Ready to Take This Chance

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He woke up early, like he always did. But that was probably the only thing that made this day the same as any other. It wasn’t just the warm . . . no make that, the hot body next to him. Oh, that was really different. But what had really changed was his whole attitude. He had come to New York to escape. For a change of scene. All the cliches for a man with an emptiness in his life. But the last thing he had expected was to find someone new. A place to go to, rather than something to forget. Hadn’t he just told his friends that he was not ready to take any chances? Well, if they could only see him now. And he smiled as he thought about it.

And he almost laughed out loud when he looked down and saw the curve of her hip. Thinking that it was probably just that curve that had bumped his glasses right off his face. And one more time he replayed in his head their first evening together . . .

“Oh! I’m sorry, did I do that? Here let me get them for you! Damn, sorry again. You get your glasses . I’ll keep apologizing. I’m so embarrassed. I was talking to my friend and backing into our seats and I know you were already here, but I didn’t realize how far we had moved down the aisle and is there anything else I can say so that you won’t be mad at me?”

“No. I’m fine. Please, sit down” Boy wasn’t he the charmer. First good looking woman that said more than two words to him since he got here and he brushes her off like he doesn’t care. ASS hole! And speaking of asses, it wasn’t such a bad one that knocked off the glasses. Maybe he should be a little nicer. But then what would she care?

“Look, I’m really sorry. They didn’t get scratched did they? I know how annoying scratches can be. If they’re scratched, please, let me pay for a new pair.”

Pay for a new pair. No, they weren’t scratched. Too bad. She had a nice voice, he’d probably have to talk to her some more if they were scratched . . .

“I don’t think so. ” I hope she doesn’t think I’m making too big a show of looking for scratches.

“Here, let me see. I wear contacts most of the time, but when I wear glasses, I can’t stand scratches. If you have any, I can tell.” And with that she took his glasses. Looked through them, at them. Hell! Thought he was making a show of it. You’d think she was some damn optometrist. “No, I really don’t see any” and then he got zapped and the world changed.

Those eyes. Those incredible eyes! Looking right at him through his own glasses and he thought he saw his soul. Everything about her was bubbly and happy and when he saw her eyes he saw pain so deep it was like looking in a mirror.

And then she looked away. Took off his glasses and shyly handed them back. Boy he must have scared the hell out of her.

“I’m sorry I stared. Your eyes in my glasses, just took me aback.” Sheesh, ‘took me aback’ He had never said ‘aback’ in his life.

“Oh, that’s OK. I thought I was staring too. I’m Sue.”

“I’m Jerry. You said you were here with a friend?”

“Friends, really. We’re all from Chicago on a Broadway weekend with a group. You’re alone?”

“Yes, decided to see the show hoping there might be a single. Sometimes you can get into ‘soldouts’ if you are alone. And I got lucky.”

“OH! You must have John’s seat. There was a last minute cancellation. It’s a singles group, I’m afraid to admit, and he’s no longer ‘single’,” she added with a wink.

“Lucky me.”

“Hopefully . . . Lucky John or he’s going to be pissed.”

Well, he knew it wasn’t going to be Lucky Jerry. She wasn’t exactly trying to turn away and chat with the girl next to her. That was nice. It was never a good sign when women wanted to talk to their girlfriends more than you. But Sue didn’t seem to ready to turn away.

“Are you from New York?”

What? . . . “No, Baltimore. Have business here on Tuesday and am owed some time off, so I came up early and will probably stay until next weekend. Hoping to get out to the beach before they close up for winter.” He better start paying attention and not let his mind go into it’s now normal funk.

“I would just LOVE it if we had time for the beach. But we head back on Monday. What are your other plans?”

“Nothing definite. Just this show, Probably the new planetarium. Hopefully some good food. Probably some sightseeing. I’m usually going through New York on my way somewhere else, so not having to go anywhere escort çankaya is a nice change.”

“That’s interesting. The only times I’ve been here is to change planes so when the chance arose, I jumped at it.”

“So what are your plans?” Gosh, those eyes. He just couldn’t stop looking at them. What a terrible time for [EU8]the lights to start coming down.

“Not too much different from yours. I’ll tell you about it at intermission.”

And with that it was over. She was good for an out-of-towner. Sat still. Clapped at all the right places and didn’t rustle the program when the action got a little slow. Although that wasn’t often with this show. This show! That’s right. Jerk better pay attention to the show and stop thinking about Sue. If he wanted to talk with her again and he knew he did, he better damn well pay attention. But what he really wanted was to watch those eyes as they watched the show.

Was it his imagination or did she look over at him a few times to see what he was doing. God, he felt like a school kid again. Maybe he could pass a note to her friend and ask her if Sue liked him. Hey, that’s not a bad line. Might just use it at intermission. BOY would it sound like a line or what? Well. Now or never. Curtain down.

