Private Compartment Ch. 07

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“As you know I can’t get it up anymore.”


Bill was sitting with Paul by the pool. They had all breakfasted together. It had been such a glorious morning that Paul had suggested they take breakfast down by the pool. He had prepared it all and brought it out. What Paul had not expected to find was Bill and Ann had dispensed with clothes, indeed had come out of the house just like that. He had felt rather overdressed – in being dressed at all and had returned with the coffee completely naked.

It had been a very pleasant breakfast and Ann had insisted on taking the things back to the house and washing up. Paul had followed her with his eyes. Rather interesting to imagine Ann washing up in just a pair of rubber gloves – and nothing else. He had never thought of that! Paul had been tempted to go and peek. However Bill seemed keen to talk.

“Didn’t you see?”

He was referring to his penis.

“Well, no… you were… well, you were in, you know, Ann’s mouth when we were in bed last night.”

But, as Paul thought back, he recalled Bill had been soft at the swimming pool. Had he not said something about wishing he could do that still when Paul had walked into the pool all hard? Bill had been soft, too, lying on the bed when he had come into their bedroom and then, later, the dripping, ejaculated penis he had so clearly seen, as he engaged with Ann, had been already soft. Leastways that was what he had thought. Was Bill telling him it had not been ‘already’ soft, so much as never having been hard?

“But you can still come, still ejaculate. I mean I saw…”

“Oh yes, all the feeling and that. I can come in mouth, her hand, I’ve even come in – well in and around anyway – the proper place though mostly because of her fingers, I just can’t really get an erection with Ann any more, leastways sustain it where it matters. Frustrating to me. Very much for her. I mean she likes to be kissed down there and my tongue can be quite rigid but it’s not the same.”

It was intimate and private talk. Not at all the sort of thing Paul was used to. “I…I suppose not.” What could he say?

“She does like… she does so like intercourse with… I mean she was so pleased you could get it up and was just so happy… we are so happy you agreed to come to bed with us.”

“I was just… just so happy too.”

“It was lovely, Paul. Honestly. I know it must seem strange but I was so pleased to have you there. Unusual, strange, for a man to want another man there with his wife but it was such a relief. I had such a view. I could see everything and had to do nothing – knew I had to do nothing. You were doing it all for me – and doing it very well, old man, if I may say! It’s not that Ann does not let me lie back sometimes and she just does things but I always feel I have to perform in some way. It was just so relaxing watching you fondling her knockers, seeing your fingers at work and then your cock coming into play. I didn’t have to try and do that. Your cock, so firm, just nosing into her like that; pushing in; and all the time I could feel Ann’s reaction – she was loving it – the way she sucked my cock told me. Relaxing for me and yet exciting. I think I was even getting hard – harder anyway – and I could feel her liking that, could feel by her sucking, I… I’m not embarrassing you am I.”

“No, no, Bill, not at all. It’s something quite else. Not what I’d have expected with Ann not around.”

Paul looked down and Bill looked across. Paul had felt it happening as they had talked. He had erected.

“Really? Oh, yes that’s the ticket. To put it bluntly, old man, Ann likes a stiff cock and that’s a stiff cock! Impressive really, at your age. If I can put it like that. Yep. that’s a stiff one! And I do like the snowy hair – Ann says it must be what Father Christmas’ prick looks like, you know!”

“She doesn’t!”

“She does!”

“Can’t you get it up yourself, by hand I mean.”

“Not by looking at you!”

“Can you?”

“Yes, sort of, sometimes.”

“So, if, say, a couple of young girls came across from next door in skimpy little bikinis and asked if they could have a swim and then afterwards hung the bikinis up to dray and came and sat on our laps and somewhat wriggled as they did so, would that do the trick?”

“Does that happen a lot?”

“No – there aren’t any young girls next door but say there were?”

“You know, I’m not sure it would. I think I’d be too worried about getting it up to get it up if you know what I mean. I think I’d prefer watching you with them whilst I hid in the bushes or watched them in their bikinis next door through a gap in the fence or hedge. Perhaps them playing badminton. No pressure you see!”

Paul nodded. He understood.

“On second thoughts, let’s ditch the bikinis and keep the badminton! You sure, Paul, there are no girls playing naked badminton next door?”

“Quite sure!”

