Playing Well with Each Other

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Traffic was backed up to the bridge that I am sitting on, it is a lovely evening and I have the top down. The stars and moon look like a giant pearl surrounded by diamonds, as I gaze up at them. I am wearing a simple slip dress with stockings and a garter under it, a shelf bra, to thrust my breasts up and leaving the nipples exposed, and no panties. As I sit, waiting for the mess to untangle, I call you and explain the delay. I hang up and take a picture of my finger parting my lips, you only see the finger lying on my clit, but it will be enough to keep you warm until I arrive.

Finally the traffic moves and I inch my way closer to you. As I arrive, you open the door with a grin on your handsome face and a bulge in your pants. You are shirtless, on this warm summers evening, I am taken in your arms for our first kiss of the evening. I reach up to both of your nipples; I pinch them both, just enough to get your full attention. The kiss gets deeper as I knew it would. You are a dom as well, but you switch for me. I won’t grant you the same favor; I will play fair, but only so fair. I maintain the upper hand, and you have enough respect for me that you allow it.

“If you were a sub, baby girl, I would spank you for being tardy.” You reply.

“If I were a sub, I would not be as much fun, you like the challenge I present.” And I bite your bottom lip to prove the point.

“You are correct, brat.” And your hand finds my ass. You slap it once, in play and know there is a chance I will repay you for it ten fold. You welcome me into the house, offer me something to drink as I walk through the living room and out onto the patio. I slip off my shoes at the door, and the dress gets removed as I walk. I toss it onto a chair, without looking back. Your watch my ass as I go. I turn to look at you and say. “You are joining me, aren’t you?”

You finally gather your thoughts and after you get me a bottle of water, you join me on the patio. I am standing there with not much on, the moonlit shining on my skin. Your strong hands circle my waist as you go for another kiss. I reach for the front of your pants, and squeeze your cock, through the fabric. You move one hand to my hair, while the other pulls me closer to your body. The night air has caused my nipples to perk up, and their hardness presses into your chest. When the kiss is finally broken, you bend your head to my nipple and take one into your mouth. You kiss it, and run your tongue in small circles around it. Making it harder and causing me to shiver. Before switching to the other nipple you just barely nip the one you have been teasing. I moan and dig one hand into your hair, the other slips into the waistband at the back of your pants and I rake my nails against your tender flesh. I do it just hard enough to cause more arousal. I am rewarded with a nip on the nipple you eryaman bayan escort are now working on. I like this game, the way you play, your dom side not giving up totally. We are both used to sub’s that know their places, and to challenge either of us would be cause for punishment. You, however, are not afraid to test my patience, knowing I will tolerate more from you then anyone else.

Leaving my hand in your pants, I slip one finger into your crack, but only enough to get your attention. I am not gloved or lubed, so I will not enter you, yet. But before the night is over, you will be begging for my cock to take your ass once again. But I have to build you up enough to get you to the begging stage. I do so enjoy, getting you to that point. I pull your head away from my breasts with the hand tangled in your hair. I want another kiss and I also want to move my hand to the front of your pants, which is hard to do with you in the way. Once I am able, I push my hand down the front of your pants, and find it as I expected, hard, throbbing and just starting to leak. I get some of your fluid on my palm and bringing it to my mouth, I allow you to watch me lick it off. You are aroused by my brazen sexuality, and you grab my waist again pulling our bodies together. This time you maintain the embrace and the kiss that joined it, as you walk me backwards to a chaise. My legs hit the chaise, and you push me down onto it, holding me there with the weight of your body.

I almost purr, but stop myself; I don’t want to give you any hint to how much I am enjoying this. You put your knee between my legs and push them apart. I automatically wrap my legs around your waist, and pull your body down onto mine, completely. With my heels locked behind your back you can’t move, your groin is pressing solidly against my pussy. The only thing stopping you from entering me is the thin material of your sweat pants. I can’t resist teasing you; I rub myself against you, causing my lips to part. The combination of the soft material and the stiffness of your cock are causing enough friction to bring me close to a quick release. Not the ORGAMS I know you will give me later, but enough to take the edge off and drive my desire higher. You allow it, not only because you can’t stop it but because you know it will make me hornier. When I am close, but not THERE yet, I open my legs and allow you to escape. “And why did you stop?”

“I want to enjoy the build up; you are not the only one that likes to edge.” I answer.

You slip one hand between my legs, and slide one finger between my lips and finding me fully wet you slip one finger into my wanting pussy. You feel my muscles contract around your finger as you begin to slowly work it into and out of me. You are sitting and I drape one leg across your lap, the other is bent behind your back. With escort sincan one hand between my legs, you use the other to tease my nipples, pinching them both, one after the other, until you feel my climax build. I slide further down the chaise and thus deeper onto your finger. You pull it out of me and bring it to my lips, knowing I enjoy the taste of my own. I grab your wrist and pull the glistening finger into my mouth. It delights you to see my hunger for you and for sex. I sit up, moving my hand into the waistband of your pants, again. I grab your full raging hard-on, looking you in the eye, I say; “This is mine tonight and I want it NOW.”