“Wow! Makes you want to jump up and dance. Yes?”

“Sure does. Didn’t seem like half a show. Went so fast!” Went so fast because he was trying to think of something clever to say and now he hasn’t and if it takes a whole ‘nother half of the show, she’s going to be gone. “Can I get you something during intermission?”

“Sure” she acquiesced and followed him out.

As they chatted about the show, he couldn’t take his eyes off her eyes. It was easy to agree with all her comments, she had paid attention to the show, probably more than he had. But he still needed to figure out how to ask to see her again. Well, it was now or never . . .

“Did you have dinner before the show?”

“No, it’s part of the ‘package’. We’re all going somewhere after.”

“Oh, okay.” He could not hide his disappointment. Now what to do.

“Uh, the extra ticket you got also means there’s an extra seat at the dinner we’re going to. If you would you like to join us I could talk to the organizer and I think you might even be helping John.”

“Would I get to sit with you?”

He thought she beamed, “YES! I’ll be right back.” He was right it was a nice ass, no, it was a GREAT ass. But it was the eyes that had his attention and the way they changed when he said he wanted to sit with her. Nice. Not nice. Excellent. He beamed.

Dinner was OK, actually a little better than OK. Not one of the restaurants on his list and not one of the ‘name’ destinations, but good service, good food and someone knew how to pick wines and Sue knew how to appreciate them.

He really liked the fact that she had champagne instead of a cocktail. He could drink champagne all night, but decided to follow her lead through a snappy, ice cold Pinot Grigio and right into a hearty St. Emillion. He had been staying away from the big reds for too long, drinking light, but it was just the right touch with the Chateubriand they decided to share. He had been staying away from hearty meats too, for that matter, but they both seemed to have a big appetite and they laughed when they both reached for the extra piece that the waiter so carefully sliced off as the man’s extra portion.

“You think you’re getting the extra ‘cuz you’re a man? You’ll have to wrestle me for it.”

“Don’t make challenges you don’t want accepted!” Now THAT was clever, but that wasn’t the point. He had said what he felt and that was something new, too.

“Well, since the Maitre ‘d would probably throw us both out and neither would get the steak, how about we share the food and have the wrestle later?” That WAS her foot on his leg and it was a wink.

And the eyes said it all. He couldn’t remember what they talked about in the cab on the way. He remembered something about ordering the food and he knows she didn’t do all the talking, although he would have let her. He just wanted to keep looking in her eyes.

“Do we have to stay here for dessert? Or can I take you to another restaurant I know that has fabulous after dinner concoctions until late at night”

“No we don’t have to stay. And I would love to go anywhere you recommend.”

They were otele gelen escort north in the Theatre district and he had no idea where they served late night desert. He just wanted her outside, on the sidewalk so he could really find out if he was out of his mind. As they turned to head for Broadway and cabs, he put his arm out to guide her and she locked hers behind his and firmly seated her hip against his, walking to his lead.

“If we were in Baltimore, I would show you the Inner Harbour and we could walk like this all night.” He could not walk in a straight line, but it wasn’t her weight that was staggering him.

“Well, you can just show me what you know of New York. Like that place for dessert”

“Sue, I don’t really know anyplace that is particularly special for desserts. I know one place up near Lincoln Center that is famous for the their cheese cellar and they are supposed to have great wines, desserts and a cheese cart. But the truth is . . .”

and he never got to finish. She had turned to him, looked at him and once again the eyes not only took his breath away, but any thoughts, any words. He wanted to know if she could kiss with her lips the way she could melt him with her eyes. And he started to think about kissing her . . . and before he had finished thinking about, wondering if he should . . . they were! And she could!

Sue sucked the breath out of him with her kiss with a hunger that matched his. Hadn’t he worried about rushing things? His head was swimming now and rushing was what he now wanted most. And when they stopped, she was the first to speak.

“I don’t care about cheese or dessert or wine. My room came with a roommate. I trust yours doesn’t?”

He wanted to be kissing her, feeling her, finding out all he could about her and every two minutes the cabbie was saying “I go this way?”

They had the elevator to themselves and she turned to him (Had she unbuttoned her coat, or was it his imagination? Who cared) He slipped his arms around her dress and for the first time felt both the warmth and firmness of her shape. Why hadn’t he noticed that figure hugging silk dress that showed her off so well? Because he was looking at her eyes.

But now he could feel her and slide his hand across her butt and feel her curve into him pressing herself into him as an offering of things to come. The elevator stopped and not a floor too soon.

He led her down the hall kissing every two steps. Slipped the key card out of his pocket and had them into the room as fast as his shaking hands could accomplish. Yes, it would have been faster if he had looked and not put it in upside down. But she was distracting him . . . a lot!!!! He could not wait to see her naked and find out everything about her. He had no doubts she felt the same way.

The draperies were back for the view and when they entered, he started to close them.

