Riding Home

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The decision to not tell anyone of our “relationship” was a good idea. I would dislike it explain to anyone that we only met to have sex, of course the most incredible, mind blowing and explosive sex that we both had ever had. The hard part is working with you everyday, though it being a professional setting has helped me keep from grabbing you and taking you whenever the need comes over me.

But today we are moving office furniture after the renovations and we are casual dressed. There is something about a man in jeans and a t-shirt that I find so much sexier than a man in a suit. I am dressed in a tank top that once had another shirt over top but I was way too hot to have it on for now. On the bottom I am wearing a pair of yoga pants that are low cut and when I bend over my hot pink thong can be seen. I know that you have been watching me, I heard other staff members calling your name when you were not paying attention.

At the moment, we are both holding onto a table as our manager attempts to make a decision of where she wants it. But I am watching a bead of sweat running down your neck that I would love to lick up with my tongue. Your very sensitive neck that when I touch it with my fingers, my mouth or my tongue I can feel your cock growing long and hard. We catch each others eyes, and we both know what we want. You ask if you can give me a ride home, and the answer is YES! A chance to flirt, to touch and talk to you on the 45 minute ride home sounds like a perfect way to start the weekend. I know that we can’t get together tonight but I will see you on Sunday morning and it would be the perfect foreplay.

We ankara escort get in the car, and wave to others that are leaving work. About three minutes in the car, you tell me that you loved how my 42DD breasts look in a white tank top. You tell me how you can hardly wait to kiss them, lick my nipples until they are wet and hard. My nipples will stick out so you can suck them, in the way that make my panties wet. You ask me what panties I am wearing and I tell you that they are the hot pink ones we picked out together at the sex shop about a month ago. I know that you are getting harder and excited. I shift so I am sitting closer to you. My hand squeezing your thigh and your finger moves up to brush across my lips. I suck your finger deep inside my mouth, sucking your finger and tracing your shape with my tongue to remind you how much I love having your cock in my mouth. My panties are getting so wet. In that low sexy voice you have for the rest of the trip you tell me what you want to do together on Sunday. How you want to drive you cock deep in my pussy and than have me lick off my pussy juices from it. How you want me to ride your face, my thighs pressed against your cheeks. How you want to take me from behind and shoot your cum all over my back and then share your juices with me. I move my hand so I am stroking your cock through your pants. As you let me out of the car at my apartment, you thumbs rub over my breasts and you kiss me deep and hard. Sunday seems so far away.

I always dress for you when you come over. We both know what we are there for so why not be ready. Plus the feeling of lingerie and sexy underwear etimesgut escort makes me feel sexy and so ready for you. I always get so wet, dripping panties and so ready for whatever you have in mind, or whatever I have in mind.

It is the kiss, the punctuation on the start of what will come. You come in the door and I perched on the couch. We do basic small talk as you take your shoes off and before you see me. I am wearing my short pale pink negligee with matching pink thongs. My breast are peeking over the top and my nipples are hard. I also have hot pink high heel shoes on, so I am close to your height and we kiss. Softly but soon it is deep and hard, our tongues entwined. You turn me around, your mouth softly bites my neck and I grind myself back against you. Your hands brushing across my nipples. You bend my over the arm of the couch. Your fingers brushing against my panties, you tell me how wet I am. I hear you unzip your pants, push your underwear and pants to the ground and you move my thong to one side as you plunge into my pussy. My tightness and wetness surrounds your hard cock and you fit so well in me. You don’t move as we both adjust to the feelings but soon your hands our on my hips as you thrust in and out of me. I reach down and stroke my clit through my soft panties; I am hard and so wet. I bring my fingers to my mouth and taste my sweetness.

You pull out me and move to sit down on the cock. Your cock wet and shiny with my juices and I kneel in front of you. My tongue tracing the head and than running my tongue up and down your shaft tasting myself on you. I take you deep in my mouth, sucking your ankara etimesgut escort entire length into my eager mouth. My hands cupping your shaved balls than moving down to stroke your asshole. Your hips moving up to push yourself deeper in my mouth and wanting my finger deeper inside your ass. My tongue moves lower so I can lick your ass, making wet and open for my finger. I push my finger deep in you and feel your cock twitching in my mouth. You are so hard, and your balls are getting so tight, I know that you are ready to cum. But I want more, I need you to fuck me. I gently pull my finger from your ass and give your cock on last kiss. I stand and strip my negligee off and push my wet panties to the floor. I tell you to move closer to the edge of the sofa and push your legs together so I can straddle you. I grab the back of your head and push it to my pussy, I tell you lick me my clit until I cum and my juices run over your face. It will not take long, sucking you and playing with you has made me wet and ready. Your tongue moves against my clit, and you soon suck it between your lips. You can see it so easily since I shave myself so clean and so smooth. I soon explode, drenching you with my juices.

I push you away and sink down on your hard cock. It feels amazing to have your fill me completely. Your hands on my ass pulling me closer and grasping me tight. I am rocking back and forth, my pussy moving over your rock hard cock and soon we have the amazing rhythm and I can hear myself begging over and over for you to fuck me, fuck me hard. I am so wet and you can hear my juices as you plunge deep in me. I am screaming out your name as I ride you to an orgasm that I can feel throughout my body and soon you explode deep in me. I get off you and walk to the bedroom, I tell you that when you are ready to come meet me in there as I was not finished with you yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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