Rich Life

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SO I’m new to writing but I’ve read a few stories on the site and this idea popped into my head. The story will mostly just be sexual with a little plot to help setup meeting women. I do not have a large understanding of large corporations so sometimes things may not make sense or be wrong, if that’s going to bother you don’t read. Please let me know what you think.

*Everyone in this story is at least eighteen years of ago.

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Jacob Donaldson looked himself over in the floor, straightening his tie and doing a quick check of his hair. He stood in a nice hotel room and thought about everything he’d done to get where he was today.

Jacob was raised by a single mother, his father having died in a plane crash while coming home from a business trip before he was born. His mother moved to a small town outside of Richmond Virginia after that and got a job in an HR department. While she was able to tell him about his father a tragic fire burned up all the pictures she had of him. Despite only having a mother Jacob couldn’t say he wasn’t happy with how he was raised. His mother was a smart and strong woman with a stubborn side, she claimed his father was the exact same way and raised him accordingly. Jacob only wished she hadn’t died of cancer two years ago.

Physically he must have taken after his father, standing 6′-3″ with black hair he kept in a simple short style with a small spike for look Jacob was an attractive man. He kept himself in great shape, weighing 215 lbs, he was mostly muscle though not bulging with it. Like many people his age he was into MMA, though mostly for self-defense and to stay in shape and that only helped his physique.

Despite the small hiccups in his past somehow Jacob had gotten into Harvard, though he knew the loans were going to hurt his bank account for a few years. With his upbringing though Jacob easily carved his way up to being fifth in his graduating class, which was what brought him to California today.

After graduating he was offered many positions but when he received an email from Wright Technology, though it didn’t mention what exactly the position was he was to meet the C.E.O Caleb Wright. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up, he had seen the man speak at his graduation and had always been inspired by him. So Jacob accepted the interview, which came with plane tickets and hotel accommodations, and was now about to meet one of the richest and most successful men in America. His cell phone suddenly went off and Jacob looked down to see a blocked number, usually he would ignore it but he was told a car was picking him up so he answered.

“Hello?” Jacob said.

“Mr. Donaldson?” A deep voice asked over the line.

“Yes.” Jacob replied.

“I’m Allen with Wright Technology, were waiting downstairs whenever you’re ready.” The voice said and then the line went dead.

Jacob took a breath before pocketing his phone and moving to the door, grabbing his wallet and folder with his resume and refernces as he left. Once arriving to the ground floor he spotted a man in a black suit that screamed security and moved to him. The man was easily as tall as Jacob but far more muscular then him with a military haircut. “Mr. Donaldson?” The man asked as Jacob approached.

“Yes sir.” Jacob replied.

Straitening up the guard held out his hand. “Allen sir.” Jacob gave him a firm shake. “If you’re ready we can head out.”

“Lets go then.” Allen nodded to Jacob and led him outside where a black SUV was waiting. Allen opened the passenger door for Jacob the young man climb in and leaned back. In the driver seat was an African American man with a similar build to Allen but with a shaved head. When Allen climb in they were on their way, Jacob zoned out and looked out the window as they drove.

An hour of driving late and the SUV was pulling down into the underground parking lot of a large office building. As they pulled up to a gate the driver rolled his window down, flashed a badge and the gate rose up. They parked in a reserved spot and Jacob got out and followed Allen and the other man to the elevator. Jacob noticed the elevator went down two levels and had a ground floor, which Allen hit.

They arrived on the ground floor and Allen led him towards a second bank of elevators. As they walked Jacob looked around and saw several people coming and going, though there was a line in front of them. Allen walked them around the crowd, which Jacob realized was a security check point station, and flashed his badge to the men there and waved Jacob through. Moving to the elevators they went to one that was set off by itself, Allen pulled out a key card from his pocket and swiped it by the button.

It took a second but when the door opened the trio got in and Allen hit the top floor button. Jacob tapped his hand to the music as they rode up, on the tenth floor they stopped and the door opened to revel an older male in a grey suit. The man ankara escort was balding, and had a bit of a stomach with a thick greying mustache. Jacob recognized the man as the President of daily operations, David Waldon. Jacob cocked and eyebrow as Mr. Waldon pause as he looked at Jacob, before shaking his head quickly before stepping in.

