Power Brokers

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This is a story of how my husband and I have climbed the ladder of success, as realtors in, and around Los Angeles, California. Being a married, black couple who wheel and deal multimillion dollar residential and business properties, is no easy task. We have learned to be ruthless to make deals, including using sex to seal a deal when necessary.

I grew up in Jamaica as Brianna, but use Brandi as my working name, mostly because there are a plethora of rich white men who lust after beautiful and fit black women – especially if they have a stripper name. I workout daily with my husband, both of us know how important looks are. Even though my abs are washboard, my genes dictate that my ass will always be curvy, but being 5’5 does help me look both curvy and fit.

My husband Nate, (his name is really Ngweji) – the Congo name for ‘man of power’ – is just as aggressive in making his deals. It sems that lots of rich, white housewives in and around Hollywood are literally suckers for a 6’3″, broad shouldered black man. Especially a man who wears the ultra-clean muscular and bald look. Over time, word has gotten around that Nate has that mythical Big Black Cock in his pants, and is more than able to make any woman putty in his hands. And yes, we know what the other needs to do, but sex is fun, and has its own power at times.

With no shortage of clients who want to sample a little chocolate in their lives, Nate and I closed the deal one year ago, that put us in a 4.5 million dollar home. It is in Hollywood Hills and has an infinity pool, massage room, gym, and even our own helipad. Needless to say, Nate and Brandi Nkulu are a realty duo to be reckoned with.

That brings us to my latest conquest, but this one does have a twist. My client, James Washington is a very rich, black entrepreneur who deals mostly in manufacturing. He is in my office today to put an offer in to purchase a huge industrial building just outside LA that will bring over 500 jobs to the area. And I just happen to have a client who is looking to sell exactly that building.

Before I booked a time for him to meet with me, I did my homework. James and his wife, Felicia, are an openly bisexual couple, who frequent swingers clubs, parties, and hotel takeovers, all over the U.S. So, I prepared my hubby to make his entrance at the right time.

James is a very busy businessman, so it took a few tries to set up our meeting. He arrived promptly at two PM, and told me he would have to be out the door by three. I made sure to have everything neatly organized so that all he had to do was to look over the wording and make sure he was ready to send the paperwork to his lawyer for approval.

As the two of us pore over the documentation, Nate knocks on my glass door at the appropriate moment. We both look up, through the glass to see who it is. I catch James staring at my formidable husband, as I wave him in.

“I’m sorry, Brandi…” begins Nate, but I stop him there.

“Nate, I’m sure what you have is urgent, but I’d like you to meet Mr. Washington. Nate, this is James. James this is my husband, Nate.”

James stands up, but at 5’6″, he has to look up to my husband, who wears a sleek, steel grey Armani suit and a broad, white smile. Nate extends a hand and offers, “Nice to meet you, James.”

As they exchange pleasantries, James’ body language tells me that he is VERY interested, and maybe in more ways than one. Once they were done, Nate turns to me, now back in business mode.

He hands me a file folder and says, “I need your signature on these so I can get them back to J.Lo before she flies out to London tonight.”

“Oh, yes. Great,” I respond, quickly sitting and signing all 12 copies. I hand them back to Nate and catch James eyeing up my husband from the back. “Here you go, Babe,” I said, “Thanks.”

Nate turns and nods toward James on his way out and quickly leaves the room. James smiles, and once the door is shut, I am back with him to go over the files. James says, “When this deal is done, I’d love to have you and Nate come up and have dinner with Felicia and me.”

“Sure. Sounds great,” I offer, in a matter-of-fact way. My heart is thumping because I know the hook is set. All I need to do is to reel it in.

With James satisfied with the numbers and wording, I hit the ‘send’ button, so James’ lawyer would get the information to look over. I glance at my watch and say, “Well, Mr. Washington, your offer is on its way to your lawyers. Let me know when they okay it, and I’ll have you back to make it official. Maybe Nate and I can entertain you when you’re ready to hand in the offer.”

I stand up to shake hands across the table, and James stands, but walks around to my side of the desk. As he makes his way, his arms open wide and I respond in kind. He says, as we hug, “For 72 million dollars, I want more than a handshake on it.” The man is a gentleman though, and doesn’t get handsy at all. I’m sure he wants to, but that will have to wait a little while longer.

After our embrace, James steps back and says, “I have to ask, Brandi. Has James ever been with another ankara moldovyalı escortlar man?”

I dodge the question with, “What makes you ask?” although I was sure that I knew exactly why.

