Porter , Anderson Ch. 02

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It had been a week since Blair and Porter’s encounter in his office, and with each passing day, Blair was getting more pissed.

She had no idea what to expect after her captain fucked her on his desk, but it never occurred to Blair that this would happen.

Porter had made zero attempts at a repeat performance. He hadn’t flirted with her or given her any knowing looks during daily briefings. He hadn’t so much as said good morning to Blair. When he had to update Blair and Foles on a case, he spoke only to Jack. Porter was straight-up ignoring her.

Sure, Blair was feeling the tiny sting of rejection. She’d assumed Porter would be all over her and she’d have to be the one to cool things off. It certainly seemed like he’d enjoyed fucking her. Blair hadn’t even considered whether she wanted to get frisky with her captain again — but the fact that it suddenly wasn’t up to her…it was making her crazy.

So when she was leaving the station one night and spotted Porter walking to his car as well, Blair couldn’t help herself.

“Hey!” Blair called across the lot. He was only a few spaces away. “Porter!” She started walking towards him, his back still facing her. Blair made it to his car and he still hadn’t turned around. Instead, Porter was very focused on a tiny scratch on his door.

“Seriously?” Blair asked, her voice thick with irritation. “You’re not even gonna acknowledge me?” She heard him sigh and he slowly turned around.

“If you want to smash and dash, that’s fine,” Blair said, crossing her arms. “But we work together. You’ve got to be able to talk to me. This is ridiculous.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry,” he finally said with another small sigh. Porter ran his hand through his hair. “Truth is, Anderson, I can’t stop thinking about you.” Blair blinked at him.

“You have a funny way of showing it,” she retorted, a little thrown off by the confession.

“The sex was great. But I just feel so damn guilty,” Porter replied. “I feel like I took advantage of you.” Now, Blair was very confused.

“I’m the one who came onto you, remember?” An image of Blair unzipping Porter’s pants and grabbing his dick flashed through her mind.

“Yeah, but there’s the whole power dynamic issue,” he said. “I was worried maybe you felt like you couldn’t say no to me, since I’m your boss.” Blair almost laughed. Yes, Porter had been the dominant eryaman escort bayan one during their encounter. But Blair wasn’t one to let any man touch her without her permission, boss or not.

“Trust me, if anything happened in there that I wasn’t okay with, I would’ve broke your nose.” This got a chuckle out of Porter.

“I believe it,” he said.

“So do you feel better?” Blair asked. “You gonna be able to look at me again?”

“I’m looking at you now, aren’t I?” Porter asked, the smile on his face turning slightly sexy. Blair’s heart fluttered and she realized she definitely wanted another go with Porter.

“Come over later,” she found herself saying. “And I can not say no to you again.”


Blair was wearing a silk robe over lingerie, wine glass in hand, anxiously awaiting Porter’s arrival. She couldn’t believe this was going to happen again considering where they stood earlier that day.

Finally, there was a knock at her apartment door. Blair opened it to reveal a very casual looking Porter in jeans and a snug long-sleeved shirt. It was a dark green that brought out his eyes. He looked incredibly sexy and weirdly not like himself out of his work clothes.

“Come in,” she said with a smile. She saw his eyes light up as he took in her ensemble. “You want some wine?”

“Sure, thanks.” Blair poured him a glass and they sat down on the couch. Porter settled very close to her — their legs were touching, and his arm was slung across the back of the couch.

“You look different,” Blair remarked.

“Different how?” Porter asked. He sipped his wine.

“I don’t know. More relaxed,” she said. What Blair really meant was he didn’t look like her uptight police captain. Tonight, Porter looked just like your average tall, dark and handsome man. Like the friendly, alluring guy at the bar you can’t help but want to talk to.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I kind of hate my job,” he said. Blair was taken aback.


“Being captain is the worst,” Porter replied. “It sounds good on paper. But really, I’m chained to a desk all day. I barely see any action anymore. I just do a lot of paperwork.” He took a big gulp of wine.

“That does sound like it sucks,” Blair said.

“I know at work I kind of act like…”

“An asshole?” Blair suggested with a smile. Porter laughed and gave her a playful etimesgut escort punch on the arm.