“Pity. It would be a sight, wouldn’t it? Lots of bouncing flesh and stretching as they eryaman escort resimleri raced around. Very athletic! Shall we have one a redhead and the other really dark?”

They laughed but Bill had been wanking and Paul was pleased to see his friend was displaying some firmness. He touched and moved himself not that he needed the stimulation. He was as hard as anything. Talking of Ann and then the imaginary badminton had been quite enough. But it seemed sort of appropriate, given what Bill was doing, to be doing the same.

They sat companionably wanking in silence but then Paul said, “I think I’d better go for a swim. It really would not do for Ann to come back and see…”

“You look fine Paul. Ann likes seeing you like that. I’m sure she’ll be happy to… and I’ll be happy to watch. Really I will. Nice in the sunshine, when she comes back.”

It made Paul feel a little uncomfortable. He stood but that did not really help. Standing so erect in front of the seated and not terribly firm Bill did not feel at all right. It would be so much better if they were both standing proudly erect waiting together for Ann to come back (or the badminton girls to arrive!). That was one reason he felt uncomfortable. He did not like his friend not being up to it. The other reason was the way Bill was so ready, so happy, to let him take his place. Paul was more than happy, deliriously happy, to be having sex with Ann but he would so much prefer it if he was just joining in, following on from Bill, rather than in some way replacing him. That did not feel right.

“No,” said Paul, “not now, I think.”

“Pity to waste that.” Bill pointed with his finger right at Paul’s erection. “Quite a sight looming over me. Ann would like to see you looming! But you will join us in bed tonight?”

“Oh, well, yes – yes please, if Ann wants. You know I’d love to!”

The prospect of intercourse with Ann, despite his misgivings about Bill, were such pleasant thoughts. Pleasant enough, indeed, kept him hard as he walked back up alongside his pool before stepping down into the water. Funny to be walking like that. Funny to know Bill was watching him. The cool water, of course, did the trick.

A lovely day was spent again. This time at a local zoo. Paul had planned Bill and Ann’s visit and ensured there was plenty to do. He wanted it to be a visit they would remember. There was, of course, no question that he was not going to remember it!

The prospect of joining them in bed was not mentioned. Not an allusion to it all day after Bill’s suggestion by the pool. Perhaps it was assumed. Certainly as they went upstairs Ann had simply said, “Join us when you’re ready.”

It was the most perfect of invitations, so easy, so comfortable, so natural in a way. Paul was very happy to join them – though it was the prospect of ‘joining’ with Ann that pleased him most. He assumed clothes were not required: and, of course they were not!

He knocked and entered. His friends were already in bed, nicely tucked up but a little over to one side, with the covers pulled back on the other side of the big bed. It was obvious he was meant to get in and join them. Somehow, rather bizarrely, that seemed to him even more an intrusion into marital oneness. To be getting into bed with the couple as such, rather than simply joining them in sexual acts on top of a bed or in a railway compartment, for that matter. He hesitated but Ann patted the bed. It was most certainly an invitation to join them and he was conscious of how Bill had said he wanted him there with Ann to help out. It made it feel better. He got in next to Ann.

“Well,” said Ann, “here we are. Turn the lights out would you?”

Paul and Bill reached for the bedside lights and the room was plunged into darkness.

Nice to talk for a bit but even nicer, after a time, to feel fingers moving over his naked skin under the bedclothes. Fingers on his thighs, on his tummy and then encircling and grasping his by now erect penis. The feel of moving fingers touching his skin had been quite enough to send the blood rushing into it. Just so lovely lying there and talking with Bill and Ann as she gently moved his foreskin up and down. No doubt she was doing the same to Bill. An erection in each hand.

Paul could have stayed like that forever – or at least until he came! But he began to wonder if it was expected that he should return the favour and let his fingers wander across Ann’s body, very likely to meet with Bill’s fingers. Perhaps they might shake hands – possibly even a wet handshake between Ann’s legs.

But before his hand moved Bill whispered, “Is my little rabbit going down her burrow?”

Again Paul felt the intrusion into his friend’s marital world, into the sometimes silly, sometimes soppy words of endearment and talk used by couples who know each other so well. The phrases which mean a lot and are so clear to the couple but possibly unintelligible to outsiders. This, though, was not unintelligible at all – the etimesgut escort bayan meaning was quite clear!