” I’m just curious. I can’t tell if he might be a ‘top’ or a ‘bottom’.”

I knew that answering yes to either was a ‘go’ signal for James that my husband is bisexual as well. I honestly can’t say that Nate has ever mentioned being with another man, but I do know that Nate understands that sex is sex, but when there is work to be done, he will perform the task for a payoff. And this deal will definitely be a big payoff.

I reply with, “For 72 million, Nate is whatever you would want him to be.” James laughed and said nothing more. I walked him to the elevator.

Three days later I get a call. It’s James and he wants to meet to hand me the signed offer for the building. “Unfortunately,” he says, “I’m on a tight schedule and won’t be in LA until after 6. And I have to fly out first thing tomorrow too.”

I am ready, and answer with, “Are you flying commercial, or private jet?”

“I’m in the company chopper.”

“Perfect! You can fly directly to our home and we will put you up for the night. James and I specalize in a four hands massage. We will give you a chance to rest for the night and you can fly out in the morning!”

“Oh, uh, I’ve been using the word ‘I’, but it is Felicia and I travelling together today.”

“Fantastic,” I offer, “Felicia is just as welcome, too. We have lots of room, and we have a guest house so your pilot can stay the night as well. You can go ahead and cancel your hotel rooms for the night.”

“That’s great, Brandi. Text me the directions for the pilot, and we will see you soon!”

I send out the coordinates and by six o’clock, Nate, our maid Rosa, and I are all standing at the helipad. My long, braided cornrows are flinging in all directions as the wind from the helicopter landing nearby, blasts us all.

The pilot shuts off the engine and James and Felicia exit the aircraft. Rosa locates their luggage and brings it out, while the four of us go through introductions. Felicia is a Filipina, and is the tiniest woman I’ve ever met. Probably 4′ 10″? She is slim, cute, with barely A cups, and bubbly though.

Once the rotors come to a stop, Nate announces, “Rosa will show you to your room. It has a nice, big shower so you can both get freshened up. You can put on the terry robes that Rosa has laid out on your bed. Brandi and I will prepare the massage room. We look forward to giving you both whatever you need to feel refreshed.”

The pilot steps out of the cockpit, and I tell him, “Rosa will be right back and will show you to the guest house. Enjoy your evening.”

The young pilot tips his hat and says, “Thank you, Ma’am”

About thirty minutes later, our guests meet us in the living room, where Rosa arrives with the drinks she has arranged for us all. Nate and I are in our robes as well, leaving our massage garments hidden for the time being.

The four of us chat some, including small talk about Felicia’s likes and dislikes, and of course James makes mention of Club Joi, a high end, private, lifestyle club in LA. I mention having been there a few times, to which I get a bit of a puzzled look from Nate. He is cool, though, but I will have to explain later, that it was just one of my clients who wanted to play a bit. I must say, Club Joi is a wild and horn dog place to go.

When James takes his last sip, Nate stands up and says, “Are you two ready for a four hands massage?” James almost jumps up, and little Felicia sets her drink down, standing next to James.

“We’ve never experienced one before,” says James. “It sounds like fun.”

Felicia gives both of us the once over, nodding as her husband speaks. We walk through to the massage room and lead the way in. It is set up with two professional massage tables, complete with face hole cushions and electric lifts. Nate removes his robe first, exposing his massage giving attire. Nate wears only his speedo, a black silk banana hammock that leaves little to the imagination – including the outline of his unusually lengthy and thick penis, still only semi-erect. It would outline the knobbed head of Nate’s clearly circumcised cock head, but that part of him doesn’t fit within the confines of the skimpy cloth. Nate’s large, helmeted dick head pokes past the elastic waistband, and poor Felicia makes an audible gasp as it comes into her view.

Nate holds his hands out and asks Felicia, “May I take your robe?” Her eyes never leave his crotch as she unties her cinch and slips the heavy housecoat off her shoulders. The tiny waif is basically flat chested – but for two enormously long and half-inch in diameter, jet black nipples. Her flat tummy gently curves down to a two inch landing strip, whose thick and straight Asian hairs stand almost vertically from her body.

James says, “Be careful of those nipples. Felicia can orgasm just from playing with them. By the way, Nate. I am impressed with that thing,” looking at my husband’s trophy-sized ankara ukraynalı escortlar dick through his speedo. Nate does smile at James’ comment, but doesn’t reply, to remain professional at least to this point.

