Photo Fun

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“Want to play?” I ask with a half smile.

“Always, “you reply. “You know that.”

“A game? A little bit of role play?”

“Oooo, maybe. Depends. What sort of roles?”

“I’d be a photographer, you’d be auditioning, casting for erotic movies. Porn.”

“You actually going to take pictures?”

“Would you like to see yourself?”

“Mmmm, yes I think I would actually. Use MY phone though!”

“I don’t know what you’re suggesting, a lesser man would be hurt!”

You give me your i-phone and go out of the room. You knock.

“Come in! Sit on the sofa please. Now, you know what you’re here to do? We’re casting for movies of a very particular nature and we need to be sure that you can do what we need and look relaxed doing it.”


“Right, I’ll ask you a few questions, but first could, you strip to your underwear please?”

You stand. First you unbutton and slip off your blouse then shimmy out of your jeans.

I pause to admire your curves.

“Can you turn around please? Nice!”

Very nice in fact. Generous curves and a nice little tummy. I feel a stirring in my trousers.

“Please sit down again, I’d like to ask you a few questions. Now then, you don’t need to sit there like you’re in church. Relax. Lie back.”

You take me at my word and lie right back on the couch one foot on the floor, one on the cushions revealing the dark shadow behind the sheer white lace of your panties.


My trousers tightened further.

“Do you like sex?”

“Oh yes, as often as possible.”

“What if you’re not getting it? Do you masturbate?”

“I masturbate when I am getting it.” (Actually I already know this!)

“I see. Fingers or toys?”

“Both. I like to start with fingers.”

“Ok. Stand up please. Can we lose the bra now?”

You eryaman arkadan veren escortlar stand and unhook and cast your bra across the room. I’ve always admired your breasts.


“Turn around please. Now raise your arms over your head.”

You give me a bonus shinny.


“Nice, Now cup your boobs in your hands. Sensitive nipples?”

“Oh very.”

“Would you run your thumbs across them please?”

Still cupping your breasts you run your thumbs over your delicious pink nipples. Then you graduate to light pinching, bringing them erect. And me too, as it happens.


I let you continue and your breath becomes a little irregular.

“Happy doing that?”

“Oh very.” You smile.

“Please sit again. As you were before. You said you like to masturbate. Happy doing that in front of a camera?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Then would you rub yourself through your panties please?”

You do so, up and down along the length of your slit and circular motions in the area of your clit. I need to adjust my cock.


“Oh God…now rub yourself underneath…”

You slid your hand under the top of your knickers. I can see you delving down below, Massaging, exploring, stimulating.

“How do you feel about that?”


“I feel damp…actually.”

One hand rummages about between your legs, sheer lace just concealing the action while the other idly plays with a nipple.


“How do you think you’ll feel being filmed in close-up while you masturbate? Really close!”

“Oh, will I have to?” (You’re starting to play along a little more now>)

“Yes, our customers expect it. I think it’s time to lose the knickers.”


You lie on the sofa and lift up your bottom, sliding off the lacey little etimesgut escort bayan garment. When you’ve finished you sit bolt upright with your legs clamped together.

“No need to be shy. Stand up and turn around please.”

I gaze at the neat inverted triangle of your pubes, then you rotate bringing your marvelous arse into profile.


“Stop.” Your back is to me. “Bend over, hands on the sofa. Now open your legs nice and wide.”

“Must I?”

“”Yes,” I’m a little hoarse.

You comply and through your neatly trimmed bush your labia pop into view.


“Would you, just lightly, touch your pussy, please?”

You reach between your legs a run your finger along the length of your pussylips.


Then, unbidden you open yourself up slightly.


“Sit down again please. No, with your legs nice and wide…oh yes. What we discussed earlier, the masturbation… now please.”

You lick your middle finger and position it over your clit, beginning with a circular motion. You’re really starting to breath heavily now. You slide your middle finger inside yourself and it comes out glistening and wet, (CLICK) Back to your clit. Rubbing and massaging. Then two fingers…


“Put your feet on the cushions…nice and wise…now reach under your bottom and I open yourself wide…I,,,er… need to check your wetness level.”

I kneel in front of you and reach out, my middle finger extended. There is actually no doubt about your wetness level. The pink flesh you’ve exposed gleams with your nectar. I slowly slide my finger into you, as far as it will go. I make a “come here” gesture while my thumb rubs your clitoris.

“Don’t move!”

I rush into the bedroom and grab the vibrator you leave sincan escort bayan there for fun and games.

It’s about normal cock sized and curves up at the end.

I hand it to you and without changing your pose you position it at your entrance.

“Go on…”

You switch it on and apply it to your clit at first (CLICK) but then ease the tip into your pussy, Then out again and back in, a little further each time until you’re burying it deep within you on the instroke and on the outstroke it shines with your nectar.


“Time to test your oral skills…”

I take off my clothes and stand in front of you. Sat on the sofa your mouth is almost exactly level with the erect cock that juts out in front of me. You take it by its base, lift it vertically and then slowly run your tongue from my balls to the head. I hold your i-phone, set to video, to one side, capturing you in profile as you lick the underside of my cock head before popping the end into your mouth, swirling your tongue round all the time. Gently stroking my balls you take me deeper until about two thirds of me is buried in your mouth. Then you withdraw me almost totally and, resting your hands on my hips, move your head slowly back and forth so that I’m fucking your mouth.

You take me out and kneel on the sofa, your invitation obvious. I position myself at your swollen pussy lips and in one push my entire hot length is buried deep inside you. You are incredibly wet and the lack of friction allows me to fuck you hard and fast without cumming. You reach under yourself and frantically rub your clit until you scream out your climax.

I withdraw and turn you round again, lining my now thoroughly coated cock up with your mouth. You swallow me greedily as this time I take hold of your head and fuck your mouth once more. I feel the familiar pressure and I cum hard, spraying your tongue and the back of your throat with my semen. You keep sucking at me and I cry out as the pleasure becomes almost painful.

Finally you let me fall from your lips and lie back, your legs apart and a smile on your face as you lick your lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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