She peeled off the light t-shirt she had worn to bed and slid her hot skin under the cool spray of water. A moment later she leaned against the shower wall shivering. It was worth it.

Shutting off the faucet and wrapping a towel around her body, Alex padded out of the bathroom and over to the open window overlooking the street below. She thought about Petrov. As if on cue, the phone rang.

Trembling fingers wrapped around the receiver and Alex put the phone to her ear.

“Hello?” she whispered.

“Are you awake?” Petrov’s voice was quiet.

“Yes. It’s too hot to sleep.” Alex leaned against the windowsill, her heart thumping hard in her chest.

“I want to see you,” he told her.


“Now. I will be there in five minutes.” With that, the phone went silent. Alex looked at the receiver as if she expected more of an explanation. A moment later, a prerecorded message sounded, reminding Alex to hang up and dial again. She placed the device back into its cradle.

Petrov was coming over! Alex jumped to her feet and spun around, disoriented as she ran her fingers through her wet hair. The towel fell to her feet as she grabbed another t-shirt from an unfolded pile of clean clothes on the floor. She pulled the wrinkled garment over her head and kicked the rest of the clothing underneath her bed. Suddenly, a knock sounded loudly at her door, startling Alex. Five minutes had not passed. Petrov had called her from his cell.

Alex stumbled through her apartment before slowly opening the door. Petrov stood there in the hall, his cold eyes staring hard at her small frame. Alex winced and stepped back, allowing Petrov to move inside. The door closed mutely behind him.

“What are you doing here?” she asked quietly.

He didn’t answer. His gaze moved over the small apartment, taking in the simple décor: the books piled along the wall to the far right, the paint cans and brushes in the middle of the floor, and the several framed Klimpt posters which remained on the wall. sincan escort Petrov stood unmoving for a moment before turning to Alex.

“You’re wet,” he observed.

Alex bit back the smart comment that had jumped to the tip of her tongue. Instead, she only nodded. The several steps between them were closed as Petrov placed his hands upon her shoulders and pulled her to his body. Her damp skin prickled into gooseflesh as he tilted her chin up. He said nothing, instead examining her face silently as his hand stroked the vulnerable spot at the bottom of her neck. His eyes scowled at her.

Alex could hear the ticking of the clock on the nightstand in her bedroom. Each second marked time noisily as Petrov drew his fingers up to trace the tender skin on her lips. Tick-tick-tick. Now to her jaw, tickling under her chin and rubbing the back of his fingers up the side of her cheek. Tick tick tick. Alex closed her eyes, her body swaying slightly. Tick tick tick. Petrov’s hand opened and his fingers weaved themselves into her damp curls, before he balled them into a loose fist and pulled her head back.

His lips brushed lightly over her neck and Alex let out a low breath. Her nipples tightened, swelling underneath the cotton material that guarded them. Petrov’s mouth opened and closed against the smooth skin of her neck, kissing gently. He tilted her head to the side and licked the soft flesh under her ear while she shivered.

Petrov released Alex, watching her dizzied reaction as her eyes opened, glazed over with exhaustion and need. She sighed, her small shoulders dipping as she looked helplessly up at the man who was part of the reason for her insomnia. Blue eyes begged him to let her rest.

With a swift motion, Petrov picked Alex up in his arms. She didn’t protest—she couldn’t had she wanted to—but she laid her head against his shoulder as he walked the short distance to Alex’s bedroom. He laid her gently onto the bed, his fingers stroking down her body once before he stood and began to remove his clothing. She watched him strip, slowly and methodically, his eyes never leaving hers. Piece by piece, each article dropped to the floor. Once naked, he lay by her side and pulled her into his arms. She snuggled against his chest, certainly confused by his actions, but too tired and too hot to question them. As Petrov stroked her wet hair away from her face, Alex fell asleep.


Waking up to someone licking one’s most female of parts is both enjoyable and a tad unsettling. At first Alex stirred uncomfortably, her hips shifting as fingers dug into her hips, stilling her movements. A tongue rolled lazily over her pouting lower lips, pressing inside her occasionally almost as an afterthought before twirling upwards and brushing past a swelling bud at the top of her slit. Alex’s feet kicked and each foot arched as she tensed. Her eyes struggled open to see Petrov’s face buried between her legs, his eyes closed as he feasted upon her body. Automatically, her hands landed on the top of his head and Alex stretched her fingers through his hair. His mouth sucked at her sweetness, pulling gently at her body. Alex licked her own dry lips as her eyes rolled back into her head. A tiny sound of pleasure escaped from her throat.

Petrov didn’t stop. Instead, he released her hips, freeing his hands to pull open her pussy. Warm breath caressed her clit, followed by a familiar tongue, swirling around the tiny nub. Sharp currents shot up her body as Alex moaned, the sound slipping from her lips. Pressing the folds of her cunt upwards and back, Petrov fully exposed the slick flesh. The tip of his expert tongue teased the sensitive bump as Alex attempted to thrust her hips upwards. He held her tightly, preventing her movements. Alex felt the heat flush through her pussy as she fought to meet the strokes of Petrov’s tongue.

Moving his right hand to hold her flesh open to his oral attack, Petrov slipped his left hand between Alex’s legs. Two fingers pushed easily inside and curled, rubbing the spongy wall at the front of her pussy. The pressure inside built quickly and Alex lifted her hips off the mattress to meet the finger-fuck. Petrov’s lips wrapped around her clit and he sucked at her, the wet sounds from between her legs bouncing off the walls of the room.

Alex panted, her fingers curling in Petrov’s hair as she arched her back, her heels digging into the mattress as she humped her lover’s mouth. Her soft cry of ‘yes! yes! please! yes!’ rang out in the early morning as Alex suddenly came, hard and strong, her thighs quivering as her hips jerked. Hot wetness creamed from her body, coating Petrov’s mouth and chin as he lapped at her crotch. His fingers twisted inside, his knuckles rolling along the fevered flesh.

As quickly as it swept over her, Alex’s orgasm subsided, leaving her body weak and whimpering before Petrov. She opened her eyes, staring helplessly as he lifted himself and settled on top of her. His thighs held her legs open and he leaned in, touching his mouth to hers. She could smell herself on his lips; she tasted herself on his tongue as he pushed it into her mouth. He took his time, kissing her slowly as his tongue slipped in and out, filling her mouth completely before withdrawing. He stole her breath with each oral thrust.

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