My husband lowers the bed for Felicia to get up on, and I release my robe and place it on the wall hook. James gives an approving smile when my naked 36 DD, surgically enhanced breasts come into view. (News flash ladies: B cup girls can’t sell a newspaper in Hollywood!)

I am wearing my speedo bottoms, which clearly define my abundant labia and rather large clitoris, which is probably similar in both length and thickness as Felicia’s nipples. James licks his lips as he stares at my lycra cameltoe. “And you sir?” I ask, reaching to untie his belt for him. He IS the client and I wanted to remind him of that. I undo his sash but James turns his back before I can assess his manhood. I remove the terrycloth from his shoulders, and peel it away and see that, although he is fifty or so, James’ ass is taut and firm. He turns to reveal a semihard, uncut cock that should still grow to six or maybe seven inches. His tight, curly pubes feel velvety soft in my right hand. Nate shaves all over, so I rarely get to enjoy combing my fingers through hairy pubes on a man. James sets his hand on my ebony breasts, toying with my nipples while my hand cups and weigh his tight, heavy ball sack. After fingering the tightly curled pubes of his nut sack, I release it, and I lay his cock lengthwise in my hand. I follow the large vein from base to tip, with my middle finger. James leans in and kisses me softly, before I guide him to the side of his bed.

As James makes his way to his bed, Felicia is sat up on hers and Nate has handed her a blindfold. “Ohhh,” she says, pulling the strap over her head and placing the black visor over her eyes. “But I won’t know who…”

“That’s right!” I respond, handing the same blindfold to her husband. I’m sure everyone in the room knows that it will be easy to tell Nate’s hands from mine, but will they know whose mouth is on their sex?

Nate says, “No need to worry, Felicia, we will both be gentle.” He then commands, “On your tummies, first.”

James lies face down and reaches between his legs to tuck his semihardness down between his thighs. With his legs splayed wide to the table edges, his tightly curled, hairy nuts and the cloaked head of his dick is in view, almost as if begging to be touched.

I look to Felicia’s tiny body, her bum so small and cute, juxtaposed by Nate’s large ebony fingers. His meaty hands follow the curves of her feet, swallow her tiny calves, and fully envelop her diminutive thighs on his way up her body. Nate’s thumbs course along the insides of Felicia’s thighs, and press into the cleft between her pussy and ass cheeks. Felicia coos softly and flexes her legs wider for his probing hands.

We trade places and I continue along her soft, smooth ass cheeks. I look to my husband, who has continued as well, one hand exploring James’ scrotum and cock, the other coursing from each globe of James’ ass cheek to the other. Nate makes a fist over James’ dick and slowly jacks the man’s penis carefully, making me think that Nate has had some practice on other men at some point. James is emitting a soft groan while Nate’s large hands keep him stimulated.

I move to the outside of Felicia’s table and work her lower and upper back, and onto her tiny neck, barely covered by her bob style hair cut. While my right hand applies oil to her shoulders and scapulae, my left hand makes slow circles over Felicia’s tiny glutes, making them glisten. She coos again when my middle finger slips down the valley between her cheeks and pushes apart the nearly black lips of her labia.

Meanwhile, Nate moves to the outside of James’ table, looking across at me as he toys with James ass cheeks with one hand, and a finger softly playing with the man’s tightly puckered anus. James moves his left hand outward and feels for Nate’s body, finding and gliding his fingers over Nate’s lower belly. He doesn’t take long to slip his fingers inside my husband’s speedo and pull the shiny black shaft from it.

My finger and thumb rubs one of Felicia’s tender earlobes, causing her to move her hips side to side in an attempt to stimulate her clit from the sensual sensations. I am quick to assist her in her need, pushing my middle finger further down between the slick lips until I find the bump of her clitoris. Felicia’s small bum grinds into my hand as I gently masturbate her.

While Nate moves his hands from James bottom and onto his lower and upper back, he shuffles his body toward the top of the table. James slips the mask from his eyes and moves his face to the edge of the bed, an inch from Nate’s wonderful cock. Nate holds his cock straight out, offering it to our client. James immediately begins to fellate my man, while I suggest to Felicia that I’d like her to turn over now.

When Felicia settles on her back, I take no time at all to rest my fingers onto her burgeoning nipples and gently roll each sincan minyon tipli escortlar of them between my finger and thumb, at the same time. Her husband is making slurping sounds while Nate looks at me, smiling and holding the back of James head in place. Soon, Felicia is making a mournful cry as my nipple twisting is bringing her to her first orgasm of the evening. James has reached out and grasped Nate’s firm ass cheek to draw almost half of his cock into James’ mouth.