“No. No one can see in and if they could, so what.” She turned her back to him and added, “please”. And with that he had her unzipped and then tossed his coat and tie on the nearest chair.

She turned to him, letting her dress fall to the floor and if the dress made her look good, What was under it made her look hot. Not the hot of Fredericks of Hollywood, but this was the look that all those sexy lingerie adds were selling. Lace all over showing off her flushed skin and he couldn’t wait to feel it touching his.

Kicking off his shoes while kissing her, he pulled her closer and she reached down to undo his pants. That pleased him because it left his hands free to roam and explore, and they were working over time. One hand was reaching under her panties, he couldn’t wait to feel her soft mound and slide a finger in the folds of her pussy. She caught her breath and fell against him and he knew she was as hungry for the touch as was he.

With the other he caressed a half exposed breast, lightly slipping his curled fingers over the rim of the lace and sliding his finger nails across the nipple. She had his pants down, her hand inside his shorts and was pulling at his cock like it was the favorite play toy she wanted for Christmas.

“If you keep doing that for even two more seconds, I will mess what clothes you have left on. Let me get out of the rest of these before we both fall over.”

And with that he stepped out of the pants and unbuttoned the etlik bayan escort shirt just as fast as he knew how. She started to undo her bra, but he shook his head ‘no’ and she seemed to understand. She knew she looked good and he thought she was enjoying the admiration.

He finished pulling the sheets back of the partially turned down bed and she artfully lay herself on it, as he finished removing his shorts. If she had any doubts about her effect on him, they were pointedly eliminated and he moved to get on the bed with her.

He didn’t know what he wanted to do first. She was so wet, he could just slide his dick in there and arrive at heaven in about four quick strokes but this felt too good. Her kisses were out of this world and he couldn’t resist a couple more of those, but there were other things to kiss as well and so he reached for her hips.

Kneeling near her knees, he gently lifted them and bent down to lick her navel. She arched up to meet his lips and let him kiss and lick grinding her hips in the air all the while making little noises. Not a ‘moaner’ at all, but someone that was not afraid to make some noises when something felt good. And feel good she did.

His left hand was exploring her thigh and sliding under the lace to feel more of the soft, wet folds as the hips gyrated to find pleasure. His right hand moved to her breasts and slid under the lace finding thick, erect nipples.

She reached for his cock and fondled the balls, sliding her hand around the shaft, learning its shape and giving him the rhythm that she wanted on her own parts. Following her pace, he moved back away from her stomach and slid his head under the now raised left knee, licking her thigh and then pulling the panty to one side to lick her now sopping pussy.

When his tongue touched her clit, she slammed herself into him, grabbing his head and crying out in little moans. Apparently she, too, had been close to the edge and could not wait for the waves of pleasure to roll down her body. He licked deeply shoving his tongue as far in as he could, the sliding his whole face up toward her waist, hitting her clit, first with his nose and then with his tongue. She squeezed his head with her thighs rocking to one side and reaching down first to hold herself and then his head and then, reaching up, grabbed her own breasts as an orgasm ripped through her insides.

He felt her cum again and again.

“Now! Fuck me NOW!” She didn’t have to ask or tell twice. He or she, it was hard to tell which got those panties off and moved to kiss her with all the moistness of her own sex on his lips. Eagerly she tasted herself and pulled him into her. She felt sooo good.

Sliding deep inside, she lifted her legs high off the bed allowing him to slide to the very back of her pussy, pushing his own balls tight against her ass. She rocked her hips up and down bending his shaft first against her clit and then against her crack.

What a sensation! He wished it could last all night, but his body begged for the feel of her pussy sliding on his dick and he pulled out and pushed in, trying to do it slowly against all his instincts to just slam away. She coaxed him with little sighs, and continued to rock her hips and just when he thought he might be regaining control, she said, “I’m going to cum again.” And did she ever.

He felt it start around his shaft pulling him into her like a physical force holding him there until she rocked one last time and he could control himself no more. Plunging as hard as he could, he held onto her and exploded, emptying himself into her and feeling his cock actually get harder as he came more than he could remember.

They held each other tight and as their bodies shook together. Wave after wave of thrust and contraction as they spent themselves. First in pleasure and then in exhaustion. He knew if he stayed on top too long he would collapse onto her and probably pass out. He was so light headed that he could not remember these sensations. But not wanting to leave her, he held onto her tight and rolled to one side, keeping his still hard dick right where it felt so good.

He looked into her eyes and thought he saw a little less pain. The smile on her lips was certainly genuine. If he could just put the smile in the eyes that he knew should be there. He kissed her deeply again and felt her relax and mold herself into his shape. Squeezing his dick with her pussy as their tongues dueled, she willed him to stay.

She caught her breath and said to him, “Next its my turn to lick YOU.”

All Jerry could think of saying was, “Well, I did promise you some dessert” and they both laughed.

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