You don’t argue, you just grab my arms and pull me into another kiss. You are withholding sex from me, only to allow the heat and passion to build its intensity. At the end of the kiss you stand up and finally remove your pants, I watch as your raging hard-on springs forth, glistening wet from your precum. You step out of your pants, walk to the pool and dive in, knowing that I can’t swim and that I won’t be going in with stockings on. You swim the width of the pool, resting against the side, holding yourself up by propping your elbows on the concrete. I smile at the sight before me, but I will always be better at this game than you are. I get off the chaise and walk into the house, hurrying to the bedroom, I open the nightstand and pull out my strap-on and grab a bottle of lube. I quickly return to the patio, and make you watch as I step into the harness and tighten it into place. I pull a chair poolside and pour lube over the head of it. I start to stroke the length of it, making it glisten in the moonlight. You never look away, and as I pour more lube onto it sliding my hand up and down the shaft of it, you start to swim to my side of the pool. “You don’t play fair, you know that don’t you?”

“But daddy, I gave you the chance to fuck me first; you swam away, so I figured you wanted me to go first. At least I grabbed the lube; it isn’t like I am going to make you suck it to get it wet.”

“And what makes you think I was pegged tonight?”

“Well you are still breathing, and I know you enjoy it when I fill your ass, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Well then come up here and let me watch you sit on my cock and ride me like a good boy.”

You pull yourself out of the pool and walk toward me. I move to the chaise, thinking it will be a better place to fuck. You intercept me, picking me up, flipping me over your shoulder, fireman style you carry me off to the bedroom, bending to pick up the lube as you walk pass. I bounce on the bed as you flip me onto it, I don’t move to get away, looking forward to how this is playing out. “Baby girl, if you were my sub I would spank your bottom.”

I am on my knees in no time and crawl toward you, “Once again, elvankent escort bayan daddy, if I were your sub, you would be bored by now.”

You kiss me again, my hand grabbing your cock, this time I am not letting it go. I start to stroke you, the solid mass of it; I can feel the vein throbbing in my grip. I am delighted that I do that to you, make you hard and dripping, just from a few kisses and the thought of being with me, inside of me, my pussy griping your cock as tight as my hand is now. “You want me to fuck you don’t you?” you asked.

“Not right now, now I want you on my cock, riding it with that tight little ass of yours as I lay here and watch you.” I answer.

You release me and lay down on the bed, ass side up, “If you want my ass, you are going to have to take it; I am not doing all the work.”

I turn and straddling you, I reach for a pair of gloves from the night stand and the lube that you tossed onto the bed. In no time I have two well lubed fingers in your tight ass. I feel your prostate, and if I only wanted to milk you I could end it now. But your ass takes my cock so well, that I really enjoy fucking you. When I am convinced that you are opened enough I place the head against your opening. I shove just enough to enter you, allowing you to become accustomed to the thickness of it before pushing in further. I place my hands on the small of your back and push deeper into you. After the first 3 inches are buried into your ass, I squirt more lube onto the shaft before getting the next 5 inches inside of you. When I am balls deep, I pull almost completely out and back inside you it all goes. I vary the strokes, keeping you on edge; you start to meet my thrusts by raising your ass. You are fucking my strap-on as much as it is fucking you.

After 15 minutes of steady fucking I stop, telling you to stay where you are. I pull out of you, get off the bed and step out of the strap-on. I get back into the bed and again put the cock inside of you, asking you to roll over. The big 8inch strap-on is buried in your ass, and soon your cock will be buried inside of my pussy. You roll over; I straddle your cock and slowly ease myself onto your cock. I don’t fuck you, just sit there, allowing you to fill me completely. You know what to do; you start to play with both of my breasts. I just squirm on your cock, pushing against you, thus forcing the cock in your ass to stay in place. You suck and bite my nipples, bringing me closer to orgasm, when I finally start to fuck your cock. The harder you suck the harder and faster I ride. You know I am close to a major climax and yours is building as well. I pull your mouth away from my breast and kiss you hard just as I release, when you feel my hot juices coating your cock and balls it’s enough to cause you to cum as well. We fall apart into a panting heap of lust and temporally sated desire. Your cock slips out of me, and we lay there regaining our strength. You not being a sub, I don’t force you to eat me clean afterwards. We lay and kiss, speaking from time to time. Until we finally head for the shower, where we start round 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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