Pushing Buttons

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“Fuck you!”

The words that sprung out of Allison’s mouth should have stung Michael. Instead, they sent another thrill of excitement through his body.

Michael wasn’t sure what it was about the petite blonde firecracker, but after a year of being together, there was one thing he was sure of.

Angry sex with her was by far better than any other sex they had; including make-up sex. Their sexual appetite for each other was never lacking, but the way she expressed herself during angry sex sent him into another hemisphere.

He loved it.

He loved her.

And it wasn’t that he was interested in having a constant war with her, but the way that Allison’s temper worked, hot, fierce and short-lived, picking an argument with her here and there was often worth it.

This one was a little bigger than he’d expected though.

She’d packed a small bag.

Michael was sure she was planning on going to her cousin’s house, but that was only if she could get out the door, something he wasn’t interested in letting happen.

“I can’t believe you would actually accuse me of lying after everything we’ve been through!”

The fight had started out simple enough until the subject of her ex came up. He couldn’t care less about that idiot, but it never ceased to get under her skin.

Michael followed her watching her full hips sway angrily down the hall. He bit his bottom lip and adjusted his pants as the sight only turned him on further.

“You omitted the truth Allie. If you can call me on my bullshit, why can’t I call you on yours? I think it’s only fair.”

His calm rational explanation only spurred her anger.

Allison turned just before she reached the door. She knew he was baiting her, but she couldn’t stop herself from overreacting. Michael was the best and worst at getting under her skin.

She loved him; every part of him. From his quirky smile and chewed on fingernails to the way he shivered after a long pee.

She loved him.

But right now, she wanted to punch him in his dumb smug face.

“I. Did. Not. Lie.” She ground out with clenched fists.

Michael’s tongue darted out licking his lips.

Even as she glared at him, she couldn’t stop the arousal that hit directly to her core. No matter what mood she was in, when he gave her that look, her insides turned into putty.

His crossed arms showcased the lean, unassuming muscle that ran over his entire body. Allison took in a slow deep breath. Several images of him using those arms to forcefully take her right then and there on the door kept making an appearance in her head. A shiver ran down her spine.

With a huff, she shook her head trying to get rid of them, but it was no use.

The knowledge that even at the height of anger, he could have her panties soaked only pissed her off even more.

Her emerald eyes connected with his cobalt blues.

He then smirked.

She knew she her escort çankaya face was flush with a mix of anger and lust, but there was nothing she could do about it.

He was a smug sexy bastard.

Suddenly, his eyes seemed to change to a steely gray. His steps were slow but purposeful invading her personal space. The feel of her breath on his skin and the faint scent of lavender and honey sent a jolt straight to his groin. His cock throbbed at the mixture of barely uncoiled rage and want reflecting in her eyes knowing she knew exactly what he wanted. His gaze moved lower to her full lips before speaking his next words. “Yes. You. Did.”

It was enough to get the reaction he hoped for.

Allison’s eyes turned into slits as she reared back to slap him in the face.

Michael wasn’t a masochist. Or, he didn’t think he was, but occasionally, he would let her make contact. His retaliation was always to make sure he fucked her as hard as possible making them both come as hard as possible.

This time, he caught it and slammed it up against the door. His other hand quickly disposed of the bag on her shoulder and pinned the other arm behind her back while he pushed his cock into her waist.

The kiss was brutal pushing every ounce of his need for her onto her lips waiting for her to surrender under his touch.

He knew she liked this side of him; that she received just as much pleasure, but her small whimpers and sounds weren’t the normal erotic mews he was used to.

He pulled back slightly and looked down. “What’s wrong?” His voice thick with desire.

“You’re pushing my back into the doorknob.”

Michael smiled devilishly. “I thought you liked the occasional double penetration?” he quipped.

Normally, she would have had a witty retort for such a comment, but there was no time. Before she could even take the breath needed to form the words, he was already moving her to the center of the door and slamming her backwards. Without hesitation, his lips were back on hers full force.

Allison’s thoughts were everywhere. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew he’d bated her into this which brought out a different type of anger, but thoughts of why she was originally leaving and the throbbing in her center were quickly being replaced with a completely new agenda.

“Fuck!” she growled pushing him away enough to grab at his t-shirt and rip it from the collar just to get to his skin.

A low growl was ripped from Michael the moment her nails raked down his chest.

Michael loved an animalistic Allison.

His hands, now free, went down to her pants pulling her just off the door.

“I like these pants!” She protested as he nearly tore the button off.

Michael kept her gaze manhandling them, yanking them down and quickly relieving her of them.

His face was in direct line with her wet center. With a chaste kiss, he continued upwards.

He could see otele gelen escort the disappointment on her face and made a mental note to make it up to her later.

