Rekha Makes a Visit

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It was a Saturday morning and the door bell rang. I went to open it but my wife, Kavita had beaten me to it. Opening the door she screamed, “hey look who’s here. Rekha.!!.” I was equally surprised to see my wife’s sis, so asked her what brought her here. They all stay about 500 miles from us. We keep in touch over the phone. Visits had been quite minimal.

“I had a week’s off from my job and thought of visiting you all” chirped she. The sisters had a lot of things to catch up. So they left me to myself and continued to chat. They remained ensconced in the bedroom for a long time. In the evening Kavita and Rekha went shopping. It was late evening when they returned. The shopping bags were not just full but overfull. They showed their stuff some dresses and others. What they did not show was a small packet both hid suddenly and smiled at each other.

When we retired to bedroom that night I asked ‘what was in the packet?’ Kavita shied away by saying something. We slept in each others hug and I kissed her. She opened her mouth and sucked my tongue in her mouth. We had a loooong kiss. My cock was at full mast and I poked her belly with it. She bent her head and licked him from outside. I opened her nightgown and sucked her nipples in my mouth and nibbled. She sighed. I opened her robe fully and pinched her both the nipples. She was ecstatic and let out a muffled scream. With one hand she pulled my shorts down and held my cock tight. Her behaviour was a bit strange as she normally lets me do all the works and enjoys the attention I shower on her. Now she bent low and kissed my cock on the tip and opened her lips. I was surprised and also very happy. She lowered her mouth and covered my cock with her soft lips. I was in seventh heaven. She sucked the cock and swirled her tongue around. I stood up and she went on her knees as if performing for a show. Then she opened her robe and let it drop to ground. Her full tits were very fetching and I pressed them in my palms. I pushed my big toe in her cunt and she went over the tip, sucking the cock right up to her throat. Bobbing her head on it she nearly brought me to crisis. Popping it out of her mouth she leapt on the bed and said ‘cum fuck me.’ I went to the bed and sucked her cunt paying special attention to her clit. She was nearly shouting out by this time. So I told her of Rekha being around. And she just laughed it out. I fucked her hard. When I was about to cum she withdrew and said ‘ cum in my face and on my tits’. And I did. I fell on top of her and she just rubbed the cum on chest and we slept in each others’ arms.

Next day morning Rekha was very quiet and did not say anything about the previous nights noise. Kavita woke up a bit later and wrapping the gown around her came to the dining room where we were having our tea. Drinking her cup she announced that she had to go to a friend’s place at around 10 am and she would back by 2 pm may be later. I wondered what was happening. But did not say anything. She dressed and left. I was busy with something when I heard some noise in the bedroom. When I was about to get up and peep in I heard a moan. I wondered what it was all about and went to find out. Rekha was on the bed watching something in her hand and moaning. I noticed the new videocam which we had bought. Stealing over her shoulder I saw pendik escort Kavita kneeling and sucking my cock. I retreated and realized the impact of it. Kavita and Rekha had planned it and I was caught with my pants down. I came out and busied myself with something.

Rekha said she would go for a bath and was to go out. So I let her take charge of the bath attached to our bedroom rather than the one attached to her room. Our’s is a special one with a full size mirror in front of the shower and a tub bath. I have placed a walk-in cupboard just outside from where one can watch the happenings in the bath through the one way mirror without any knowledge. I went in the walk-in soon she went and locked the bath door. To my surprise she did not disrobe immediately but called somebody on the cell. After some time on cell she removed her pants and roamed around in the top which was a great site. I was enjoying it. She then unbuttoned the front and just let it slip. Even without a bra her tits were pert and upturned. The light brown aureoles must have been about a couple of inches in dia. The nipples were small, about half an inch. Barely rising above the surface of the tits they were very pink, dark pink. Rest of her body was lithe and alabaster white. She was moving in the bath in her panties. She opened the shower and stood below, right in front of me. I enjoyed the show put on for me. She turned around to show her ass cheeks and bent . My cock was hard as steel. She tucked two fingers in her panty and pulled it down. Her bare asscheeks were sexy and inviting. I jut had to jerk off. She turned around and picked up the soap. Working up the lather she covered her body with it rubbing it on her beautiful tits her bush, which was dark and thick. Then she put two fingers in her cunt and worked up a rhythm. In a minute or so she was in a trance and worked her fingers in a fury coming in the shower itself. Running water on her cunt must have given her an orgasm which must have ran through her. She fell to floor and thrashed like fish out of water with her three fingers in her cunt. What a site.

About five minutes passed before she woke up. Closing the taps she pulled on the terry robe. I left the place and reached the hall.

“Are you busy Dilip? ” called Rekha. ‘I need help.’

‘What is it? ‘

‘Please come here. I need your help.’

So I went in. Rekha was standing in the middle of the room in her dress. It was a cut sleeves one. Hence she was standing in front of the mirror with hands raised and looking disappointed at the underarm hair. ‘Help me with these.’ She said. ‘They will show out and I did not bring my equipment. ‘

I went in the bath and came out with my shaving tackle. She raised her arms and said ‘go ahead clean them.’

‘You will spoil your dress if I do it with the dress on. Why not wrap a towel around.’

She went in the bath and came out with a towel around her bust. Her dress was draped on the hanger in the bath.

‘Raise your hands’ I told her. She did so but was not able to stand still. So I told her ‘why not lay down on the bed so that I can do it comfortably and you can be relaxed. Rekha agreed to it and laid herself on our bed. With her hands above her head she was sight to behold. With a comb and clippers I clipped the left underarm maltepe escort hair short and then applied foam to the area. She started squirming. It tickles she said. Hold still I told her. Otherwise this will nick the skin. She did. Cleaning up the area I scraped the hair to a smooth finish. Taking a bit of cold cream I massaged the underarm to a baby smooth finish.