Ann’s delightful giggle and then she slipped down under the bedclothes. Perhaps it was a phrase first used on their honeymoon, perhaps later. Paul did not ask but it was so lovely to be treated after a while, not just to the gentle stroking of Ann’s hand, but the feel of hot breath blowing across his knob and then the touch of lips. The room was dark and Ann was down the bed, Paul could see nothing only feel – and it felt wonderful.

The softness of Ann’s lips, the wetness of her tickling tongue sliding over his knob – what a joy! Paul grinned into the darkness thinking just how lucky he was to be once again sharing Ann. And sharing Ann he was. After a little suckling her mouth was removed – for a time, no doubt to do the same to Bill before returning. Nice simply to lie there in the darkness, penis fully energised, waiting for the lips to slide over it again.

The trouble was it was so very nice. Paul did not mean to, but the gentle fellation was so very stimulating, wet lips moving up and down and an agile tongue rotating around his knob had a sort of inevitable effect. So very pleasant to feel close to the edge, close but not actually coming, but it can be a very close thing to falling over the edge and realising nothing is going to stop the male climax – the expulsion of semen. Close several times but then Ann swapped to Bill but again and again she returned.

Perhaps he could have pulled away but not very easy when clasped by a hand, on your back and the fellatrix has her head over you, under the bedclothes, and her mouth is securely attached. There was nowhere to go, nowhere to pull away to; there was agitation in his body but with her ears muffled by the bed clothes Ann was a little cut off from him notwithstanding the very intimate connection and did not hear his warning

In the dark and under the bed clothes Paul spurted. Many, many times he had done that on his own but not into the warm, wet mouth of a woman down under the covers. And to him a very special woman at that. He was sure it had not been Ann’s intention but she did not at all pull away. Far from it. She was so clearly accepting of what he was doing. Her lips slid the faster and he could feel her tongue twirling – could he feel, could he feel! – at, and on the end of his knob, no doubt right in the stream of his ejaculation.

Paul’s orgasm was wonderful. He knew he was making gasping, guttural noises in the dark of the room and heard Bill saying,

“You’re not meant to be coming, old man. Too soon!”

But there was nothing he could do. All too soon it was over. He lay still basking in the afterglow and the feel of Ann’s mouth still holding him but only moving very gently and then that too was gone.

“Mmmm. My turn,” said Bill.

Strange to be lying there, knowing next to him his friend was being sucked, strange just being there in a bed where a couple were engaged in an intimate sexual act. There was very little obvious movement but Bill’s breathing did given an indication not only of progress but climax.

“Ooo, ahh whoah – yes! Oh, that’s good, oh that’s wonderful.”

Paul could see nothing, feel nothing except perhaps a bit of shaking to the bed but knew exactly what was happening. What Bill was giving and Ann was receiving. It was what people did – it was what he had just done. A pause and the ‘rabbit’ reappeared, burrowing up and out of the bed. The rabbit’s reappearance not so much seen as felt. The movement of the bed clothes, the touch of her body.

“Naughty boys, coming in my mouth like that,” there was an exaggerated swallow in the darkness. “You weren’t meant to do that. I shall want to be fucked on waking – because these two little things,” Paul felt his flaccid penis grasped once more, “are not much use to a girl now! Sweet dreams.”

With his penis in Ann’s hand Paul realised he was not meant to be going back to his own bed to sleep. Ann wanted them all to sleep together. Another shared intimacy. Quite something to be drifting into sleep with his penis held. Another first for Paul.

No doubt Paul’s dreams were sweet but he could remember none of them. He awoke to an erection and realisation he was neither in his own bed nor alone but with Ann and Bill. The morning light was coming through the curtains, he could see pinkness through his eyelids. He squeezed his eyelids and then opened his eyes. Blinking he saw, there on his pillow with her eyes open and looking at him, his friend Ann.

“Morning, Paul, how are you today?”

“Um, fine, yes, quite fine – and what about you? Would you like a cup of tea?” He started to get out of bed,

“Mmmm, please, but later. I’m ready to be fucked now.”

“Oh!” It was not quite what he had expected her to say.

“Oh, good,” she said, “you are all ready – nice and hard.”

Her hand had gone unerringly straight for his erection sincan escort and was fondling it.

“Come on, get on top of me I’m all ready.” She moved close and kissed him on the lips and then, with her lips brushing his ear whispered ever so slowly, “fuck me.”