He quickly pulled his hard cock out of his sweatpants before ripping her panties off like they were tissue paper.

Allison let out a small whimper as he pulled her legs up around his waist, and rammed his hard cock into her awaiting center.

His forceful thrusts contrived indescribable noises out of her spurring his actions on further.

Allison could feel the pleasure coiling in her lower extremities. Not one to normally climax quickly, the arguing was a sick form of foreplay for her that had her halfway before he even touched her.

“Fuck Michael!…”

Michael barely heard her plea, but he felt her nails digging into his shoulders. He knew she was getting close. He pulled them from the door completely and without pulling from inside her, had them on the ground.

Allison was going to protest, but with the first thrust, he brushed against her clit causing the words to be lost at the back of her throat.

Michael entangled his hands in her blonde locks and pushed harder and harder.

“Fuugh…” she gurgled out’ all train of thought quickly focused on the physical pleasure and sensation.

Michael watched her face as Allison’s head went back and forth. Her face contorted not knowing what to do or say. Knowing that he was the cause only brought him closer to his own climax.

He closed his eyes as he buried his face into her neck. He wanted it to last forever, but he knew there were only a few minutes left.

The pleasure was almost too intense. Allison could no longer hear anything except for her breathing. She couldn’t feel anything except for her body as it began to buzz with what was guaranteed to be an amazing orgasm.

All ambient noise was quickly forgotten.

Just as she thought she couldn’t take anymore, Allison let out a silent scream as the first wave of her climax engulfed her entire body. It was as if someone had hit all her pleasure points at once.


The moment he felt her tighten around his dick, Michael could feel his own orgasm from the tip of his toes to the tip of his dick still pushing itself inside of her.

He wanted, no needed one more orgasm out of her before he came and knew just how to get it. His long, elegant fingers pushed themselves in between their bodies and pinched her clit.

“Shi- Jeez, fuck!” She rambled as another intense wave washed over her at his ministrations.

Michael’s body tightened almost painfully as the last bit of his control surrendered itself to her body. His teeth went down on her exposed shoulder biting down at the first sign of his orgasm. His vision blurred until it went white momentarily.

His name was moaned out once more as another orgasm washed over Allison’s already sated body.

This etlik bayan escort was, by far, the best sex they’d ever had.

Michael’s hips continued to jerk involuntarily.

His body was spent.

He’d done his best not to rest his full weight onto her, but there was no stopping it. She’d milked him dry like she’d somehow gotten a hold of his entire essence of being.

“I love you.”

The words made Allison feel giddy. If she had the energy, she would’ve laughed uncontrollably. Her entire body felt ticklish.

Michael was not her first choice in boyfriends. He was often too arrogant for his own good, he was hard to read, and he wasn’t the best in communicating, but he showed up when it counted and he was also a sensational lover in every sense of the word.

She wasn’t sure if it was the recent sexual activity, but tears welled up in Allison’s eyes while his words sunk in. She’d been on an emotional roller coaster over the last 45 minutes and didn’t know if she could handle anymore.

“Are you sure that’s not just post coital sleepy talk?” She asked trying to keep it light.

Michael let out a huff and pushed himself to her side. “No post coital sleepy talk. Allison, I’m in love with you. Have been for a while actually.”

A single tear slipped from her eye which she quickly wiped away.

“You really are an ass.”

He chuckled softly.

The nagging question came back to the forefront wondering what his angle was with starting so many fights recently. If they were close to breaking up, they wouldn’t be having such amazing sex afterwards.

“I’m starting to think you start fights with me on purpose.” She breathed out.

Michael rolled over to his side before pushing himself up to his feet. His smug grin planted firmly on his face.

“There could be some truth to that.” He answered holding his hand out to her.

Allison took his hand and took care trying to stand on her feet without falling over.

Michael kissed her softly.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting addicted to the way you are when you’re angry. You bring out the animal in me. More importantly, it brings out the animal in you.”

Allison punched him lightly on the shoulder. “How smart can that be? I just might get out the door one day. Then what are you going to do?”

He kissed her once more then whispered. “Fuck you in the driveway.”

Allison scoffed, “Don’t be crude!”

Michael continued with soft kisses on the bruise that was forming on her neck. “Don’t go outside then, and we won’t scare the neighbors.”

3 months later…

Michael rambled through Allison’s side of the drawers. They’d moved in to a place of their own a few weeks ago, and things had been going exceptionally well.

He sighed heavily still not finding what he was looking for.

Allison was surely the kind of woman to keep a journal or a book where she kept her most private thoughts.

He pulled back her pillows to find a small brown book. An evil grin spread across his face as he hit pay dirt.

It’s not even that he was interested in reading it, he just wanted it to look like he had.

She was going to be livid.


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