Please Let Me Be Ch. 12

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General Disclaimer: Everyone is above the age of 18. Everything is fictional. Some elements of my stories are considered unsavory and should not be duplicated in real life. Please play safe and sound! Enjoy!


Tessa woke begrudgingly and with cold skin. She’d fallen asleep above the covers with the book in her hands. Listening, she realized she’d woken with the sound of a door opening. A dark shape moved easily through the shadows of the room. Watchful and wary but still half asleep she made no moves. The bulk looked male and after letting her eyes adjust it coalesced into a half-naked Darrien. She watched him undress, her cold skin forgotten for the heat kindling within. Thoughts of the books contents brushed at the back of her mind but she pushed them aside. Years of desire and want for companionship and sensuality held her enthralled to Darrien in that moment. His muscled back moved like a well-oiled machine as he pulled an undershirt above his head. Tessa devoured the sight like a starving animal. She’d seen him in the shower in all his glory but that had gone by so fast. Looking her fill she barely noticed him turn and freeze under her gaze.

“Enjoying yourself?” He asked.

“With you?” the teasing words escaped her before she could rein them in. A silent always lingered in the air.

Darrien quirked his lips in the semblance of a smile, he prowled forward, limbs folding gracefully; he engulfed her on the bed. He hissed at her cold skin but held tight to her all the same. His furrowed brow asked why she was so chilly.

“I fell asleep above the covers,” her need to appease him bothered her like a small itch she couldn’t scratch.

“I remember tucking you in.”

“You have books.”

“Ah,” he agreed before taking her mouth softly. Darrien plucked the book from her hands and tossed it aside. His focus was solely on her.

Tessa found herself leaning back, opening up for him. It had become so easy, so quickly to give way. She felt an overwhelming need to fight back, to show she wouldn’t be taken so easily. It’s too late for that, came a whispering thought. Her thighs struggled to close but Darrien easily held her wide to him. His brow, however, furrowed at this. Tessa tried to form the word No or Stop or anything really but nothing left her throat. Her hands clutched at his shoulders. She could see the grooves her nails were leaving. Not sure if she wanted to continue or stop. Tessa can’t figure out if it would be smarter to give in to her desire. She wanted Darrien, he wanted her and that made it all the better. However, she felt like she should fight her fate now that she knew she’d been controlled for so long. The muscles of her face felt off. Darrien pulled back. His hands still held her thighs wide spread around him.

“What’s wrong?” Darrien asked with a frown.

“I-,” she started then froze up with too many thoughts and none of them coherent.

He sat back on his ankles. Tessa’s hands slid from his shoulders and she winced at the evidence her confusion left behind on his pale skin. Her nails shouldn’t be so sharp as to leave such marks on him. She closed her hands tight and clutched them to her chest. Her eyes wouldn’t lift above his shoulders.

“Speak,” his tone harsh in the pervading silence.

‘Once they realize she’s a fish in bed they’ll drop her as soon as they eryaman escort bayan can. Probably even ask for a refund’, Marissa’s words returned to her.

“Yes Sir,” Tessa took a deep breath while inside she scrambled for a safe question to ask him, “Are you going to return me?”

She winced. Even she didn’t know that the worry was still inside her. Any place is better than the Business, she reminded herself.

“Return you?” Darrien was showing the most expression she’d ever seen before, sadly it was mostly confusion.

“To the Business,” she tried to clarify. She never wanted to return to being a Tester.

“Do you want to return?”

“NO! No, no no no nooooo, no!” Tessa shook her head and scrunched her eyes tight against this situation.

“Then . . .why-” Darrien had the strangest look on his face, it’s like his expression was asking if she’d knocked loose a few important brain cells while he was gone.

“They said you’d return me, the girls at the Business, I mean. They said you’d be disappointed and return me.”

“Have I said anything to make you think I was disappointed?”

Tessa took a second to think that through. Nothing he’d done could lead to that. She rewound all his actions and words of the past few days. It was such a short time for so many things to happen.

“No,” her answer felt inadequate so she tried again, “Nothing you’ve said or done has made me think you were disappointed, Sir.”

Darrien made a small nod but didn’t look encouraged.

“I’m sorry, Sir.”


For this entire conversation, she thought to herself. Already she could feel the fight leaving her. Instead, her thoughts turned to how he may not have shown disappointment before but he just might now.

“For questioning you, Sir.”

Darrien nodded but still didn’t move forward. Her feet fidgeted on the bed, fighting the urge to curl up and cover the soft parts of herself; both inside and out. He stilled her right foot with a firm hand. His fingers were a stroke of heat against her chilly skin.

“I need you,” his voice jolted her.

There was a lull of silence where Tessa waited, more stunned that a man would ever say such a thing.

“I want you.” His sentence a statement but said without heat. Almost like Darrien was realizing it at that moment.

“You want me?” then she remembered her manners, “Sir?”

Darrien nodded again, effectively ending the conversation. Tessa was still coming to terms with his words when he gripped her ankles and pulled her down the satiny bedding so her legs spread wide over his thighs. Tessa gasped and flailed. His hands snaked up her legs leaving trails of goosebumps and shivers. A hot cock slid along her cunt and all her struggles did was build the slippery friction between them. Someone groaned but Tessa couldn’t care enough to figure out who had released the noise. Large, masculine hands were cupping the undersides of her breasts. Newly discovered and extremely sensitive his action had Tessa shifting restlessly, her toes and fingers clenching and unclenching in the bunched sheets. Darrien flicked his thumbs across her nipples causing her to hiss out a breath. He was watching her with those burning dark eyes of his. Every muscle he had was keeping her pinned in place. Tessa was surprised to find her hands gripping his wrists. Her hands went etimesgut escort weak, the pressure of her fingers turning into a caress that echoed his movements on her nipples. The pads of his thumbs were rough on the taut peaks. He didn’t stop, every motion stroking nerves that had her digging her nails into his forearms.

