Pit Stop

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It was late afternoon. Jack and Kate were speeding down Route 1, blasting the music, enjoying the sun and the wind that swept into the convertible, tousling their hair. Jack had his hand on Kate’s leg, resting it there as he focused on the road. Kate was wearing one of her famous sundresses, a pink one this time, one that brought out the blonde streaks in her hair and made her blue eyes shine. His hand was right on the hem. He could feel the soft material of the dress with his fingers while his thumb rubbed circles on the even softer skin that was next to it. Kate looked over at Jack. She smiled because he was so focused on the drive, and on the view that lay in front of them. She slid down in the seat, causing his hand to pull her dress up a couple inches. Jack kept his eyes on the road, but gave her leg a squeeze. Kate looked up at him.

“Uh, Jack, I think there’s a problem.” She shifted around on the leather seat, the friction pulling her dress up even more.

“Yeah babe, what’s that?” Jack looked over, and did a double take. The strap of her sundress was slipping down her left shoulder, and since she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra, the dress was dangerously close to falling off and exposing her perfect breasts with their wind-hardened nipples. Oh, that and her dress was leaving only the slightest to the imagination as it was pulled eryaman escort resimleri up almost around her waist.

“Jack, I think I forgot to wear underwear today.” She smiled and squirmed so that his hand fell between her legs. His dick immediately hardened, straining against his jeans as his hand felt her bare pussy rub against it. She was completely smooth. He could feel the engorged lips of her labia as she raised her hips up to meet his hand. He rotated his hand to cup her, and applied the slightest pressure with his middle finger. She was so wet that it slipped immediately inside her up to the second knuckle. Kate leaned her head back and closed her eyes, a sigh escaping from her opened mouth. Her hips rotated in circles, sliding his finger in and out of her. She reached down and pulled her dress up around her waist, so that when Jack looked over again, he could see her toned stomach. Her hips were bucking now, and moans were coming faster and faster. Then abruptly, they stopped.

“Jack, it feels so good, but you know I can’t get off like this. Let’s find somewhere to pull over.” He could feel her pussy tighten around his finger and she pushed his hand against her mound with her own hand, asking him to keep it there inside her.

“Whatever you want, but there’s nowhere for a few miles.”

“I think I can find something etimesgut escort bayan to help you pass the time.” Kate leaned over, and running her hand over his denim-covered dick, licked her lips. With her leaning over like that, Jack could see down her shirt. Her C-cups were hanging heavily, bouncing with the motion of the car. He could see her light pink nipples were erect and just waiting for a warm mouth. She unzipped his pants, and the next thing he knew, her tongue was swirling around his dick, her blonde hair tickling his thighs. She was kneeling in the passenger seat now, her ass on full display to anyone driving by. She licked the underside of the head and then plunged down the whole length, the whole time her hands playing with his balls and stroking the shaft.

Jack pulled over and climbed into the passenger seat. Kate turned around, and straddling him, guided him straight into her soaking pussy. She was so warm and wet and tight that Jack thought he would cum right then. She started lifting herself up and the lowering herself slowly, enjoying the feel of him sliding in and out of her. Jack slipped the rest of her dress off her shoulders and she leaned forward, burying his face in her boobs. His hands reached around to her ass and he squeezed it, enjoying its firmness. Kate sincan escort was going faster now, and Jack’s hips were rising to meet her. Kate was still so wet that her juices were running down into Jack’s lap and every time they came together there was a sexy squishing noise. Kate had her head back and was moaning. She was bouncing on him now, her boobs swinging in front of his face – occasionally he managed to suck one into his mouth, but she was fucking him so fast and hard that the coordination it required was too much. Besides that, he couldn’t really think about anything other than the way his dick felt as it slid deep inside her. Kate shifted her bouncing motion to a rocking one so that her clit was rubbing directly on his pelvic bone. Now his face was buried in her breasts and his hands guided her hips in a rough rhythm, fucking her harder and harder as her moans got louder.

“Oh , ah, oh Jack, mmm…” Her moans were getting higher and faster and her movements were frantic.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, oh oh OHHH!!” She grabbed his head and crushed it to her chest. Jack couldn’t hold back once he felt her pussy tighten around his cock and he thrust into her one last time, shooting his hot load deep inside of her. They both rested, breathing heavily. They could feel their juices pooling in the leather seat.

“Well, I guess we’ll have to stop and clean this up,” Jack said at last.

“Mmhmm,” Kate murmured into his ear. “I think I’m going to need a nice shower when we get home too baby.”

Jack’s dick, still deep inside her, twitched at the thought of a soapy shower with Kate.

“I’m sure we can arrange for that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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