I bend over and suck oh, so softly on Felicia’s left nipple, still strumming her right one as her cries turn to weeping-like sobs. Her hips begin a humping motion off the bed as her orgasm strikes. The Filipina begins growling like a feral cat and her body quakes like nothing I’ve seen before. Her hands force mine from her nipples, and Felicia spasms uncontrollably for more than a full minute. The room is quiet but for James’ sucking sounds and Felicia’s limbs bouncing and jolting, until James lets Nate’s cock free long enough to say, “I told you. She’s a real cummer! And a squirter too when the cock is big enough.”

As her body settles, I softly caress Felicias feet and legs, until she regains her breath. Nate, his cock dangling in front of him, focuses on James’ nipples until James asks him, “Do you want to fuck Felicia?” His wife removes her blindfold to look across the bed for Nate’s response. James adds, “I love watching a guy as big as you, make her squirt.”

Nate says, “Yes,” and walks over to Felicia’s table. I move across to James, who is lying on his side to watch the action. Nate moves to the foot of the bed and pulls Felicia’s tiny body to him, resting her legs vertically up his chest, her tiny feet barely up to Nate’s broad shoulders.

“Let me know if I’m going to fast, okay?” Nate asks her, and she gives a reassuring nod.

I rest against James’ table, behind him, and use my right hand to masturbate him slowly. We both watch my husband push his cock against Felicia’s vaginal gate, but his thick cock head can’t force the tender opening wide enough for entry. I lean in and whisper in James’ ear, “Fuck, she is so small…”

James becomes rock hard in my hand. Nate slides his fat dick up and down Felicia’s pussy lips, trying to get her wetter. He then reaches for a bottle of massage oil and squirts the yellow liquid between their bodies, and quickly the tip of his cock eases past the orifice.

By the time Nate has pushed his cock half way into the Asian, her hands reach up and she interlocks her fingers into his, silently begging him to fuck her. Nate pushes as far as possible, until the tip reaches the back of her passage, yet his dick has two more inches available. Felicia begins to mewl again like a cat in heat. Nate pulls all the way back and then returns to her full depth in a quick but single burst. He has filled her up so fully that her breath catches each time he hits bottom.

On Nate’s seventh strike to Felicia’s cervix, she cries in almost an agonizing moan. I grip James’ cock tightly and increase the speed of my strokes. “Are you gonna cum for me, James? While my husband fucks your little wife?” James begins to make his own mournful sounds, seeing the strained look on his wife’s face each time my husband pushes himself to her limit.

Felicia’s hands suddenly push Nate away violently, and Nate pulls free of her, thinking that maybe he has been too rough. Instead, once his cock left Felicia’s pussy, a frigging fountain of spray spews out of her, like a small garden hose. Felicia moans and makes incoherent sounds while jet after jet of her runny fluids spill from her, and over both of her thighs, as well as Nate’s cock, belly and thighs.

I pull faster on James’ cock, but he is intently watching the two of them. He says, “Okay, Nate. Get back in there and fuck her hard. She can take anything now!” Nate pulls Felicia’s thighs back to him and does as told. He pushes into James’ wife in one fast jab, and her body jolts up the table from the impact. The tiny woman wraps her legs around my husband and tries to hang on to him.

Nate begins an assault on the waifish Asian, almost as if hate-fucking her. Each stab to her cervix punished her once more, and each time her eyes appear to be more in a dream like state. Nate is clearly enjoying deep fucking James’ wife, and begins a rabbit like pace until his face grimaces. I know he will blow in seconds – his actions are telltale. And soon he utters a forceful grunt while pumping his cock to her depth, his semen irrigates Felicia’s uterus, through the minuscule opening of her cervix. He is so tightly packed within her, that every time a stream of cum leaves Nate’s penis, another oozes out between Nate’s manly dick, and Felicia’s vaginal walls.

Felicia goes limp when Nate stops pummeling her, and for a second, I think that she has passed out. Only the movement of her chest and her shallow breathing indicate otherwise. Nate pulls his cock back, slathered in his churned semen, and he is already softening. James rolls onto his back and calls out, “Brandi, get on my cock.” I climb up on the table and squat over James’ sausage, and slip a hand between us to stretch James’ foreskin down to reveal his purplish cock head. I wipe his dick up and down my slit to get him wet. I lower myself onto him and he says to Nate, “Bring Felicia over here,” raising his hands above his chest to receive his wife from my husband.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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