“Mr. Waldon.” Allen and the other man said together.

“Gentlemen.” David said as he walked past and stood next to Jacob, though he only came up to the young man’s shoulder. “David Waldon.” He said and held out his hand.

“Jacob Donaldson.” Jacob replied and gave him a firm handshake.

“First day?” David asked though he thought he knew the answer.

“No sir, interviewing.” Jacob replied.

“I see.” David looked Jacob up and down again then turned to face the door. Jacob ignored the look, figuring it was because he was young, and mentally prepared for the interview.

When they arrived on the top floor Jacob let Mr. Waldon get off before stepping out and following the security guards to the end of the hall where a desk was stationed. Jacobs cock twitched as he spotted the secretary behind the desk, he guessed she was around twenty five, with bright blonde hair and pouty full red lips. She had on a tight red blouse which was opened enough to see the top of her breasts, DD’s if Jacob had to guess.

“Mr. Donaldson is here.” Allen said to the secretary as they arrived, she looked up and Jacob noticed her eyes widen just a bit when she saw him.

“I’ll let him know thank you.” She replied sweetly, Allen nodded before he and his partner left. “You can sit over there.”

Jacob winked at her before turning and sitting down in a chair against the wall. He definitely was going to try and get her number before leaving, whether he got the job or not. She grabbed the phone and hit a button. “Sir Mr. Donaldson is here…..right away.” She hung up and turned to Jacob. “Mr. Wright will see you.”

Jacob nodded and stood up, not really seeing why he sat down in the first place but ignored it. Walking to the door he pushed it open, he was surprised to see the entire far wall was large windows. Looking to the right he saw a coffee table and a black leather couch. Walking in he turned right and saw a large dark wooden desk with two comfortable looking chairs in front of it. On the back wall were several awards, photo’s and a few plaques but Jacob focused on the man standing by the windows.

Caleb Wright was a tall man, not as tall as Jacob but only shy by an inch or two, and his body seemed to fill out his suit well for a man in his late sixties. His hair was grey but still thick and he had a well-groomed beard covering his face. “Mr. Donaldson, welcome.” Caleb said as he walked to the desk and gestured to the chairs in front of his desk. “I hope your trip and accommodations were acceptable.”

Jacob walked to a chair and took a seat. “They were fine sir.”

Caleb nodded. “Good.” He sat and strummed on his desk. “I’m sure your curious as to why I personally am giving you an interview.”

“Yes sir.” Jacob replied with a bit of a smirk, he liked how the man wasn’t beating around the bush. Caleb reached into his desk and pulled out a picture frame, Jacob cocked an eyebrow as the elder man slide the frame across the desk.

Reaching down he picked up the frame but was shocked when he looked at it. It was a wedding picture but what surprised him was the woman in the picture was his mother, at least a younger version of her. “What is this?”

“A wedding picture of your mother and my eldest son William.” Caleb replied evenly.

Jacob shook his head and put the picture down. “Wait what the fuck is going on?” He looked up. “My mother said all my grandparents were dead.”

“Not surprising.” Caleb replied. “They had only been married a year when William died, so we were not the most supportive of her.” He sighed. “Of course had we known she was pregnant we would have been.” Jacob stared at him with wide eyes, trying to run his head around what he was being told. “A few years after you were born your Grandmother had, out of curiosity, looked into what your mother was doing and discovered you. When we found out we confronted her saying she should have told us.” He chuckled. “I’m sure you know how stubborn she could be and even with our money we couldn’t have kept our dismissal of her after Williams death from the press. So we agreed to sit on the side lines until you graduated college, though we did help out where we could.”

“Moms funeral.” Jacob said suddenly. “The hospital bills, me getting into Harvard.”

“Yes.” Caleb said with a nod.

Jacob sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “So what is this then?”

Caleb leaned back in his chair. “Do you follow celebrity gossip?” Jacob shrugged. “Well then if you didn’t know the rest of your family are bratty little snobs, my sons included.” Jacob snorted, even he found that to be an understatement.

Alex Wright, the second oldest son, etimesgut escort may work for the company but he’s a well-known gambler. He’s married to a Soap actress, Janelle Chase, who only gets parts thanks to her husband’s name and connections. They have twin girls who are always partying and on the front pages of magazines for their crazy actions.