“Just know that work me isn’t the real me,” he said.

“I’m starting to see that,” Blair replied. Who was this guy sitting on her couch right now? He had an actual personality. Blair hadn’t even expected them to do any talking, but now it was kind of all she wanted to do.

“Also, the way I was last week in my office…” Porter finished his wine and set the glass on the coffee table. “That’s not really me, either. I’m not usually that quick and dirty — it’s not my style.” Blair felt a rush of heat to her cheeks.

“No? What’s your style, then?”

“Well, when I fuck a woman, I like to take my time.” Porter put his hand on Blair’s bare leg just above her knee. He slowly started moving it upwards, pushing her robe out of the way. “And I don’t stop until she’s felt every ounce of pleasure I can give her.”

Blair felt as if the thermostat suddenly was turned up twenty degrees. She finished the contents of her wine glass in one big gulp, grabbed Porter’s hand, and led him towards her bedroom.

She shed her robe and sat down on the edge of the bed. Blair stretched out her legs and leaned back slightly, giving Porter a good look at her black lace bustier bra and the matching sheer panties. Judging by the speed in which he pulled off his shirt and unbuckled his belt, Porter liked what he saw. Blair watched him undress, mesmerized by his toned chest and abs. She’d been right about all the muscles.

“We don’t have to hurry this time,” Blair said. “So where do you want to start?”

“I want to see those tits,” he replied, voice low. Porter’s eyes were glued to Blair’s chest as she reached around and unclasped her bra. She very slowly pulled it away from her breasts until she was naked from the waist up.

Porter stared at her for a few seconds before making his way toward her, in nothing but his tight boxer briefs. He sat next to her on the edge of the bed and kissed her, bringing both of his hands to her breasts. Porter pushed her onto her back and continued to grab at her, occasionally rolling her hard nipples between his fingers. Blair let out a tiny moan — she loved when men paid attention to her tits.

Porter broke their kiss and brought his mouth to Blair’s right breast, his teeth nibbling escort elvankent at her nipple. Blair closed her eyes and rested her hand on the back of his head. She could’ve laid like that for hours.

Eventually, Porter got bored and went down on his knees in front of her. He quickly pulled off Blair’s panties and hooked an arm under each thigh. Porter pulled Blair closer to him, and settled his head in between her legs. Blair had the covers bunched up in each fist as she felt Porter’s tongue flick across her clit. His mouth continued to do some truly amazing work down there while his hands reached up to grab at her breasts. And when Blair felt his tongue go inside her, she arched her back and started bucking against Porter’s mouth. Her breathing was heavy and ragged, and when the giant orgasm finally came over her, Blair let out a quiet scream.

As she lay there dizzy and disoriented, Porter stood and removed his boxers. Before Blair could regain all her senses, Porter was on top of her and his dick was sliding into her very wet pussy. He had both of her arms pinned down — not like she was going anywhere.

“You weren’t…kidding about…every ounce… of pleasure…” Blair sputtered out in between his thrusts. Porter grinned and kissed her — Blair could taste herself on his lips.

“Just lie back and enjoy the ride,” he whispered, picking up his pace. Her big tits were bouncing around like crazy from all the movement — Porter caught one in his mouth and bit down harder than before. Blair closed her eyes as he drove into her, still weak from her first intense orgasm. She felt the beginnings of a second, and when Porter reached down and started furiously rubbing her clit, Blair was gone. She clenched her fists, nails digging into her palms, as she came for the second time in ten minutes.

Blair may have been practically comatose at this moment, but Porter wasn’t done with her yet. He flipped her over onto her stomach and re-entered her from behind. Porter reached under Blair and cupped her breasts as he pounded into her very sensitive pussy. Just as she was wondering how much more of this she could take, Blair felt Porter pinch her nipples as he began to tense up.

Porter let out a loud grunt, and a few seconds later he was filling her up again, just like he had in his office. He continued his short, quick thrusts until he was completely drained. Porter collapsed onto Blair still holding her breasts, the crushing weight of his body feeling good on her. When he regained a little energy, Porter rolled off her and pulled Blair up against his chest.

“Wow,” Blair finally managed. “I think I like this other side of you.”

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