Picture Perfect

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First time I have written. I know its is shor, but hope it is enjoyed.

I hear a knock at my door. Could it really be you? I open the door, and to my delight you are standing on my doorstep. I greet you with a giant hug, and welcome you inside. We sit on my couch and chat for a while about how our days went, and get caught up. After a while we start to look for something to do. I mention that we were supposed to take pictures of each other, and you respond with a mild laugh. You state you don’t know if that is a good idea, and start talking about how you never think pictures turn out well for you. I do my best to assure you of your beauty. I also inform you that no one other than me will see the pictures unless you want them to. You take a long pause deep in thought. I set in anticipation of your answer. I take your feet and remove your shoes. I decide to give your feet some attention while you make up your mind. As I rub your feet you go through reasons to do, and not to take pictures. You then ask me if I really think that we should do that. I assure you that yes I want to take the pictures. You state ok you feel like being a bit crazy, but it does mean I have to stop rubbing your sore feet. My hands come off and you start laughing. You ask where we should start. I state my bedroom, as there will be the most privacy there. You agree and we head off to my room.

Once in you state that you can’t believe that you are really going to do this, but then reach in your purse and take out your camera. You set your purse down by the door, and then walk over to me and give me the camera. You lie on my bed and ask my again if you should really do this. I assure you my answer will not change. I suggest we can start off with clothed pictures and move on from there. You agree, and then ask me how I want you. I tell you that is a pretty loaded question to which you respond with a laugh. I suggest that you start off on your knees. You glance a bit at me, and I realize what I said. I rely with I mean on my bed, and you giggle a bit. I ask you if everything I say is going to come out wrong, and you reply with probably.

You Get up on your knees on my bed, and eryaman escort bayan ask if this is good. I state that it is, and take the first picture. I move around you to get different angles. You play the seductive roll, and start doing various different poses. During the photos I am assuring you of how beautiful you look. After several shots I recommend you unbutton your blouse. You think for a min and then your hands move to the top button of your blouse and you unbutton it. I resume taking pictures again. You look up and state you were not ready. I state this will make some great pictures. You undo the rest of your buttons this time playing a bit more to the camera. You open the blouse briefly to reveal your bra underneath, and then quickly cover yourself back up. You ask me for reassurance, and it is given.

The blouse begins to slowly open again. Slowly you slide it off your shoulders. It seems you are coming more and more relaxed as the photo session continues. You lay back on my bed, and put a knee up. While you are wearing a skirt you are positioned when I can’t really see underneath. I take a few more shots from various angles, and you do various poses from lying on your back to laying on your side. I suggest that you remove your skirt now. You slide off my bed and unzip your skirt. It seems you are becoming a lot more comfortable with the idea of pictures now. After unzipping your skirt you let it fall to the floor. For the first time I am able to see you are wearing a very sexy matching bra and panty set. I tell you how beautiful you look. You thank me and slide back into my bed.

I take a couple more shots, and then this time without me saying a word you slide one bra strap down and then the other. You fold your arms over your chest, and even though you are still wearing your bra, it doesn’t look like it. A couple more shots are taken, and you ask me to unhook your bra. I eagerly comply with your request, but you still keep your arms folded over your breasts. Keeping them covered with one army your remove your bra, and discard it with the other hand. A couple more photos are snapped. You ask me if I am ready, and I state that I am. etimesgut escort Up does your arms and I get the first glimpse of your bare breasts. You seem excited as your little pink nipples are protruding. I want so much to kiss and caress them. I am so awe struck I completely forget I have a camera until you ask if I am going to take any more pictures.

Bringing the camera back up to my eye I begin to take some more pictures. You grow more and more relaxed and start posing even more seductively. I am having a difficult time taking pictures as I just want to drink you all in. The fact that my pants are stirring does not help the matters either. Laying back down you hook one side of your panties with your thumb, and ever so slowly inch then down until I can see just a hint of nicely trimmed pubic hair coming from the top of your panties. Blowing me a kiss you pull them back up. I wonder to myself if I got that shot. You sit up with your back to me and wiggle your ass, and then lower the back of your panties enough to expose your rear. I take some more pictures and you then pull them back up. I tell you at the same time what you are doing is both sexy, and a bit mean. You giggle a bit and ask why that is, is it because you want this?

Right after your question you roll back onto your back and quickly remove your panties, but you seem careful to keep your sex covered either by leg placement or by your hand. The excitement and anticipation is both arousing and torturous. I try to distract myself by taking more pictures, but it is really not helping.

With legs together and your hand covering your sex you lean up on your other elbow and look deep into my eyes. Slowly you part your legs, and move your hand so that you are always covered. When your knees are apart you slowly start to bring your hand up. Not wanting to miss a think I start rapidly taking pictures. As your hand moves up slowly revealing your sex I notice one finger dipping into your folds and them coming out to remove your hand, and you move that arm to your side so you are supporting yourself on both arms and elbows. I am sure I am drooling as I escort elvankent take some more pictures. I also do all I can to commit this moment to memory: the poutiness of your lips, and the neatly trimmed mound above them. I tell you that you can’t imagine how long I have wanted you in this position, naked in my bed. You ask now that I have you there what will I do with the situation?

I put the camera down and slide into the bed next to you. Feverishly I begin to kiss you. Just as my hand starts to explore your body I feel you tugging at my shirt. I position myself so that it is easier to remove. You then unbutton, unzip and remove my pants. You lay back down and our lips meet again. My hands explore every inch of your body it can reach. My hands caress your breast, and my fingers roll over your nipples. I feel you grab me and start to stroke. When you do this my hand wanders down to your sex and your readiness lets me in. When I first penetrate you a little sigh escapes your lips, and momentarily interrupts our kiss. I state that I have wanted this for so you. You state that you have too, and you want my inside you now.

I roll on top of you and your guide me into you. Once inside and fully in I pause for a moment to savor the feeling, the moment. Your hips begin to move and I ever so slowly begin thrusting inside of you. Or pace is slow and steady as chills rock both of our bodies. Our lips meet again as we passionately kiss. Still inside you I roll you on top of me, and you begin to ride. With you in control I match your thrusts with mine. I caress your legs, arms, and breasts when you sit up raising and lowering yourself on me. When your pace slows I roll you back onto your back and proceed to move in and out of you. You state you are about to cum, and I quicken my pace. You state that you want to be back on top, and I position yourself back on top of me. It’s not long before your orgasm hits, and mine follows right behind yours. You collapse on me while I am still in you. Your head rests on my chest and you stroke my hair. I caress your back as we just lay there. Not a word is spoken, or seemingly needing to be spoken. Eventually I am betrayed by myself and I am removed from you. You get up stating you should clean yourself, and run into the bathroom.

When you emerge you pick up the camera, and state it’s time for you to take pictures of me. I notice you have not gotten dressed, and think to myself this could be fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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