His youngest son John Wright, was a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and a partier like his nieces. While he did start several things his business never really took off, mostly due to his horrible business sense. Jacob was surprised the man didn’t have any children, though maybe he did but they were kept quiet.

“You on the other hand.” Jacob snapped out of his thoughts. “Have had nothing handed to you and have intelligence, along with your fathers strong will.” Caleb grinned. “And your mothers personality, so I want you to join the company and eventually takeover for me.”

Jacobs eyes shot open again, while he did hope eventually he would be a high powered business man he never thought he would run a billion dollar company. “Just like that?”

Caleb chuckled. “Again I’ve been keeping an eye on you, so I know more about you then you think.” Jacob wasn’t sure how to take that. “Besides I’ll start you off slow.” He paused. “Well relatively slow.” Jacob leaned back in the chair and sighed, this was all a lot to take in. “I understand this is a lot to take in so how about I give you the night to think it over.” Caleb reached down and opened a desk drawer, pulling out an envelope and tossing it to Jacob.

Jacob caught it and opened it up to see a small stack of bills, a black credit card and a drivers license. Pulling the license out first he saw it was his normal picture but from California and it had his name as Jacob Wright. “What’s all this, a bribe?” He joked but was a bit serious.

“Legally that is your name.” Caleb replied. “I called in some favors to help use your mothers. And no matter what you decide the credit card is going to be paid off by the family, the least we could do.” Caleb stood up. “No go out, have some fun or sit at the hotel and figure this out. I expect an answer by lunch time tomorrow.”

Jacob knew a dismissal when he heard it so he stood and headed for the door, pocketing the envelope as he walked. Walking past the cute secretary he moved to the elevator, where Allen and his partner were standing. “Mr. Wright.” They both said quietly, letting Jacob know they were aware of who he was but that it was not public knowledge yet. Allen swiped the key card and they stepped into the elevator. “We were told to take you anywhere you want to go and on call for you tonight.”

Jacob nodded. “Where’s a good place to get drunk?” He asked.

Allen and the other man shared a look. “Do you want to change first?” Jacob opened his mouth to say he only had a single change of clothes but then remembered he now had cash and a new credit card to break in.

“I need to get somethings actually.” Jacob replied, he grinned as he tapped his pocket. “Somewhere expensive.”

Six hours later Jacob was changing into his new black Armani suit, he was sure there were better ones but it would do for now. Luckily he was able to get it tailored as well so it fit perfectly, money really did help speed things along. On his wrist was a new GMT Master II Rolex watch that he was sure would catch a few eyes when he got home. His phone went off and he looked down at it to see Allen had found a bar for him to go to and they were ready. Texting him back Jacob made his way down the stairs to the SUV, his shopping spree had mellowed him out a bit but he still had a hard time wrapping his head around everything.

Getting into the SUV he greeted Allen and Devin, learning the mans after leaving the office, and they were on their way. While still early Jacob wanted to eat first, plus he doubted he would be out all night anyway. Apparently the place he was going, Elevate Lounge, had a Sushi bar along with it that was highly rated. Allen had claimed to take care of the guest list and reservations, apparently many of the security guards had done stuff like this for his family so they were familiar with the process.

Walking out of the elevator he moved to the hostess, a cute brunette in a black cocktail dress. She smiled when she saw Jacob approaching, he noticed her eyes look him over and he shot her a smile. “Good evening sir.” She said as she tucked some hair behind her ear.

“Hello.” Jacob replied. “Reservation for Donaldson.” She quickly scanned her list and frowned.

“I’m sorry but I don’t have a reservation for Donaldson.” She said, Jacob frowned before realizing why.

“Please check Wright.” Jacob said but she hesitated, he realized she might think he’s just throwing names out so he reached back for his wallet and pulled out his new id. “Sorry, new last name.”

Looking at the id she checked her list again and smiled when she found his name. “Here you are.” She grabbed a menu and led him to ankara etimesgut escort a back table for two, though it was by a window and had a great view so he didn’t care.

Overall his food was delicious, he would have liked a waitress but at least the waiter made sure his drink stayed full. Jacob hadn’t tried sake before but decided if any time was right it was now. Paying the bill he made his way up the elevator and to the lounge.