It was a command to be obeyed. He could see Ann’s knees drawing up under the bedclothes and saw the mounding widen as her knees splayed ready – ready for him!

Paul did as he was told. No preliminary feeling around. No checking whether Ann was wet enough first with his fingers. Paul just pushed himself up and over the woman next to him and lay down on top of her. Her hand had not left his penis and he felt himself being guided into her. She was indeed wet. Wonderful to be guided into her so soft, so warm, so wet channel – not just to be encouraged in, permitted in but actually inserted.

One moment he was asleep: the next he was fucking.

Paul began to move, up and down, in and out. Not only could he feel but he could hear the action. The squelching sounds of coitus. Missionary style intercourse – the man between the woman’s splayed legs – the classic position for husband and wife only the husband was asleep beside them.

But not asleep for long. In the subdued light through the bedroom curtains Paul noticed Bill’s eyes were open. He winked. “Keep at it, old man, you are doing a grand job!”

Bill even pulled the covers away so he could watch. A little voyeuristic – though is it when in bed with the copulating couple and one of the participants is your wife?

“Old man, would you mind if I took over.”

Paul was momentarily puzzled and then realised exactly what Bill meant, “No, no, not at all, I…” He rolled off Ann back to his side of the bed, his penis sliding from its sheath.

As |Bill clambered up over Ann he could see it sticking out from Bill’s body. It looked good and strong, just like he remembered from years before. Was it the early morning need or had Ann and his movements, the fact they were very obviously copulating had an ‘invigorating’ effect?

Paul was not the only one apart from Bill to be delighted at the erection.

“Bill, are you? Oh Bill, yes!”

Clearly Ann was delighted but Paul hardly less so. Delighted his friends were fucking. That Bill and Ann were fucking was perfectly clear. He could see Bill there on top of Ann and see the rising and falling of the bed clothes as his friend’s bottom thrust up and down. Bill was clearly not hanging about. Having achieved an erection he was putting it to good use with the clear intention of achieving insemination.

“Oh yes, Bill. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Slightly embarrassing to be in, so close to such an intimate act but equally an erotic pleasure to watch. Paul was not, in any case, at all thinking of leaving them to it. As soon as Bill was ‘done’ he wanted to be back inside Ann himself!

Not always easy to judge if a woman comes, and Paul had remarkably little experience, but it was very clear to him when Bill did. He made quite a thing of it! Quite animalistic but, there again, it is a very basic animal act!

Bill rolled to his side and Paul felt a squeeze on his erection. A cue from Ann for him to mount again.

“You can get back on me now, Paul. Sorry for the interruption but…”

“No, no, not at all. I mean…”

They were kissing. Ann and Bill were kissing. He was raising himself to lie back on top of Ann and his friends were kissing. He waited, half raised up and with his erection waiting.

“Thanks Bill,” she whispered, “that was lovely.” She turned back to Paul. “You all right with this, Paul, I mean I must be a bit,” her delightful giggle, “sloppy!”

“Of course I am!”

And it was completely true – and it was also true that Ann was a lot ‘sloppier’ than she had been. As easy as anything to slide his knob back into Ann’s warm sheath – it was very liquid, well, with liquids… Paul was so happy Bill had been able to come, so happy he had achieved a very respectable erection and he liked the sharing. He would not really have liked having an affair with Ann, what he really liked was being invited into the couple’s bed and sharing in their intimacy. He was very fond of both of his friends and would not at all have liked doing things with Ann behind Bill’s back. Sliding his penis into Bill’s semen, there in Ann’s vagina, seemed sort of right. It was very much sharing their intimacy. It felt right in his head. It felt right on his penis – very smooth and slippery. Ann and Bill lubricating him together!

A delightful experience. No hurry from Paul: steady long strokes and feeling his balls touching Ann each time on the in-stroke. Ann’s legs up and her ankles locked over his back. After the night before when he had, he thought come inappropriately, he wanted to ensure Ann’s needs came first. How nice to feel her shuddering under him when she did come, her hand reaching and pulling his head down, their lips coming together and her tongue sliding and thrusting into his mouth – his penis in her vagina, her tongue in his mouth.

Only when he was sure Ann had come did Paul allow himself the pleasure. A steadily building, a regular pistoning action leading to a second insemination of Ann; a hidden, very pleasurable spurting on Paul’s part.

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