She wanted to get away from the pleasant torture. No movement on her part would give her freedom from beneath him. Instead, she gave in to the darkness of his eyes and the skillful way he played her body to his bidding. He was hard on her, his hot cock sliding along her and gathering what felt like a liter of wetness. Tessa was shocked to find that her tits were the hot button to release the slick that was coating her thighs and his cock. Darrien pinched and pulled until her back arched to follow where he was taking her breasts. A moan that sounded straight from a porno left her throat making Tessa close her eyes tight against the mortification of that sound. He released her and her arms went to cover her chest. She was covered for only a second before he gripped her wrists tightly and pushed her hands up. Her eyes snapped open at the sound of a click. He’d locked her cuffs onto the bed frame! Her wrists jerked in an effort to free herself but soon fell slack at the feel of his mouth on her nipple. Darrien licked her sensuously; she’d never realized just how big his tongue was until he ran it up the length of her tit all the way to flick it across the peak of her nipple. Tessa tried to twist away from the raw, wicked feelings but his fingers were spread wide over her sternum and all the strength of his right arm was pushing her deep into the bedding. He licked again and again and again until Tessa forgot thinking and only felt. Her hips rocked on him, grinding her pussy up and down his shaft. Head thrown back and eyes loosing focus Tessa came hard. Back arched and legs tensed tight she jerked in pleasure. Darrien didn’t stop, though, he kept rocking his cock, hitting her clit on every rough slide.

The feeling was just the right side of painful and kept Tessa in suspense. She couldn’t stop the mewling noises that burst from her throat. Eventually her body gave and every muscle loosened which only made things so much worse. Her body trembled under Darrien’s onslaught, he’d ignored her orgasm and turned his attention to her other breast while keeping up the motion of his cock. Tessa whimpered, every part of her throbbed with her pulse, making her lightheaded. Through the cotton stuffed feeling in her ears she heard Darrien murmur.

“Good girl, Tessa. Good job, just a bit more.”

At his words, something broke inside and released warmth. This man wanted her, needed her, he’d chosen her, the Tester. Darrien was hot, strong, rich, powerful; he could have his pick of any woman. Yet, he’d chosen her to be with him. All the earlier words from the book applied easily to the people in the Business but Darrien had been upfront, he’d shown her something she’d never thought she’d have, he’d even been playful with her. Tessa decided right then that she would be on this man’s side.

“Yes,” the word a breath of fresh air in her lungs.

Darrien lifted his eyes to her and left her throbbing, soaked and bitten nipples to brush against his chest as he slid up her body to claim escort elvankent her mouth. Their lips slanted and opened on a wicked, wet kiss when he thrust inside. The glide of his cock was so smooth that he slammed fully inside her in one quick move that had Tessa gasping for a breath. Darrien didn’t wait for her to catch herself. He pistoned her pussy hard and dirty, while his mouth never left hers. His right hand found its way to her neck. The thumb he’d used to drive her crazy earlier now feathering across her pulse. He applied just the slightest pressure and Tessa felt herself opening up to a new kink because that control and dominance had her pussy clenching tight in waves of pleasure. Darrien groaned into her mouth and let his left hand find her clit. Tessa made a noise of pain and want. He pulled back to look down into her eyes. She moaned at the darkness in his eyes and she wondered if the pupils were blown wide in her light colored eyes. As if, just maybe, he could see just how much he was affecting her. Darrien licked his lips and rubbed her clit hard in tight circles with his thumb. Tessa’s eyes widened and she gasped but never looked away.

“Do you want me, Tessa?”

Her heart leapt inside her chest but her voice wouldn’t move past her throat.

“Do you need me, Tessa?”

Her ears burned and she tried to nod but he tightened his grip on her throat. Nothing stopped the movement of his hips and fingers. He held her in his grasp and with his words.

“Say it.”

Tessa could only get air out but her lips started to form the words.

“Say it for me.”

“I want you, I need you, I need you so much, fuck!”

Her sight started to blur but she wanted to see his face, needed to see that satisfied look in his eyes as he came inside her.

“Good girl, Tessa.”

His words sent her over the edge. Tessa came apart with Darrien’s hand on her throat and his cock pulsing inside her pussy. He growled as he came with every thrust through her ever tightening cunt.

She drowned in the high of his body, her heartbeat still a loud rush in her system. Her eyes fluttered shut. Darrien’s lips brushed across her cheeks and she realized she’d been crying, and Darrien was kissing them away.


Tessa felt rather than heard the word falling from Darrien’s lips onto her tearstained skin. The edge of her feelings a harsh cut in her chest filling with happiness, Tessa felt more tears slipping past her cheeks against her will. She hadn’t cried in years, but the release now was almost addictive. Darrien untied her and gently took her wrists in his hands to check that she was uninjured. His hands were gentle. Dark eyes flickered to hers when he brought her wrists to his lips in an open mouthed kiss one after the other. A weak noise escaped her at the sight he made in the near darkness of the room. Her fingertips brushed his face in a trembling caress. Tessa didn’t know she had it in her to be turned on so quickly after all that had happened but she had no way of stopping her pussy from clenching around him still inside her. He groaned a glorious, entirely masculine noise that Tessa would forever associate with sex. His hips pumped forward in a gesture that seemed unconscious.

Darrien flattened her to him and rolled them over so she laid spread across his chest. She made a futile effort to get up but between her shivering limbs and Darrien’s arms banded around her she was going nowhere. Instead, she rested her head on his shoulder and focused on the feel of him. Drowsy and content in her decision and her body as they fell asleep tangled together.

To Be Continued. . .

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