He had a small buzz going and was ready to keep it going, getting off the elevator he noticed there was a small crowd around the entrance. “Guess they try to get in early and stay for the crowd.” Jacob thought as he moved towards the doorman, who was flanked by two large bouncers. He was feeling good, and a bit cocky, so he ignored everyone looking at him as he walked.

The doorman was a bit on the small side so one of the bouncers moved a little closer as Jacob approached. “Name.” The doorman said, not at all intimidated by Jacobs’s size.

“Wright.” Jacob answered, remembering this time.

The doorman cocked an eyebrow and looked up at him, giving him a once over then looking back at the list. “Alright.” He said and moved to the side to let him past. “T, show him where the VIP section is.”

One of the bouncers nodded and walked ahead of Jacob, looking back Jacob noticed several woman were whispering and pointing to him. He grinned as he followed the bouncer, thinking he might decide to get a little action tonight. Looking around the lounge he saw it had a small crowd already but nothing major, the bouncer led him to a roped off section with another bouncer. “Have a good night.” The first bouncer said before turning to leave.

Jacob moved into the VIP section, small coffee tables were all around with two couches on different sides of them. Deciding to enjoy the view more Jacob moved to a couch facing the windows with another couch to his right. It didn’t take long for a waitress to come over to him.

Immediately when he saw her Jacob knew he was going to give Allen a big tip for choosing the place. She was blonde with black and red streaked hair, and a black mini skirt that barley went to her mid-thigh with a thick white belt hanging loosely of her hips. Fishnet stockings covered her legs and trailed down to a set of tall black boots. Up top she wore a black top that revealed her toned stomach, where he spied a pearl belly ring, with white lace trim. Her purple bra was almost popping out of the top and made her tits look tantalizing. “Hi, I’m Tara and I’ll be taking care of you tonight.”

Jacobs cock twitched when she said that and he smirked at her. “That sounds great, how about a whiskey straight to start.” She smiled.

“Sure thing, any particular brand.” Tara asked.

“Johnnie Walker, Blue Label.” Jacob replied, she nodded and walked off but trailed a hand over his shoulder as she moved past. He chuckled to himself and relaxed into the chair, listening to the beat of the music around him. Tara was quick to bring him his drink and he enjoyed the view she gave him as she bent at the waist to hand him his drink. As time passed he looked back to see a crowd forming on the dance floor, several ladies in tight dresses and miniskirts were among them.

His buzz had increased and he was starting to feel really good, though this also meant he was starting to over analyze his grandfather’s offer. “Excuse me.” Jacob looked up to see a woman leaning down towards him. “Is this seat taken?” She asked as she pointed to the couch on his right.

“It’s all yours.” Jacob replied as he inspected her, she shot him a dazzling white smile and sat down. She had black hair like his that went down past her shoulders, with a small curl to it for style. Her light green eyes scanned him and he almost saw he lick her plump pink lips as she did. She was wearing a tight dress that was white and ruffled up top, it ran from her right shoulder down leaving her left side bare and showing off her lightly tanned skin. It hide her breasts but Jacob could tell they were most defiantly a good handful. She had a few bracelets on her arms but he looked past them to her tanned legs.

“Alexis.” She said and held out her hand.

“Jacob.” He replied and took the hand, kissing the top.

She smiled as she pulled her hand back. “So in town visiting? I don’t think I’ve seen you around before.”

“Visiting.” Jacob confirmed. “Considering moving here.”

“You should totally do it, L.A is awesome.” Alexis said. “Some of the best nightlife in the U.S.”

Jacob nodded along. “I’ve heard, first time here.”

“Well you picked a great place for some fun.” Alexis said with a big grin. “So what are you here for work?”

“Yeah.” Jacob replied, no point in getting her involved with his life problems.

“Let me guess..” Alexis said and looked him over again. “Investor or something to do with banking.”

Jacob chuckled. “Unemployed actually.” She cocked an eyebrow at him.

“Really?” She asked.

“Just graduated college a few weeks ago.” Jacob replied.

“Well you sure do give off a different impression.” Alexis said to him, Jacob chuckled but knew what she meant. Right then Tara came back and dropped off his drink and looked up at Alexis.

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