‘Turn to other side.’ I told her and she did. Repeating the process on her right underarm I cleaned it to a smooth finish. She was moaning softly under her breath and rolling slowly around. The towel had lost its grip and was flopping around. But Rekha was oblivious to this.

‘When you are at it why not clean the legs too” I suggested and she readily agreed. I told her to lie on her back.

‘What about the towel?’ she asked.

‘Lie down and put it on you so that it covers you, ok.’

She did it. The towel was on her body covering her from top to the knee level. I lifted it to just above thigh level and told her to be still. Covering the left leg with foam I slid the razor on it. And she moved. A bit but she did.

‘Hold it still.’ I told her. And she said ‘I can’t.’

‘Then I will tie your legs.’ I threatened.

‘Go ahead’ she challenged.

I was startled but picked up a gown belt and tied her left leg first to the bed. Then with another I tied her right leg to the other bed post leg. She was not even surprised. I picked up a silk rope of my robe and tied her hands to the top. She was tied spread-eagled. Her cunt was wide open but under the towel. Just to make sure that she did not make a move I pulled the silk rope a bit tight so that she was pulled enough. I picked up the razor and cleaned the leg up to the thigh level. Then I did the same for the right one. I then lifted the towel up a little and peaked under it. Her cunt was shining with the wetness and the bush around was glistening.

I glanced up and saw she was in a trance. She had closed her eyes and was moaning. I slowly pulled the towel away and applied my lips to her tits. Her moans were more pronounced. With a slow motion I clipped her bush. Then I applied a lot of foam to her labia and surroundings. Picking up the razor I shaved her to baldness cleaning all the hair ensuring not even a strand of hair to remain. Taking a lot of cream I massaged her now bald cunt. She was in seventh heaven. With a warm towel I wiped the cream and kissed the cunt lips as if they were real lips. She quivered in anticipation. I sucked on her cunt lips and licked them bottom to top. Her moans were loud and extended. She was shifting from side to side. Now she was breathing through her mouth, panting. I slowly removed the ties and opened the petals of her cunt and pushed my tongue deep in her cunt.

“aaahhhh… ‘ she was moaning. Loudly now, very loudly. I kept tonguing her cunt and slowly shifted the focus to her clit which was begging attention. She shrieked and came in torrents. I sat on the bed in a sixty-nine and drank all the juices she was oozing. Once I cleaned all the juices I kissed her. Her juices were plastered on all my face. She kissed me on lips licking her juices. I pushed my tongue in her mouth. She sucked on it. I was now positioned on top of her with my mouth near her cunt and my cock was in front of kartal escort her. She tentatively licked it. The cock gave a jerk and she licked it again. I turned around and raised my eyebrows. She opened her mouth wide, inviting. I released her hands and she sat on the bed rubbing her wrists. I stood in front of her and she opened her mouth again. I touched my cock to her lips. She snaked out her tongue and licked him again. Opening her mouth she showed her pearly white teeth. I just held the cock in front. She bent forward and sucked the cock in. I just kept the pressure on. The cock went in , deep . It touched the back of her throat and she gave a gagging sound. But kept at it overcoming the feeling. Slowly she pushed the cock in her throat. I felt as if I would spurt then and there.

Rekha sucked and sucked till I came . the first spurt was in her throat but the next ones went on her face and in her hair and on her lovely tits. I pushed her back and landed on top of her. Rubbing the cum allover our body I sucked it out of her mouth.

Picking her up I took her in the bath. She had made the tub ready. So I slid her in the tub. Joining her in the tub I rubbed her tits and back and assglobes. She was the dream come true. I kissed her tits, sucked on them and bit the nipples. She was squealing with joy and sex. Taking a soap bar I lathered her and cleaned her paying special attention to the bald cunt and tit globes and ass globes. When she bent to show me her asshole I pushed a finger in. she wriggled her ass and the finger went in. I pushed another finger in her cunt and frigged her. She again started to move her bottom to and fro. My cock was getting ready. So I picked her up and lifted her out of the tub. Laying her down on the bath floor I touched my cock to her cunt lips. She let out another moan. I rubbed it up and down the length of her cunt.

‘do it ‘ she whispered huskily.

‘what?’ i asked.

‘push it in’

‘push what where?’

‘push your cock in my pussy’ she said.

‘ why ” I asked

‘I like it . I want more. Push YOUR COCK IN MY CUNT’ she moaned in a begging voice. ‘fuck me’

I obliged, but slowly. I pushed my cock in her cunt slowly. It went in an inch. The bulb was in and she was tight. I pulled back a little and pushed in some more going in about three to four inches. She opened her thighs wide. I pulled out and said this will hurt a little.

She whimpered but did not release the grip on my back. I pushed in a great push and went in full, right upto the balls. She stifled her scream in my chest. We lay there for some time till she got used to the fullness.

Then slowly ever so slowly I pulled out a bit and pushed in picking up a slow rhythm. Rekha responded cautiously by moving her hips. In a few strokes she picked up the speed and was responding to every thrust of mine shouting loudly ‘oh it is so good , so nice , SO NICE, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEE….

I CAME AND CAME AND CAME. Rekha had had more than ten orgasms by this time and was limp like a vegetable. I fell on her and remained like that for a long time. When the bell rang I got up panicking. But Rekha pulled me down and said ‘ don’t worry . Kavita won’t be here till I call her. ‘ And I realized that it was telephone bell. I did not pick it so it went to answering machine and I heard Kavita’ voice on it “Rekha call me. I am waiting to hear from you. Hope mission was successful”.

So these sisters had decided beforehand and hence the whole plot.

I decided to turn the plot on them….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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